It had been a year that had passed since Misty's return to the Coven. Over the 12 months Misty had found herself falling deeper in love with Cordelia as the days passed on, soaking in and cherishing absolutely every moment they were together. No one in the Coven had been surprised of the romance that bloomed between Cordelia and Misty, Myrtle being most thrilled of all of course. She had even been the one to suggest Misty take on a higher role within the academy and the council. Cordelia could not have been more proud of how Misty had done with her work on the council. The girls in the Coven had also taken a liking to Misty, her botany class had the highest average of all the classes the young witches attended throughout the school.

Cordelia's heart couldn't help but ache every time she saw Misty with the young witches; the longing she had for children had never left Cordelia's mind but had merely been subdued. Looking at Misty, being with her and seeing and experiencing just how much love she had within had given Cordelia hope she could still one day become a mother. Misty seemed to be a natural at anything she could put her heart into, the girls in the academy following her around as if they were a litter of young pups and she their mother.

Misty had become quite familiar with the neighbourhood surrounding the academy. She walked the streets with her heart pounding in her chest; throughout her discoveries around town she had come across one shop in particular she couldn't help but stumble into every time she was out and about. It was a small, quant antique store that more often than not had something that peaked Misty's interest.

She walked through the front door, a bell noisily dinging as she did forcing the shopkeeper behind the counter to put their magazine off to the side and stand at attention as Misty approached the counter.

"Can I help you?" The older woman asked, clearly a new employee as most of the ones working had become familiar with Misty.

"I put somethin' here on hold, name's Day, Misty Day."

"One second." The woman replied, shuffling towards the back of the store behind a tattered curtain that was used as a makeshift door, reappearing moments later. "I'm sorry ma'am it says the item has been paid and picked up, just the other day actually."

"There's got to be some sort of mistake, I haven't come in since last week. Is there anything you can do?" Misty spoke with a lump catching in her throat.

"I really don't know how this could have happened, we don't just give things away dear not without some sort of identification if the item is placed on hold. Did you want to see if there's anything else that catches your eye?"

"Not today, thanks." Misty bore a smile across her face as she turned to leave despite how upset the trip had made her.

Misty had been thinking of proposing to Cordelia not long after their first date. It had been an indescribable feeling for her, waltzing the down the sidewalk with the subtle light of streetlights and storefronts that dimly gleamed as she and her lover walked hand in hand. There was nothing she could see herself wanting more than to grow old with Cordelia; for them to be able to go through the rest of their lives together. She knew whatever she did to propose to Cordelia it would have to be something special.

The ring Misty had put on hold was one she had just happened to stumble upon, whenever she ended up at the store she would eye everything front artwork to handmade shawls that sat in the back corner. She often looked at the glass counter to see if there were any pieces of jewelry that caught her eye, whether it be for herself or Cordelia. She had spotted a beautiful teardrop opal encompassed by small diamonds around its shape and followed around the double gold band of the ring itself. She could feel the energy bursting from the ring through the glass, it was light and loving; she hadn't bothered to check the price before deciding on the purchase, the ring had been more expensive than she had thought but put down what she could to keep the ring on hold, arranging a plan of payments scattered through 3 months. Although she had been refunded what she had paid when she had gone to pick up the ring after months of waiting, she couldn't care less about the money she had spent and was heartbroken over the loss of Cordelia's ring.

Cordelia had been away for most of the day, going off to do something for the council and would probably be coming home as Misty was heading to bed. Today was the only day she was grateful for her absence, knowing she couldn't hide what she was feeling from the woman she loved but couldn't say anything without ruining the surprise of Misty's impending proposal.

Misty let out a sigh as she shut the front door of the Coven and headed to the attic. Since she had begun teaching in the greenhouse her plants had to be relocated, Misty was lucky enough to find a spot in the attic that received just enough sunlight that her plants were able to survive; not to mention the attic was one of the few places the girls of the Coven didn't have access to.

She lay back in her pile of pillows scattered about on the floor and sparked up her joint, inhaling deeper than she had intended so much so she couldn't help but cough furiously, loud enough that she had failed to hear the footsteps ascending the attic.

"There you are." Myrtle said as she finally entered into the same room as Misty, sauntering over to grab the joint from Misty's fingers and taking an inhale for herself. "My dear, I've been looking for you for hours."

"Whattaya lookin' for me for?" Misty asked, her brows furrowing together in confusion. She had always gotten along with Myrtle but the two rarely spent time together without Cordelia around.

"Being in a house full of witches can have it's perks. I've heard through the grapevine you're planning to propose to my Delia."

"I, um, well yeah I mean, I've never loved anything as much as I love Cordelia, I couldn't imagine a life without her…." Misty trailed off as she spoke.

Myrtle reached into her pocket and pulled out an old, gaudy looking little box.

"It's the least I can do for the both of you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness." Myrtle passed over the box to Misty's outstretched hand.

Misty opened the small box, Cordelia's ring staring back at her. Tears filled Misty's eyes as she returned her attention back towards Myrtle, a smile spreading wide across her face.

"Ya really didn't have to do that Myrtle." Misty spoke with a soft voice, her eyes darting back and forth between Myrtle and the ring she held in her hand.

"Delia has always been like a daughter to me, and I have never seen her happier than she has been with you. I want to be able to help you - both of you - in any way I can." Myrtle found herself on the verge of tears. Misty had become like a daughter to her and she was so happy to be able to help both Misty and Cordelia.

"I can pay ya back I've been saving up for awhile now -"

"Nonsense dear! Save your money for something else, my sweet child. As far as you and Delia are concerned everything is taken care of."

Misty sprung up from her seat, wrapping her arms tightly around Myrtle's neck. The tears in both of their eyes finally being set free, slowly sliding down their cheeks.

"You'd better get a move on, the girls in this house will have your secret out by the end of the week if you wait any longer."

The lights in the house were out by the time Cordelia returned from her day in the city. Her entire drive home all she had craved was her warm bed and to be greeted by Misty, sleepily awaiting her arrival before finally drifting off to sleep. It had become a comfortable routine when Cordelia spent a day in the city.

Cordelia walked through the darkened hallway and towards the kitchen, her stomach grumbling lightly with hunger, the kitchen was lit with a small fluorescent light that buzzed above the sink. Cordelia pulled on the fridge door and peered in, looking the shelves up and down for a quick snack but found nothing to pique her interest. She sighed and pushed the door closed. As she turned towards the stairs a series of flickering lights from outside gaining her attention. Cordelia walked out the back door, a series of floating candles greeting her as she stepped outside. Her heart jumped into her throat as she followed the path the candles had laid out for her, guiding her towards the greenhouse. Music coming from within began to penetrate her ears as she grew closer - the smoothness of Stevie's familiar voice washing over her.

"Misty?" Cordelia's voice sounded hoarse as she opened the greenhouse door, tapping lightly on it as she did.

The greenhouse was filled with the same floating candles that had lead her there, rose petals had been delicately scattered about the floor. Misty appeared from the back, her eyes wide and a small smile that spread at the sight of Cordelia.

"How was your day?" Misty asked, nerves taking over every word that fell over her tongue.

"What is all of this?" Cordelia stepped towards Misty, closing the door behind her as she did.

"Delia," Misty started softly, gripping onto Cordelia's forearms as she gazed into her eyes. "I never thought I'd get a second chance at life and being with you has been better than anything I could have ever dreamed. I remember meeting you and falling in love with you here, ya know, the first time 'round. Well, if I've learned anything it's how short life can be, and no matter how long we got I want all my time to be with you."

Misty pulled away gently, wiping the tears that had run down her cheeks as she knelt to the floor. She sucked in a breath as she reached into her pocket, pulling out Cordelia's ring.

"Misty." Cordelia bit on her bottom lip as she choked back tears.

"I love you more than anything Delia, will you marry me?"

Cordelia couldn't find any words, all she could do was nod profusely as tears poured from her eyes. She held out her hand and felt the coolness of the ring slide over her delicate finger.

"I love you so much, Misty Day." Cordelia choked out as she sank down to her knees, eye to eye with Misty as she brought her hands up, cupping Misty's face ever so softly and leaning in for a kiss, the first of many to come in the rest of their lives together.