(I wrote this story.. Because of a friend. He helps me out, with a LOT of the original Birds of War story. (You're a good pal, JosephAllen32!) He wanted to a few Henry Blake episodes, before we introduced Colonel Potter. And.. As he is one, of my closest friends on this website.. I wanted to do those episodes. (Plus.. They are very good episodes, I will not lie.) But.. I couldn't wait forever. Nor could the few of my readers, I know in the real world. I understand, my friend has a real life.. So, next time he sends me a message.. We will discuss it.

These.. Are all the Henry Blake chapters, that I didn't get into the normal story. On with it.)

(Korea. 1952. MASH 4077 Officer's club.)

The recently promoted Lt. Colonel Maximum Ride, sat at the bar of the club. She drank her 29 year old scotch (a gift sent to her, from her sister, Ella). She looked up at the picture of their old commanding officer. Her old mentor. Lt. Colonel Henry Blake. She thought about everything they'd been through together. She whispered to herself, "Henry. Wish he did make it home."

Henry's plane had been shot down, by the enemy. No survivors. Their whole unit, was shocked and upset by this news. Max and the Flock, having the ability to fly.. Felt guilt. Guilt they couldn't have gotten to the airport. Guilt they couldn't have seen it coming, given what they know about the enemy. Guilt.. That they couldn't save Henry.

Max sat there, while her Flock, dreary from ten hours of surgery, rested in their quarters. She sat alone, drinking, and speaking with her dead mentor. She knew he couldn't possibly hear her.. But, it served as a comfort.

Colonel Potter walked in. He saw his secondary commander, drinking alone. He walked over to her, "Max? You alright?" Colonel Potter had only been the Commanding Officer, for about two weeks.. But, he'd known Max and the Flock for years. He didn't like, seeing them unhappy.

Max sighed, "Just remembering, the old boss." She looked over to her current mentor. She said, "He was.. Like a second father. With my real dad, back in the States.. Henry was a good stand-in. He was a damn fine surgeon. And one of the most decent men, I have ever known." She clenched her fists in anger, "He DESERVED to go home.. Now, thanks to the enemy.. He's gone."

Potter nodded in sympathy, "One of the many, who won't make if home from this damn war." He'd only met Henry Blake once.. But he heard a great deal about him. He asked, "I heard some crazy things, happened during his time in command. Can you name them?"

Max, almost completely drunk, smiled. She looked at her CO, "You got all of eternity?" Later, she would tell the Flock what their Colonel wanted. For a long time.. They would discuss everything, that went on under Henry's command.

(Next time.. We see one particularly crazy day, under Henry's command.)