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Chapter 2

"Hey isn't that the squid that was with Callie and Marie?"

"You're right, Quick take a picture!"

Agent 3 sighed. It had only been three days since that picture was accidentally put into Callie's blog, and so far his life has been more hectic in the last 24 hours than it had been in his whole life. Sure, he had been battling the octarian menace, but he didn't get swarmed by a bunch of inklings for it, he liked his peace and quiet time thank you very much.

"You would think this would have blown over by now." murmured Agent 3. "I should've worn a disguise before going out."

He's been hassled by some of the fans of the Squid Sisters when he was visiting Sheldon in inkopolis square, He can't even go home to his own apartment since some independent news outlets had tracked down the apartment complex he was renting in and has been waiting for him to return to interview him. He was thankful that Cap'n Cuttlefish was nice enough to let him stay in the spare room in his cabin.

Callie and Marie had been called by their manager about some idol stuff and since he's got nothing to do at the moment, He used this free time to take a seat at a table near the galleria in inkopolis square with a drink resting on the table when suddenly his squidphone vibrated.

Must be another stupid notification from some fan of Callie or Marie, Agent 3 thought, but it was actually a new message from the chatroom that agent 1 and 2 made for the New Squidbeak Splatoon for everyone to get a way to contact the other agents.

The message came from no other than the agent that Marie had recruited. The last he knew of Agent 4 was that the agent was visiting someone from across town and wont be available for a few days.


Upon seeing the message his fellow agent had sent him he had raised a single brow in surprise, he had no idea what Agent 4 would want from him, today at least. He wasted no time in writing a reply just in case it was something important.

AGENT 3: What's up?

He figured it would take a while before Agent 4 would message back so as soon as he sent that message he had put down his squidphone so that he could continue enjoying his drink, but before he could even let it rest on the table he felt it vibrate again. That was fast, thought Agent 3.


AGENT 3: I'm sitting at a table near the Galleria in inkopolis square. Did the Cap'n need us for something? if he does i'll be at his shack in a flash.

This might be an emergency, there are no other possible reason why Agent 4 would want to know where he was so urgently judging from the all capital messages agent 4's been sending him.


Agent 3's eyebrows rose. What does Agent 4 mean by that?, he thought.

AGENT 3: Uh, Okay?

After he sent that last message he had put down his squidphone on the table and picked up his drink, still confused on why Agent 4 had wanted him to stay put but decided to just shrug it off and continued to relax and enjoy his drink for now and wait for his fellow agent to arrive.

It's been 25 minutes since Agent 4's last message and so far no sign of his fellow agent and he's been getting antsy just waiting here, Agent 4 didn't give any extra details on why he had to stay here or why Agent 4 was coming to meet with him, for all he know Agent 4 could actually be in deep trouble. The very thought of it made him worry.

Agent 3 decided he would try to contact Agent 4 so he pulled up his squidphone and was going to go and type a message to Agent 4 but was interrupted by a sudden hug from behind him.

"What the?!" Agent 3 exclaimed.

"Wassup Three!" a voice chirped.

It was then that Agent 3 recognized who this was immediately, he turned his head to the side to get a good look behind him and saw Agent 4 greeting him with a surprise hug from behind. Agent 3 got acquainted with Agent 4 after Marie introduced Agent 4 to him and Cap'n Cuttlefish when they got back from the deepsea metro. She was a bit shorter than Agent 3 but that didn't stop her for being a very excitable and very approachable squid. They went from being barely acquainted to being great friends instantly.

"Hey Four Uh, mind telling me what the hug is for?" Asked Agent 3.

"No reason, hehe." Agent 4 answered as she giggled.

"Well, take a seat before you cause more misunderstandings, Everyone knows I need more of those."

Agent 4 then proceeded to take a seat on the free chair on Agent 3's left, it was then that Agent 3 got a good look at her. She was wearing the full hero hand me downs from Marie and her hair was styled as what was commonly known as the 'Haircut'.

"So you didn't really explain why you needed me to stay here, from the looks of your messages it seemed like it was something important." Agent 3 said getting straight to the point.

"Well..." Agent 4 suddenly had this hesitant look on her face and reached into her hoodie pocket to get her squidphone out and after a bit of tapping she showed an all too familiar image that's been circling around inkling social media.

"Y-You're not dating either Callie or Marie... Are you?" Agent 4 asked in a voice so low that Agent 3 almost didn't hear it.

"What?!" Agent 3 exclaimed, "Of course not, how'd you get to that conclusion Four?"

"W-Well a lot of rumors have been going around o-online so I figured that..." Agent 4's voice trailed off when getting to the end of the sentence.

Agent 3 sighed in frustration, "Four you need to stop believing what people say on the internet." advised Agent 3.

"I know that!" huffed Agent 4, and Agent 3 didn't notice but a hint of a smile appeared on her face right after.

"Last time we met you said you were going to be unavailable for the week since you had to visit your friend of something across town. Is you asking that question really that important that you couldn't have just called me through the phone?" Asked Agent 3.

Agent 4 had a bead of sweat rolling through her head when Agent 3 asked her that, she was unsure of how to answer that question.

"W-well... I-I..."

Agent 4 stammered as she tried to think of a perfect excuse to say, In a few seconds though she recomposed herself obviously had thought of an excuse that she can tell Agent 3.

"I-I finished my visit early since they only needed help in moving some stuff around y'know? Hehe." Agent 4 replied with a nervous laugh at the end, she hoped Agent 3 would accept her excuse for now since she did message him all of a sudden.

Agent 3 hummed and after a few moments shrugged and accepted it.

"So anyway since we're here and all let's go find something to do!" chirped Agent 4, "We could even do some turf wars!"

Agent 3 thought about it, It can help him relieve some stress from all the stares he got from other inklings around him.

"Well..." Agent 3 trailed off still unsure.

"Come on, It'll be fun!" urged Agent 4.

"Alright fine." Agent 3 gave in, "We should invite Agent 8 though, It'll be a great experience for her." said Agent 3 as he reached for his phone but was stopped by Agent 4.

"Don't worry about it! she's probably busy at Pearl and Marina's place, Something about them teaching him some basic things first before letting him out on his own." informed Agent 4.

Huh, I guess she is new to inkopolis so it would be logical that he needs to learn what the do's and the don'ts around here, thought Agent 3, then a smile formed on his face.

"Let's not waste time then, It'll be great to leave all these stares behind." beamed Agent 3, this'll take his mind off of the problems he has, and Callie and Marie already told him they'd try to find a way to fix this so he won't be bothered by anyone else.

"Great!" chirped Agent 4 as she took hold of his hand and proceeded lead him to the battle lobby all the while having a smile on her face.

"H-hey! don't pull!" Agent 3 exclaimed, slightly surprised but not really unexpected Agent 4 has always been the lively one.

What could possibly go wrong?, thought agent 3 as he went and picked up his pace as to not get dragged by Agent 4.

He doesn't know how much wrong this would give him later on.

The scene changed to focus on two cousins trying to fix this whole fiasco inside their apartment.

"Yes, I understand goodbye." said Marie as she tossed her phone into the couch in frustration where her cousin was sitting.

"What did they want?" asked Callie, still feeling pretty guilty since she was the one who started this problem in the first place.

"They want to invite him to an interview." answered Marie as she sat down on the couch and leaned down on it, not that it eased her frustrations. Not one bit.

"But isn't that just going to get him more noticed?" Callie said in exasperation, "The picture was bad enough that he was already getting recognized by some inklings, but getting him on TV?"

"I know Cal." groaned Marie, "But we don't have a choice that picture you posted has started many rumors about us two and Agent 3."




"I'm sorry.." apologized Callie as she looked down into the ground.

Marie sighed, "What's done is done, for now let's just inform Agent 3 of this."

Maybe their manager has some kind of plan and it involves Agent 3 being invited to an interview, But the reason why it needed to be an interview which was going to be shown on live TV is still a mystery to her, she just hoped it at least eases some of the rumors about them being in a polygamous relationship with three.

Marie sighed in frustration and leaned her head back into the couch.

"This is going to be a long week".


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