Chapter 1.

Over at a vast forest near a small rural town lies George Harper, age 31 a man who is a tad bit taller than the average height of his age. His mucky blond hair is styled short back and sides, blue eyes that resemble the deepest ocean. George is wearing dark navy denim shorts, black trainers and a dark grey hoodie.

"Hm, ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one-hundred ready or not here I come," George shouts as he starts to look around for his prey. George then starts to use his supernatural senses to give him an edge. George hears small splashes and uses his supernatural speed to run in that direction George runs slightly deeper into the forest where he comes across the river and sees the back of his prey a 12-year-old boy splashing his feet about. George as quick as a flash grabs the boy from behind and takes a few steps away from the river.

"Found yea," George says as he gently swings the twelve-year-old from side to side.

"I thought you promised you wouldn't use your hybrid senses." The boy said the boy has light brown hair that has no style it's just messy, hazel brown eyes slightly small for his age, thin and is wearing grey denim shorts, a grey t-shirt with a black jumper and black converse trainers.

"I said I might not use my senses August that's a fifty-fifty chance of me either using my senses or not. I chose the first fifty per cent." George tells August.

"Cheater," August commented before poking his tongue out for a second.

"I'll let that slide kid," George responds with a small chuckle.

"Maybe next time I'll use a spell to give me an edge Pa," August mumbles under his breath.

"It's not polite to mumble and it's foolish to do so when I have some great supernatural hearing. What has daddy told you about your powers?" George asks rhetorically.

"To use them as little as possible. I can lose control easily and only to perform magic in the most dangerous situations unless Samatha comes to train me some more." August spoke damn supernatural hearing August thought to himself it makes it harder to comment on the most littlest of things!

"That's my boy," George speaks before putting August down.

"When will you tell me more about my biological family?" August asked.

"When you're old enough to understand more. But I promise you, that your mother gave you up to give you the best chance." George told August.

"Will, I ever see her?" August questions.

"Maybe never say never after all. The future is a funny thing now before we leave this small little town why don't we make one last stop to the Icecream parlour and the bookstore." George suggests.

"Sounds great yes please," August responds.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, we have the newly turned Jenna alone in the Gilbert House. Jenna is still adjusting to her vampire life and the compulsion she was placed under all the memories she was compelled to forget have started to manifest. Each memory hitting her like a ton of bricks.

Flashback 1:

Sneaking out to a bar was something regular to Jenna Sommers with her friends, She mostly went to bars outside Mystic Falls. However, this one night she went out alone since most of her friends had other plans. Leaving a bar after having a couple of drinks and danced with a few boys, she finds herself hearing a soft melody played on a piano. Jenna curious seeks out the source of the melody. Jenna comes across a small vintage bar called Blanche's Speakeasy. Jenna enters the speakeasy and sees the source of the beautiful melody is a man wearing a full piece suit sat at the piano playing. Jenna's gets a small glimpse of the right side of the man's face and couldn't help but find him attractive. Jenna walks over to the man and sits down beside him.

"Hey, there," Jenna said earning the man's attention.

"Hey, there yourself miss." The man replies.

"Ah, I prefer Jenna, miss reminds me of my old gym teacher," Jenna says.

"I'm terribly sorry Jenna, I take it that you are a fan of the piano." The man responds.

"Sometimes but right now I'm more of a fan of the man playing the piano," Jenna spoke with a smirk making the man chuckle.

"Oh, is that so Jenna, it's rare for me to have someone being a fan of me instead of my skill playing the piano." The man spoke.

"You know my name piano man now I want to know yours," Jenna responded.

"Elijah Mikaelson," Elijah tells Jenna.

"Elijah play me something." Jenna requests.

"What would you like to hear?" Elijah questioned.

"Something romantic." Jenna answers.

"As you wish," Elijah replies before he starts to play a more romantic song.

End of Flashback 1:

These resurfacing memories are haunting Jenna as they come in a random order and its taking time for her to understand them completely. The most distinct memories are of this man Elijah of them dancing spending countless hours together. She recognised the Elijah in these resurfacing memories as the Elijah who she welcomed into her house and who teamed up with Klaus that killed and turned her into a vampire only to kill her niece. However, lucky for Elena her uncle/biological father sacrificed himself to allow her to live. She had to speak to him, she had to ask him why he made her forget about him? What pushed him to do so.

Although, Alaric and Jenna are still a couple Alaric has kept his distance from Jenna. This hurts Jenna because she finally feels that she has found the right guy one that wouldn't hurt her one that would stand by her side and they would spend the rest of their lives together. But now since she is a vampire, her dream of the two spending the rest of their days together now seems hopeless due to his mortality. Jenna knows one thing she wants all these resurfacing memories to finish soon she wants to remember everything she has forgotten about her mortal life!

End of chapter 1.