Her first night back was long and draining. Trying to learn how to live again, to feel and want like everybody else. Misty's time in hell had been brief but it had felt eternal; eternal pain and suffering but now? She felt the warmth and love that radiated off the white walls that covered Miss Robichaux's. For Misty only some things brought her a certain sense of familiarity; one of them being the butterflies that danced around in her stomach each time she felt Cordelia's touch. Cordelia had been so thrilled of her return she had insisted on celebrating with the Coven and had presented Misty with a wonderful feast to make up for her time away. As she lay in her bed, Misty's mind replayed the events of the day. Coming back with Nan and being able to run into Cordelia's arms. To hold and be held by her made Misty feel as though she had gone from hell straight to heaven. It wasn't until Nan and Mallory had parted ways that the reality was able to set in.

Misty was back. Cordelia couldn't bring herself to try and hold back her tears as she saw the beautiful blonde enter into her life once again. Any form of control Cordelia had went out the window when it came to Misty. As she held her in her arms she felt a sense of peace wash over her body, as if she had been holding her breath since she had left and was now only able to exhale once more. Cordelia slowly went to pull out of their embrace, only being stopped by the gentle pull of Misty's hands cupping her face.

"Your eyes…" Misty trailed off as she found herself at a loss for words as she stared deeply into the eyes of the Supreme.

Cordelia bit her lip as she smiled and gave Misty a nod. She loved looking into the beautiful blue eyes of the returned witch, they were so easy to get lost in.

"I thought you were dead, that I'd never see you again." Cordelia sobbed.

"It's been awhile, hasn't it? Gosh, I've really missed you." Misty chuckled lightly as she spoke.

"I'm so glad you're back."

"I feel like I was down there forever."

Misty's hands had dropped from Cordelia's face and had begun to twirl her shawl nervously, her eyes unable to look up from the floor. Cordelia's hand stroked Misty's arm soothingly, her other played through her hair.

"How would you feel about dinner tonight? Celebrate your return with the rest of the girls." Cordelia suggested, the hope in her voice helping to brighten up Misty.

"I'd kind of like a shower first if ya don't mind Miss Cordelia."

"Of course, come with me."

Cordelia grabbed Misty's hand as she led her up the grand staircase, guiding her to an empty room. The bed was neatly made, a few white pillows set on top as it's decor. There were a miscellaneous knick-knacks scattered throughout, most resting on the wooden pieces of furniture that were in the room.

"There's a bathroom through the door there. You go ahead and I'll grab you a fresh towel and a change of clothes." Cordelia said.

"Okay," Misty answered softly, "you'll come back though?"

"Of course."

Cordelia returned to the room to the sound of running water, Misty had left the door to the bathroom open a couple inches, her clothes lay scattered around on the floor. Cordelia folded them neatly and placed them on the bed before walking towards the bathroom, tapping on the door lightly. Misty popped her head out of the shower curtain as she heard the sound.

"It's just me." Cordelia spoke in a soothing voice as if knowing how fragile Misty was.

"Come in." Misty replied.

The door creaked as she pushed it open, the sound of running water filling her ears as she did so. She could see the silhouette of the Southern witch as she rinsed out her hair. Misty rocked back and forth slowly humming to herself as she did, Cordelia's entrance not phasing her as she went about her shower.

"I'll just set these beside the tub for you, okay?" Cordelia spoke, her voice filled with nerves.

"Would, uh, would ya mind stayin'? I just don't like being alone right now, y'know?" Misty said, vulnerability piercing her voice.

"Sure." Cordelia replied with a smile as she bit her bottom lip.

Cordelia walked towards the toilet and sat on top, setting the towel and change of clothes down on her lap. She tapped her foot anxiously, looking around the room, anywhere except for the shower. The last thing she needed was for Misty to catch her staring. It took all her power she had not to stop at stare at Misty's silhouette as she began to finish up her shower.

"There's still something I have to do before you come down for dinner." Cordelia mumbled.

"I'm just about done." Misty replied as she shut off the taps, "could you just pass me the towel before ya go? If ya don't mind."

Misty stretched her hand out, opening the curtain enough so Cordelia could see through the curtain. She fumbled as she got up, placing the clothes where she had been seated, making her way towards Misty's outstretched hand, passing her off the towel as she did.

"I'll see you soon." Cordelia spoke softly, taking in one last look before leaving the room.

A familiar tune filled the first floor of Miss Robichaux's, the sound of the piano echoing throughout the halls. Misty made her way down the stairs after drying herself off and changing into a fresh pair of clothes gifted to her by Cordelia. It was a light dress that flowed to the floor as she walked, the train floating behind her with every step she took. As she hit the bottom of the stairs she let herself become guided by the music coming from the front of the house. Cordelia's blonde hair came into view as she got closer to the sound, the piano becoming louder and a voice beginning to sing.

Cordelia smiled as she turned to see Misty leaning against the doorframe as Stevie serenaded from across the room. Misty's eyes were full of tears, ones of pure happiness. Cordelia stood from the couch and made her way over to Misty, guiding her towards the open space in front of the piano and leaving her for a moment to grab something from beside Stevie. She returned with a new shawl, one that had still belonged to Stevie but didn't hold the same memories of Misty's previous one. Cordelia draped it across her shoulders, encouraging her to twirl the way she always did when she heard Stevie. Though she started out hesitant, with every spin Misty could feel her becoming more herself with every spin.

Stevie stood from the piano once she had finished her ballad and made her way towards Misty, wrapping her into a tight embrace.

"Thank you Stevie." Misty said tearfully.

"I'm not the one to thank." Stevie replied with a smile, the two of them looking over to Cordelia.

"I'm going to get the girls, dinner's just about ready." She said, quickly excusing herself from the room leaving behind the two white witches.

"We're all glad to have you back." Stevie said, going to follow Cordelia, "that one especially."

The dinner was an extravagant four course meal, complete with all of Misty's favourites. Her and Cordelia sat opposite each other, each at the end of the table. Their eyes seemed transfixed on each other throughout the meal, as if it were just the two of them how it had been earlier. Cordelia couldn't help but smile shyly and begin biting on her lower lip. She herself was hardly hungry but endured each course alongside her girls. A few witches had been excited over Misty's return to the Coven but after a quick catching up most of the girls had turned to each other for conversation, Misty and Cordelia gazing across the table, lost in each other.

Once each of the witches had departed after the meal Cordelia stood from her seat and walked over to the empty chair beside Misty. She took the hands of her fellow witch into her own, giving her a wide smile as she did.

"I've been waiting a long time to see you again, and it's even better than I could have hoped." Cordelia spoke softly.

"Me too." Misty nodded furiously, tears falling from her eyes.

"As much as I'd love to stay and chat with you, I need to rest, I think you should to. Your room is next to mine so if you need anything, don't hesitate." She said, cupping Misty's face lightly and stroking her cheeks before getting up and walking away.

Cordelia lay in bed, restless as her mind went over the events of the day. She heard the creek of the steps as Misty made her way up the stairs and into her room. The door had opened but never closed, she figured Misty didn't want to feel like she was locked away in any sense. She was so happy to see Misty again and had hoped that she had made her feel at ease about returning to the Coven.

As she began to drift off to sleep she heard the creek of the floorboards outside her bedroom door. The door squealed as it opened slowly, prompting Cordelia to sit up slightly in her bed. She could make out the shadow of Misty, who slowly made her way to the side of Cordelia's bed that was


"D-do ya mind? Every time I'm by myself I just get so scared I'm gonna wake up back there." Misty's voice breaking as she spoke.

"Come here." Cordelia replied sweetly, lifting the covers and allowing Misty to climb in beside her.

"Goodnight Miss Cordelia." Misty sighed, seemingly more content than she had been moments ago.

"Sweet dreams Misty."