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Chapter 21

"Are they actually for real with this?"

mumbled Agent 3 as he kept reading the letter over and over again he then turned around after a few moments of silence and saw his sister playing around with his phone as if it was some lost technology and was excitingly tapping and swiping on it like she was skimming through a book.

"What the!" He then immediately rushed to her and swiped it out of her hands to her disappointment. "Can you please not look through my phone without asking me first?" Agent 3 chastised her while trying to push back his little sister who was currently trying to swipe it back.

"Come on! mom and dad never let's me get my own so let me play around with yours!" Ana bickered, she tried to reach for the phone but Agent 3 was holding it upwards and away from her reach which wasn't that hard to do since she's at the same height as Pearl. "This is why people still call you a little girl!" groaned Agent 3 as he put his phone down on the bed.

"I'm not a little girl!" she huffed back, and in response Agent 3 only rolled his eyes.

"Then don't act like one, why dad even allowed you to come here alone still baffles me." said Agent 3 as he pinched the bridge of his nose, "He did allow you right?" he asked his sister who was now whistling (and failing.) a out of tune melody and was currently looking away.

"Ana." he said as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"Y-Yeah, of course he did!" Agent 3 eyed her suspiciously, he should've known better than to trust his mischievous little sister.

"Is this letter even real then?" He was hoping that It was just another trick, even though the chances of that being the case is pretty much unlikely. But hey a guy can hope right?

"Of course it's real, its even signed by father!" she was slightly offended that her brother would think of her to fake documents like that. "Who do you think I am?"

Agent 3 just gave her a deadpan stare.

"O-okay I might have been a little bit ahead of myself with those words," she deflated a bit but soon was renewed with vigor, "But even I wouldn't dare try to fake father's signature I don't want to get disciplined again!"

"Besides it took quite a lot for someone like father to accept one of these you know that." she informed him, then she gave him a smug look, "He probably just wants you to at least check your fiance out. I heard her family owns the Inkopolis Princess League and some other things."

Agent 3's eyes widened a bit, "How did he even get them to accept?" His father was more intimidating than persuasive last time he remembered.

Ana let out a giggle.

"That's the thing, he didn't."

"What do you mean?"

"They were the one who sent in the marriage proposal." Ana then patted his brother on his back, "I heard they even requested you in name!"

"This doesn't make any sense, why me?" Agent 3 got suspicious, why the hell would a family that prestigious would even want to offer a marriage proposal to his family, his family's influence barely reached inkpolis and he was sure there were more suitable suitors that would have been a better choice than him.

Ana just shrugged her shoulders.

"I have no clue, but you do have to meet her and her family or whoever the head is at Camp Triggerfish." said nonchalantly as she jumped into the bed and snatched his phone away again to play games.

"I know that but why there?" he asked, he had read the letter a couple times already so there was no need for her to repeat it. But the question still remained on why on Camp Triggerfish. "Isn't it being used sometimes as a map for Turf Wars?

"Well apparently they own it," She said while tapping away at his phone. "And they're supposed to be pretty busy and your fiance is living in inkopolis so they must have thought that It was the most convenient?"

They then heard footsteps and whispering outside the door.

Ana without looking away from the phone screen let out a chuckle.

"Dear brother, it seems you have a visitor." she said to him but continued playing on the phone, it seemed she really did not care. Agent 3 didn't respond to his sister but however let out a frustrated groan, he really didn't have time for anything else so this better be good.

He went ahead and opened the door only to be surprised at Pearl holding her phone with both hands tightly as if it was going to fall and he noticed a tinge of redness to her cheeks.

"Pearl?" He didn't mean to say her name out loud, To be fair he had expected Callie or Marie to be outside probably to ask more questions about the letter. "What is it?" he asked her.

But Pearl was still hesitating and it took a few more moments for her to finally get the drive to actually speak.

"H-hey, can we talk a bit?" she asked him, Pearl was also not looking at him with the confidence or the tone she usually has so he was quite stumped on what to do but nevertheless complied and let her in.

His sister had waved at Pearl and gave him a smug smile, It was obvious to him now that this little brat already knew what was coming. He let Pearl do whatever she wanted to do because he really didn't need to give Pearl permission if she could sit on the bed since for obvious reasons.

And a few moments of tense silence passed and it was clear it was hard for both parties to start the conversation.

He was about to break the ice when Pearl coughed to partly get his attention but he knew it was a way for her to give herself courage.

"S-so about that fiance thing.." she tried her hardest to speak whatever she was going to say but couldn't because of either embarrassment or something else, Agent 3 didn't know. "I-I think I might know who's the one behind it."

"You do?"

The way Pearl was so uncharacteristically looking down to purposely not look towards him made him feel uneasy. He wasn't used to Pearl being like this at all, he had very much liked it when she was her normal self.

It actually set off alarm bells on his mind.

This isn't good.

Pearl then coughed to alleviate some of the tenseness from the moment of silence.

"Y-yeah, so I think that making that collab was actually a mistake in hindsight?" she scratched the back of her head.

Agent 3 just stared at her.

"You think?" he wrinkled his nose in slight annoyance. "I didn't even know you guys released it!"

Pearl cringed at that.

"Okay, I'm sorry but I really didn't think it would lead to this."

Agent 3 eyebrows raised at that.

"Lead to what?"

"I.. " Pearl blushed a bright red and mumble out something Agent 3 couldn't really hear well.

"Sorry, I couldn't get that."

Pearl then turned to him and looked at him with a flushed face and seemed to try and force out what she just said earlier.

"I didn't think my dad would get you engaged with me okay!" She then grabbed the bed sheets unknowingly pulling it from under Ana who fell out of the bed with a yelp and covered her face with it.

Ana then stood up and started to argue with Pearl, who still had covered herself in the blankets.

But Agent 3 ears didn't register what happened next because in his mind his thoughts were going haywire and is fighting (and failing) to contain the headache he was going to have later on.

But one thing's for certain.

He needed to have a plan.


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Agent 3 and Pearl had been led to a room that looked like it was only used for corporate meetings and such. At one of the seats was a man in a suit who was currently waving at them and beckoning for them to take a seat.

The man then reached up for his hand to give a handshake but when Agent 3 had took it he was immediately pulled over and was held by the shoulders by the said man.

"So this is the guy who you have taken a liking to Pearl?"

"DAD!" was the reply of Pearl who was currently spouting incoherent swear words Agent 3 swore he never heard before in his life.

In the other side was the supposed father of Pearl who was only laughing it away.

'This was one weird family' Agent 3 thought.