Hello, all you readers out there. I came up with this idea a while ago, and even though I have several stories I'm working on, I wanted to get this started.

I won't do much of an intro. I'll just let the story explain itself. I'll get right into it, and explain backstory as I go, so this chapter may be a little fast paced.

Let's get to it.

Chapter 1- The Mission

(5 BBY, Coruscant)

A squad of stormtroopers march down the street, rifles in hand, marching in perfect unison. Its yet another normal night on Coruscant.

The squad turns around a corner and continues on its patrol. But, as they march on, a figure suddenly drops to the ground.

Slowly, the figure stands, revealing itself to be a man wearing a suit of green Mandalorian armor. A pair of blaster pistols sit at his waist in their holsters, and a rifle is slung on his back. A large fighting knife is also at his waist. Other weapons and gear are visible on his belt or other places on his armor.

His name is Jakan Shan. A descendant of Revan and Bastilla Shan. And a member of the Alliance of Free Mandalorians. Otherwise known as the Light Mandalorians. And he is on a mission.

Jakan turns to look behind him, making sure the stormtroopers are gone. Then, he turns back to face forward and races down the street towards his real target. The Imperial Palace.

As he reaches the end of the street, Jakan takes cover behind several garbage bins, watching the palace. Guards are marching around it, in groups ranging from 4 to 10. He watches them for a moment, trying to sense a pattern in the patrols that he can exploit.

He eyes the palace. He can remember days of the past. When he was but a boy, and he only saw pictures of it. At that time, this was the Jedi Temple. Now, it has been corrupted and turned into the opposite of everything it used to be. Just like the Republic.

Jakan eyes the eastern wing of the palace. Where the Emperor's Treasury is located. And his true target. The legendary Darksaber.

The Emperor had taken the Darksaber from Darth Maul when he defeated his former apprentice on Mandalore. Although Maul later escaped, the Darksaber remained in the Emperor's possession. After he formed the Empire and took over the Temple as his palace, he placed the Darksaber in his Treasury.

The Light Mandalorians had been struggling in their efforts against the Empire lately. So, their leaders had decided to strike a symbolic blow to the Empire. They felt reclaiming the Darksaber would fit the bill nicely. And so, Jakan, one of the greatest warriors among the Light Mandalorians, was selected for the mission. He had trained and researched for this mission for several months, while waiting for the opportune moment. And finally, when the Emperor had left Coruscant for a brief trip just a few days ago, Jakan had finally put his plan into play.

Jakan watches intently, waiting for his chance. Then, he sees it. An unusually large gap in between patrols. He seizes his chance, and races forward, using the gap between patrols to get close to the palace without being spotted. He ducks behind a pillar, letting another patrol pass, then steps out from behind the pillar. He activates his jetpack and soars into the air, landing on the outside of the Palace beside a small opening.

Jakan ducks his head as he enters the opening. It's a small maintenance hatch leading into the palace. After a few yards, the hatch opens into a main hall, up on the ceiling, among the lights and rafters.

Jakan lifts his wrist up and presses a button. A hologram of the layout of the palace is projected from a projector on his wrist. He slowly pinpoints his location, and from there, the best path to the Treasury.

Jakan makes his way across the maintenance pathways across the ceiling, heading towards the Treasury. To his delight, the pathways lead all the way to the entrance to the Treasury.

When he reaches the entrance to the Treasury, he realises there aren't any access points besides the main door. He has to go down to the ground. And four stormtroopers are guarding the entrance.

Knowing any noise will draw attention, Jakan draws his knife. Steeling himself for the hard part of the mission, he leaps down from the ceiling.

Knowing he'd break his legs jumping from that height, but not wanting to alert the stormtroopers, he activates his jetpack for a split second just above the ground, softening his landing.

The sound of Jakan's jetpack behind them draws the stormtroopers' attention. They turn around, just in time for Jakan to reach out and slash one's throat open.

Realizing they dont have time to go for their weapons, the stormtroopers lunge at Jakan. Jakan dodges out of their way and drives his knife through the eye of one of them. He then blocks a punch from one of the stormtroopers with his other hand before stabbing his knife into the unarmored spot under the trooper's armpit.

Jakan turns to face the last stormtrooper. The trooper ducks his head a bit and jumps forward to try and tackle Jakan. Jakan tries to block him, and the two end up in a scuffle. After a few moments, Jakan gets the stormtrooper in a headlock. And with a powerful twist, he snaps the trooper's neck.

Standing from his fourth kill, Jakan steps towards the door of the treasury. Drawing a device from his belt, he fits it onto the lock. He presses a few buttons, and the device deactivates the lock.

Jakan smiles beneath his helmet. "This is going well so far," he whispers to himself.

Jakan opens the door to the Treasury and steps in. Extensive research and hacking of Imperial systems had given the Light Mandalorians a knowledge of exactly where in the Treasury the Darksaber is being kept.

Jakan hurries along the corridors, heading straight towards the Darksaber's vault. To his surprise, he encounters no more guards.

"This is too easy," Jakan says to himself. He knows this cant it.

He's right. Turning one corner, he sees a dozen stormtroopers standing in the hallway.

Instantly, Jakan knows secrecy is about to be lost. He can't take them out without either he or them making some noise.

Jakan draws his blaster pistols. A volley of shots brings down 8 of the stormtroopers before they can even react. The other four reach for their blasters, but Jakan guns them down before they have the chance to shoot back.

As soon as the last stormtrooper hits the ground, Jakan starts sprinting towards the vault. He knows someone had to have heard those shots, meaning he only had a short window left to get the Darksaber and leave.

Reaching the vault door, Jakan reaches into his belt and pulls out an special explosive charge. Setting it against the door to the vault, he pushes a button, then steps back. A few moments later, the charge goes off, blowing the door open.

Jakan hurries into the vault. And sure enough, there it is. The Darksaber is resting on a pedestal in the center of the room.

Despite the urgency of the situation, Jakan takes a few moments to take this in. Finally, the Darksaber is being returned to the Mandalorians.

Jakan quickly shakes himself out of his stupor. There will be time for nostalgia later. He steps forward and pulls the Darksaber off of the pedestal and slides it into position on the holder on the side of his jetpack. He then turns and races back out of the vault.

Jakan races straight towards the entrance to the Treasury. As he reaches the door, an alarm starts to sound.

"And there we go. Now things get difficult," Jakan says under his breath. He starts sprinting back the way he came.

As he reaches the main hall, he sees a platoon of at least 30 stormtroopers running towards him. He quickly pulls a grenade out and throws it. The blast knocks the troopers flying, killing half of them.

Jakan pulls out his blaster pistols and starts firing. He guns down several more before the troopers start firing at him. He does a somersault dive, and pops up, firing at them. More troopers fall.

Finally, the stormtroopers are all dead. Jakan puts his pistols back in their holsters, and activates his jetpack, soaring up towards the maintenance hatch he entered through. He can hear another platoon of stormtroopers hurrying towards the hall. So, as he flies up towards the hatch, he tosses another grenade behind him towards the door. He hears it explode, and the cries of stormtroopers.

Jakan lands by the hatch. He scrambles through the hatch towards the outside of the palace. Once he gets to the outside, he takes to the air again.

Many of the stormtroopers patrolling outside have rushed inside to address the intrusion alarms. A few remain outside, and these troopers all promptly start firing at Jakan. Jakan swerves from side to side to avoid blaster fire, then dives towards an alley ahead of him.

Jakan lands in the alley, then starts to sprint towards the landing pad where he has parked his Kom'rk class ship. At a full sprint, its about five minutes to the landing pad.

Jakan lifts his wrist and calls over his comlink, "R5! I've been found out! Fire up the ship! Have it ready to fly!" A series of beeps answers him.

Jakan keeps running. Off in the distance, he can hear alarms going off. He knows he doesn't have a lot of time before the Imperials find him.

Finally, the landing lad comes into view. "Yes," he says to himself with a smile.

Jakan barrels in. His ship is already warmed up and the engines are running. He bolts up the ramp and races for the cockpit.

Once he gets to the cockpit, he leaps into the pilot's seat, his hands flying over the controls. "R5! Get ready to program the hyperdrive! Get ready to get us out of here!" he shouts. R5 beeps at him from the back.

Jakan finishes powering it up, then lifts the ship off the ground. He pushes the throttles up as he pulls up the nose, and climbs into the sky.

As Jakan reaches the outer atmosphere, and is preparing to make his jump to hyperspace, a blast causes his ship to shake. Jakan instantly snaps his ship into a turn, looking back to check his tail, and sees two TIE fighters behind him.

Jakan swears as he reverses his turn and levels off. Reaching down to the controls, he powers up his rear laser cannons. The gunfight pulls up on his screen. Jakan looks down at it and waits. After a few moments, one of the TIEs drifts right into the center of the gunsight, and he fires. The TIE explodes.

"Gotcha!" Jakan says. Just a moment later, bolts from the second TIE hit his ship, knocking it off balance. Jakan curses again.

Jakan swerves back and forth to avoid fire from the TIE. At the same time, he pulls the trigger, spraying laser fire behind him. After a minute of this, a lucky bolt hits the TIE's wing, and the fighter goes tumbling out of control.

Jakan pulls his ship back up and climbs into orbit. He starts preparing for the jump to hyperspace, right before another blast rocks his ship.

"Where the h*** did that come from?" he shouts. He looks around, and his blood chills slightly to see two Imperial class Star Destroyers coming at him from behind, and a third coming at him from his left.

"R5! Program the navicomputer. Somewhere far from here! I dont care where! Just somewhere!" Jakan says as another blast rocks his ship. Sparks fly from several systems.

"Hurry!" Jakan calls to his droid. R5 beeps several times. There's a pause, as another blast rocks the ship. R5 beeps again, and Jakan knows he's telling him he can't get a definite lock.

"Screw it!" Jakan shouts. He punches a few buttons, then pushes the throttles into hyperdrive, and the ship shoots into hyperspace.

Jakan sits back in his chair. He has no idea where he's going. And he can only hope that wherever he's going is habitable.

(Days later)

Jakan is sleeping in his seat in the cockpit, when he suddenly hears an alarm. Jakan shoots awake and examines the systems. He quickly realizes that the damage to his ship was greater than he first thought, as the hyperdrive is losing power.

Moments later, the hyperdrive loses all power, and the ship drops out of hyperspace.

Jakan looks out his viewpoint. Up ahead he sees a planet with large oceans and several landmasses. It looks habitable enough.

Suddenly, the ship rocks. Jakan looks at his systems, and sees that one of his engines is malfunctioning.

Jakan realizes he's coming in faster and at a steeper angle than he would like.

"R5! I think we're going to have a bumpy landing!" Jakan calls out as he straps himself in.

The ship enters the atmosphere, and Jakan struggles with the controls, trying to slow the ship down or get it onto a better angle. But it's useless. All he can do is struggle and watch as the ground slowly grows bigger.

The ship streaks down through the atmosphere. Jakan continues to struggle with the controls. Up ahead, a mountain range looms in his path. Pulling hard on the stick, Jakan barely manages to pull over the top of the mountains.

Almost immediately after passing over the mountains, one of his engines explodes.

"We're going down hard, R5!" Jakan shouts. He tries get the ship to level off, but is only able to stop it from spinning. The ship continues diving, streaking over low over a collection of buildings in a river valley before finally crashing to the ground not far from them.

Jakan is almost immediately knocked unconscious by the force of the impact. The ship skids several hundred yards before finally coming to a stop against a rock.

Jakan lies against his seat, completely out. He has no idea that his arrival on this planet is just the beginning of the greatest adventure of his life.

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