Stiles sobbed as he knelt by Lydia's body, gripping onto her wrist where he had been desperately feeling for a pulse even though he knew he would not find one. The bodies of the pack, what was left of the pack, were lying around him, they had been slowly dying off for years, starting with Allison. This battle had been one battle too many, and he was the only one left.

His dad had died months ago, and he had barely been holding on.

This was…

He dropped down onto the floor as sobs wracked through him. It was too much. He couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't. He had lost everything.

"There there child, why do you cry?" Stiles startled and sat up quickly, squinting through his tears as he stared at the woman standing in front of him.

"I...erm…" Stiles stared around pointedly at the bodies of his friends lying around them.

"Oh yes of course," The woman laughed dropping down to sit next to him.

Had it not the strangeness of the fact that woman had just shown up in the middle of the battlefield from absolutely nowhere and was glowing with magic, Stiles would have been sidetracked by the fact that she was wearing a silver chiffon gown and absolutely nothing else underneath it. However, yeah glowing magic, showing up from nowhere.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Not very polite," She pouted at him.

"My pack are lying dead around me, please excuse me if I'm not being polite," Stiles' voice wobbled as he spoke and hot tears burned his face as they spilled down his face again.

"There there my child, no need for that," The woman said gently, reaching out to brush his tears away.

"My child?" Stiles frowned.

"Even though you're filled with so much grief, that quick brain of yours is still going, that is why you're one of my favourites," The woman gave a tinkling laugh as she reached over and tweaked his nose.

"Huh?" Stiles wiped at the tears that just would not stop falling, his mind already felt like it was swimming, never mind with whatever the hell this was thrown in now. And he could not stop bloody crying!

"Have you not worked out who I am yet? Well, I can't blame you, I have not really shown up on your best day. I am Mother Magic dear," The woman beamed at him.

He blinked at her, and then blinked again as she sat there beaming back at him.

"Huh," Stiles managed to say.

"Huh? That is it? Oh come one, I know you're having a bad day, but I haven't revealed myself to one of my children from over 1,000 years, you could give me something a little more than huh!" The woman, Mother Magic, pouted delicate pink lips at him, flipping her black hair out of her face as her chocolate skin seemed to glow even brighter with magic as though to convince him.

"Are you going to bring my pack back to life?" He asked dully.

"Not quite," She laughed.

"Well, then I….what do you mean not quite?" Stiles paused blinking at her again.

"Do you know why I chose you to be one of my children Stiles?" Mother Magic asked brightly.

"No," He shook his head tiredly.

"Because you're fierce, your strong and kind, you're powerful without magic and blessing you with it only enhanced you. You're meant for great things and what has happened to you isn't fair. This is not what I meant for you. So, I'm giving you a blessing," She grinned mischievously.

"What does that mean?" Stiles sniffed feeling hope welling inside of him for the first time since his dad died.

"I can send you back in time to a point in time that will give you the chance to fix everything, however, there is a twist," Mother Magic held up a finger.

"Of course there is," Stiles sighed.

"That's why I love you," She giggled.

"What is the twist?" Stiles asked numbly, that hope died in his chest.

"You need to choose the moment, you think back and you decide on the moment that could give you the biggest opportunity to change everything," Mother Magic winked at him. "Think hard!"

The best moment? What was the best moment?

"Can it be before I became involved in the supernatural world?" Stiles asked.

"Good question my child. No, I am afraid not, I can only send you as far back as I had a touch in your life. So no sending you back to the Hale fire," Mother Magic smiled understandingly at him.

"But you could send me back to the moment Scott got bitten and stop us being pulled into the supernatural world?" Stiles asked.

"Yes I could," She smiled.

Stiles thought about it. If he changed that moment he would be able to keep himself, Scott, Melissa and his dad safe...But if he wasn't involved in the world, he wouldn't be able to keep the others safe….

Another point then…..

"Ok, I have it," He nodded firmly.

"Are you sure, this is a one-off My Child," Mother Magic asked.

"I am sure, I know the moment," Stiles nodded firmly getting onto his knees and meeting her glowing golden eyes with determination.

"Ok. Be safe My Child, and kill it!" She laughed before leaning forward and pressing her lips to his forehead.

The last thing he saw before he clenched his eyes shut as the magic swept through him was the last of his pack lying dead around him, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Peter's Alpha red eyes.

He was also aware that his magic felt weak as shit right now. It seemed as though he had gone completely back in time.

"Hello?" Peter huffed tugging on his wrist pointedly to remind him that he was there.

"What was the question again?" Stiles frowned, his mind was feeling a little fuzzy.

"Will you take the bite?" Peter asked slowly, clearly at little lost with the sudden change of things. He sniffed the air and frowned as the scent of panic and fear faded from around the human.

"Oh hell no! No! But I will be in your pack. No biting!" Stiles said firmly pointing his finger in Peter's face.

"You...what?" Peter blinked confusedly.

"I do not want to be a werewolf, and trust me you don't want me to be a werewolf either, you would be losing more than you would be gaining. However, I will be in your pack, I accept you as my Alpha Peter Hale,"