Chapter 10.

Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah knew that the Mystic Falls gang must have ensured to seal the town off from then with the use of a powerful boundary spell. Right now, the three Originals are discussing the situation.

"This child of mine, if his raw power is enough to take out an Original, we must tread more carefully. We all know the danger of powerful witches; our mother was one of the strongest." Elijah says.

"When we went to fetch the latest Mikaelson, we were intercepted by the Mystic Falls gang, they had knowledge of the child's existence," Rebekah said.

"Interesting the knowledge of the child must be new to them also, otherwise they would have used the child as leverage by now. How old is this child?" Elijah asks.

"He looks to be around eleven, twelve at most." Rebekah answers.

"I'm surprised that they would decide to make enemies of me, a second time especially when it cost them Elena Gilbert's life," Klaus spoke.

"It was an act they wouldn't make likely, why draw attention back to themselves?" Rebekah asked.

"Jenna Sommers, her name had always bugged me since I first encountered her back before the ritual was completed. She must be the Jenna; I met all those years ago. No one in their sane mind would risk drawing their attention back to themselves, after encountering us." Elijah says.

"So, this Jenna is the boy's mother," Rebekah assumed.

"It's the only sound explanation," Elijah answered.

"This is going to be quite the extraordinary family reunion," Klaus commented.

"Unlike the reunions, you normally have in mind taking the dagger out one of your siblings for more than five minutes," Rebekah replies.

"Our brothers should awaken shortly," Elijah said.

School ended, the Gilbert siblings/cousins weren't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, while their lessons were tediously long and boring, it kept their minds off the supernatural mess they are currently caught up in. It was crazy to believe that a few months ago, everything was perfect. Well, perfect was a strong word, everything was normal would be the better word. They had no idea that the supernatural world was real. Neither Jeremy nor Elena could decide if they blindness to the supernatural community was a blessing or not. Elena decided to head over to the Salvatore Boarding House, she needed to get Stefan out of his ripper phase and quickly. The ripper part of Stefan truly terrified her. Jeremy, on the other hand, decided against going over to the Salvatore Boarding House, he and Damon were never really on the best terms. He wanted Stefan to get better as soon as possible. Besides, he had a wolf he needed to talk to. Both weren't sure how they truly felt about having a new member in the Gilbert family. Especially when the new family member is apart of the oldest and most dangerous family in history. The thought of the Originals returning terrifies him. They barely survived Klaus' last visit.

Outside Mystic Falls, we have the recently reunited Mikaelson siblings. The Mikaelson siblings are residing in a closed bar. The settings being neither pleasant to Elijah or Fin.

"So another abomination walks, the earth. Nature must indeed by now resent us," Fin commented.

"Watch your tone brother, he's existence and position in this world is at no fault of his own. Witches choose to punish me, by allowing his conception. We mustn't take it out on him," Elijah warned Fin.

"I vote we leave him be," Kol commented.

"You would really leave your nephew a Mikaelson to fend for themselves. When he is only a child," Rebekah said her voice clearly showcasing her anger and disappointment.

"Elijah Jr is hardly fending for himself from what you and Nick have told us. Besides, why add a sixth Mikaelson to our toxic little group," Kol replies.

"A rogue powerful witch who can easily be manipulated to be our enemy when he matures is reason enough to bring him into the fold. Besides, it will be good to bring some fresh blood into our family. His power already surpasses that of our long-deceased mother," Klaus explained.

"But his skill I doubt is a mere fraction of hers. Our mother was a witch-like no other. Her refined knowledge and use of the craft is equal to no one. In my many years of studying the many forms of the craft and created many spells some I performed and others I had preformed by other witches. I came close to her skill but never met it. I doubt a boy would ever match hers," Kol responded.

"Regardless brother, we made a vow to one another. One we cannot and will never take back. Even if the boy refuses to acknowledge his heritage others won't," Rebekah says.

"Our main concern is how to get passed the boundary spell, they would have no doubt placed around the town borders," Elijah pointed out, Klaus ponders for a moment before a wide smirk ends up forming on his face. Rebekah notices the smirk.

"An idea Klaus," Rebekah said.

"Yes, we use a witch to perform a spell one that would allow Elijah to inhabit another. The spell that is likely to surround the town probably prevents any Original from physically entering the town. But if Elijah were to inhabit the body of a human. The spell may not affect him," Klaus responded.

"He shouldn't go alone it would be too dangerous," Rebekah says.

"He has to go alone to limit the chances of being discovered. He could pose as some everyday man. Someone the boy would feel fine to open up to someone no one would expect," Klaus replied.

"Their guard would be down," Elijah said.

"And you can't protect someone if you believe you have taken each and every measure already," Rebekah replied.

End of chapter 10.