Kana's POV

I go sit to the Slytherin table while I try not to laugh about what the sorting hat said. I should have thanked him before taking it off my head. Oh well, I'll do it another time. I am still quite angry about the fact I can't keep my mask on. Honestly, my poor nose is extremely sensible and the mask help me to defferentiate every smell there is in the room but not now because I don't have it dammit ! It's confusing me and I don't like it. Anyway, everyone at my table have a scared and/or curious look in their eyes. It will be fun to scare to shit out of them. I smirk at them and I see some of them paling. This will be so so fun.

Harry's POV

Tom will pay. He told me he would engage someone to protect me during the year and now I know who it is, this Hatake guy. I don't know where Tom have find him but I know he's dangerous, how would I not know after what the sorting hat said. I am sure he is laughing his ass off. I mentally sigh. It's not like I can do anything right now. I hope that guy isn't going to uncover me...

A week later

Kana's POV

I don't like this place. There's something, I don't know what, that is tainting this fucking place. I can fucking smell it. I will need to find what it is and fast but I think it has to do with why there was the need to send a shinobi to infiltrate this place and protect a civilian. I also don't like the DADA teacher. She smell like an unfresh frog or something like that and it's not pleasant. She is also against doing anything esle than theory and I have smell blood coming from students hands after they had detention with her. I need to find out what the hell is going on here and the fastest I do it, the safest my protégé and the students will be. There's work to do...