Fandom/Universe: Roswell

Characters: Michael Guerin, Isabel Max Evans, Liz, Maria, Kyle Valenti, OC

Pairings: Maria / Michael /OC, Max/Liz, Isabel/Kyle

Spoilers/Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: Roswell and all related characters are the creation of Jonathon Dukes and Jason Katims Productions, Regency Television, 20th Century Fox Television. OC's are all ME. No infringement intended.

Summary: There's aliens in Roswell.

Status: In-Progress

Author's Note: Takes place in Season2. Here's another bit to the story and I'm working on the next chapter. This bit is after future Max tells Liz she needs to break up with her Max and fakes xoxo with Kyle and Tess kills the Skins. Oh, and after the summit where the Roswell four meet the New York trio.

Chapter: The First Act, Part V


He came from 2014.

Appeared in a flash of light outside her window.

To prove he wasn't some crazy shape shifting alien he told her about the Mariachi Max would bring. Because Max kept telling Liz how much he loved her… and she wanted it to work, she wanted to be with him even though he was meant to be with Tess.

That was something Future Max needed was there to change. "I need you, to help me, fall out of love with you."

Because Max was in love with Liz.

It didn't register, not at first… those words, they cut and her heart felt torn, twisted and …broken. Just like it felt broken talking to Tess about helping her get with Max. Making the plan and then executing it.

That's the last thing Liz wanted to do.

And standing there, watching Max and Tess together…

Having to push Max away, using Kyle to do it.

How much harder would it have to be?


She sits on the middle step of the staircase. The living room is decorated in gold and lavender. Pops of teal and coral too. That's as close to pink as Gagё will accept, though the flowers smell nice and look even better. Its not exactly a sweet 16 but then she isn't home in New Orleans with friends she's known her whole life…

The dessert table is full of macaroons, cupcakes, beignet's and of course, she's got waffles. An assortment of chocolates and hard candies, lollipops… Gagё told them it would be too much but it was her Father who'd insisted. Her old man has a sweet tooth and she's caught him sneaking some of those hard candies into his pocket. Gagё covers her giggle and finally comes down the stairs. She's invited some of the kids from Roswell, even though she doesn't think they'd show up. She barely knows any of them, but she's hoping that Isabel and Alex will come.

She thinks about Michael, but they haven't spoken in two weeks… not since the memory and calling him out for telling Max about her. Gagё had only caught glimpses of him at school

She makes her way to the kitchen where her Mother has been following grand-mere's recipe for gumbo. The batch of fried chicken is keeping warm in the oven with some ribs, a tray of jambalaya and two pecan pies. It's a mix of all her favorite foods and it would be even better if it included all her favorite people-.

"Gagё!" Farrėn exclaimed and the sight of her daughter still in her t-shirt dress, jumping at the sudden shout was funny enough to get her laughing.

"Maman!" Gagё huffed a breath, her face showing annoyance. "Tu veux me tuer?"

"Don't be so dramatic." Farrėn waved her off. "And get dressed, Gagё. Your guests will be arriving soon-." The door rang and they both looked at each other.

"I guess someone did accept the invitation…" Gagё shrugged a shoulder then started for the door.

"Gagё!" Farrėn exclaimed yet again.

"It would be rude to keep the guests waiting outside, Maman." Gagё called back. She laughed and pulled the front door open. "Oh…"

"Hi." Michael half raised his hand in hello. They hadn't really spoken about that kiss and he hadn't dared try it again. Not that he didn't find himself wanting to do it again but… that memory, where they'd ended up… there hadn't been a memory like it before.

"Hi…" Gagё trailed off. She felt nervous with him now. Ever since the kiss and that war memory.

"Uh, here." Michael held out the gift bag, his eyes sliding away from hers. He'd been forced into shopping by Isabel. She'd pointedly reminded him that he'd needed the help at Christmas to get Maria a gift. Even though he'd already gotten her one… and it hadn't been enough for Maria. Nothing had been good enough for her, at least not when it came from him. Michael had been anxious that entire week and now… now, Michael was anxious for an entirely different reason.

Isabel had helped pick out the gift, just a little surprised by Michael's choices and it was one of those they'd finally bought.

Gagё could see it, the way he shifted and how he always looked away from her… she didn't like that Michael felt guilty. It was a memory, one of many and she'd just realized there was nothing either of them could do to change what had already happened. Gagё didn't like where they were now. Uncomfortable in each other's company, Michael being distant, avoiding her and Gagё decided she wasn't going to allow that to continue.

"Allez." She grabbed at his sleeve and motioned inside. "Maman, I'm taking Michael upstairs."

Farrėn stepped out of the kitchen and seeing Michael stop awkwardly in the living room, smiled. She knew Gagё was purposely trying to make him uncomfortable and figures she could help with that.

"Of course," she nodded towards the stairs. "Go on Michael." She watched him slowly follow Gagё and waited until his back was turned. "Don't forget the party. Oh, and do be safe. You remember-."

"Maman! S'il vous plaît…" Gagё rolled her eyes then had to pull Michael along. They could both hear her laughing .

Gagё closed the door to her bedroom behind Michael. She watched him set the gift bag on her bed then stand at the foot of it awkwardly, hands tucked into his pockets. He caught the slight frown on her face before he looked down at his feet.

"Assez… Michael…" Gagё huffed another breath and closed the distance between them. Michael couldn't avoid her eyes then and he finally looked at her. She grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged slightly. Michael hesitated but then he slowly bent down to her. Gagё rose on her toes and drew in a breath before softly pressing her lips to his.

It was immediate, they felt the rush but Michael pulled back before they could land in another memory. The last time he kissed her they ended up in a war zone and he didn't want that to happen today. He kept his hands on her waist and drew in a breath before looking at her. He was surprised to see the smile on her face.

"You're… not…mad at me?" he wondered. He'd expected her to be mad at him… for not letting go when he should have. For scaring her, for telling Max about her-.

"Non," Gagё frowned. She hadn't thought about that, never even crossed her mind that Michael would think she'd blame him for that memory. "Why would I be mad at you?"

"Because," Michael dropped his hands from her waist and stepped back. "I-." he looked frustrated for a moment then perplexed. "Why aren't you mad?" he didn't wait for her to answer before he added. "Maria would have been -." He stopped, hands clenched at his sides. There was a lot going on, too many things taking his attention from the dangers all around them. The skins that wanted them dead only Tess had turned them to dust with that giant fireball of hers. Dealing with Max and his need to save a bunch of kids and having to sneak him out of the hospital before the security guards could catch them.

Gagё sighed and shook her head. "I thought we had an understanding, Michael." She moved closer and tugged on his sleeve. "I am not like other girls…"

Michael hesitated but then he slowly threaded his fingers in her hair. He was starting to believe her. It was more than just her gift… this girl was stronger than he could have imagined. She didn't let fear rule her. And somehow, this girl was able to put up with him…

"Bien," Gagё smiled. "Now we can get back to our normal." She smiled and quickly pressed a kiss to his palm before slipping past him and to her closet.

"…our normal…" Michael turned, his eyes following her as he dropped down on her bed and got in his comfortable corner against the plush headboard.

"Oui," Gagё poked her head out of the closet and winked at him. She noticed he'd made himself comfortable and that made her happy. She ducked back into the closet and pulled off her t-shirt dress. "Our normal. As in turning your sour mood into giggles because I'm not afraid to poke the big bad bear."

"I don't giggle." Michael protested half sitting up when he heard her laugh.

"Bien," Gagё slipped the lace top over her head then grabbed the skirt and pulled that on as well. "A manly sort of giggle…"

"No," Michael denied again. "Not any kind of giggle, Gagё."

"Bien," she laughed and stepped out of her closet, both hands reaching behind her head and struggling. "Merde…" she dropped her arms with a huff of breath then turned a smile on Michael. "My arms don't bend or reach." She wiggles her fingers and moved to take a seat on her bed beside him. "The buttons, s'il vous plaît…" Gagё grabbed her hair and turned. She was in the mood for this party, more than she had been that morning. The awkwardness with Michael, the uncertainty of their relationship… Gagё had liked being friends with him, she liked him, even in his bad mood, she liked getting a laugh out of him. Gagё hadn't thought trust would be so easy between them, but she did… and rather quickly considering she'd barely known anything about Michael. She'd only approached him because he'd been the only option out of the two aliens to pick from that Gagё wasn't afraid of.

Michael hesitated to touch her, worried about landing them in another memory like the last one…

'I can do this… No flashes. I can do this…' Michael sat forward slowly, drew a breath and focused on keeping them in their present. He tried not to touch her skin but the tips of his fingers skimmed over her back as he buttoned her top. She glanced over her shoulder at him but quickly looked down and Michael leaned closer, his forehead touching the back of her head and slipped his arms around her waist. He sat with her in his arms for a moment, just feeling the quiet and calm… this was new. Michael couldn't remember ever having this… like maybe this was a place he could be

Gagё leaned back into Michael. She rested her hands over his forearms, smiling. She'd sat with her girlfriends talking about boys but she'd never understood how they could get so infatuated so quickly. And Gagё had never felt those 'butterflies' that Satine always seemed to get with her new crush.

'Except, maybe… is this what that is?'

"…Gagё…" Michael felt her sharp inhale of breath and then she turned in his arms trying to look at him.

"I'm glad you came, Michael." Gagё smiled and got a quick kiss before he let go. She sat another moment just staring at him. She was definitely feeling something but she'd have to talk it over with the girls later to find out if this is what Satine had meant. "I'll finish getting ready." She got up and headed to the dressing table; a French, three mirror table with faded gold chipped paint that had belonged to her great-great Grand'Mere. It wasn't the only fancy piece in her bedroom or even in the house, furniture that had been in their family for generations but the dressing table and the bed where Gagё's favorite pieces.

Michael watched as she played with little brushes and the paints on her table. That didn't take long and then she was curling her hair.

"I need your help again." Gagё glanced his way in the mirror then pointed to her closet. "Top shelf, s'il vous plaît. Maman says a girl should have a pair of heels for special occasions." She makes a face shaking her head. "I think heels should only ever be considered delicate implements of torture." She winks, catching his amused expression in her mirror.

"Then why wear them?" he pulls the gray box from between the other two and walks towards her.

"Because heels make a girl feel beautiful." Gagё shrugs a shoulder and smoothes out her dark curls. Taking the box from his hand, Gagё takes out the lavender heels and bends down to tie the straps. "Done. Now, lets go get some food." She smiles and holds out her hand.

Michael almost takes it. "I don't think…"

Gagё sighs heavily, just now realizing how difficult it would be to even do the simplest things like holding hands or even kissing. "Merde…"


Gagё frowns at him. "Non, Michael." She steps into his space and wraps her arms around his waist looking up at him. "You don't have to be sorry about this. We'll just…oh!" with a light shove at his midsection, Gagё is out of his arms and digging through the small drawer in tall dresser until she comes out with a pair of lace gloves. "Voila!"

Michael stares at her lace covered hand before tentatively taking it. They both expel a relieved breath then laugh when they don't get sucked into another flash.

"So, food…" Michael gives a light tug on their hands and Gagё starts out the door.

"Have you ever tried jambalaya?" Gagё glances over her shoulder at Michael who shakes his head. "What about gumbo? Non?"

"Is it good?" Michael almost bumps into Gagё when she stops.

"…good?..." she looks up at him in disbelief and shakes her head. "Its like you're from another plan-." She stops, both hands covering her mouth and she's wide eyed.

It takes a moment but then Michael is laughing.

"Désolé, Michael…" Gagё doesn't see how that is amusing. Because if they'd been anywhere else, or someone overheard… any conspiracy nut could decide to investigate and then what? "Arrête! Its not funny." She scowls at him and casts another worried look over her shoulder to the stairs.

"I know." Michael assures and starts walking again. "But you didn't see the expression on your face…" he laughs again.

"I don't care about the-." Gagё huffs with annoyance. "You wouldn't be laughing if the men in black took you."

That sobers Michael because she's right. And something like this would have made him angry, scared him-.

"Ma douce, some of your friends have arrived." Ambrose is smiling and trying to hide his excitement for the surprise he's arranged. He waves for them both to hurry and walks towards the living area taking Gagё by the hand. "Gloves?" he smiles. "Very nice, chérí."

Gagё spots Isabel with Alex and immediately scans the room for her brother but Max isn't there. She smiles to her new friends and follows her Dad to the kitchen where she sees a grinning old man. "Gand-pére!"

Everyone hears the happy squeal and the old man has his arms full of Gagё when she practically tackles him to get a hug.

"Joyeux anníversaíre, ma fille."

Isabel nudges Michael. "So now you're meeting the family…" she smiles at him, kinda teasing but happy for him as well. She gets the familiar scowl in response and then Alex hands Isabel her drink.

"I think she's really happy." Alex chuckles watching Gagё practically choking her grandfather.

"Yeah," Michael nods trying to hide his smile. "He lives in France. So Gagё hasn't seen him in a while."

"Oh," Isabel casts another assessing look at him. "France, huh?"


Maria's smile dies as she watches Michael pass them and stop beside the open locker just down the hallway. Liz has to choke down the frustrated sigh as she sees him smile down at Gagё while Maria just stares at them. She doesn't say anything when Michael closes the locker and takes Gagё's gloved hand before they both walk down the hall.

It only takes a moment before there's a choked sound beside Liz and then Maria finds the words to express her outrage at what they've just witnessed. She'd had a rocky year with Michael and had thought this year was going to be better. They'd had an off/on relationship from the start. Maria had panicked about the hand reading telling her all she had was 48hrs before it was over with Michael. And she'd caught him with that skin…

"That! You saw that!" Maria hisses pointing down the hall where Michael has disappeared with the new girl. "He smiled." There's no way to disguise the hurt. "He smiled at her!" she almost yells. "He actually took her hand. In public! Without hesitation. What the fuck is that?!" Maria demands of Liz. But Liz has no answer, she doesn't even get the chance to respond before Maria is shoving past a group of jocks, in the opposite direction.

Liz sighs and falls back into the wall of lockers.

"Hey Liz," Kyle frowns over his shoulder watching the retreating blond storm away. "So what's Maria mad about?"

"Everything." Liz throws her hands up in defeat and offers a little smile before walking off to her own class. She knows there's going to be trouble at the CrashDown later. After Maria's last melt down… things at the diner had been tense. Thankfully, there hadn't been a fight. Liz wasn't sure that was going to last past today. It was waiting for the end of the school day that was making Liz even more anxious about it. At least… until she bumped into Max. Liz didn't know what to say to him. They hadn't really talked past their argument… and Liz still felt bad about using Kyle like that.

'I had to do it. I had to.' Liz quickly steps around Max and keeps walking. The future had been changed for them that night. Max needs to be with Tess, that's how they'll save everyone on Earth. So what if Liz has her heart broken… What is that compared to the billions of people that would suffer if she stayed with Max?


It's the first thing she hears when she steps through the doors into the CrashDown. Her Father looks embarrassed and angry. And Liz can hear the reason for it.

"Okay, okay!" Liz hurries to the back and right into the middle of Maria's latest fit.

"Why her?" Maria has tears running down her cheeks. "You wouldn't even-."

"Guys!" Liz raises her voice and grabs Maria's arm. "Stop already."

"No!" Maria angrily shakes off Liz's hand and glares at Michael. "What was so wrong with me you couldn't even hold my hand? Why did we always have to hide in the chalk room?"

Before Liz could say anything, her Dad walked into the back.

"Customers can hear this!" he looks at all three of them. "What the hell is going on?"

When the girls just look at each other Michael grabs his apron and yanks it off. "I quit." He glares Maria's way and tosses the apron down before walking out the back door.

"What- Michael!" Mr. Parker turns his glare on the girls too before hurrying out the back door to stop his cook.

"He couldn't even answer me." Maria wipes at her face, sniffling.

"Michael broke up with you." Liz snaps. "He's been very clear and so has my Dad, Maria!" she points to the door they just walked out of. "You just did that. Michael quit mid-shift because you keep picking fights with him! My Dad has already warned you about this, I told you what he'd do, Maria! And how do you think Michael is going to buy food or get by if he doesn't have a job?"

"I can't…" Maria shakes her head. "You're on his side?"

"Oh my God, Maria!" Liz throws up her hands. "Its not about you!"


Gagё is waiting in her Bronco. Michael sees her as he gets home. He's still angry about the fight at the CrashDown. It didn't get any better with Mr. Parker stopping him outside to give his own lecture about commitment, responsibility and how Michael couldn't afford to be unemployed. Things just didn't work that way anymore. Which is why Michael was angry. He couldn't just skip classes like he had before. He'd already been warned about failing, which is why he'd done that report on the 509th bomb group veteran. Which had led him to Cpt. Hal Carver… the man who'd made it possible for the royal four to survive that crash. He'd been the only human Michael had told about their secret.

Gagё startled at the harsh rap on her window. She glared at Michael but he looked upset already.

"What." Michael snaps. "Where you planning on sitting out here all night?" he feels bad for yelling at her when he sees the change in her expression. He knows she's anxious when they're around Rath. Some of the things they've seen make even Michael a bit anxious, afraid that he'll be just like Rath… Michael wonders if the other hybrid calling himself Rath isn't just as bad as the original version.

Gagё almost drives off. Almost… because seeing the angry scowl on his face brought Rath to mind in a very unpleasant way. But she knows Michael, she's spent enough time with him to know he wouldn't hurt her. He's not violent on purpose or for pleasure… his anger is provoked, or comes from hurt. The Michael she's come to know has a gentle side, he's sweet and he's observant and thoughtful…

Michael steps back to let her open the door. He heads towards his apartment and stomps inside. Gagё closes the door behind them with a harsh shove and approaches Michael.

"Je ne suí-."

"You know I don't understand-." Michael turns towards her with annoyance.

"I am not your punching bag." Gagё snaps. "If you think I'm going to stand by and allow you to yell at me-!"

"I'm not-." He protests, then tries to calm down but she cuts him off and Michael has never seen Gagё like this. She's been more than patient with him…

"Damn right you're not!" Gagё glares up at him. "You must have some screws loose because I'm not about to let anyone-."

Gagё lightly brushes Michael's reaching hand away from her face but he pulls her into his arms and kisses her. Whatever she'd been about to yell at him is forgotten and the familiar rush takes them both.

Michael keeps Gagё on her feet when they finally end up in the garden. He knows its her favorite place and this is the first time he's been able to guide their trip into Rath's past. Gagё pulls back just a little, she doesn't brush his hand away from her face.

"I'm sorry I yelled." Michael says softly. That seems to take away some of her own ire and then Michael kisses her again…


"Oh my God, Maria. Its not about you!"

Liz turned over in her bed, yet again. She'd been fed up with Maria and her constant crying about Michael and 'the new girl'. It didn't help get her mind off Max and what she'd done… Future Max had come to tell her they couldn't be together.

Their love was doomed…

So she faked a night with Kyle and while that had put some distance between them, Liz couldn't make herself stay away from him. All she could think about was Max, she dreams him, constantly thought about him… and trying to get over him was just more trouble than Liz had bargained for.

Trouble, right now, had a name and it was Shane.

But even Shane gets blown off if Max is giving her the time of day.