Chapter nine

"I am sorry for what happened to your family, and that we could not be of help," Satomi said into the quiet of the room once Bredon had left.

"There was nothing that you could have done," Peter shook his head.

"But I wish that there had been, Talia was a good friend that I miss even now. She was a good Alpha with a good head on her shoulders, she had a vision,"

Stiles was aware that every word the old woman spoke weighed on Peter, the knowledge growing up that he would never be the Alpha, that even should he manage to steal a spark he would not be the Alpha Talia was destined to be, it had always weighed on him.

It seemed to be a fault of the Hales, they focused on the one who would be Alpha and the siblings who were not going to be were told firmly that they would never be the alpha their oldest sibling was meant to be.

It was a weakness and a fault Stiles didn't agree with, you never knew what was going to happen and it left the Pack weak.

"My Alpha has a vision of his own, one that I will be proud to follow," He said firmly, gaining the attention of everyone in the room, including Peter with his slightly red shot eyes at Stiles' declaration.

"I believe that I have just been told off," Satomi said with slight amusement, waving off Peter when he opened his mouth. "No need to apologise, your Emissary was quite right, I am here to negotiate with you,"

"I would never dream of apologising for Stiles, especially considering he is generally right," Peter smirked.

"You are quite the Pack already," Satomi hummed looking between them. "So, what is your vision?"

"Short term, we form an alliance to help each other should there be any attacks upon this land, we awaken the old alliances we had," Peter said calmly.

"And long term?" Satomi tilted her head curiously.

"Long term, you are the first to join with us to make an alliance of Supernatural creatures that will form across America to make a balance to the vulnerability that we have that allows Hunters to break the code and slaughter us and get away with it. If we can form support networks, information networks and even those of us that can police each other, we will be able to cut back on the amount Hunters feel that they are entitled to move into our territory, threaten us and kill us. If an Omega loses a Pack, we will be there to make sure that they find another Pack to care for them before they go feral, if those such as Deucalion's pack move into a territory, the Pack or supernaturals in the area can call for help, same if a Hunter family move in,"

"And Hunters?"

"We will need to make an alliance and have an understanding with Hunters, I believe that I will be starting out my plan with the Argents," Peter smirked at the look that Satomi gave him. He was aware of Stiles and Derek staring at him from either side.

"Argents?" Satomi blinked.

"Christopher Argent to be clear. Stiles has assured me that he is a true Hunter, one that respects the code, and one that can come to understand us truly, one that wants to understand us. Working with Hunters like that, perhaps in the future we can work together to protect those that can not protect themselves from the more dangerous of our community, which would assist in preventing misunderstandings and those being killed that do not need to be," Peter nodded.

"If we manage to make a network across the country we could hold gatherings for Packs and different types of supernaturals to exchange information that could help each other. It would be amazing to be able to speak to other magic users and exchange information and tips," Stiles was looking at Peter with wide, awed eyes, his hand holding his even tighter.

"That...I admit is an amazing vision, Peter. You do the Hale name proud, more than proud. And I would be honoured to be the first to sign up to your vision. I fear so much of our information and knowledge is lost because we hoard it to our own people or Packs, and there is no real way to pass it to each other in what we can feel is a safe way. I also think that being able to call for help would prevent a lot of tragedies that have taken place. I look forward to working with you Alpha Peter," Satomi stood and bowed to him.

"And I with you Alpha Satomi, your knowledge and experience I believe will be a great help to me, and to many others," Peter smiled standing and nodding back.

"I hope Cora is returned to us soon. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us," Satomi smiled.

"And you," Peter nodded.

They made it to the jeep before Stiles pounced on Peter, wrapping his arms around his neck and scattering kisses over his face until Peter growled and turned to capture Stiles' lips with his own, cupping the back of his head to hold him in place so that he could kiss him deeply. Derek grumbling threw himself into the jeep and slammed the door shut.

Once they were far enough away from Satomi's Pack home not to be heard Stiles turned to Peter with eyes that were glowing with more than a little magic.

"You're absolutely, utterly and completely amazing you know!" Stiles breathed out.

"I know, but it is nice to hear," Peter smirked.

"Seriously Peter, that is...that is just amazing! That long have you been thinking about that?" Stiles asked.

"Since before the fire, I tried to put it to Talia but…" Peter glanced back at Derek who smiled and reached forward to squeeze his arm.

"I know how she was with you Peter, I loved her, but she wasn't perfect, the way she treated you wasn't right," Derek said softly, it clearly hurt him to say, but he said it anyway.

"She said that I was stupid for thinking something like that and that it would never happen. I knew that she would never support me or help me in setting it up, and I knew that without being an Alpha no one would take me seriously. That was where my desire to be an Alpha started. I wanted the power to make people listen to me, to take me seriously," Peter grit out.

"Peter...I am really proud to be in your Pack, I will do everything I can to help you make your vision come true," Stiles reached out to twine their fingers together.

"Me too," Derek squeezed his shoulder.

"Well, if we're going to be a proper Pack, then I think we need to make a start on finding a house for us. It is hard to be taken seriously greeting people while living in the spare room of my Emissary's father's house," Peter snorted.

"Perhaps, part of your network could be selectively including humans in the know, especially in smaller communities where the Sheriff is brought into the know. Before...before everything went to complete and utter shit, it worked, having dad in the know and working with us, we had the information we needed quicker and cleaner without having to get it illegally. Also having access to databases and information like plate searches was a huge help. It would have been so much easier to deal with the She Bitch if Beacon Hills Police had known about the Argents," Stiles hummed.

"I am going to take the Deputy job," Derek announced from the back.

"Really? You're not taking it because of this, are you? You actually want to do it?" Peter turned to look intently at his nephew.

"No, I want to do it, I really enjoyed it. And Stiles was right, working with people who have been victims of crime...I am actually good at talking to them and helping them, it helps me," Derek said carefully.

"Good, I am sure that you are going to be very good at it," Peter smiled.

"I can see Deputy Derek being Sheriff Hale one day, I think you're going to be fantastic Der," Stiles reached back to pat Derek's knee, a pleased flush covering his cheeks even as he grumbled.

"Well, looks like we all have a big future in front of us," Stiles said pleased.

"Hey," Jackson waved at Stiles from where he was seated on the sofa when he walked in, Stiles could hear Lydia and Peter's voices coming from the kitchen. "They're talking banshees, Lydia has a few questions from things that she has come across, Peter said that he would talk things through with her,"

"And what are you up to?" Stiles asked curiously sitting next to Jackson.

"I offered to help look for a house, Peter has given me what he wants and I have started looking. This type of thing I am good at doing," Jackson shrugged, but he looked pleased that he had been trusted with something so obviously important for the Pack.

"You're good at plenty of things," Stiles nudged their shoulders together. "But shopping is something that you are an expert in, more than Lydia," He grinned before squawking when Jackson pounced on him.

"Honestly, it is like you two have reverted back to five year olds, to make up for the lost time I think!" Lydia snorted as she and Peter walked in to find Stiles and Jackson having a pillow fight. Peter merely waded in and grabbed Stiles around the waist and threw him over his shoulders.

"No fair! I was winning!" Stiles protested.

"Now, now behave," Peter dropped Stiles onto the kitchen table, looking at him amused when he grumbled and pouted at his Alpha. "Now, none of that," he gripped Stiles' chin and tilted it up, only for the Spark to pout even more.

Peter gripped his chin even tighter and tilted his chin up before sealing their lips together firmly, wrapping his other arm around Stiles' waist he tugged him forward so that they were pressed tightly together, his Spark's hummingbird heart thrumming in his chest in excitement as he fought Peter for dominance of the kiss, only to happily submit to him as the Alpha took possession of his mouth, slicing his tongue into the younger's mouth to taste him fully.

Stiles groaned into the kiss, going limp against Peter's body, holding onto him tightly as the other drove all thoughts from his mind except for his Alpha. He whined lowly when Peter's hips moved against his own, and their hard erections brushed together sending flashes of pleasure through Stiles body.

"Have you done even this with anyone else?" Peter asked softly before moving to mouth at Stiles' chin and throat, brushing his teeth over the skin now and then to pull groans and whines from the younger.

"N...No, the furthest was….was kis….kissing," Stiles whined.

"Good!" Peter growled delightedly and lowly, before slamming their mouths together again as he tilted Stiles back onto the table, layering his body over the top and dropping his weight on top of him, thrusting his hips against Stiles' in a definite rhythm now, one that had Stiles gasping and groaning under him, digging his fingers into Peter's muscled back as his Alpha gripped his thighs and held him in place as he took his pleasure from Stiles, and in return gave Stiles an unbelievable pleasure.

"F...f...fuck Peter you feel so big," Stiles gasped, straining a little to try and see the bulge in Peter's jeans.

"Wait till I am inside of you, I will feel even bigger, especially when I lock the two of us together," Peter smirked.

"Lock?!" Stiles gasped arching his back and wrapping his legs around Peter's waist as he felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge.

"Knot my dear, I am a born wolf, I have a knot," Peter chuckled as Stiles stilled and cried out into Peter's mouth as he came as he never had before. Peter gripped his hips and thrust faster now, seeking his own end. Just as he felt himself about to tip over the edge he gripped Stiles' collar tugging it down so that he could sink his human teeth deeply into the muscles of Stiles' chest until he tasted blood, coming himself.

"Wow, I didn't realise that it could be like that," Stiles panted, reaching up to cup the back of Peter's head where it was resting on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

"It can, with the right person," Peter smiled gently at him.

"Peter…" Stiles was embarrassed at the emotions spilling over him as he looked into his Alpha's red eyes, stroking his fingers over those ridiculously sculpted cheeks.

"Stiles?" Peter tilted his head when Stiles did not carry on, just looking at him and stroking his face.

"I...I did not imagine something like this when I came back, I didn't imagine that I would get this out of being sent back. I hoped to stop the future happening again, I hoped to prevent those losses. Getting you, getting this, it is more than I could have hoped," Stiles bit his lip aware of the blush flooding his cheeks. "I also really, really, really want to know what it is like to be tied to you," He added, laughing when Peter's expression went from tender to hungry in a second.

"Minx," Peter growled. "Come on you, we need to clean up and change," He huffed, again throwing Stiles over his shoulder.

"I am surprised that you want to clean up, possessive werewolves and all," Stiles chuckled as he was carried up the stairs.

"If I had come on you, we would not be cleaning up," Peter snorted, smacking Stiles' delicious arse sharply.

"So, she should be in touch fairly soon and we…" Stiles paused when they stepped back into the living room not even fifteen minutes later, they would have been quicker but Peter had caught him brushing his fingers over the bite mark on his chest and a good five minutes was another makeout session.

Stepping into the living room, however, they found Derek, Lydia and Jackson all sitting stock still on the sofas, looking incredibly uncomfortable.

"What is up with you lot?" Stiles frowned.

"Did you really have to do all that in there?" Lydia huffed.

"We eat at that table!" Derek whined.

"I am actually thankful that you turned down giving me the bite, what human ears could pick up was bad enough," Jackson grimaced.

"Oh my god!" Stiles whined covering his face in embarrassment ducking behind Peter.

"We have been waiting a long while to do that, you lot can just suck it up and be adults about it," Peter huffed.

"You could be a little more decent about it," Lydia frowned.

"You realise that quickly washing down doesn't mean that wolves can't smell when you have had sex right?" Peter raised an eyebrow back. Lydia and Jackson blinked before the both of them went red as they turned to look at Derek for confirmation, who was now looking horrifically embarrassed, but nodded.

"Oh god!" Jackson groaned.

"So, we can be adults about this," Peter nodded.

"Be adults about what?" The Sheriff asked stepping into the house.

"Looking for a new house," Peter said smoothly. "Jackson and Lydia have been so kind as to help us look for somewhere new, but we are now having a...heated discussion as to what we are looking for,"

"You are looking for somewhere else?" The Sheriff asked.

"Derek and I have decided that we want to stick around, Derek obviously has as he has agreed to your job offer, and I find myself loath to be parted from him. We have agreed that we are going to have the old house knocked down once your investigation is completed, it causes nothing but bad memories that destroy the good ones now. And we are looking for somewhere available for us to buy new," Peter nodded as he and Stiles sat on the sofa.

"I still can not believe that she kidnapped Derek and took him back there, psychopath does not even begin to cover it," The Sheriff shook his head disgusted, clapping Derek on the back as he passed to sink into his own armchair.

"Have you heard anything from Chris or Allison?" Stiles asked curiously.

"Not much, they are cooperating with us almost too much," The Sheriff snorted.

"Too much?" Stiles blinked.

"Chris is giving us things before we can even ask for them, and some things that we would not have known were there to ask for. He seems fairly determined to make sure that she goes down for what she has done. I should tell you though…" The Sheriff paused glancing to Lydia and Jackson, he had become so used to them being in the house that had almost carried on with them there.

"I am happy for them to hear whatever it is that you need to say, they will just be told afterwards anyway. They are both very intelligent and mature, they have proven very good friends," Peter said, and it was clearly honestly meant, and Lydia and Jackon both looked incredibly pleased, Jackson particularly.

"Very well. We have arrested Victoria Argent as well," The Sheriff sighed.

"You have, why?" Stiles gasped. John shot him a suspicious look but answered anyway when Stiles blinked innocently back at him.

"We have found clear evidence that she was involved in the fire, even though she had not long been married to Chris at the time it appears that her family and the Argent family go back generations, she and Gerald Argent were quite clearly involved in the fire, the evidence is irrefutable, and she has been assisting Kate Argent in shutting up the witnesses this time around, I am fairly sure that is the reason that Victoria, Chris and Allison moved here when they did. Though there is no evidence that Chris or Allison was aware of what was happening,"

"I can't say I am shocked," Peter sighed dropping back a little into his seat, though hidden from sight his hand squeezed Stiles' hand.

"Mrs Argent was beyond creepy to be honest, talk about an ice maiden, she always seemed really controlling over Allison as well, said that she had an inheritance that she was to grow into. She absolutely hated Allison talking about the places that they have stayed at. She completely lost it when Allison started telling me about the places that Kate had travelled to," Lydia hummed.

Stiles mentally smirked and blew her a kiss. They had not told her to say that, she had realised herself that they needed the Sheriff to dig into the other places that the Argents had been to, mainly to sink Victoria and Gerard.

"Hmmm," The Sheriff frowned thoughtfully. "I am going to go change," he said standing quickly and making his way out the room, pulling his mobile out before he had even left the room.

"He is getting the department to start tracking down the travelling of the Argents and cross-referencing it with crimes in the area," Derek said quietly a few moments later.

"You are getting double the spa day for this, the both of you," Peter smirked at Stiles and Lydia who quickly high fived.

"This is the life," Lydia sighed relaxing back into her seat.

"It definitely is, and I think between us we could get spa treats out of Peter at least three of four times a year," Stiles agreed.

"Stiles, I am fairly sure that you just need to flutter your eyelashes and he would be sending us here every weekend," Lydia laughed.

"On that…" Stiles flushed a little, glancing to the ladies at their feet giving them foot massages. But they were pointedly not listening, and Stiles was sure that the amount of money Peter had thrown into this spa day paid for utter privacy for well as treatment.

"Go on," Lydia lifted her cucumbers from her eyes and looked at him intently, somehow managing to not look ridiculous with bright orange goo all over her face.

"I..should...when Peter gets the new place, I want to…"

"Seduce him?" Lydia took pity.

"Yes! But I don't really know how," Stiles sighed dropping his head down onto the bed.

"But, not even with the, you know…" Lydia waved her hand forward to indicate Stiles' time travelling.

"No, there wasn't time! Not with everything. And…" Stiles frowned a little, losing himself slightly to the memories of the future that he hoped would never happen.

"Go on," Lydia linked their fingers together, squeezing gently.

"I always had a thing for him, there was always a pull, but with what had happened, it wasn't that easy, there was a lot to work through, and when we finally seemed to be getting somewhere, and he was finally looking at me and I think seeing me as a partner he was…" Stiles tightened his hand in Lydia's, the image of Peter on flames flashing across his eyes, his screams, his terror.

"Stiles," Lydia pulled him back from those memories.

"Sorry. So no, and there wasn't really anyone else after him before things really went to shit. So...I have literally no clue whatsoever as to what I am doing, to my utter sadness and horror despite everything, I am purer than the driven snow," Stiles groaned.

"And you would like to change that," Lydia grinned.

"You are ready," They were motioned through a door which they hurried to. Standing still they were covered completely in mud before being ushered into a sauna room that was big enough for four people only and looked as though it was from the Roman times. Sitting on the two seats opposite each other they got comfortable before quickly carrying on.

"I would very much like to change that, as soon as possible, have you seen Peter?" Stiles sighed.

"I have, and I can not blame you, I have to admit I love Jackson I do, and he is gorgeous, but good lord, whatever is in those Hale genes is something else," Lydia mock fanned herself with a giggle.

"I am fairly sure that those genes make them impressive everywhere. I got an eyeful of Derek once, long story, and he was as long as the story, and I am fairly sure that Peter is the same, and thick to match!" Stiles sighed dreamily.

"Now I am jealous!" Lydia grinned passing Stiles a bottle of water.

"I want to properly seduce him, and feel mostly sexy doing it," Stiles looked hopefully at her.

"A shopping date it is then!" Lydia nodded.

"It won't be anywhere near as bad as shopping for your prom dress I promise, you have trained me up," Stiles smiled.

"What do you think about lacy underwear?" Lydia asked making Stiles splutter on the sip of water he had just taken.

"You did that on purpose!" Stiles coughed glaring at her.

"Of course I did!" She sniffed. "So?"

"I am...not opposed to it," Stiles coughed for a different reason. "At all. Do you think Peter would…"

"I think Peter would be drooling all over you like a labrador in seconds. Trust me when it comes to kinks I can read people faster than I can read Latin and French," Lydia smirked. "I think a nice red pair, to match his Alpha eyes, that would drive him mad. And I will teach you to move sexily to undress, we will go through it till you have it down don't worry. Once we have that setup, and the scene, I think all you are going to have to do is hold on for the ride because he won't be able to hold back. You should probably prepare yourself before as well, I think that would appeal to his wolf side, as though you're already slick and ready for him," Lydia happened her chin. "Actually…"

"What?" Stiles asked partially curious and partially fearful.

"I found a spell in one of the books that I stole from Peter,"

"The ones he knows that you stole, and let you," Stiles grinned.

"Exactly. There is a spell in there, one that would slick you naturally, but it lasts for six months, every time you get aroused…"


"I am fairly sure it can be dangerous getting an erection in a sauna Stiles,"

"You're evil!" Stiles wailed covering his face as she cackled.

"Stiles! Stiles!" The Spark jerked awake aware that he was being shaken and the Alpha tone that summoned him from his nightmare.

He snapped his eyes open and met Peter's red eyes before letting out a sob, throwing himself against his Alpha's chest and tried to bury himself into Peter's skin.

"Stiles, it's ok, it's ok," Peter tried to soothe him, but he was sobbing hard and holding onto him so tightly that had Peter not been a werewolf he would have had bruises for weeks.

"It's not, it's not, you died," Stiles sobbed.

"Stiles, I am right here," Peter tried to soothe him. "I am here and I am alive, you made sure of that, what happened won't happen again sweetheart, it is ok, I am ok," Peter dragged Stiles fully into his lap, holding Stiles tightly to himself and rocked them gently.

"You were in so much pain, and so scared, and I couldn't get to you, I couldn't help you," Stiles said quietly once he had calmed down slightly, hut his breath was still catching with sobs and he was trembling against Peter's werewolf furnace of a body.

"Oh Stiles," Peter wrapped the duvet around his Spark holding him close, he moved Stiles' head so that his ear was pressed against Peter's chest over his heart, holding his head in place. It seemed to help soothe Stiles before, and it seemed to work as Stiles sagged into him, going boneless, though his grip did not ease.

"What happened Stiles? You have not had a nightmare in a week nearly, did something happen to bring this on?" Peter asked gently.

"Lydia and I...we were talking today and...and I thought...I remembered the day you…" Stiles shuddered in his arms.

"How did you feel for my future… know what I mean," Peter huffed.

"I loved you," Stiles breathed out into the dark of the room, against Peter's chest with his heart beating under his ear. "I...after this, after the last month, I feel like I am meant to fall in love with you no matter what happens and how events around us are different. We weren't together, we hadn't even kissed, things were different, so different between us. But I loved you," Stiles sobbed and Peter felt hot tears hitting his chest.

Some would wonder as to whether Stiles was actually falling in love with him, or with a shadow of him from the alternate path that Stiles had lived. But Peter saw the way Stiles looked at him, he felt the way he kissed him, the way he held his hand. He was right here and right now with the Peter he was in this moment when they were intimate, his eyes were never seeing anyone but the man in front of him when he looked at him.

It may have been different if his other self had been intimate with Stiles, but he thanked him silently that he had not been.

"Tell me something good about your relationship with him," Peter said gently, moving them so that they were lying back down, Stiles curled up on top of him, his ear still glued to Peter's chest.

"What?" Stiles asked confused.

"Tell me something good about him, something happy," Peter urged.

"I well...we bonded over research, the two of us got left alone together a lot of the time, mainly because we were both the weakest of the Pack physically as much as the fact we were the most intelligent. At first, it was really awkward and weird, and he took every chance that he could to wind me up, but then, we got to know each other, and I used to look forward to when we would be stuck together researching, it was fun, and he was less prickly and likely to be cruel when it was just the two of us," Stiles smiled a little.

"Tell me a little more," Peter urged, managing to keep Stiles talking until he talked himself to sleep, sagging against Peter, but keeping his head in place.

Holding the Spark close to himself, he promised the Spark into the silence of the night that he would not allow himself to be killed, he would not force that grief on his Spark again, he would not make Stiles cry those tears for him. He would do everything he could, fight tooth and claw to make sure he came out of every fight alive.

He had something to fight for.

"This place looks amazing," Stiles gasped leaning forward in his seat to look at the driveway they were driving up, and to see the house that they were approaching better.

The car they were in was fancy, expensive and had a ridiculous amount of bells and whistles. But what else could he expect from Peter?

The good thing about the four by four was that it fit all of them in comfortably, even with Derek and Jackson sharing the back seat, Lydia was able to sit comfortably between them.

"It is, it looks really good so far, close enough to town, but far off the road and lots of ground for us," Peter nodded.

"I like the look of the house, it looks homey," Stiles grinned. "Good job Jax!"

"You haven't seen the inside yet, it might be awful," Jackson flushed. Peter shot Stiles a look who smiled lightly back. Jackson had started dropping the cocky, arrogant cocksure act, and instead was opening himself up to them and being more human and himself. The counselling seemed to be really helping him.

"I am sure it is perfect, come on!" Stiles jumped out the car hurrying for the front door.

"Stiles! Let me at least stop the car before you get out of it!" Peter shouted, slamming his way out the vehicle.

"But I am excited!" Stiles laughed.

"You will hurt yourself!" Peter snarled hurrying after him.

"Calm down Alpha!" Stiles giggled dodging out the way when Peter lunged at him, before laughing even harder when he was caught around the waist and thrown over Peter's shoulder. "I am beginning to think that you like this position!" Stiles mock protested as Peter just led the Pack's way up onto the porch and to the door with the key the realtor had given them under Peter's charm.

"Of course I do, I have a lovely view," Peter smirked.

"Me too," Stiles eyed the supple, muscled arse in front of his eyes. He squeaked and smacked at Peter's back when he openly groped Stiles' arse.

"Honestly, you two are animals," Lydia sighed snatching the key from Peter and opened the door walking in. Peter set Stiles on his feet once they were inside, and then they all paused as they looked around the huge living room together.

"Well...this is kind of perfect," Derek said softly, spinning in a circle.

"It is," Peter nodded.

"There is so much that we could do with this!" Lydia said looking around the room with a critical eye.

"Come on, I want to see the kitchen," Stiles grabbed Peter and Derek's hands and tugged them through to the kitchen, though that did pause to look at the huge dining room with a crystal chandelier hanging in it that both Stiles and Lydia loved on sight, Stiles already picturing the dining table that they could have in here and the Pack meals that they could have.

The kitchen though took his breath away, and he hurried around it, opening and closing cabinets.

"I am fairly sure he's drooling," Derek snorted.

"He was obviously going to make someone a perfect housewife from when we were kids," Jackson said, but it lacked the barb and real dig that it once upon a time would have. Stiles threw him a dirty look for good measure but was a little distracted by the hungry look Peter was giving him.

"Come on let's have a look in the next room," Lydia smirked drifting away. "Now boys!" She said more sharply and Jackson and Derek hurried after her.

"Hmm, subtle," Peter drawled walking over to Stiles.

"About as subtle as you were after Jackson's housewife comment," Stiles snorted. "Do you like the thought of that?" He asked wrapping his arms around Peter's neck once his wolf was close enough.

"I am a wolf, the thought of Pack is one of my top instincts, and that includes having a mate that looks after my Pack well, and one that wants to," Peter nosed at Stiles' cheek.

"I do, want to look after you and our Pack," Peter smiled at Stiles' slightly shy words.

"Come on let's look upstairs," Peter led Stiles from the kitchen and up to the second floor, then up to the third. Stiles gasped as he took in the room, it was nearly half the length of the whole house. "I was hoping that this would be our bedroom,"

"Ours?" Stiles turned to look at Peter.

"We sleep together at your house, and I would not like to go back to separate bedrooms, would that be what you would want Stiles?" Peter stalked towards him, walking the Spark a little further into the room.

" I really don't," Stiles said a little breathlessly wrapping his arms around Peter's shoulders.

"Good, because I would have kidnapped you and kept you in my bedroom until you had Stockholm syndrome,"

"I worry about your sweet talk," Stiles laughed.

"I will swe…"

"Don't even think about it! Come down here now you two!" Lydia shouted.

"You're a snitch Derek!" Stiles huffed as they made their way down the stairs hand in hand.

"I didn't need to tell them what you were doing for them to guess!" Derek snorted.

"You're like rabbits rather than wolves," Lydia sighed. "Now come and have a look at this, we definitely need this house," She commanded.

They followed her order and made their way back down to the ground floor and then Peter led them through to the living room scenting the others out. When Stiles stepped into the room the gasp he let out and the way his eyes lit up told Peter that he needed to buy this house.

They were standing in a large sunroom with three of the walls made of glass allowing a perfect view of the river that flowed only 100 yards from the back of the house, ducks and a few swans were gliding around on the water.

"A couple of sofas here," Lydia motioned to part of the sunroom.

"A couple of armchairs here," Stiles nodded to another area. "We could have a smaller breakfast table here so it is less formal than the main dining room," He added.

"This would a perfect reading room," Lydia said spinning around.

"We could get built-in bookshelves against the wall connected to the house, and around the top here," Stiles said excitedly.

"So you like it then?" Peter smiled leaning against the wall.

"Oh Peter, it is perfect!" Stiles hurried over to him throwing his arms around his shoulders, turning to look around the sunroom with wide, glowing amber eyes filled with excitement. His eyes drew back to the lake and he watched the birds on the water.

Smiling to himself Peter brushed his nose against Stiles' mole dotted cheek. "Seven bedrooms, it allows for plenty of growth of our Pack, rooms for all of us should any of you wish to move in here, far enough away from town for privacy on moons but not so distant that we are isolated like the old house was," Peter hummed before looking at Derek. "What do you think?"

"Me?" Derek blinked at him.

"Do you like it?" Peter nodded as Stiles slipped his arms around Peter's waist and squeezed gently.

"I...well everyone else does," Derek frowned a little deeper.

"Yes, but if you don't like it then it isn't the right place, and we can find somewhere else, somewhere that is the right place," Stiles said firmly.

"But…" Derek frowned.

"What you want matters Derek," Peter said firmly.

"I like this house, it is different from the old house, different enough for a new start, but I can see us all being happy here," Derek nodded shyly.

"Well then, I shall make an offer then," Peter nodded.

Stiles leant against Peter contently looking around the room. They had a home, a real home, a real Packhouse for the first time, he had never had one before. They had not won the house yet, but considering how perfect it was for them, Stiles had no doubt that Peter would buy it for them.

A home.

Stiles glanced at Peter and raised an eyebrow in question, silently asking if he was ready for this. Peter took a breath before stepping forward and pausing, turning he gripped Stiles' chin and kissed him firmly, then he nodded to show that he was ready now.

The two people in the room stood sharply when they entered, the expensive hotel room ensuring neutrality and that gunfire wasn't likely to break out with so many witnesses around. Not that Stiles thought that there really would be.

"Alpha Hale...Emissary Stilinski," The greeting was more than a little confused.

"Christopher Argent, Alan Deaton, we have a few things to discuss," Peter nodded closing the door behind them firmly.