Although his actions often betrayed his heart, Asa Buchanan loved his family. He just loved controlling them even more. He might have attempted to have his own grandson declared mentally incompetent to justify taking back the BE Helm; but the day Cord Roberts left BE for good to head Acme for the late Julia Barrett was the day Asa Buchanan changed his will. When he died six months later his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren learned that they were all back on the BE Board along with a few heirs yet to be named.

As those heirs come forward, eagerly, reluctantly, or under false pretenses the real Buchanans must circle the wagons to protect themselves and BE. But who are the real Buchanans? Must you take the last name? Be raised in the family? Have a biological tie? Live the Credo? Can any heir lay claim to all of the above?