Kamen Rider Wild


Alpha stared out into the vast expanse of blue splayed out before her. She watched silently as the aquatic plants drifted ever so slightly from the gentle currents running through the water. Rays of light trickled down from the surface and danced across the residing plant life, creating an almost mystifying spectacle. No thoughts occupied Alpha's mind as she merely watched, reaching out to glide her hand across the glass barrier separating her from the embrace of the water. The glass was a tiny window comparison to the massive water tank contained by the ship. It was odd to think about how this tank was one of the only reasons everyone else aboard the ship was still alive.

The human jolted as she felt a hand gently plant itself on her shoulder. She turned to look and met Omega's gaze. Her hand gently touched his before she turned around to properly face him. "'We're going to arrive soon,'" he said softly, taking his hand off of her shoulder, "'I'll be heading out soon. How are you feeling?'"

Alpha's gaze fell, and her hand unconsciously drifted over to her newly assembled arm, caressing it gently. "'Better, thankfully. It feels as though it was never lost in the first place. Well…the robotic one, anyways.'"

Omega nodded with satisfaction. "'Good, then I suggest you get some rest. Rest assured, by the time I come back, I will have taken care of our little problem. Felicia will have no chance again—'"

"'NO,'" Alpha snapped with a suddenness that left the other human in stunned silence. After regaining her composure, she clasped her hands behind her back and said, "'No, I can't let you do that. Not on your own. Dr. Kagami and Felicia are my personal failures. So you and I will face Felicia together.'"

Omega shook himself out of his stunned state and replied, "'But you lost to Felicia when you first fought her!'"

Alpha firmly shook her head. "'No, I simply failed to end her. I made the mistake of thinking I had already won. Had I continued my onslaught, Felicia would be dead at the bottom of the sea right now. So you and I will face her together, and ensure she has zero chance of slipping away.'"


"'And as. For. Kagami.'" Alpha stepped forward with each word spoken. "'He is mine. No one else's. You don't attack him, you don't grab him, you don't even touch him. He. Is. Mine.'" Omega felt a chill run down his spine. This was a side of Alpha he was not used to seeing. She swiftly turned away and stepped forward, planting her hand on the glass once more. "'This isn't up for debate; we go down there and face them together.'"

Omega stared at her. He wasn't quite sure how to take this, but her certainly knew better than to argue with her. And what she said was true; she did win that fight. Felicia was outmatched. And with him by her side, there was no chance left of her survival. With that setting his mind at ease, he called, "'NexUs, I issue to you overall management of the station assembly operation, as well as the station reconstruction operation. Until I relinquish this control, you have permission to do whatever is necessary to carry out our objective.'"

"'Your command has been acknowledged, sir,'" came NexUs' disembodied voice, "'I retain control of all androids occupied with construction and reconstruction until further notice." Omega nodded in satisfaction. Seeing that Alpha was making no move to leave, he decided to leave his lover to her own thoughts. Thus, he stepped away to prepare for the trip ahead.

"Good job, Felicia!" Penny clapped as she and Dr. Kagami helped her back aboard the ship. The doctor handed the currently cold-blooded Felicia a wolf vial as she shook off water, and once she returned to a mammalian body, he tossed a towel over her to help her dry off. "Now we should only be an hour or so away from New Zealand. Good job, kiddo."

"Thanks," Felicia said after receiving a firm pat on the back from the other canine.

"You rest up; I'm gonna head back up and ensure that we're on the right track."

"Thanks Penny," Dr. Kagami nodded to her as she took her leave. When he noticed Felicia wasn't heading back inside as well, he asked, "Is something wrong?"

She shook her head as she stepped forward to lean against the railing. "I'm just gonna stay out here actually."

"Oh, alright then." His tail gave a thoughtful little flick as he stepped up next to her and leaned against the railing as well. The two of them stared across the vast expanse of the sea with the wind ruffling their fur and the salty mist of the sea water filling their nostrils. "So," he began, glancing over to Felicia, "you ready to jump back into things?"

The wolf girl gave him a simple shrug. "Even if I wasn't, I don't really have a choice in the matter."

"I…suppose so." He paused to clear his throat. "Er…boy, I can't wait for all of this to be over though. It'll be nice to finally get back to our normal lives, y'know?" All Felicia did was nod. "I…I'll tell ya, I really miss just being back in the lab, running tests and preparing samples to analyze. Back to a nice and quiet, calm life. Is there anything you're looking forward to, Felicia?"

"Stopping the humans," she answered, planting her chin atop her arms as they rested against the railing, "Can't really think of anything else, honestly."

"…Oh," Dr. Kagami scratched the back of his head, "That's… Really? Nothing at all comes to mind?"

"Not really," she answered simply, "Honestly, all I can think about is making sure no one else is hurt by the humans' plan."

"Right…" the lion nodded. It was still hard for him to believe the humans were willing to go so far as to wipe out all life on the planet for the sake of saving their own kind. He shook the thought away for now and asked, "Well…aside from that, are you sure there's nothing you're looking forward to back home? Family get-togethers? Festivals? Anything of the sort?"

Felicia didn't answer him. Instead, she continued to stare out into the sea in silence. Before he could say anything else to her, she stood up and said, "We're almost there. I'm gonna double check our vial count."

"Oh, uh…" He didn't get to say anything else, as she was already on her way inside. He moved to follow her, only to decide against it. It was odd; he had thought this entire time that he had gotten her to start opening up to him. Yet here, out of the blue, she suddenly clammed up. He'd leave it here for now, but later, he had every intention to find out what was going on with her.

The next time Felicia emerged, it was alongside Dr. Kagami with their bag in tow. The two of them were standing at the ready, as they would be leaping off of the yacht as soon as they were close enough to land. They could already see their destination, so the time was fast approaching. As Penny had predicted, there were no coast guards or anything of the sort in the area. The canine had told them that the place could afford to be more lax due to being so secluded from the rest of the world, and they'd be using that to their advantage today.

Thanks to the lack of an engine, the yacht was able to silently make the rest of the way over to the shore. As soon as they were close enough, Felicia and Dr. Kagami jumped off of the boat and landed safely onto the rocky shores of New Zealand. A chill ran up the canine's spine as they sank into knee-deep sea water. Once their feet were firmly on the ground, Dr. Kagami turned around and waved to Penny as she turned the boat away. "Is it…really okay for us to leave her?" Felicia asked.

"She'll be fine, don't worry," the patchy-maned lion reassured her, "Once we get rid of the station here, we'll meet back up with her. For now, it's best that we don't add to our numbers." After getting a reluctant nod from her, the two of them began to make their way up shore and trudged the rest of the way onto drier land. "Okay, you know the drill. Stay out of sight, stay inconspicuous, and stay calm while we find a place to stay for the time being."

"Right," she nodded again as she shook off the water still clinging onto her leg-fur. The sand beneath them squished and crunched, even after the two of them reached the concrete road. With nothing else interesting to see other than some sparse greenery, a grassy hill and a small town some distance away, she then glanced back at Penny's yacht. The aquatic vessel was once again at the mercy of the current, drifting along with it. It still felt odd, leaving her behind like this, but she trusted Dr. Kagami's judgement.

"Unfortunately, we've still got quite the trip ahead of us," the lion said as he led Felicia along, "The city the humans visited is in a different part of New Zealand from us, so we'll have to take a couple more trips on our own. I think what we'll do first is—"


The sudden command caught both of them off guard. Before either could question where it came from, an entire swarm of androids burst out from the cover of the trees. They were upon the two of them before they even had time to react. Both furs frantically struggled against them as they were grabbed from every side. "F-FELICIA!"

"R-RIGHT!" The wolf girl snarled as she shoved the androids away with all of her might before snagging a vial off of her necklace and jamming it into her belt buckle.



With one final kick, Felicia slammed her thumb against the buckle's right button.


Tough, black scales enveloped her body in a flash before peeling away to reveal her tiger form. As its strength surged through her body, she swung her gauntleted arm as hard as she could and eviscerated all of the androids surrounding her. As soon as she finished her spin, she roared out and pounced upon the ones trying to grapple Dr. Kagami. They stood no chance to her savage might and went down in one or two swings. This didn't surprise her, but neither did the fact that even more androids were emerging from the bushes to replace their fallen comrades.

"Get on my back!" Felicia shouted at the lion as she fell onto all fours. He wasted no time and immediately looped his arms around her neck. As soon as he was secure, Felicia took off running down the road. More and more androids flooded out of the grassy hill running alongside the road, forcing Felicia to claw them apart as she ran.

"W-wait! PENNY!" Dr. Kagami's shout confused her at first, but when she turned towards where he was looking, a sense of dread flooded her system. Out in the distance, her yacht was crawling with androids. The sight made her stop in her tracks as she contemplated what to do. This allowed several androids to catch up to her, and they immediately went on the attack. Felicia growled harshly as she was forced to tear her eyes away from the yacht and face her attackers.

"DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME!" came Penny's voice. Due to the heat of the moment, it took both of them time to realize that she was using the ship's PA system. Several grunts and loud clattering was heard before her voice returned to say, "I'll be FINE! Just GET OUT OF HERE WHILE YOU CAN!" Felicia hesitated; there were a lot aboard that ship, but it was an amount she was sure she could take on.

"F-Felicia, just trust her!" Dr. Kagami shouted, "Sh-she's a strong woman! She can handle herself, she'll be fine!" Despite his words, it was clear that he was having a hard time convincing even himself of this. With a frustrated growl, Felicia dug her claws into the pavement and raced down the road. The horde of androids behind her continued their pursuit whilst their allies continued to emerge from the greenery on either side of the road. They all leapt and dove at her, only to either miss entirely or to be torn apart by her claws. The chase led her into the streets of the town she'd seen in the distance. As she ran past the first building, she and Dr. Kagami took notice of a very troubling sight. There were wanted posters all over every single building they ran across portraying both Dr. Kagami and Felicia.

Every single version of her.

Felicia forced herself not to think about the implications as more and more androids began to flood out from the rooftops. She raced around a corner and was greeted with the sight of an entire road filled with cop cars and barricades, with officers hiding behind doors with their guns drawn. Her claws tore up concrete as she screeched to a sudden halt and took off in the other direction, narrowly slipping past the android horde as they tried to block off her escape. It felt like she was in a nightmare; everywhere she ran, everywhere she looked, there were androids crawling out of every crevice, all of them with their minds dead set on capturing both of them.

"They're REALLY not messing around anymore!" Dr. Kagami shouted, "They even got the cops involved!"

"Doctor! Pass me a wolf vial!" Felicia shouted. The lion reached down to Felicia's necklace and yanked a vial off. As soon as he confirmed the species, he held it in front of Felicia's face. With a grunt, she kicked herself off of the ground and launched the two of them into the air. Then as swiftly as she could, she grabbed the offered vial, pried off the one already in her buckle, and jammed the fresh one inside.



As soon as she landed, she smacked the buckle's right button.


In a flash, the orange, striped pelt of Felicia's suit was replaced with the gray of her wolf form. Once the change was complete, she barged through the door of an old warehouse and rushed inside. Two more Felicia's busted out of the other end of the building, racing along at full speed. Unfortunately for them, the androids didn't take the bait. They instead swarmed the warehouse and found the real Felicia in mere seconds. Now forced into a fight, Felicia snarled harshly as she clawed and snapped at her seemingly infinite pursuers.

"F-Felicia, just leave me behind! Save yourse—"

"FORGET IT!" she cut him off as she tore the head off of one of the androids, "We already left Penny behind! I'm not doing the same to you!" An opening was carved through the wall of mechanical hunters as Felicia's pack mates came in from behind. The real Felicia took that chance to make a mad dash out of the swarmed warehouse, but rather than run through an open road, her way was obstructed by patrol car racing in and stopping right in front of her. She managed to leap over that one, only to ram her head against a second one coming up from behind. Though stunned, she managed to shake it off and run around that one. But same as before, another car raced in to block her off.

They kept coming one after another, forcing her to run down the path that they were creating. To make matters worse, the androids were still on their tail, running after her from behind and leaping over the cars from the sides. "Felicia, they're gaining on us!" Dr. Kagami shouted. Her heart jumped when she glanced back and saw just how close they were getting to her. With grit teeth and a harsh snarl, Felicia bounded low to the ground before pushing off the ground with as much force as she could muster, launching both of them into the air.

"LOOK OUT!" the lion shouted before an android crashed directly into them from behind. The impact sent the three of them sprawling across the open pavement upon landing. As she got up, Felicia's heart dropped upon realizing that Dr. Kagami was no longer hanging onto her back. She scrambled back up in time to see Dr. Kagami still laid across the ground, with a swarm of androids diving in after him.

"NO!" she screamed before catapulting herself into action. Just as the swarm landed atop Dr. Kagami, Felicia landed atop them. She made short work of the one she was directly on top of before struggling against the others. Their allies tried to jump in, but Felicia's pack mates kept them at bay.

After the last arm still clinging onto him was hacked off by Felicia, Dr. Kagami shouted, "We have to get out of here! There's too many of them!"

"I know!" she shouted back before kicking an android in the chest, "Grab on!" With androids threatening to close in on them at any second, the lion wasted no time in leaping onto her. Felicia swung and kicked with all of her might as she and her pack mates fought through the horde. After what felt like an eternity of hacking and slashing, she tore down one last android and found her path completely clear. The sight gave her the rush she needed to push through with her burning muscles. The clearing she ran out to was expansive, nothing but open pavement and a cluster of trees waiting for her in the distance. All she had to do was reach it, and they'd be able to escape. With her pack mates seemingly keeping the android horde at bay, she felt like nothing was standing in her way.

Then the sun was blotted out.

A deep rumble filled her ears and shook her every muscle. Her eyes widened with horror as the humans' gargantuan space craft flew overhead and drifted to a stop, kicking up a furious wind that nearly blew the leaves off of the nearby trees. The fear the sight brewed in Felicia kept her paralyzed. Her tail was tucked, her limbs were trembling, and she couldn't even hear Dr. Kagami's urgent shouts. A panel opened up from the bottom of the ship, and as a dark, bulky mass began to fall from the opening, Felicia felt the overwhelming urge to throw herself out of the way.

She launched herself away just as the black mass crashed into the ground, sending a shockwave through the area and creating a huge crater in the middle of the street. When Felicia landed, she crouched low to the ground and snarled ferociously. She didn't know why; it was an action being done entirely out of instinct. Her eyes remained welded to the huge, rock-like object as it began to uncurl and rise from its crater.

It was an android, as she expected, one covered head to toe in massive, bulky armor. Its legs were reinforced with what had to be at least three layers of metal, and its arms were fitted with enormous gauntlets. Its hexagonal plates were broken up by glowing blue lines, all leading to its chest, where a large glowing core pulsated with energy. And finally, on its shoulder, printed in a gleaming gold, was the symbol for omega.

The name of Alpha's partner; the other human.

As he rose, Omega's gaze drifted over to Felicia and Dr. Kagami. Both felt immense shivers run down their spines as their eyes met. "Felicia," the lion whispered, "We have to go. NOW." His words jolted Felicia out of her shock. Just as she made a break for the woods, another horde of androids emerged from the trees and locked arms with each other until the entire clearing was enclosed by the robotic adversaries. "BEHIND YOU!"

Felicia didn't get the chance to turn around, as something crashed into her and knocked her aside. Seconds later, a sickening crunch reached her ears, followed by a powerful ground-shaking shockwave. When she picked herself back up, her eyes were met with a horrifying image. One of her pack mates was laid at the bottom of another huge crater, crushed beneath one of Omega's fists. As the false Felicia faded, the human cyborg rose back up to full height and locked gazes with her.

Once again, she froze up in fear. She frantically glanced around her to check on the other androids, finding that their only intent at the moment was to keep them from escaping. Her attention snapped right back to Omega the second she felt his next footstep's tremor through the pavement. She scrambled back two steps before frantically nudging Dr. Kagami's paws off of her neck. "Felicia?" he questioned as he slipped down from her back.

"J-just stay behind me," she stammered as she reached up to her necklace with a trembling paw, "don't let anyone g-get near you." She yanked off a vial and used it to replace the one in her buckle.



"…Be careful," Dr. Kagami silently pleaded before Felicia struck the buckle's transformation button.


The black scales of her armor flowed over her suit and replaced her gray pelt with a striped, orange one. Her tail lashed wildly behind her with agitation and intensity, and an uneasy growl rumbled in her chest. She knew next to nothing about this human's abilities compared to Alpha, but the fact that he had so easily defeated one of her pack mates told her a lot about his sheer brute strength. She flexed her claws as she waited for him to make a move. Dr. Kagami felt absolutely helpless, knowing there was next to nothing he could do for her now. He trailed behind her as she began to slowly circle her new opponent.

Omega said nothing as he stared down his target, the thorn that had been stuck in their side for so long. For nearly a month now, this girl had brought their plans to a near halt. It hadn't made sense how she'd been able to do so much on her own until he found out about the fur behind her. Dr. Kagami. Had it not been for him, the girl wouldn't have been as problematic as she was now. Had it not been for the both of them, there wouldn't have been a problem to begin with. Had it not been for the both of them…Omega's mother would have still been around to see their plans come to fruition.

Anger ignited from within. The segments on Omega's gauntlets jutted out and clamped over his tightly clenched fists. He bashed them together as he charged forward like a raging bull. Adrenaline rocketed through Felicia's system as she crouched low in preparation. Her instincts screamed at her to dive out of the way, but instead of that, she charged straight at the human. Her heart raced faster and faster as the distance between them grew shorter and shorter. She had every opportunity to turn the other way, but the only thing standing in the way between Omega and Dr. Kagami was her. So despite all of her fear and dread, she raced forward…

and braced for impact

Both sides let out guttural cries as Omega's arms shot forward like pistons. Felicia caught both in her claws and immediately felt a shockwave of intense force ripple through her entire body. Muscles tore, bones cracked, pain erupted from every joint, the very ground beneath her feet cracked and gave in, forming another huge crater. The produced shockwave blasted a large manhole cover out of place and into the air, and even knocked Dr. Kagami and a good portion of the android wall off of their feet.

His strength was immeasurable. It was taking everything Felicia had not to crumble under his sheer might. She screamed right back at Omega with her eyes wide and her teeth bared as she pushed her body to its very limit. Suddenly the ground beneath her gave way, causing her to collapse to one knee. The abrupt change in elevation allowed Omega to gain the advantage on her, and his arms forced hers even further back. Felicia's shoulders heaved as she tried to force Omega back, but he wouldn't budge.

Cracks filled Felicia's ears; she wasn't sure if they were coming from the ground or her own body. She had the distinct feeling that she'd be crushed flat before she could find out which. Left with no other option, Felicia used the tip of her tail to strike the DNAnalyzer's left button.


A surge of strength swept through her system. With this newfound energy, Felicia finally began to slowly force Omega backwards. The human grunted as he noticed this and looked back and forth between her and his feet. Soon enough, Felicia forced him back one step, then another, and then another. All the while, Felicia screamed her lungs out with the loudest roar she could possibly let out. Then, after one final step, she shoved him backwards and delivered a powerful jump-kick directly into his chest. The resulting impact released a powerful shockwave that billowed throughout the battlefield and blasted everyone away, including herself. Her claws raked the ground as she came to a stop on all fours, nearly falling over from sheer exhaustion.

She looked back up, expecting to see a hefty amount of damage to the human from her last attack. But much to her dismay, as Omega straightened back up, she couldn't even find so much as a crack on his thick armor. He pounded his fists together as he advanced towards her again, shaking the ground with each stomp of his foot. Felicia grit her teeth as she forced herself upright, causing her muscles to scream in protest. Rather than allow Omega to make the first move, she rushed forward and pounce. He shielded his face with his arms as she landed on top of him and furiously clawed away.

But no matter how hard she swung, and no matter where her claws struck, Felicia could not tear her way through his defenses. His armor was as hard as diamonds, and attacking it with all of her might felt as though she was dealing more damage to her own claws than to Omega. Having had enough of her antics, the cyborg swung his arms out and tossed her aside like a ragdoll. She heard Dr. Kagami scream out her name as she flew through the air and slammed into the android wall.

As they broke formation to pile onto her and restrain her, Felicia thrashed about wildly and forced them all aside before cleaving them apart. She grabbed onto one of them and hurled it at another part of the android wall, destroying it along with its allies. With the formation broken, all of the remaining androids unlocked their arms and began to run straight for Felicia. "Doctor!" she wailed desperately, "RUN!"

He didn't need to be asked twice; it was more than obvious this was a battle she couldn't win. He didn't dare look back as he ran as fast as he could towards Felicia, who was busy tearing apart the remaining androids still nearby. The circle was closing in fast, and he could feel Omega's thundering footsteps shake the ground. His heart nearly stopped as he felt a hand clamp onto his shoulder from behind. He frantically tried to claw it off, but he simply didn't have the strength to deal any damage.

"GET DOWN!" Felicia shouted as she ran full speed at him. With the android still hanging onto him, the most Dr. Kagami could do was crouch down slightly. Thankfully that was all that she needed. With a clear shot on his captor, she leapt up and delivered a jump-kick directly into its head, knocking it clean off. As it collapsed and released Dr. Kagami, Felicia ran up to him and urged him along. "Doctor, I…" she gasped through ragged breaths, "I don't know how much more of this I can take!"

"Just a little further!" he pleaded, "We can shake them off if we make it to the forest!" With such little energy remaining, Felicia didn't have it in her to carry the old lion any further. Instead, she ran alongside him as they made one final break for the forest. With the androids in such disarray, there was no longer a solid wall of them blocking off their escape. The armored tigress used every last ounce of her strength to slash through all of the androids coming their way. So caught up were they in their escape did they fail to notice how the tremors had completely ceased.

"Almost there!" Dr. Kagami shouted. After she tore down another android and saw nothing else standing in their way, Felicia was filled with hope and vigor. She continued to urge Dr. Kagami along as she ran as fast as she could towards their escape route. They were so close; they just had to make it past the first tree. After just a few more bounds, the pair managed to reach their goal and screeched to a sudden halt as a curved, red blade embedded itself into the tree right in front of them.

Felicia's heart dropped. She recognized this blade all too well. Suddenly, the blade was yanked away by an invisible force. Her eyes followed it as it shot back into the hands of its owner, Alpha. "Felicia Baagh!" the human shouted, pointing her other blade directly at her, "Today is the day you die by my hands!" Without even thinking, Felicia grabbed Dr. Kagami and shoved him behind herself before Alpha closed the distance dividing them. The cyborg spun like a top before her blades swung right for Felicia's head.

Sparks exploded off of Felicia's arm as she used it to parry the blow. Her heart sank even lower once she saw that an entire chunk of her gauntlet was now missing thanks to that swing alone. Felicia shoved Dr. Kagami even further backwards as she ducked beneath another swing at her head. She hurled a wad of dirt right at Alpha's face as soon as she stood straight again. Whilst the human managed to swat it away before it could reach her eyes, Felicia used that small window of time to grab Dr. Kagami and run the other way.




In a flash, Felicia's stripes were replaced with spots, and her heavy gauntlet shrank away. She tucked Dr. Kagami close, almost like a football, as she raced away from her bloodthirsty adversary. There to greet her on the way out of the forest was the android mob once again coming after her.


Felicia used her head as a battering ram to plow her way through the oncoming wave. Mechanical parts flew everywhere as she charged straight through. "Felicia, LOOK OUT!" Her charge came to an abrupt halt as her head collided against a seemingly immovable object. As soon as she realized what it was, she practically chucked herself and Dr. Kagami backwards. The loud clang of Omega's arms colliding against each other rang in their ears as they tumbled across the pavement.

"THERE'S NO ESCAPE!" Alpha screamed at the top of her lungs as she leapt into the air and threw her arms backwards. Felicia's heart all but stopped as she scrambled JUST out of the way of Alpha's blades, leaving them to plunge into the concrete just beside her. She frantically rolled away and grabbed up Dr. Kagami and made a break for it. "I SAID NONE!" After yanking one of her blades free, she flung it straight at Felicia's back. Both felines screamed out in fear as they dove and fell flat onto the ground. The blade sailed right over their heads before stopping mid-air and zipping back into Alpha's waiting hand.

As they scrambled for their lives to get back to their feet, they fell right back down as an incredibly powerful tremor shook the entire block, cracking the pavement itself and flinging the manhole cover that'd been knocked out of place into the air. Confused, Felicia looked up and was met with the frightening sight of Omega high in the air with his gazed locked onto the two of them and both of his fists clenched tightly together over his head. With no time to escape, and no other options left, Felicia dove atop Dr. Kagami, held him close,

and braced for impact.

"DOCTOR!" she shrieked right before Omega's fists crashed against the pavement. An unbelievably powerful earthquake shook through the entire block with Dr. Kagami and Felicia right at the epicenter. The powerful tremors widened the cracks in the streets, causing entire segments to crumble away into the sewers below. The force of the shaking was so great that it threw both Felicia and Dr. Kagami high into the air. The lion was still in her arms, as she simply refused to let him go. She held him close, embracing him as though it were her last chance to do so, as the two of them plummeted back down towards the ground. And just as they were about to hit it, the very spot they were about to land on gave way and they were swallowed by the darkness of the sewers below.

As soon as they passed through, the rest of the street completely caved in and collapsed, crumbling into giant slabs of rubble and concrete, and completely sealing away the sewers from the many mechanized individuals still standing above ground. Alpha took Omega's side as he stood back up. "'As much as I'd like to believe they were crushed by the rubble just now,'" Alpha declared in their native tongue, "'It's safe to assume they're still alive down there.'"

"'They won't get far,'" Omega declared with confidence, "'Send the androids we have left down after her through other manholes. In the meantime, I'll try and bust through the cave in myself.'" A wordless agreement was reached, and Omega began making his way down the hill of crumbled concrete. Alpha tightened the grip on her blades as he descended.

"'You're not getting away from us that easily,'" she growled under her breath, "'Felicia…Hiiro…I swear on my life that the two of you, by my blade, will meet your demise.'"