Welcome to my fourth fic ladies and gents.

For this particular piece, we must put our science hats on and do a little bit virology and basic biology. The main antagonist in this fic is not the Grimm, but it is the ravenous cordyceps infected humans that hunger for your flesh! That's right boys and girls, we got some mushroom zombies from The Last of Us coming out to play! Although these zombies are not from The Last of Us. They are just people infected with Cordyceps Unilateralis. So they're not zombies, just sick people.

I combed over the two types of zombie apocalypse scenarios that could work (I had to decide between 28 Days Later and The Last of Us.) Basically, two different infections that could be created in real life. One of which already exists! Cordyceps can already hijack the nervous systems of insects and potentially humans if we played the genome (I'm going to write my doctoral thesis over this.) Out of all the different zombies I could choose from, a fungus is the most probable in my opinion. Humans that have been taken over by a parasitic fungus that forces them to be carriers for the fungal infection. Best of all! If you have studied cordyceps you will know that it has an airborne form! Spores! But I will also make these zombies bite because of reasons!

And now, for the juicy part. Jaune will be courting both Blake and Yang! Trust me, I will make it work!

Edit Note: Forgot to add this. But we shall record time in this fic by days. This will be Day One of the outbreak from Jaune's perspective. Also retconned and removed any mention of zombies in the story. This world doesn't have zombies as a concept.

Day One

Calculus Two. Another boring class on another dreary day. The dull life of Jaune Arc never gifted him with any surprises. The one and the only thing that could make this day any more terrible for a junior in high school? Jaune daydreaming about his current heartthrob, Yang Xiao Long.

See, Jaune and Yang had met maybe three years ago. During their eighth grade year at Signal Academy. Their fathers introduced the two at a military dinner, and they talked for a little while; nothing came of it, of course. They considered each other friends at an arm's length after the meeting but continued being cordial to one another as the two went to Beacon Academy as freshmen.

The only word that Jaune could meaningfully describe Yang with was, "Awesome." Everything about her rocked. The way she walked, talked, danced, how she looked, and her cocky badassness. Yang was the captain of the varsity cheer squad, and probably the most popular girl at the school. Guys were lining up out the door and around the block for a chance to ask her out.

Now, Jaune was... Jaune. He may have been the pitcher on the varsity baseball team, but he was socially awkward. Afraid of being put on the spot and while outgoing, he tended to fall back into his shell when someone more dominant came along. And Jaune would say the wrong things at the wrong time which didn't earn him any luck with women. Basically, average on all accounts with the exception that he was in good shape. Not to mention that he was a shut-in and only kept three or four friends at a time, and was not in the, "In," group as Yang was.

Jaune started crushing on Yang when they began their sophomore year. The two were in the same classes bar their P.E class. He wanted to ask her out for the last year and never managed to work the courage up to do so. The last thing he wanted was to be humiliated in front of a group of students when he was shot down. Jaune merely accepted he wasn't good enough for her, but the feelings remained.

Jaune looked around, observing his surroundings and making a note of the minute details of the room. The burgundy tiles of the floor matched with the walnut on the borders of every wall. Desks were lined up in five rows of ten — many seats unoccupied due to students calling out sick. Only half of the class was present today.

Jaune scanned the room his eyes eventually leading him to the middle of the third row. He sat in the far back, in the eighth row. Still, he could see his high school crush sitting at her desk. Yang leaned slightly to the left, her head cradled by her left arm. Her flowing blonde mane shining in the light. She glanced towards the back of the room, and Jaune turned his head to the side.

"Dude will you stop staring at her, and just ask her out," a student to Jaune's side whispered to the daydreaming blonde. "Monty Oum, it's been like this for the last year and a half." Jaune looked over to the white-haired boy sitting next to him. Surveying his untidy uniform with the top two buttons unbuttoned and upturned collar. The slightly opened dress shirt showed off his fair skin and toned chest. Classic badboy look from all those anime and high school dramas.

That was Dante, Jaune's best and only real friend since ending up at Beacon. Dante Aubreai was a dog faunus with a human mother and a faunus father. Jaune was one of his first friends at the academy, and they both went through an episode of bullying at Beacon during their freshman year. Dante was targeted for his race, and Jaune was harassed for being friends with him. It ended after their first year was over and the two men established themselves at Beacon. But there was the occasional obscenity thrown at Dante.

Dante played on the baseball team with Jaune and had substantially more friends then he did. Nowhere near as popular as Cardin Winchester or Jaune's older and twin sister, Vi, and Marron. Relegated to a semi-loser status like Jaune was. But he was confident in himself and brazenly arrogant. Preferring to fling himself headfirst at a problem or person to solve it.

Dante leaned in closer to Jaune. "You better hurry up, before Yang decides she wants a boyfriend and skips over you because you were too scared to ask her out." He had also been the biggest proponent of getting Jaune to ask out his high school crush. Actually just getting Jaune a girlfriend or any friends outside of himself.

"I don't know dude," Jaune grumbled. He was afraid to even think about trying to gather that courage again only for Jaune to shy away at the moment of truth. "What if she says no?! People will talk about it, and I'll look like a dumbass?" Most guys worst fear at some point during their lifetime. Being rejected by a girl felt like an icy dagger through the heart. Hurts like hell and takes forever to go away.

"That's why you just have to go for it," Dante urged his best friend. "Like I'm going to ask Marron out whether you're ok with it or not!" Jaune took a second to catch up. He was not, 'Ok,' with the idea his best friend was going to ask his sister out! Being his twin sister actually was more of an offence!

"What," Jaune almost shouted. "Of course I'm not ok with it! That's my twin sister!" Dante grew a dumbass looking smirk as he looked forward. He already made up his mind and didn't care for Jaune's opinion on the matter.

"Dude, I've been crushing on her since last spring! Besides would you rather have a guy you know dating your sister or some dude like Cardin Winchester or one of his buddies?" He was making an excellent case, and Jaune didn't like it. Sure he trusted Dante and his parents knew Jaune's parents. So if anything happened, Dante would be well and truly fucked if he hurt Marron.

"Fine," Jaune grunted. "But if you hurt her-"

"You'll castrate me with a spoon and do other unspeakable things to me," Dante finished Jaune's threat. "I've heard it all before!" Jaune could only do so much to cause pain if his sisters were hurt. He loved his sisters and would do anything for them, bar a few exceptions. Jaune's parents, Nicholas and Claire, would be willing to go to the ends of the earth for their children. They could make Dante's life a living hell.

"Now class, remember the trick to solving anti-derivatives. It will be very-." Dr Oobleck was cut off by a student raising their hand. "What is it, Mr Winchester?" Jaune and Dante both looked to the front of the classroom. They could see the back of the massive ginger in the front row.

"Can I use the restroom? I'm feeling kind of light-headed." He asked like a pompous dickhead. Cardin was known for being an asshole to everyone besides his coaches and his buddies. Jaune had no idea how he wasn't kicked out of the academy yet. There was enough cause to warrant expulsion and other kids were thrown out of the academy for less.

"Hurry, up and take care of your business. I'd rather not have to interrupt class any longer because you decided to go mess around in the bathroom." Cardin got up and went for the door. Jaune eyed the bandage on the side of Cardin's neck. The ginger had a pale complexion and genuinely looked ill. It was a wonder as to why he even showed up to school today looking like this. Jaune guessed truancy would stop him from playing sports.

Cardin was the captain of the varsity football team. A position he used to shit on everybody who was not a football player or person of similar social standing. He screwed with Jaune during their freshmen year, but Dante came along and beat Cardin's ass forcing the ginger to leave the two alone. Cardin was also a racist, who's discrimination and harassment forced several students to leave the school. One of those faunus happened to be Jaune's lifelong friend, Blake Belladonna. In summary, he was an unredeemable asshole — someone who Jaune loathed with every fibre of his being.

"Jeez, what do you think happened to Cardin's neck," Dante asked with a laid-back attitude. There were probably a lot of things that could have happened. It was a Monday, and everyone just came off a three-day break. Students often partied or went on trips outside of Vale.

"He probably got drunk or high again, and one of his goons did something to his neck." Jaune didn't really care what happened to him, so long as it hurt. If one of Cardin's friends was so kind as to, tattoo, "I am a racist," on the side of his neck. Jaune's whole next year would be made!

"An aggressive make-out session," Dante suggested. "Some girls like to be rough!" Like Jaune knew how that went! He hasn't gotten his first kiss in yet! Making-out is like an entire world away from him at the moment. But somebody tearing out a chunk of Cardin's neck during intimacy was a bit far-fetched unless Cardin was into some weird shit that could only be found in the deepest parts of every porn site.

"No girl is ever that rough," Marron turned around and halted that line of thought. She was seated one row in front of Jaune and Dante. "He probably got hurt playing football with his friends." A likely story, but Jaune still liked the tattoo idea and the make-out session. His money was on the former of the two.

Jaune's sister tried not to think ill of anyone, but if there were somebody she didn't like, it would be Cardin. She was one of the varsity cheerleaders and Yang's friend. The only reason Marron had yet to file a sexual harassment claim against Cardin was her kind nature. Cardin had a bit of an infatuation with Jaune's sister and tried to claim her as his own. The ginger would butt heads with anyone that would try to get close with Marron and established his territory. Marron, of course, told Cardin to fuck right off, in a polite manner.

Marron was also the only reason Jaune had any contact with Yang. She would bring Yang over to hang-out, and Jaune would have some sort of interaction with her whenever Marron busted into their shared room. Jaune was nearly caught several times reading fanfiction on his computer and really needed to turn on the sleep mode so it would shut off when he forgot to close his laptop.


The one and a half hour class that was gifted to the Beacon Academy students by their block schedule still had twenty minutes left. Dr Oobleck had finished his lecture and allowed the students to work on their homework until the end of class. Jaune had already completed his homework, and Marron copied it, so they just sat and chatted for some time. Dante and Yang joined in, abandoning their work in favour of conversation as well.

"Mr Aubreai Ms Xiao Long and Ms Arc," Dr Oobleck exclaimed, leaning up against the whiteboard. "If the three of you would do their work and not copy off of Mr Arc, I would allow you to converse quietly. Seeing as none of you has actually finished their problems; I recommend you use this time wisely and complete the assigned lesson." Some of the other students giggled as their peers were scolded. All four of the victims' faces flushed as they were called out. Jaune didn't want this to happen because it was embarrassing. Dante and Yang could at least shake it off, but Jaune wasn't like that. It stuck and burned his cheeks for several more minutes.

"And where is Mr Winchester," Oobleck yelled as he checked his scroll. "I swear I should not have ever let him leave this room without escorting him to his destination!" Huh, Cardin wasn't back yet? It had almost been an hour, and there was no snarky comment or stupid question. How had Jaune not noticed his absence? "

"I can get him," Dove insisted as he stood up.

"Sit down," Oobleck ordered. "You and Mr Winchester would merely go on an adventure if I let you out of this room!" Damn, Dr Oobleck wasn't taking anybody's shit today! The doctor was never one to let his students fool around during class. It could potentially jeopardise their success and Oobleck wanted everyone to succeed. He had to be forceful about it sometimes to get his point across, and that entailed having to embarrass his students.

"Mr Arc, would you be so kind as to check on Mr Winchester?" Jaune froze upon hearing his request. He really didn't want to leave the room especially because he had to go after Cardin. But it would look bad if he just refused Dr Oobleck outright. "Seeing as you are the only one finished with their assignments. If you could merely pop your head in there and see if he is still in the restroom."

"Sure," Jaune reluctantly agreed. All he needed to do was take a quick look and be back in the class in time for the bell. If Cardin were smoking weed or getting a blowjob in the bathroom, it would be an open and shut case. Jaune would have to avoid being seen when he was checking the restroom. Why did I agree to this?!


Jaune quietly closed the door behind him. "Here goes nothing," he whispered to himself. Hopefully, Cardin ditched class, and Jaune wouldn't have to be stuck in a bathroom with him for any longer than five seconds. Jaune could come up with an excuse as to why he was in the restroom. Runny noses and a scarcity of tissue boxes seemed like a good enough lie.

He silently walked through the halls on his way to the bathroom. Jaune passed by Mr Port, who was on his planning period, and then a few students idly chatting in the hallway. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Jaune hadn't run into Ms Goodwitch either. He wouldn't have trouble if he stumbled upon the headmistress. Jaune was in good standing with all of the teachers at the academy.

Jaune approached the steel-framed door of the men's restroom. The frame was painted dark-brown to match the dark tint of the wood trimming on the walls and ceiling. The door itself was oak with an unpainted steel handle. Jaune peeked over his shoulder and found nobody there. He pushed on the steel handle, and the heavy door gave in to Jaune's weight.

Light-brown assorted tiles lined every surface of the men's bathroom. The ceiling was the same milk-chocolate shade as the walls. Jaune turned to his right and saw the large mirror and the reflection that was in it. Four beige coloured stalls and four urinals lined the left wall. He stepped inside letting the door softly close behind him. What Jaune beheld horrified him.

There were spatters of blood all over the floor. Someone had coughed or thrown up blood onto the tile and into the sink. Large handprints were scattered among the puddle of crimson fluid. One on the counter left a downwards trail as if the person fell. The droplets led to the last stall — the only one that was closed.

"Cardin," Jaune nervously called out. Every part of his body told him to run. Jaune didn't know where all of the blood came from. If Cardin was stabbed, someone needed to help him. Jaune's breath shuddered as he took three steps forward. "Cardin," Jaune asked again with more volume to his voice. A small groan or growl came from that last stall. It sounded like Cardin, but there was an animalistic vibrato paired with the grunt.

The stall opened slowly with an excruciating squeal. The groan became a gurgle as something clambered to its feet. Jaune froze in fear as the person stood fully erect and took a half step into the light. Cardin stumbled into view. The front of his blazer and white dress shirt were stained in his blood. The trail lead to his mouth and horribly disfigured face. His pale-white complexion allowed dark black veins to show through. Two sunken eyes stared back at Jaune with a deep insatiable hunger.

"C-Cardin," Jaune stuttered. The other male responded with a loud will-shattering growl. Jaune took a step back, and Cardin lunged at him. The slippery floors caused Jaune to stumble, and he landed on his back. He pushed himself towards the door as Cardin fast approached!

Cardin descended upon Jaune attempting to go for his throat. The smaller male kept him far enough away while the creature clawed at him. Blood splashed onto Jaune's clothes as the gaping maw snapped at him. Jaune screamed for help in the vain attempt someone would come and save him. "Ohhh, fuck! SHIT-FUCK!"

Jaune manoeuvred his feet onto Cardin's chest. With all the force he could muster, Jaune pushed and threw the creature backwards. Cardin tried to reach for something to grab onto. He hit the far wall and stopped moving. Jaune forced himself to his feet to hopefully escape Cardin. Holy fucking shit!

The creature lunged at Jaune again. The boy stepped to his left and eluded Cardin's assault. With one swift motion, Jaune redirected Cardin's face into the stone counter-top. A sickening crunch followed as the creature's face and skull crumbled under the blow.


Jaune pulled the door open and stumbled out. The tears running down his face mingled with the blood and the saliva staining his shirt. Jaune fell onto his rear and pushed himself towards the farthest wall from the bathroom. His body couldn't muster the strength to run.

"Oh my god," Ms Goodwitch exclaimed as she slid next to Jaune. She said something over her radio, but Jaune didn't catch it. He could only hear the ringing in his ears. Everything was spinning, and Jaune felt the urge to throw up.

What happened in there?! Cardin wouldn't have tried to attack someone like that even if he were the school bully. Something was seriously wrong, and Jaune waltzed right into it.

"Mr Arc... JAUNE!" Goodwitch snapped him back to reality. The tears were still rolling down Jaune's cheeks as she looked him up and down for injuries. Another faculty member rushed over to help. They towelled off Jaune's hands with warm water to clean the blood from the limbs.

"Jaune, I need to know what happened," Goodwitch demanded an explanation from the boy. Her stoic face cracked and showed inklings of fear and concern. "We heard screams and came running!"

"C-Cardin," Jaune mustered as he choked on the rest of the words. He shut his eyes forced the lump in his throat down. "H-He attacked me! D-Dr Oobleck asked me to check on h-him! T-There was blood everywhere!" Jaune began sobbing as those final words came out of his mouth.

Goodwitch pulled him into a hug. "Amanda! Call the police and an ambulance!" Jaune held onto the woman trying to calm himself down. A small spatter of blood transferred from Jaune's shirt to the headmistress' blouse. Jaune couldn't focus on anything besides keeping his lungs filled with air.

A school resource officer came from the far end of the hallway. Goodwitch glanced up at the man as he drew his gun. "In there!" The man nodded and slowly approached the scene of the crime.

The large man pushed the door opened. He aimed the barrel of the handgun into the open space waiting for something to come out. "This is the police! Come out with your hands up!" The response was, first, silence, and then a growl. The officer's hands shook as the growl neared and became more intense!

Cardin burst from within the chamber and latched onto the police officer. He fired a single shot before screaming for his life. The creature tore into the large man as a hungry lion would to a gazel. The officer's flak vest and uniform did nothing to stop Cardin's ravenous onslaught.

Jaune pulled himself from Goodwitch's chest. The older woman stood as they watched the creature tear into their fellow human being. Goodwitch grabbed Jaune's hand and dragged him down the hallway. The clatter of heels and dress shoes were one of the sounds to fill the hall. The other was the sickening grunts of what used to be Cardin Winchester.


Jaune locked the door and pushed a sizeable heavy-metal desk up next to it. Goodwitch continued down the hallway making her way to the office. Jaune's heavy breathing shuddered as he scrambled to secure the door. The other students stood, and Dr Oobleck approached Jaune from behind. Each of them had their own concerns and questions as to what happened.

"Oh my god! Jaune! Are you okay?"

"Yo, what's happening out there?"

"We heard a gunshot and somebody scream!"

"Is that... blood?"

"Stop," Oobleck ordered, sounding as if he were a drill sergeant. "Mr Arc, did you find Mr Winchester?" Jaune nodded. "Is he the cause of the panic?" Jaune nodded again.

A screech came over the loudspeaker. "Attention! This is not a drill! There is an intruder in the building! Please stay in your classrooms or another secure area until the police come for you!" It was Ms Goodwitch's voice. She sounded as if she were in a panic among the confusion that was going on as well.

"WILL EVERYBODY JUST STOP BEFORE SOMETHING CRAZY HAPPENS AGAIN," Yang shouted as the announcement came to an end. Nobody dared to move as she cooled down.

"Ok, Jaune," she sternly began, approaching him. "What happened!" Jaune was searching for a way to explain what he had seen. Everything was happening so fast, and Jaune hadn't even been given a moment for his own brain to catch up. He had been acting on instinct for the last few minutes.

A howl came from where Cardin was last seen. "What was-" Jaune cupped his hand over Yang's mouth and pushed her against a wall. The dark wood was flush against Yang's back while Jaune held her there. She tried to move, but Jaune only tightened his grip. The door was next to them, and Jaune could barely get a glimpse out of the small window offering a view to the outside.

Cardin found the door everyone was hiding behind. There were several guttural moans or growls from him. The creature tried the door handle numerous times. *Click*Click*Click* The latch would not respond to its wish. It screeched again before stepping away from the classroom. More clicks came not from the door but from Cardin's tongue as it found another stimulus down the hallway.

Jaune looked into Yang's eyes. Both were watering, and she was nearly on the verge of crying as Jaune had been. Jaune loosened grip enough that it wasn't going to hurt her. He held a finger up to his mouth telling her to keep quiet. "That was Cardin," Jaune calmly stated breathing heavily. Dried tears clung to his cheeks, and more were beginning to pool within his eyes. "I don't know what happened to him, but he attacked me. There is something seriously wrong with him!"

"He attacked you with no provocation," Dr Oobleck asked as he fished something out of his desk. Jaune nodded and Oobleck when back to fishing. "Several psychedelic drugs can cause uncontrolled aggression in certain individuals." Jaune was expecting an entire lecture to come out of his mouth. However, Cardin was a drug user so that may have been a likely cause of his aggression.

"Ok, Dr Oobleck," Dante interrupted before this could go any farther. "I would love this lecture at any other time, but we need to focus." He was trying to bring some sanity back to this conversation. Dante stamped up to the front of the room and leaned against the desk barring the door. He tucked an aluminium baseball bat under his arm. "What we need to do, is just stay in here and let the police handle this."

Jaune pulled off of Yang giving her freedom back. "I-I agree. There is no point in trying to run." Several of the other students nodded to each other and sat back down. Dante flicked the light switch off leaving the ghost lights on.

Jaune let go of Yang so she could sit down and take a second to breathe. "Holy, shit, Jaune," Yang cursed as she held her jaw. "You're pretty strong. I always thought you were a string bean." Adrenaline will do that for you. Jaune could have fended off Cardin with his normal strength, but everything was cranked to the max as Jaune's heart pounded in his chest.

Dante fished a hoodie out of his duffle bag. "Here, you might want to get out of those bloody clothes." Jaune caught the hoodie in his right hand. It was the baseball team's branded hoodie. Black and grey cloth with the symbol of Beacon Academy on the back. Just above the right breast a team number and name was printed on the hoodie.

Jaune stripped out of the uniform making sure to wash the blood off his chest before putting the hoodie on. Nobody bothered to look. They were all focused on the door or each other. One of the girls was crying, and the others were trying to calm her down.

"Jaune, you alright," Dante asked. There was definite concern hidden in his usual bravado. Physically Jaune was ok. He was just scared shitless. Jaune almost shit a brick when Cardin came out of that stall. And he had yet to get a chance to cool down.

"Yeah, my heart is pounding right now." Jaune leaned back against a wall. He wanted to laugh because of how close he came to being someone's lunch today. There was no way Jaune could prove Cardin was going to try eating him. However, the biting and nearly being torn apart by Cardin's fingers was very unsettling!

Marron sat next to Jaune and handed him a bottle of water. He grasped at the pink and blue container. Jaune's hands shook as he lifted the bottle to meet his mouth. Jaune's throat had become parched, and the water was an effective rejuvenator.

Dr Oobleck found what he was looking for. A black metal box with a small lock on the front latch was set on the desk. Oobleck unlocked the container and inspected the contents. He withdrew a handgun from within the case and loaded a magazine and round into the firearm.

"Whoah," one of the students gasped. "Dr Oobleck keeps a piece in the classroom?" Jaune eyeballed the handgun. It was a simple nine millimetre that could be purchased at any pawn shop or gun store.

"Yes, Mr Blackwell," Oobleck replied to the young man. "While having firearms accessible to the faculty was one of the many policies I disagreed with. This may be of some use to us if we need to leave the building." Oobleck fumbled the plain steel handgun. His hands shook as he gripped the handle and pulled the slide back. He seemed uncomfortable when it came to handling guns.

"Are you alright Dr Oobleck," Dante asked. "Your hands are shaking almost as bad as Jaune's!"

"Yes, I am fine. I haven't regularly used firearms since I left the army. I need a moment to get used to it." It's better than nothing. Jaune wasn't all that experienced with guns. That was his father's hobby Jaune was forced to partake in for the sake of home defence.

Jaune looked over at Yang. She was sitting a few feet away from him with her knees pulled up to her chest. The usually confident cheerleader was genuinely scared-worried-terrified even. Marron wasn't focused on her friend as much as she was with Jaune leaving Yang to deal with everything by herself.

"Hey, Yang," Jaune tried, hoping to grab her attention. She looked over with puffy eyes boring holes into Jaune's skull. "Have you texted your sister yet?" Marron had already contacted their mother to let her know what was going on. The school was effectively in lockdown, and the only way to communicate was through texts or calls. It wouldn't have surprised Jaune if Yang forgot to call her own sister with everything going on.

"Y-Yeah, I talked to her," she softly stammered. "She's alright-a little scared. I guess I am too." Anybody would be if a person on what Jaune assumed were bath-salts or something else was running around the school and attacking people. Jaune hadn't even told anyone about the cop that was torn to pieces by the kid.

"Don't worry my fair maidens," Dante jested as he slid down onto the floor. "Jaune and I shall protect you from any harm." Dante sounded like a stereotypical knight from a movie. His flippant attitude towards this whole thing helped lighten the mood a bit. But the air remained heavy with anticipation.

"I feel great about our chances," Marron sarcastically declared. Jaune felt a little hurt by what his sister said. But, if they kept the door closed. The steel barrier would keep whatever was trying to come in, out.


Another hour had passed. Phones were lent to other students so they could contact their families. Other than some minor conversation between the children, everything was in silence. There were no screams or sounds of students in the hallways. It was an excruciating silence.

Jaune sat with his arms resting on his knees. He managed to calm himself down, and the adrenaline was out of his system. It would be hard to sleep for the next few days, but Jaune would come out of this. Nothing video games and some reading wouldn't fix. His mother, however, would obsess over his health and Marron's until school started back up.

A loud crack silenced the students. Jaune thought no-he knew it was another gunshot. The echo filled the halls as another rang out. One of the girls started crying, and Jaune felt he was going to have another panic attack. A group of people were shouting, and a cacophony of footsteps filled the hall.

Three loud knocks erupted from the door. Jaune stood up and looked through the window. Four cops were standing in the hallway with AR style rifles and body armour. Jaune wondered where they had been for the past hour because the school really needed them.

Dante and Marron pulled the desk away and stepped back. Jaune dropped the aluminium baseball bat and kicked it away from the door. The cops rushed through the door knocking Marron over and preceded to clear the room. Any students who were standing were pushed against the white-board. One of the male students cursed at the officers as they manhandled him.

"All of you..." the leader of the SWAT officers began. "Put your hands on top of your head and follow us out of the building! Leave your bags and follow the officers." Jaune was the first to leave and then Yang. Dante was the last of the students to leave.

Looking down the long hall where the bathroom was. Jaune noticed several cops standing around where the school resource officer went down. A tarp was used to shield the students from the view, but it was too late for one of them. As the children were led to the nearest exit, the bloody handprints grew more numerous. Cardin must have stumbled several times as he lumbered after something.

An officer held a side door to the building open. More police were on the outside and sheltered the incoming students. They ran for the other side of the main parking lot where they met more cops and a group of paramedics. Students who were injured rested in the rear of the ambulances and the rest waited behind a line of police cars.

A group of news vans were parked just outside of the police line. Two crews were standing on top of their vehicles with their cameras pointed at the students. A news helicopter circled the area creating a disturbing howl with each pass. It reminded Jaune of whenever a mass shooting appeared on the news.

It was deafening and very confusing. Jaune's breathing shuddered again trying to focus on what was in front of him. Some of the children ran into their parent's arms screaming and crying out in fear. Yang wrapped her arms around her younger sister with tears in her eyes. A hand on Jaune's shoulder pulled him away from the group. It was Ms Goodwitch.

She directed him to a group of paramedics who sat him down in the bed of the vehicle. The EMT's began looking Jaune over. They put a blanket over his shoulders to keep him from succumbing to shock even though he wasn't in shock. I feel like an idiot!

The EMT's moved to the side after Jaune was given a clean bill of health. Two officers escorted by Goodwitch came over to the boy as he rested in the ambulance. Jaune knew he was in for a barrage of questions. It was to be expected when you were chased by some drug-crazed student.

"Mr Arc," Goodwitch began introducing him to the police officers. "These men would like to ask you some questions if you're feeling up to it." Sure, Jaune was ok. Exhausted from the adrenaline rush and the running. But he could converse with some cops that weren't like the ones who preferred to throw you against a wall.

"Yeah," Jaune softly responded as he sat up straight. "What do you guys want to know?" He could give them a very vivid description if they asked for it. What Jaune saw in there burned into his retinas forever. Hopefully, he could get out of this with only being forced to attend a counselling session once.


It felt like another hour passed as the police officers questioned Jaune. He was forced to recount the details of the incident in the bathroom with vivid detail. Jaune was sure he could start writing his own horror novel after the level of intricacy he put into his description. The scene played inside of his head with such clarity that Jaune had trouble with actually getting the words out at points.

"What happened to Cardin," Jaune abruptly asked while pulling the blanket around himself. They had concluded the interview with the police and the two men were just about to leave. Jaune hoped the boy was apprehended and taken to a hospital.

The two officers looked at each other. "Mr Winchester was killed by the SWAT team," the older officer revealed Cardin's fate. Most likely he wasn't supposed to give an answer to Jaune's inquiry. But what happened to Cardin was unfortunate, and the cops most likely deemed it necessary to have him killed. Jaune wasn't going to mourn for him.

The officers finished the last formalities before melding back into the crowd. Ms Goodwitch left Jaune to attend other students after making sure he would be fine on his own. Jaune drank some water as he waited for his mother to get him and Marron.

"Hey," Jaune turned to see Yang standing next to him. Ruby wasn't with her which was surprising since the red-head clung to her older sister like glue.

"Hey, Jaune echoed. "What's up?"

"Marron called your mom and got the all-clear from Ms Goodwitch to leave," Yang explained leaning up against the ambulance. "My dad is here too, so if you want a ride, we're offering."

"Thanks," Jaune uttered as he stood up and got out of the ambulance. Keeping the blanket wrapped around him as he followed Yang to Tai's car. She looked over at him and snorted.


"You're seriously going to steal that blanket," Yang smiled as she walked right by his side.

"It's comfortable!"

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