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Chapter 22

"Here we are.." muttered Agent 3, As they both entered Camp Triggerfish they both saw employees cleaning up ink that still hasn't been evaporated from the last turf battle and as soon as they noticed their arrival both he and Pearl was given the special treatment as every employee bowed to the presence of their boss' daughter. He didn't even think these kind of things happen in real life.

Pearl was treated like a literal princess, and at the moment he looked like some nobody just following her around. He swallowed unconsciously, showing his nervousness at this whole situation, he should've worn the suit Marie got for him back in the interview.

He also noticed some guards putting a finger on their earpiece, probably reporting their arrival to Pearl's father. He got somehow got a shiver down his non-existent spine.

But at least he wasn't the only one who was nervous, Pearl had been mumbling to herself for quite some time now, he didn't know if it was because of their supposed meeting with her father or something else. If it was because of meeting her father, why would she be nervous?

"Oh crud." he thought, somehow Pearl being nervous didn't sit well with him.

His thoughts were cut off by Pearl breaking the ice while walking with him.

"D-Don't worry Three! I'm pretty sure I can convince dad to break this.. off." Pearl assured him, she started the sentence with a sure tone in her voice, but she ended it with a solemn tone in her voice.

Upon hearing that he couldn't help but feel a bit bad, was he giving off the impression that he wouldn't want her to be his fiancée or something? He then remembered what Marina said to him nights ago and couldn't help but feel even more guilty.

"No, it-It's okay, whatever happens, we'll sort it out together." he said as he gave Pearl a smile.

Which in return made Pearl blush, and for the whole trek to the offices where her father was supposedly waiting both he and Pearl were quiet.

Agent 3 and Pearl had been led to a room that looked like it was only used for corporate meetings and such. and at one of the seats was a squid who looked older with rings on his finger looking like the stereotype rich businessman in a suit who was currently waving and was walking to them excitedly.

Pearl's father went up to Pearl and gave her a big hug

"Oh dear daughter I've missed you!" Pear's father said while hugging the said daughter tighter.

"Dad!? Why do you have rings? wait NO!" Pearl all but screamed, obviously embarrassed at being treated like a kid.

And it was clear to Agent 3 that Pearl isn't the kind that likes these kinds of kinship, even with her father. Her face was flushed and as soon as she noticed him staring she immediately slipped out the hug much to the disappointment of her father.

"So this is the guy who you have taken a liking to Pearl?"

"DAD!" was the reply of Pearl who was currently spouting incoherent swear words Agent 3 swore he never heard before in his life. While the supposed father of Pearl just laughed it off and went towards Agent 3.

The said squid then reached up for his hand to give a handshake which Agent 3 took and he took note of the firm handshake, but he was surprised when he pulled over and was held by the shoulders by the said man.

"Call me Mr. Houzuki or Dad if you prefer that." Mr. Houzuki chuckled.

Agent 3 let out a nervous laugh at that, "My name is Kai sir, and I think I'd prefer the former. Agent 3 cringed at the thought of calling him dad of all things,

Mr. Houzuki let out a hearty laugh, as he patted Agent 3's back.

"How about we talk privately for now, I have something to discuss with you." Mr. Houzuki snapped his fingers and his assistant was already behind him, "How bout you go take Pearl and go get some snacks while we talk here."

"B-But dad!" Pearl tried to argue but was shushed by the assistant was promptly out of the room in record time.

"Now that we're alone." Mr. Houzuki said as he took out all the rings on his hand, "Ouch I don't know how the squids in those movies wearing this much jewlery." Mr. Houzuki muttered out.

"What?" Agent 3 unintentionally slipped out.

"Sorry about that kid, you know gotta have first impressions, tell me how'd it look?" Mr. Houzuki said as he posed like those power rangers in the TV.

A bead of sweat rolled down Agent 3's forehead, was this a joke? some kind of test? So he said the only thing he could've said at the time.

"Uhh, yes?" Agent 3 said with uncertainty.

Mr. Houzuki slumped and let out a sigh, "Dang, such a killjoy just like your old man." he muttered out.

That got Agent 3's attention, "Wait how do you know my dad?" he asked.

"He didn't tell you?"

Agent 3 shook his head.

"Did he even tell you why you were called here?" Mr. Houzuki asked, annoyance beginning to show on his face.

Agent 3 got confused, "I was getting engaged?" Agent 3 said.

"Well at least he told you the cover story." Mr. Houzuki let out a grumble and pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. He went silent for a moment with a hand on his chin possibly thinking of how to explain the whole thing.

"Okay, sit down, we'll just catch up with them and the snacks later in the other room."

Agent 3 didn't really have a reason to object, so he did as he was told.

"So, forgive me for my rude words but my dad thought since I was already in inkopolis and was well acquainted already with your daughter this was the best case scenario?" Agent 3 said incredulously.

Mr. Houzuki gave a nod.

"And you've been getting threats on your family so you thought to call for dad for help?"

And once again Agent 3 was met with another nod.

"Sir, no offence but why can't you just come to the police with this information?" Agent 3 asked.

"Well, we did get more guards and we have police cooperation but they can't be with my daughter all the time." Mr. Houzuki said.

"But why me though? couldn't my dad just have somebody else protect Pearl?"

"I don't want her to worry herself, and having some stranger next to Pearl always following her doesn't sit well with me."

Agent 3 looked at him like he had a second head, wasn't he considered as a stranger to him though? but it seems as though Mr. Houzuki already knew what he was thinking and before Agent 3 could say another word.

"And before you say anything, you're no stranger to Pearl, she trusts you. she even tells stories from time to time from her calls to us."

"Pearl talks about me? huh?" Agent 3 thought confused, why would Pearl be talking about him?

"And if you don't like the reason that she trusts you, I'll give you another one, you're the son of a man who owns a security firm that specializes in this, your dad told me you were trained at a time too so I know you're capable."

"Dang it." Agent 3 let out a sigh, as much as he liked his father, he really didn't like him giving him jobs like this without warning.

"Okay, okay, but I'm not doing this for dad, I'm doing this for Pearl." Agent 3 relented.

Mr. Houzuki let out a laugh, as he patted Agent 3's back. "That's the spirit, Now, lets go meet with Pearlie I had snacks prepared for us." he said as he was walking to the door.

But Agent 3 still had one question he wanted answers for.

"But why do we need to seem to be enga-" but he was cut off as an explosion shook the building they were in.

"Oh no." was the only thought in both their minds now.

Agent 3 now equipped with his Hero Splattershot which he had in this bag in case of emergencies ran towards the hallway alongside Mr. Houzuki who had a .52 Gal, apparently Pearl's father had one hidden just in case of an emergency. towards the room where Pearl was in

"Which way sir?"

"Just on the left now!"

As they opened the door Pearl was in they saw her getting tied against her will by some unknown octarian squad.

"Get off me you stupi-" Pearl managed to say until an Octoling who had black tentacles and seaweed on her head put tape on her mouth.

"What? Elite Octarians? Here?"

Agent 3 shook his head of those thoughts, because right now he needed to prioritize getting Pearl safe, so he wasted no time in rushing in and dealing with the two in front who was still in the process of aiming their splattershots.

He dealt with them quickly by swiping the legs of the octarian closest to him and while pinning the said octarian down splatted the other one with a burst of ink from his splattershot and as soon as the other was a pile of ink on the floor he quickly aimed down without looking splatted the immobile octarian too.

On the other side Mr. Houzoki quickly dealt with a lone octarian with a burst from his .52 Gal, he was a tough old man Agent 3 will give him that.

He then narrowed his eyes to the ones next to pearl

"Only two left." he thought, and in a split second he was already dashing left and right towards the remaining enemy.

The elite octarian who had the seaweed on the side of her goggles quickly gave out orders to her remaining comrade, but Agent 3 was faster in the moment the elite octarian told her orders to the remaining soldier she had Agent 3 was already in front of the said soldier.

He knocked out the other octarian with a swift tackle and punch to the head and quickly countered a kick from the elite octarian with his forearm and proceeded to counter with a roundhouse kick to her head which was easily dodged and immediately the octo used this to quickly increase the distance from her and Agent 3.

"Huh" Agent 3 let out a breath of air. "You're different from the others, but you seem to be forgetting something."

The elite octarian let out a sound that showed her confusion, but before she could do anything else she was hit in the head by Mr. Houzoki by the end of his .52 Gal.

Agent 3 let out a scoff as he walked towards the octarian elite and scanned her checking if she was indeed unconscious, "It's been awhile since I've dealt with you guys." he muttered out loud. "But it seems that you all are still easily distracted."

He then went ahead and untied pearl and took off the tape on her mouth.

"Way to go! you were like puchaa waaa! That was hella cool Kai!" beamed Pearl as she imitated punches he supposedly did. Agent 3 chuckled and smiled at her, it was like Pearl to not care about almost getting kidnapped.

"You almost get kidnapped and that's your reaction?" he let out a chuckle at Pearl's antics.

"You kidding me?! That was such a thrilling experience I've still got goosebumps! Look!"

Mr. Houzuki noticed the interaction between the two and smiled.

"Yeah, I definitely didn't choose wrong." Mr. Houzuki thought as he smiled at the interaction between the two.

But then outside the hole the octarians made, he noticed an Octocopter flying away, and he frowned.

It seemed that this wasn't the end of it.

In the aftermath since they had two unconscious prisoners, Mr. Houzuki had told sent the two off home, with him patting Agent 3 on his back and reminding him of what they both talked about.

In which Pearl tried to ask what they talked about, but got no answer only fueling her annoyance at the two.

"Fine then! I'll bug Kai later at the mansion!" he blew a raspberry at her father in which Mr. Houzuki laughed away. He didn't miss Agent 3's look of annoyance at him too as he led pearl inside the car Mr. Houzuki had ordered to give them a ride back to the mansion.

As he waved them both goodbye, he heard his assistant clear her throat to gain his attention.

"Sir, the tools you requested and the two things are in custody in the building basement." She informed him.

Mr. Houzuki gained a serious look.

"Good, it's time to take the gloves off" he said, as he walked back inside the Camp Triggerfish offices.


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