Chapter Two

Peter blinked as his red eyes flashed and he could feel the snap of a pack bond, a proper pack bond, snapped into place. Not the weak link he had with Scott McCall or the faint familial bond that he had with Derek.

No, this was a real, strong, willing, pack bond.

He stared confusedly at the human in front of him who grinned cheekily back at him.

"Why did you do that?" Peter asked slowly not releasing his grip on Stiles' wrist.

"Accept you as my Alpha?" Stiles asked.

"Yes, I offered, but I did not actually expect you to accept it," Peter frowned.

"So, we need to have a talk," Stiles smiled. "And you probably aren't going to believe a word that I am about to say," He sighed.

"Try me," Peter leant back against his car and raised his eyebrow.

"Ok, don't say that I didn't warn you," Stiles snorted. "I am a spark, and I am from approximately 16 years in the future, I watched my whole pack die, including you and Derek. I lost everything. And when I was kneeling in the blood of the last of my pack, Mother Magic came to me. She gave me a gift, a second chance. She sent me back in time to fix things, to prevent that future from happening, but I had to choose the time,"

"And you chose now? This moment? Why?" Peter asked with a frown.

"You believe me?" Stiles asked surprised.

"I can hear your heartbeat, and you changed in a second as though something happened, as though something changed. And as your Alpha I can tell if you are lying or not, something I think that you know," Peter narrowed his eyes on Stiles.

"I wasn't sure that you were sane enough, to be honest," Stiles shrugged.

"I am suddenly feeling a little more sane, the pack bond has helped control my wolf, it has...I feel more stable," Peter sighed.

"It was what you were looking for with Scott and what you were trying to re-forge with Derek," Stiles said softly.

"Yes," Peter scowled. "Why this moment?"

"I said no the first time, and this was the beginning of everything. The you you are right now is not the answer, the you that I know you can become, he could be the answer," Stiles gripped tightly onto Peter's arm. "But you need help Peter, the path you are walking on right now is going to end in death,"

"I have ways around that," Peter smirked, and Stiles felt a flash of worry for the flash of madness that he could see there.

"Yeah no, that's not the way that you want to go, Peter. It brings you back weak and powerless for a hell of a long time, by the time you start gaining your strength back your mind is a little scrambled again,"

"It can't be that bad," Peter scowled slightly, but there was an edge of doubt in his eyes.

"You team up with Kate, with the plan to double cross her of course, but you work with her all the same. Oh yes, and the path you're walking turns Kate into a werejaguar," Stiles added.

"No…" Peter snarled.

"Yes. Feel our bond, listen to my heartbeat, I am not lying! You team up with Kate! When you come back, you're weak and your powers aren't even half what they should be. Peter, please, I will be your pack, I will help you get revenge. But not this way, not the way you're planning," Stiles begged.

"And I suppose the different way includes not killing?" Peter growled, his eyes glowing red in his anger.

"Oh no, totally with the killing of certain people, Kate Argent in particular just not the way you did it the first time around," Stiles shrugged.

"I haven't killed her yet to me, so it is the first time for me," Peter shrugged. "So, the son of the Sheriff, you're happy to let me kill her?" Stiles could practically taste the incredulousness coming off of him.

"Some people, nothing but death can stop them. Kate is one of those people. She is as mad as a bag of cats but has the power, strength and manipulation to back it up. She needs to die," Stiles said firmly.

He started a little when Peter tipped his head back and ran his nose along the pale column of his throat, he was also sure he felt a hint of tongue brushing his skin. He held on tighter to Peter's shoulders and drew in a deep breath as the Alpha searched for something in his scent. "Have you killed Stiles?"

"At this point in time, no. In the future, my future, yes I did. I did what was needed to protect my pack!" He met Peter's Alpha red eyes without wavering and watched as something seemed to click into place.

"I knew you would be a good pack member," His voice sounded calmer, smoother, more controlled. "You truly would make a beautiful wolf,"


"But, a spark, well you're right I would be losing more than I would be gaining, and you seem to have a good understanding of Pack without being a wolf," Peter shrugged, his thumb rubbing against Stiles' jugular.

"I feel the bond too," Stiles breathed out.

"Of course you do, I would expect nothing more," Peter leant into his neck again and this time scented him. "Ok Stiles, what should I do now?"

"I know where Kate is, and she has Derek, this time we aren't letting her play this her way, we're playing it ours," Stiles smirked.

"Ours?" Peter tilted his head and squeezed Stiles arm a little tighter.

"Ours, our pack, our way. You and me for now, hopefully, Derek, a faint chance of Scott," Stiles nodded stepping closer again.

"Ok, and Kate?" Peter asked.

"That we can discuss on the way," Stiles made his way to the passenger side of the door.

"Ok then," Peter nodded and climbed in. "Where to?"

"The Hale house," Stiles grit out.

"She's holding him there?" Peter snarled as he started the car with enough force that Stiles was worried he was going to snap the whole steering column.

"Under, in the basements," Stiles reached out and pressed his hand to Peter's thigh as they sped out of the garage and into the night. "Ok, so killing rules,"

"Killing rules?"

"For Kate," Stiles nodded.

"Ok, this should be interesting," Peter drawled.

"As tempting as it is don't go with the cliche and rip her throat out please whatever you do, bad bad things happen. You need to go for a nice clean kill, snap her neck, go for the heart, even better get her gun off her and shoot her, stab her, just no neck ripping!" Stiles said firmly.


"Promise me, Peter," Stiles gripped his thigh.

"I promise you," Peter said after a moment of looking at Stiles. "That won't always work you know,"

"What?" Stiles blinked as he opened the laptop he had nabbed from the boot and started it back up.

"Using our new bond to get me to agree to things, manipulating me with i….you didn't realise you were doing it?" Peter asked.

"No, sorry, I didn't mean to...I don't want to manipulate you," Stiles frowned. He jumped a little when Peter tapped his chin gently with his knuckles.

"It's good Stiles. Now, what are you doing with that?" Peter nodded to the laptop.

"I am sorting things out so that you have a life after this," Stiles sighed.


"I am sending everything that my dad has on the Hale fire to Chris Argent to prove that it was Kate that started the fire, that she broke the code, that way he won't come after you,"

"You really believe that? He is an Argent," Peter growled.

"He is different, or he has the chance to be. He can be a good man, though I don't know how it will work in this timeline. It took a lot of loss and bad things I intend to stop from happening to make him that man. But in the original timeline, I told him about Kate and he understood,"

"Fine, what else?" Peter wasn't happy, but he was giving a little.

"I am laying a trail for my dad that is going to lead right back to Kate Argent. For all of this, for her covering her tracks. I am going to send an email from Harris saying that he is feeling guilty and intends to go to the police, it will explain why she came back. I am also going to implicate Victoria Argent and Gerard Argent into it, wipe them off of the board," Stiles smirked as he typed away.


"Of course," Stiles snarked back.

"So, did we have sex in your future?" Peter asked causing Stiles to start spluttering.

"What?!" The teen wheezed.

"You, me, hot sweaty, animalistic sex? Did we get down and dirty and sweaty and…"

"Oh god please stop!" Stiles whined feeling as though his face was burning.

"...have you hung off my…"

"I will make you crash this car and kill you!" Stiles whined.

"I would love to hear you make that sound for a different reason," Peter smirked at him.

"Oh Mother Magic," Stiles groaned covering his burning face.


"No! We haven't!" Stiles groaned.

"Good," Peter nodded.

"Good?!" Stiles spluttered feeling a little offended.

"I want our first time to be something new for both of us," Peter shrugged.


"I know you want me, I can smell it,"

"Oh my…" Stiles wanted to brain himself on the dashboard.

"I'm feeling saner and saner by the second, give me a couple of days and I will be all good to go," Peter grinned.

"I haven't said that I am going to sleep with you!" Stiles protested.

"I can smell that you want to,"

"Doesn't mean I will,"

"I can convince you,"

"I am sure you can give it a good try,"

"I'll fuck your brains out," Peter growled.

"That sounded equal amounts sexy and threatening," Stiles snorted. "Derek,"

"He's not joining us," Peter huffed before grunting when Stiles smacked his chest.

"No! I meant the situation with Derek. You're going to have to talk to him, and quickly, when we get to him, about Laura, because Scott has a stupid idea in his head that you knew what you were doing when you killed her, if he speaks to Derek before you do, the damage is irreparable,"

"That is ominous," Peter drawled.

"We need Derek Peter, you need Derek. You need to talk to him, honestly," Stiles poked him in the side.

"I won…."

"No, Peter, you need to talk to him," Stiles frowned.

"Ok...I don't...I don't want to hurt him, more than I already have," Peter tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

"Derek blames himself, Peter," Stiles said softly.

"Blames himself for what?"

"The fire Peter, he blames himself, and he thinks that you blame him. He needs to hear you say that you don't blame him,"

"It was Kate! Not him! He must know that I don't blame him, he was a kid!" Peter's eyes glowed red again.

"Laura never told him," Stiles said softly and winced at the feelings of anger that slammed through his bond to Peter.

"I will talk to him,"

"Now that sounded like a promise," Stiles grinned before going back to typing.

"Do you…" Peter drew off with a frown.


"Do you really think that I can be a good Alpha?" Peter asked and then grit his teeth at the silence that filled the car and the feeling of Stiles' eyes boring into him.

"Well hello sanity!" Stiles crowed. "I thought we would need Derek to achieve that, but seems like I am just enough. Can you lose the creepy, stereotypical leather jacket now then?"


"Really it does not suit you, once all this is sorted out," Peter watched with amusement as Stiles waved his hand around the car while typing one-handed. "We need to get you in a nice henley and some better jeans than that,"


"Definitely, you look super hot in a henley trust me," Stiles said absently.

"Well, in that case, I will leave it on when we fuck," Peter said and then smirked at the wounded duck sound he got from Stiles.

"You do realise that my ass is underage right?" Stiles wheezed.

"1) You're technically around 32 right? 2) We're on our way to murder someone and you are worried about underage sex?" Peter raised his eyebrow at him.

"Erm….ok that is a good point," Stiles nodded.

"So that isn't a no?"

"It isn't a yes,"

"But not a no,"

"Concentrate on driving Alpha," Stiles huffed.

The car pulled up outside the Hale house and the two of them looked at each other.

"We don't have very long remember, Scott is on his way, and Kate and Allison aren't going to be far behind. We need to do this fast," Stiles said and Peter nodded his understanding before they hurried out the car.

Peter raced ahead as they had planned, and by the time Stiles reached the basement room Derek was being kept in all the hunters were...incapacitated. And Peter was wrenching Derek free.

"Are you alright Derek?" Stiles asked as he ran into the room and took in the sweat and panting breaths Derek was taking.

"Stiles?" Derek asked a little incredulously.

"We don't really have time right now to discuss this properly, but Stiles is Pack, part of my Pack, ours if you want to be," Peter corrected himself.

"Laura," Derek whined, his wolf obviously closer to the surface with how injured he was.

"We don't have ti…" Peter paused when Stiles gripped his arm.

"You need to make time Peter. No misunderstandings. Make time," He said softly before stepping away and picking up one of the hunter's guns, taking up position in the doorway just in case his time was off.

"What's going on, what are you doing with Stiles?" Derek frowned.

"Well, initially I kidnapped him and then offered him the bite, during intervening seconds his future self was transported into his body by Mother Magic to stop all of us dying in the future. He came back to this time to help me be a proper Alpha, to put things right. The first time around didn't end so well apparently,"

"And you believe him?"

"He isn't lying," Peter nodded. "Him completely and utterly accepting me as Pack, it gave me an anchor, brought me out of my insanity,"

"And that is why you killed Laura? Because you were insane?" Derek growled.

"Yes, and no," Peter sighed leaning against the table and closing his eyes tried not to breathe in too deeply the smell of smoke and ash that surrounded them. "Do you know what happens to a wolf that is in a coma?"

"No…" Derek watched as every muscle in Peter's body tensed.

"I was aware Derek, every moment, every second, I was aware. I could feel my body slowly stitching itself back together, day after day, I could feel myself healing. And I remembered everything every single moment, replayed over and over and over in my head, watching our family, watching our Pack die around me, hearing them, smelling them, watching them," Peter drew in a shuddering breath. "When I woke up I was more animal than human, I have been more animal than human for a long time. Laura abandoned me, she left me here, in the town our family was slaughtered in alone, unprotected and without Pack. I could have healed faster, having Pack would have made me stronger, I wouldn't have been stuck for as long as I was. When she came back...I knew on some level it was her, but mostly, my wolf…"

"Do you regret it?" Derek asked in a small voice, his eyes flashing to his nephew who looked so young, and so hurt.

"Yes and no. The Laura I remember, my niece who used to like me reading to her of a nighttime over everyone else. That Laura, yes I regret it. The Alpha who left me to be killed, who left me to the ravages of my own mind and to feel myself healing from being burnt alive second by second...her no I don't," Peter admitted honestly.

"I…" Derek was struggling and Peter could easily see it despite the masks that he had up.

"I am sorry that I took her from you though, I am sorry that I took someone else from you. You didn't deserve that grief," Peter said honestly and knew without a doubt that his heartbeat would tell Derek he wasn't lying.

" was my fault…" Derek's voice was quiet enough that Peter only heard it because of his werewolf hearing.

"It was not your fault!" Peter growled.

"No Peter, it was, you don't know what I did, you don't know what I…" Derek gritted his teeth as the wolf came forward.

"Derek, I know. Kate, she gloated about it, that night, when we were locked in. She stood outside and shouted it for us all to hear as the fire caught," Peter reached out when Derek jerked back looking horrified. "Derek, none of us blamed you! None of us! This guilt you have is for nothing. You were a kid, a young, hurting kid, and she took advantage of that. She wasn't your fault Derek, and even in my deepest, darkest moment of madness, have I ever blamed you,"


"I'm not hugging you, still not that guy," Peter held his hands up in warning making Derek snort with laughter.

"We will work on that, together, as a Pack," Stiles promised.

"So, from the future huh?" Derek frowned.

"Yo!" Derek and Peter groaned when Stiles made the Spock sign at them.

"Yeah, I'm finding that hard to believe," Derek snorted.

"Well, I am about to prove it, because according to my timings Scotty is about to appear any second, and Kate and Allison will be about 5 minutes behind him. So we need to get moving to be in the right place at the right time," Stiles said checking his watch.

"Let's move," Peter nodded.

"Wait!" Derek grabbed Peter's arm as he went to walk past him. "We're stronger going out there as a Pack. A proper one. I accept you as my Alpha, Peter Hale,"

Peter sucked in a deep breath and Stiles felt...something wash through him at the same time as Derek's Pack bond snapped into place beside Peter's inside of him.

"Thank you," Peter nodded.

"Let's get going guys, plans to fulfil, evil psychotic huntresses to murder," Stiles called cheerfully.

"Do you know how to use that?" Derek asked nodding to the gun as they made their way quickly back outside.

"Oh yes, Chris taught me how to use it," Stiles grinned.

"Chris...Argent?" Derek said disbelievingly.

"Yup in about 4 years time," Stiles laughed. He had Pack again, he had Pack bonds singing in his head. Everyone was still alive, everyone was here and ok, it was working, everything was working. He had hope that he could do this, that he could change things….

Everything seemed to slow down and he wondered if everything was meant to happen anyway if everything had a pathway it was meant to take.

Stiles watched with horror as Kate turned her gun on Derek and fired, Peter, moved out the corner of his eyes moving to throw himself between Derek and what was no doubt a wolfsbane bullet.

And then he decided….

"NO!" He shouted throwing his hand out. His forehead went warm where he remembered Mother Magic kissing him, and then the familiar, and yet alien for this body, feeling of his magic washing through him exploded outward.

Peter slammed his body into Derek's knocking his injured nephew backwards into a tree and waited for the pain. His thoughts were running wild and he couldn't help but wonder if he would have made this choice if it wasn't for Stiles, if it wasn't for the stability that he gave him, if it wasn't for the sanity and the understanding of what was going through Derek's head, would he have made this choice. Probably not.

But now he knew that he couldn't lose someone else, that he couldn't stand to the side and watch Derek die. He couldn't let Kate kill Derek here where she had used him to massacre their family. He stood a chance of surviving the bullet as an Alpha, and he was taking that chance. He closed his eyes waiting for the impact, only to blink when something pinged off his chest.

Opening his eyes he looked down at his feet and stared at the flower that was lying on his shoe. Derek peered over his shoulder at the flower before nearly as one they looked up to where Kate was standing swearing and staring at her gun. She raised it again and fired again, and they all watched another flower flying across the space between them to ping off of Peter's chest.

The Alpha moved to look at Stiles. He was standing there, his eyes a bright amber as he held his hand out toward Kate, something golden was glowing on his forehead. And he could practically taste the magic on the air. He could taste Stiles' magic.

He turned red eyes to Kate whose eyes widened in fear as she realised the position that she was now in.

"I'm sorry Kate but I am not as alone as you thought. I have a pack," Peter growled.


"Stiles?! What are you doing?" Scott shouted from his place halfway between Stiles and Allison.

"I'm protecting my Pack Scott, you, Derek and Peter," Stiles said firmly.

"Peter? No! He's done something to you, he has to have," Scott frowned.

"I am not the me from a few hours ago Scott, and I will explain properly to you when we have the time. But right now what you need to know is killing Peter is not the answer. It won't make you human again, that is just a myth, and killing him, it isn't the right thing to do. After everything that he has been through, after everything that he has experienced, he deserves a chance, and I am willing to give that to him. He's my Alpha, and I am his Pack,"

Derek gawped at the human standing there glowing with magic. This wasn't the Stiles that he had come to know, the clever but impulsive teenage boy. This was a man, and he could believe that this was a different Stiles, unbelievably Stiles from the future.


"The world isn't as black and white as you would like it to be Scott. Being a werewolf doesn't make you a monster, it is what you do with it that does. The only monster here is her!" Stiles pointed at Kate who was still backing away.

"No! She's not! You are! She...she told me…" Allison stammered.

"What did she tell you, Allison? What did she tell you while she had Derek chained up on that fence and TORTURED him? You're not stupid and you are not a child! What part of that scenario makes Derek the monster huh? What part of kidnapping and electrocuting makes Derek the animal?" Stiles shouted.


"Welcome to the world Allison, now here is a reality check. What she didn't tell you was your families code 'we hunt those who hunt us' you are only supposed to go after those who have lost themselves, who spill human blood. Neither Scott nor Derek have done that, and Peter...Peter has only killed those who were involved in his families murders, and the last person is her," Stiles pointed at Kate who blanched.

"What?" Scott breathed out.

"Your beloved Aunt, whose lessons you have taken so to heart, is the reason Peter has been on a rampage. That house, what you see there, is all her doing!" Stiles pointed at the wreck of a building, not even feeling a little bit guilty as Allison dropped to her knees.


"You need to think for yourself, Allison! You aren't stupid, but you're easily manipulated, your emotions get the best of you. You need to learn to take a moment and breathe! And then think. Kate seduced Derek when he was just a teenager when he was a child and hurting, and alone. And she manipulated him. She used him, to get information about his family, about this house. And then she locked them all in and burnt them alive. Woman, children, men, everyone, including Peter," Stiles reached Derek and Peter by this point and gripped their wrists in support.

He hated having to put them through this, but Allison needed to hear it. She couldn't become the wavering arrow that she had up until those last seven months.

"Stiles, stop!" Scott shouted.

"No Scott, she needs to hear this. She has given you a warped version of this world. You know Scott, you have fallen in love with him. How many times could he have hurt you? How many times could he have killed you? Do you truly and completely believe that he is a mindless monster?" Stiles asked more gently.

"I I don't I…"

"He's right Allison," Chris said sadly as he stepped out of the treeline. Stiles tightened his hand around Derek and Peter's wrists and shook his head gently when they looked at him. "Though how he knows so much, I don't know,"

"Long story short I am from the future. I got transported back approximately an hour and a bit ago," Stiles grinned. "Oh, and we're friends in the future,"

"What?" Stiles laughed as the word was uttered by everyone else in the clearing.

"Quite good friends," Stiles nodded cheerfully.

"Prove it," Chris narrowed his eyes at him.

"Well aside from the fact that I know your email address…" Stiles said before rattling off a load of facts that he had learned about Chris over the years. "...your favourite fruit is orange, but the easy peel ones and not the ones with pips in and…."

"Ok! Ok! I get it, and...believe it, somehow," Chris frowned. "How do we even…"

"You get your head out of your ass and realise that the way things are done by hunters isn't right, that it is flawed, and starting with her you realise how easy it is to break your code," Stiles pointed to Kate who was being held in place by vines he had trailed around her legs to stop her running.

"The code…"

"Is flawed. Allison came up with a new code, a better one. We protect those who cannot protect themselves," Stiles smiled gently at her. "Chris, your family is flawed. In my timeline, Gerard comes into your lives not long after this. He manipulates Allison into becoming nothing more than a weapon, into becoming another Kate, and in the end, all he wanted was the bite because he has cancer and is scared to die. You are Allison are good people, good hunters because you do it for the right reasons, but you know, even now, that there is rot in the heart of the Argents. You need to take control and fix it before it sets in,"


"Is mine to kill, you know this. Blood for blood, it is my right," Peter shook his head.

"She is my sister," Chris frowned.

"There were 8 children in that house, 10 adults, 2 of whom were over the age of 80. There were 6 humans in there," Stiles heard Peter snarling behind him and knew he was in beta form.

"Allison, come on," Chris held his hand out.

"We can't just…."

"This is our way, Allison. She broke the code, he...he is right, he has every right to take revenge," Chris said shakily.

"Scott, you should go with them," Stiles looked at his friend.


"This isn't you," Stiles shook his head.

"It isn't you Stiles!" Scott argued.

"It is now," Stiles smiled sadly. "Go,"


"Now!" Peter roared.

Scott jumped to his feet and made his way over to a reluctant looking Chris and a confused Allison, shooting baleful looks over his shoulder at the three of them as they walked away.

And then the Hale Pack turned to look at Kate where she stood trembling watching them walk closer.

"Just remember…"

"Yes, yes, I know, I remember, kill her in a way that doesn't include claws and is easy to disguise so that you can sell it as self defence. I have it," Peter waved him off.

"No claws!" Stiles shouted before settling with his shoulder against Derek's.

"What are you doing?" Derek grunted without taking his eyes from Peter circling Kate.

"Pack bonding, physical contact helps strengthen Pack bonds and develop them, plus it provides comfort," Stiles grinned at him. "It's really good to see you alive,"

"That is...very weird," Derek blinked.

"I watched you get shredded like paper in front of me, it's really good to see you alive, and know one piece," Stiles shrugged. "Peter! Stop playing with your prey, just kill her already!"

"Don't hurry me!" Peter shouted back.

"I am hurrying you! Come on, some of us are human, and even I can smell that she pissed herself!"

"Alright, alright!" Peter growled before walking forward and gripping Kate's neck. "This is for my family and for Derek,"

The sound of snapping bones filled the air and Kate's dropped to the ground. Derek sort of sagged against him making Stiles flounder a little and reach out to wrap his arm around his waist.

"You ok?" He asked softly.

"Yeah, yes, it's done," Derek breathed out. "She's gone,"

"Yeah, dead and soon to be buried, for good this time," Stiles nodded.

"Ready to do this?" Peter asked placing his hand on Derek's shoulder.

"Do what?" Derek asked.

"We're going to stage her body and then I am going to put on the performance of a lifetime," Stiles grinned mischievously.