The early morning sun sneaked in through the space between the folding windows, illuminating the dark room. Fukiyose stirred in her sleep, but she was awoken by a sound. It was a ring, one that she didn't even know or remember setting it up. She chose to ignore it, as her body felt heavy and tired. But then, it sounded again. Fed up, she deduced that it was her phone so she then reached for it, but before she could get it, it stopped ringing and vibrating. With a groan, she got up anyway and stretched. It's Saturday and next week would be the start of the Daihaseisai festival. She then looked around and that was when she noticed something.

This room was different.

As a matter of fact, different would be an understatement. It isn't her room. Jumping up, she also noticed that his chests were a bit lighter. She normally doesn't care about her breasts but right now, the fact that she is able to move with ease means that something must have happened to her chests. Slightly horrified, she then moved into the nearest mirror that she happened to see. Looking towards herself, she nearly fainted in shock as she noticed her face and body had slightly changed. "Her" signature forehead is still visible but not nearly as big as before. Her hair has become a lot longer and more straight and blackish while her eyes are black instead of brown. In fact, her body was slightly slimmer right now and her skin was a bit paler but still attractive enough to make men harden themselves.

She was no longer Fukiyose Seiri, the feared Iron Wall Girl of Class 1-7 in a certain high school in form but someone else.

"How did this happen?" the formerly busty lady asked himself as she touched her ― someone else's cheek. Horror filled her now pure ebony eyes as this was something that wouldn't have crossed her mind as possible.

Due to her quick thinking, she looked for the phone a while back and proceeded to dial her number in her student dormitory room. Holding the phone to her ears, she waited for her phone to pick up. And hope, whoever picks it up is the one owning this body I'm occupying.


Meanwhile, Shutaura Sequenzia was still sound asleep. The whole building was so quiet that she didn't even stir. However, she woke as he heard a sound. Refusing to get up, the slick woman pulled the sheet over her head, ignoring the incessant ringing. He groaned in misery, wondering what could've brought this on her. She had to admit she was very exhausted after everything that happened just last two days. Not only did the fusion of Arisas Meigo's person cause a clash of personalities with her own brute manners. I began to hear music once again. Her unit, the Black Crows, was reintegrated into Anti-Skill as a special operating force and she was once tasked to lead them. She can't complain though. For now, I have no choice but to take it up. Though she had to admit she started to consider taking a music career. Yet, she's still had that façade of that old Sequenzia, the one who doesn't take any bullshit and would gladly show her fists to any pervert who would try to show her a good time.

Right now, the phone kept ringing and soon, she was force to wake up. And as soon as she stood up from her bed, her drowsy eyes were replaced by expressions of confusion. Looking about the room, she noticed that she wasn't in her own room anymore. This room had a well-organized book shelf, baskets of what she can call health products and looked like to be a typical student dorm. Rubbing her eyes, she ran to the nearest wall mirror she sees and as soon as she faces the mirror, she noticed that her hair isn't any more pure black but is more of blackish-brown. Nervous, she scrutinized her appearance more and realized in horror that she isn't even in her own body. The face that looked back at her wasn't exactly hers and it is better to say it looked like a prettier version of herself. Her hairstyle only changed slightly but did notice that her forehead was even larger. Her face was a bit rosier and her eyes weren't any more black but more of brown. And most of all…

Her boobs had largely grown and was heavier.

She then did something which could even be uncharacteristic for the body's owner.

She screamed.

She screamed so loud that it sounded throughout the neighbourhood. She held her hair in shock almost ripping it out. "I'm somebody else…" She muttered in horror. Just then, she heard the phone continuing to ring. She quickly grabbed it up and flipped it open; she silently prayed that it was the person occupying her real body on the other end.

"Hello?" she heard the voice say. "Uhm…I don't know how to explain this but…"

At the tone of the voice, her face brightened at that as she knew it might be because she is in her real body. "Hello?" he answered. "I know what you will say…you're in my body right!?" she ended up shrieking. For once since the crashing of the Orion plane which resulted in the death of her father Daedalus, she was scared.

"Uhm…yeah, I think," Shutaura can hear the other line sigh, "And based from observing a few things and notebooks here, I think your name is like…Shu…Shutaura…something like that…"

"Yes, it's me, Shutaura Sequenzia," she replied, somehow relieved to know the person whom she is speaking right now is occupying her body, though she isn't thinking it's a good thing. She then checked an ID lying nearby and quickly replied, "Well…I checked your ID and so , you're Fukiyose Seiri, no?"

"Ah, that's me!" the female on the other line replied frantically, "Do you have any idea how did this all happen?"

"I don't. But I'm coming over, don't go anywhere. We need to sort out whatever this is."

"Sure, how about in two hours' time?" Fukiyose asked asked.

"Alright," Both girls hung up the phone and went to take a bath.


Not knowing what Fukiyose's dormitory is like, Shutaura had tripped upon encountering a some health product sprawled in the floor before she reached the bathroom. The bathroom was different from hers. The floor was tiled completely in white and the walls were painted in white as well. To her right were four towels, all of which were white in color. They hung in a rack, which was fastened to the wall. To her left, there was the basin, pristine white and sparkling. She then stepped over into the shower, which was separated by a transparent folding door and began to wash her new body and niftier and fattier breasts.

After she was done, the Crow Leader went back into sleeping quarters and changed. She looked for simple jeans and T-shirt and she went downstairs. She walked slowly down, not wanting to be taken by surprise at what lies at the bottom. When she finally reached, she looked around and discovered that is indeed a school dormitory reserved for girls.

"Ah, you're up early, Fukiyose-san!" a woman who looked to be the same age as her (Fukiyose) greeted when she realized that she was standing there. A smile, albeit fake, played at Shutaura's new lips when she heard the girl call. She then waved off and said in a forced tone, "Good morning…uh…I have to go. Now if you excuse me, I'll leave." She then sped off, leaving the girl quite confused.

Once she was on the streets, Shutaura can only pray that the other person plays out her part well, "Tsk…I hope she doesn't embarrass me very much…"


Fukiyose was in same predicament as Shutaura.

Or rather, worst.

She had no idea where the bathroom was (since it was a large apartment complex reserved for people like Shutaura), but what surprised her was that the whole building was strangely quiet. He figured that she was alone as of the moment but doubt that she lives alone. Pushing those thoughts aside, Fukiyose went outside the room and navigated in the short hall way until she finally found the bathroom. She was almost blinded as soon as she steps in. The tiles of the very large full bathroom were a mix of granite and grey tiles. It was even larger than her own dormitory bathroom; to her left side were racks of towels and also a tub with a heater while on her right side, there is the Jacuzzi, a shower room, and a toilet. She chuckled as for once, she felt like living the life of a queen. She then turns on the Jacuzzi and soon, she found herself relaxing while being soaking herself under the warmth and soothing water.

After she took the bath, she then dried herself off and she then searched the very large cabinet in the room for some clothes. Her eyebrows rose off in curiosity at seeing some strange outfit. What's with this cat suit? She didn't take too long though as she initially found a black tank top which she deemed fir for someone like her as well as a pair of jeans. She then took a sit at the bed and waited for the one occupying her real body to arrive.

I hope we can sort this out quickly as possible!

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