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So, I have adjusted the ages a tad in this chapter. Luffy is canonically three years younger than Sabo and Ace are (and I firmly believe Sabo is the middle child with a birthday after Ace's). Thus in the first chapter Sabo and Ace would have been 10 (maybe they were actually 11 in canon but I am taking liberties) and Luffy would have been 7. Thus, in this chapter Ace and Sabo would be 15 and Luffy would be 12.

I also want to address something regarding the Dark Dark Fruit and its function here. The original author treated the Fruit like it was a standard Logia which gives its user the ability to turn into their element, control their element, and produce their element from their body. We know from canon that this is not the case with the Dark Dark Fruit for several reasons. (And I recommend looking it up on the Wikia for elaboration as I don't want this author's note to be longer than it has to.)

That said, even though the way the Fruit works in this story doesn't line up with canon, I want to keep treating it like a more standard Logia Devil Fruit. Partially because I don't want to have to rewrite large parts of the story to accommodate the canon caveats, and partially because I like Jinx777's interpretation of the Fruit and I want to keep playing with their toys.

So for the purposes of this fic, the Dark Dark Fruit functions much like its more standard Logia counterparts. Luffy can change parts of his body into darkness which absorbs attacks and mitigates damage. He can control darkness to a degree (similar to, but not quite the same as, Moria), and he can produce darkness from his body.

The darkness he can create and control functions much like a black hole might. It can be manipulated to pull things toward it, it can be used as a storage space by Luffy (yay Hammer Space!) and attacks can be "pressurized" to have a much higher gravitational pull than they normally would.

His abilities do have a tendency to pull physical attacks and ranged fire toward him, and if he doesn't transform his body in time those attacks will deal more damage to his physical body than usual. But more often than not Luffy manages to change in time to avoid serious injury.

That said, faster, sneakier, or less predictable opponents will be a struggle for Luffy when he is restricted to his less destructive attacks. It's a fact that Luffy could pull an entire island into his Dark World with some effort, and thus kill everyone and everything he absorbs with minimal fuss. But I don't think there would be many reasons that Luffy (even this darker version of him) would feel the need to do that, much less his brothers who act as the breaks for his powers.

I also feel I should add a warning here for newer readers, and for those who don't know just how gritty I can get with my writing style. So...

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((And there is a brief fight scene at the start of the chapter that depicts crocs getting ripped up. If that bugs you, maybe skip ahead when he kills the first one…))

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Chapter 2- The Day


Almost 5 Years Later


Luffy was standing on the bank of a river, staring at the nest of giant crocodiles in front of him with a bored expression on his face. Idly, he kicked the dirt in front of him, and then blew out a sigh.

Luffy had grown quite a bit in the years since he and his brothers had eaten the Devil Fruits. Now standing at a solid 5 feet even, with darkly tanned skin, and a good deal more muscle tone Luffy was an intimidating 12 year old...when he wanted to be at least. Of course, Ace and Sabo had both grown as well, meaning Luffy was still the shortest of the brothers by a good few inches.

Ace was the tallest - courtesy of an early growth spurt - and stood at a respectable 5' 8." And Sabo, to the blondes chagrin, was the middle man at 5' 5" ("and a Half!" "Whatever you say Airhead!") The two eldest brothers had also gained the unfortunate lanky limbs, and awkward proportions, that plagued so many young men. Although the awkwardness was offset by their hard earned muscle, and their steadily broadening shoulders and general size strongly hinted that they would be impressive men once puberty released them from its hold.

All three of the boys had let their hair grow longer over the years as well. Directly opposing their Gramps and his insistence that Marines had neatly trimmed hair and presentable appearances. Sabo's was the longest, with thick blonde waves falling to his shoulders. While both Ace and Luffy had straight hair - just long enough to be called 'shaggy' - with Ace's being slightly longer and messier.

Of course the three boys had their hair covered most of the time by their customary hats. Sabo and Luffy with their top hat and straw hat respectively, and Ace sporting an orange cowboy hat with red beads and a pair of faces at the front - one smiling and the other frowning. Sabo and Luffy had gotten it for him as a present when he turned 13, Luffy insisting that it would ward off bad luck for him. And Ace would never admit how much it had meant to him that his brothers had thought of him like that. He had just hugged them close and let that do the talking for him.

The three boys also kept to familiar habits when it came to their clothes. Sabo still had a taste for the color blue, long coats, button up shirts, and cravats. Ace had, after one too many burned shirts, decided to forgo them entirely. So he just wore shorts, and the occasional open jacket, with his combat boots. And Luffy dressed for comfort above all else, wearing simple but colorful button up vests and shorts with sandals.

One of those sandals dug into the dirt again as their owner let out a quiet groan. Boredom and irritation clearly visible on his face.

Sabo and Ace sat watching their brother from a tree, legs dangling toward the ground carelessly. Sabo held a gold pocket watch in his hand, connected to his breast pocket by a chain. Ace was idly tossing a small ball of fire from hand to hand, his expression just as bored as his little brothers.

Luffy was waiting for his blonde older brother to give him the signal. He was staying mostly out of the crocodile's line of sight, idly working out how many of them he could bring home for dinner in his head. He counted seventeen in all, each one at least twenty feet long from snout to tail, with one who was much bigger than the rest at over thirty feet long.

"Tch!" He quietly scoffed. 'Too easy.'

Glancing back at his brothers in the tree, Luffy shot a pleading (and still bored) look in Sabo's direction.

When he finally got a nod from Sabo, Luffy turned around and started walking towards the nest. His bored expression never left his face and he made no attempt to hide his approach. It was just faster this way, he was getting hungry after all.

One of the crocs noticed him when he was about twenty feet away from the water. And seeing what it thought was easy prey, the crocodile went straight for Luffy, shortly followed by the rest of the crocodiles gave the boy their version of a malevolent and toothy grin - which was far toothier than most humans could ever manage - as they started moving towards him, climbing out of the water and snapping their jaws hungrily.

The only one that didn't move from the water was the largest. That one simply eyed him from a distance, its wary gaze proving it was much older and wiser then the younger crocs thinking him an easy meal. It already knew.

If it didn't attack, Luffy would leave it alone.

For this particular training exercise, Ace and Sabo had banned him from using any of his larger scale attacks. Limiting him to smaller ones so they could see how he handled himself. Luffy didn't really mind the limit his brothers gave him - he was often grateful for it in fact - it was just that dealing with such weak animals was boring for him. And a bored Luffy was never a good thing.

As soon as the first croc made it within striking range and attempted to bite his head off, Luffy pointed two fingers at it, his thumb cocked back and his pinky and ring finger tucked in. The croc never knew what hit it. The foolish reptile only felt a cold sensation trail down its gullet and pull. The last thing it heard was a banally uttered,

"Dark Bullet."

Luffy watched impassively as the bullet sized ball of Darkness shot from the tips of his fingers and down the crocs throat, making it stop short and its eyes widen as it seemed to start choking. Less than a second later the sounds of cracking bones, creaking skin, and a low gurgle were heard. The miniature Black Hole tore the animal apart effortlessly, then both it and the carcass disappeared leaving nothing but a small splatter of blood on the ground.

The other crocodiles once again proved their lack of common sense as they ignored what had just happened to the first one. Now visibly pissed off they attempted to swarm Luffy, four moving in to attack at the same time with the others right behind them. Luffy used the heads of the first four as a springboard and jumped above the fray. Then he raised his other hand, fingertips already streaming darkness as he aimed downward.

"Dark Gatling!" he shouted as he let lose a rain of Dark Bullets. The pack of crocs was taken care of in short order, each bullet pulling at their bodies with enough force to tear them apart and consume he landed a short distance away all but four of the original seventeen were gone, leaving nothing but small patches of blood to show they ever existed. Those that were left were now eyeing him fearfully - though they weren't wary enough to back away from the fight.

As a group they moved to attack him once again. The one on Luffy's right made to swipe him away with its tail."Dark Fist." Luffy threw a punch towards the croc, a stream of Darkness with a fist shape at the end leaping from his hand and knocking it away. He quickly followed this with a kick, sending a foot shaped mass of darkness that hit the croc on his left in the head and sent it flying off into the this point Luffy had lost all interest in the fight.

Darkness covered both his hands before he slammed them down, burying them up to his elbows in the ground at his feet. Mere moments after his hands were out of sight several shadowy fists appeared under the remaining crocs and slammed straight into their stomachs, gutting them effortlessly.

The last crocodile, the largest one that had hung back, gave the boy a look and promptly turned tail and fled further up the sound of a quiet 'click' reached his ears, telling him that Sabo had stopped the stopwatch. When he turned to look at his brothers both were smirking at him.

With a shit-eating grin Sabo spoke up, "17 crocodiles in 13.7 seconds Luffy. Not bad! You managed to beat your old score by 3 crocs and 2.5 seconds." His grin widened as he added, "You're still slower than both of us though."

Ace's current record was 16 crocs in 10.3 seconds while Sabo held the top with 7.9 seconds, a fact that both his brothers loved to rub in his face. Annoyed and pouting childishly at the two, Luffy stamped his foot and whined, "It's not fair! You guys don't let me do any of my cooler moves."

Shaking his head, thoroughly amused, Ace jumped down from his seat on the branch using his fire to slow his decent.

"That's because all your 'cooler' moves would make timing you a moot point. 'Sides, it's not like these crocs are worth the extra effort." He clapped Luffy on the back as he walked past him, meandering toward the riverbank. He was followed soon after by Sabo who pushed off the tree branch and floated over to the other boy, landing lightly on the ground next to Ace while nodding his head in agreement."Ace is right Luffy, none of the animals here are a challenge for any of us anymore. Using more powerful attacks on them would only draw attention to us. And we're still trying to keep a low profile." The blonde commented as he crouched down and idly studied one of the patches of blood left on the dry ground of the riverbank.

Looking over his shoulder and seeing Luffy still pouting, Sabo let out a chuckle before turning away. He twirled the long pipe in his hands absentmindedly as he spoke again."You know, I read about an island in North Blue with animals three times the size of the ones here. Apparently it's uninhabited because they're considered too dangerous and they attack anyone that sets foot on it."While Ace snorted and muttered under his breath about weaklings and stupid civilians who can't fight worth a damn, Sabo's statement caught Luffy's attention. His dark eyes widened and seemed to fill with stars as his excitement rose and he ran over to stand next to his brothers."Really!? That's so cool, can we go there when we set out?"

Ace smirked and pushed the straw hat further down on top of his little brother's head, making the brim cover the younger ravens eyes. "You bet! Can you imagine what animals that size would taste like? No way am I gonna miss the chance to eat 'Giant' giant animals."Setting his hat to rights Luffy's stomach rumbled and he began to drool, making both older teens laugh. Some things never was always an odd experience for Luffy when he hid in the darkness to spy on the Goa Kingdom through its many shadows. It felt like being submerged in cold water, only without the drowning. A pervasive sense of pressure was always present when he immersed himself, and Luffy was never sure if he liked or hated the sensation.

He never really understood why Sabo wanted him to spy on them, or why they needed to wait before getting revenge for what had happened five years Luffy knew, all he needed to know, was that Sabo had asked him to do it.

And Sabo was smart.

So every day, after hunting/training/playing with his brothers, Luffy would spend an hour or two moving through the darkness of Goa Kingdom. Always listening for the 'danger words' on the list Sabo had given him, he had done this every day for five years without fail. And he'd never heard anything quite linked together in the way Sabo and Ace were looking for. Luffy wasn't discouraged though. He knew that sooner or later he would hear what his brothers were waiting for.

And besides, while he was spying Luffy found ways to make his own fun. There were a number of Noble families in Goa who had been trying for years to figure out who was spray-painting walls, knocking over vases, spilling things on priceless rugs, and a myriad of other petty acts of vandalism. Luffy and his brothers had gotten many a laugh out of the youngest boys 'pranks.'

The day he finally heard it Luffy was hiding in a dark corner of the castle - not ten feet away from the King in fact as he sat at his desk reading through his letters. Having watched the man for a few minutes now, Luffy was just about to move on to a different spot when he heard a gasp. Turning back around and peering through the shadows once more, Luffy saw the King on his feet with a large, smarmy, grin on his face as he stared at the letter in his hands.

The expression on the monarchs face gave Luffy a bad feeling, so when the man rushed from the study with the letter in hand, Luffy followed him through the darkness. The King stopped when he entered his throne room, and Luffy took up a spot directly behind the throne as he watched the events unfold.

There were several other people in the room, all of them Nobles that acted as the Kings advisers. Seeing their ruler so excited they all crowded around, curious to hear what news he had to share. In response the king held the letter above his head to show it off like it was the most valuable thing in the world. Judging by what the King said next, the man considered that to be the case."We are being honoured once again by the Noblest of Nobles, a Celestial Dragon! He will be arriving in three weeks!"

The room was suddenly filled with excited chatter, men and women gushing about how illustrious the Celestial Dragons were, and how they would curry favor with them. Luffy just shook his head in disgust from his hiding place. He didn't understand most of the big words the stupid Nobles were using, but he could tell that they were happy about the upcoming visit. And that was enough to make Luffy sick to his...well, not stomach. But something in that general vicinity.

Someone in the group of ecstatic gentry questioned the others, wondering what they were going to do about the Grey Terminal. The King merely scoffed."The same thing we did last time, of course. Burn it to the ground. We cannot allow the Celestial Dragon to see such filth…"Having heard enough, Luffy left with a frown on his face. He quickly made his way to a patch of darkness in the Grey Terminal and slipped into the jungle, then took off running towards the tree house. He might not understand everything that was said, but he knew enough to understand that the 'day' Sabo and Ace were always talking about was coming. And it was coming Weeks, Five Days LaterXXXThey waited until night had come before slowly starting to make their way towards the Goa Kingdom, the three brothers walking side by side with Luffy in the middle. They got some strange looks from around cook fires as they walked through the Grey Terminal. But when people saw the looks on the boys faces, no one dared to approach or say anything to was a special day for the three. One they had been waiting patiently for for years. The fact that it fell on the fifth anniversary of the 'Grey Fire' - as it had come to be called - only made the wait more worth it, and their plans all the had even dressed up for the occasion, at Sabo's blonde was wearing a newer version of his usual old-fashioned blue suit, with a black overcoat over top, and brown leather gloves on his hands. His brown leather boots were shined, his steps made no sound as he walked, and he left no footprints. One hand gripped a metal pipe, some small mechanisms clearly visible at both ends of it, and cocked it jauntily over one shoulder. His eyes were cast in shadows by the brim of his hat - enough that it gave him a slightly menacing air. It only added to the already fierce image his scar gave him.

Ace too, had elected to don a suit for the occasion, though his was considerably more business like than Sabo's. It would almost have been conservative if it weren't for the lurid red color of the fabric. He wore the jacket unbuttoned over his chest, and he had foregone a shirt, though he did have on a loosely fastened black necktie. He was also wearing a pair of polished black boots, a black overcoat draped over his right shoulder - in keeping with his messier style - his orange cowboy hat, and he had on a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Like his brother, Ace's eyes were shadowed. A hunting knife was fixed to his right hip, and in his mouth was an unlit cigar he was chewing on the end of.

Luffy stood between his brothers, taking the lead with a steady stride. As always, his straw-hat sat firmly fixed on his head, though he had a rare serious expression on his face as he marched forward. He was wearing a black modern styled suit, with a red shirt and black tie. His jacket was neatly buttoned, he wore polished black boots instead of his usual straw sandals, and he carried no weapon. Instead of an overcoat, he wore an overly large black captains coat with gold trim and epaulettes. All of their clothes had been stolen from the Goa Kingdom over the last two and a half weeks in preparation for this day. Stolen by Luffy more specifically, which was why he had the captains coat, much to the annoyance of his older brothers when he had brought everything back. None of that seemed to matter now though.

They still had to host their little 'going away party,' after were only two ways to get into Goa Kingdom; one was by sailing through the harbor, and the other was passing through the single gate that separated the city slums from the Grey Terminal. From Dawn to Sundown the gate was opened and people could come and go as needed. Allowing the residents of the city in and out, as well as allowing for traders from the few small villages on Dawn Island to pass the trio came to a stop in the empty gap between Goa Kingdom's outer wall and the Grey Terminal's trash heaps, their presence was noticed by the guards standing at the top keeping a lookout. While the guards on the outer wall usually wouldn't be too worried about three teenagers standing around in front of the gate, something about these boys put them all on edge.

Feeling unsettled, the Captain on duty shouted, "Hey! You three! By order of the Guard step away from the gate! If you do not comply we will be forced to remove you by any means necessary!"

When the three figures didn't move the Captain signaled his men to prepare to open fire. Warning shots only to start. By that point people from the Terminal were starting to gather behind the trio to see what they were going to do.

The three brothers ignored the continuing shouts from the guards above, telling them that they would not open the gate until morning and that they should just leave. The warnings from the people behind them that they would be killed if they didn't back off were similarly disregarded. On the wall, hammers cocked back, bullets were loaded, and powder was poured. A few Guards were sickened at what they might be ordered to do, most of them were almost looking forward to it turning his head, Sabo spoke to Luffy in a casual voice, as if talking about the weather."Luffy remember, just do it like we planned…" The straw-hat's brim dipped ever-so-slightly in a nod.

"Yeah, I know."

Taking out his stopwatch, Sabo nodded back to his brother with his finger on the button, ready when he taking a step backward, away from his brothers, Luffy held his hands out to the side and let them fade into Darkness. All the people watching could only stare, shocked at the sight, none of them knowing what was happening. After all, Devil Fruits were largely thought to be a myth. They would soon learn that some myths were absolutely true.

Luffy slowly started to raise his hands, and then he spoke. His voice was dark, somehow carrying clearly to every person listening."Dark Prison"

The moment the words left his lips Sabo clicked the watch, and Luffy's whole body exploded outwards in a cloud of witnessing it could only stare, horrified, as the Darkness that came from Luffy continued to billow out in front of him in a cloud. Within minutes the entirety of Goa Kingdom was sealed in a dome of swirling semi-translucent Darkness cutting it off from the rest of the world. Then, almost as soon as it finished forming, every bit of dirt and stone within the dark shrouded kingdom started floating into the air towards the Darkness above a moment Luffy reappeared from within the darkness, slowly stepping out and back into a solid form, before moving to once again stand with his brothers. Though from a distance it would appear that he was standing strong and that forming the dome didn't affect him, both Sabo and Ace could hear Luffy panting and see the sweat beading his this point the Guards on the wall had started to fire at the three monstrous teenagers. None of them showed any sign of noticing as the hail of bullets passed through their bodies. The sight caused the Guards to stop firing and - in some cases - seriously contemplate running for their lives. After waiting a moment for Luffy to catch his breath, Sabo stepped forward and placed himself directly in front of the heavy gate of stone and wood that blocked their way."My turn," the blonde said, steam begining to rise from his skin. The smile on his face was pure malice as he brought the pipe in his right hand level with the gate, his left hand gripping around the mechanisms at one end of it while his right firmly gripped the middle. The way he held the pipe was similar to how some swordsmen held their katana. Paying no mind to the now terrified guards, steam rising from his hands, Sabo bent his knees slightly and grit his teeth. With a quick forward thrust and a grunt of effort, a high-powered stream of Steam rushed toward the gate. For a moment before it hit, many could have sworn that they saw the form of an actual train in the Steam before it made contact with the stone."Steam Battering-ram!"For a moment nothing seemed to be happening; the steam shooting out in a constant stream from the teen's pipe at the gate, even as more bullets passed through it !

A noise like the sound of a cannon going off filled the air and, as the blonde stopped his attack, one of the solid stone gates crumbled to the ground in pieces. The collective jaws of the guards and Gray Terminal residents watching dropped.

"H-how?!" "What the hell!?" "He b-broke it down! He didn't even TOUCH it!"

Ignoring the shocked exclamations from around him, Sabo turned on his heel and came to stand with his brothers again. His wicked smirk still firmly in place.

He was actually quite proud of himself. Coming up with that attack and working out all the kinks took him ages - numerous trees and cliff faces around the jungle could attest to that. Sabo had used his steam to find and crawl inside each and every crack in the stone, filling them up until the pressure caused the stone to this point the guards were in full blown panic running along the walls and raising alarms, hoping that somebody could stop the three boys attacking the city. The racket they were raising seemed to make the citizens inside the walls finally take notice and realize something was happening.

Sabo could only assume the people still out late at night hadn't noticed the lack of stars in the sky until that point. The first panicked screams from the citizens rang out, and the guards - now having to split themselves between trying to direct people and trying to defend against the three monsters attacking them - were slowly realizing that they were fighting a losing battle. Gritting his teeth the Captain on the wall ordered his men to deal with the citizens and fall back to the wall of High the way clear for them, the three monsters stepped through the newly "opened" gate and leisurely strolled down the street, ignoring the people running around them panicking. They had no issues with the regular citizens of Goa. They had nothing to do with what had happened five years ago, and most considered the fire to be a tragedy like they did. The brothers did, however, pick off every guard they passed. Ace's knife and Sabo's pipe striking out with efficient brutality, Luffy barely sparing them a glance as they slowly made their way towards the inner the time the three passed Mid Town, larger objects like barrels and roof tiles were starting to be sucked into the sky, vanishing into the Darkness above. Though oddly enough, the people seemed to be unaffected by the gravity shift. It also seemed like the rate of destruction was speeding up, as when they reached the inner wall the very houses around them had started to crumble, rubble flying into the sky at a fear inspiring outside the sealed gate separating High Town from the rest of Goa, the trio could hear the terrified screaming of the Nobles behind it. There were no guards posted on this wall, after all who would dare attack a Noble household? And none of the men from the outer wall had made it passed the boys. In their arrogance, the fools had only made it easier for the three. Though, even more guards wouldn't have saved them.

Once again stepping forward, Sabo used another Steam Battering-ram to make a section of the wall crumble so they could walk through.

The three brothers were met with a small crowd of terrified Nobles, men and women and (thankfully) very few children. For a moment, nobody moved, nobody spoke, and tension filled the air. Then Ace shot the crowd a nasty smirk around his cigar and brought his left hand up, fingers splayed out.

"Scatter Fire."

With no other warning, a barrage of bullet sized balls of flame launched from his fingertips into the crowd, each one nearly white with heat. Wherever they touched third degree burns appeared, and they did not stop at the surface of the skin either. Not even a minute later, the smell of burning flesh filled the air and the entire group was dead. The smirk fell from Ace's face then, Sabo coming to stand next to him, a hand on his shoulder squeezing briefly before moving ahead of him.

From there the blonde lead the way, using his steam to float over the pile of corpses he continued along the street. Every Noble the trio saw was eliminated. Ace burning through flesh and bone, Sabo firing compressed bullets of air from his pipe, and Luffy's darkness giving every punch and kick he dished out extra power.

They moved from house to house, person to person and looked them in the eyes as they killed them. Many begged for mercy, more tried to buy them off, some even tried to use their Noble status to threaten them. They listened to none of it, steadily purging the city of the stain that was the Nobility as they slowly made their way towards the made sure to set fire to one particular house as they passed, Sabo giving him an honest smile as the ashes joined the rest of the debris that rose into the air. By now the pull was strong enough to rip whole houses free of their foundations, mansions, apartments, and shops disappearing into the darkness - yet people were still unaffected.

As the castle gates came into sight, the three took note of the many Nobles banging on the wooden gate - screaming to be let in - only to be ignored by the Royal Family and their advisors as they hid behind the walls. The crowd was so focused on getting inside none of them even noticed that their death was behind them, patiently waiting to be noticed. It wasn't until Sabo spoke up that the group turned around. And by then it was far too late.

"Good evening to all of you fine ladies and gentlemen!" He enthused sarcastically, "We would like to pass through here, so if you would be so kind as to make way?" The polite expression on his face was at odds with the tight grip he had on his pipe as he pointed it their way.

Without waiting for an answer, Sabo made short work of them, a burst of boiling Steam at their backs slowly cooking the lot of them alive.

The three brothers didn't show a shred of emotion as they stepped over the fresh bodies. Just like before Sabo was able to destroy the gate in front of them with a burst of Steam, even quicker this time as the gate was only made of marched through the palace, killing everyone they came across, a trail of bodies and blood following in their wake. The servants all lived in Low Town, so they didn't need to worry about unwanted casualties. There were a few more guards now, kept in the palace to protect the royal family, but all of them were cooked alive in their armor by Ace and Sabo before they could even try to move against the trio of invaders.

Eventually they found the Royal family - along with the Noble court, Sabo's parents, and the boy they had replaced him with - cowering in the Throne Room. As the three brothers made their way further into the room the crowd of Nobles became more and more terrified. Every step they took forward the Nobles matched with three steps backward, until the whole crowd - save the King - were pressed against the back wall of the throne room and scrambling to push others in front of them. By chance Sabo's parents ended up at the front of the crowd.

Seeing them again filled Sabo with a rage he hadn't expected to feel. He thought he'd managed to stamp out any feelings he may have had toward them long ago. But looking at the two of them now, seeing no recognition in their eyes as they stared at him, Sabo felt white hot fury twisting through him. And the blonde, ever pragmatic, took the anger he felt and converted it into cold determination and boys came to a stop in the center of the room, Sabo in the middle with Ace and Luffy at his sides. They all knew that this part of their plan was a bit more personal for the middle brother, and the two ravens were more than happy to let him take the lead for a while. In perfect sync, the three reached up and pulled the hats from their heads in a practiced motion as they gave mocking bows to the King and his court. They also did it in a way that kept their faces mostly in shadow, adding to their menacing appearance and ramping up the Nobles terror a few more straight once more Sabo stepped forward, twirling his pipe around before stopping and leaning against it, he spoke."Your Majesty…esteemed members of the Royal Court, I'm so glad you were able to take the time to meet with us."Despite the words themselves being fairly courteous and polite, all could hear the mocking in the blondes voice as he spoke, making the other two brothers snigger behind him as they moved to lean on columns at either side of the room. Before any of the Nobles could think to respond, Sabo started talking again his hat still shadowing his eyes enough to hide his face. Though all could see most of the scar covering the left side of it, and the viciously mocking smile twisted on his lips."Sorry about all the mess, we all know how much pride you put into being the 'Cleanest Kingdom in the Four Blues,' but it was very important that we meet with you today. You see, my brothers and I," he paused and gestured to the others, "will be leaving soon. And we simply couldn't leave without showing you what we think of you and your Kingdom."The grin on Sabo's face had turned almost demonic by the time he finished, a grin that was perfectly matched by the ones now seen on Ace and Luffy's faces.

It was at this point the King finally found his voice, though it was quite hysterical, his eyes were wide with fear as he shouted."Who, NO...WHAT ARE YOU!? WHAT DO YOU WANT!? WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO OUR KINGDOM?!"His questions were met with three sets of laughter, slightly unhinged and completely malicious, all of which stopped very suddenly when the two boys leaning against the columns moved. Ace came to stand next to Sabo once again, Luffy slowly moving to do the fearful eye in the room turned to Ace as he was the one to speak this time. His tone and expression growing steadily darker as he said,"Who are we? That's a good question. Five years ago you ordered that a fire be started to rid yourselves of the Stain that is the Grey Terminal, without thought or care for the people forced to live there. You killed thousands with that fire, hundred more with the firing squads on top of the wall picking off anyone trying to reach the city for safety.

Who are we you ask? We are but three of the survivors that witnessed first-hand what you did. What you are planning to do again tomorrow night in fact."The Kings face, along with those of the other Nobles, grew paler and paler by the second as Ace spoke.

Then it was Luffy's turn to speak up. And - despite being the smallest of the trio, despite the fact that he carried no visible weapons on him, despite the fact that his voice sounded so very young - when Luffy spoke he was more terrifying than the other two combined. His voice sounded cold and dead, with quiet echos ringing from it hauntingly.

"You also asked what we want, didn't you?"The Royal family and Nobles watched in mute horror as Luffy raised his right hand, which then started to ooze Darkness like oil as he gripped it into a fist."We want…to send a message."XXXWhen the dome finally fell, after what felt like an eternity for the onlookers, the sight that met the gathered residents of the Grey Terminal left them all in once sparkling and proud city of Goa was completely, and utterly, gone. Save for a mass of people, the non-noble citizens of the former city. But the moment the dome was gone they had all quickly run to join the people of the Grey else remained. Not a single the cities place was a barren patch of burned land, several fires still flickering but slowly dying in the middle of it all were the three boys from before, standing in front of a number of wooden crosses planted in the ground around them, and facing the gathered citizens. What truly shocked and horrified the spectators though, was the fact that on each of the crosses a human figure hung - still alive, if only barely. Not only the Royal family, but the King's Noble court. All of them had been beaten to within an inch of their lives before being tied to the raven haired boy in the red suit lifted a hand to the still unlit cigar in his mouth almost casually, and with a quick flicker of fire lit the end of it. With a deep drag and a cloud of smoke he turned with his brothers to face the gruesome scene behind him.

Then, without a word, he lifted a burning hand and set fire to the bases of all the crosses. The screams of the dying Nobles filled the air for what seemed like miles around. Smoke rose quickly carrying the sickening scent of charred wood and burning flesh. And in short order the agonized cries petered out, leaving a ringing silence in their their backs once more to the still burning Nobles, Sabo pulled out his stopwatch and clicked it, before smirking."14 minutes, 37.5 seconds. That's a time to beat."

Ace causally burned the numbers into the ground in front of the silent and smouldering corpses. Then all three slowly walked through the quickly parting crowd and the Grey Terminal, and then into the the three disappeared from sight, Ace called over his shoulder at the people watching them."You might want to get a move on. In two days a World Noble will be coming here, expecting to see the Kingdom of Goa in all its shining splendour. You don't want to be here when he arrives…"And just like that, the three vanished into the moment they were out of sight, the brothers started running as fast as they was in the air, blasting steam behind him to keep himself moving forward. He had long since become the fastest of the three after mastering flight and was ahead of his brothers. Ace was using small bursts of fire from his hands and feet, giving him an extra boost in order to jump from branch to branch. He could have moved faster, but it would risk setting the whole forest on fire. Luffy was simply running and jumping from one patch of darkness to another, not slowing or hesitating as he ran into trees or had been planning this day for a long time...well, Sabo had at least. Right now, time was everything, and they needed to use as much of it as they could before the World Government came and saw what they did.

While Goa wasn't all that big or important of a Kingdom, it was still part of the World Government and would force them to was the first to reach their destination on the other side of the island from the Goa Kingdom. He was followed by Luffy with Ace, being the slowest of the three while under cover, came last.

The three had already said their goodbyes to everyone on the island, though they didn't tell them what they were going to do - only that they were leaving that night. Ace had practically had to pull Luffy away from Makino, the barmaid not willing to let his little brother go. And despite their best efforts, the boys all felt that she knew what they were planning to do.

Makino knew them all better than they knew themselves sometimes, the green haired barmaid was more perceptive than many gave her credit for. If anybody could figure it out, it would be her. And her parting words to them certainly lent credence to the idea that she knew what they would do...and that she approved.

She'd told them, "You three take care of each other, okay? Don't get yourselves into anything that goes over your heads. And…"she'd bit her lip and hesitated, before adding, "never forget, no matter what you do, no matter why you do it, I will always love and support you three. I know you'll always have a good reason. You boys are like family to me, so be safe. And come home to me again."

Makino had held them tightly then, one last time, and reluctantly let them go. The silhouette of her in the doorway of the bar, watching them walk away, incredibly sad. And truly proud.

Now the three of them stood on a small beach overlooking the sea, the peaceful sound of the waves and gentle moonlight contrasting sharply when compared to the chaos they had left behind there, sat on the sand in the shallows was a small wasn't much, a simple fishing boat just big enough for the three of them, with a small cabin and a single mast. They planned to get a new ship eventually from South Blue, but until then they would make do with what they to say Sabo hadn't made a few adjustments to it already. He was no shipwright, but the blonde teen had a way with pipes and steam. Attached to both sides of the ship were large iron pipes in sets of three, all of which curved back and stuck out behind the ship by about three feet. This was so that Sabo could use his Steam to give the Ship a small burst of speed if they didn't have any wind to sail of them said a word as they worked. Even Luffy stayed quiet as the three worked together to get the ship ready and out to sea. In short order they had the sails dropped, the lines tied off, and the anchor weighed.

Sabo had moved below deck to the small room where all the pipes connected together, taking his seat and waiting for the signal. Ace was at the helm, another pipe next to him leading down to the room Sabo was in that they could use to talk. Luffy was simply making sure everything was tied down so it wouldn't be lost when they started three had long since stocked the ship with both food and water, along with all their belongings and anything else they might need. Sabo had spent years teaching Ace how to navigate, mostly so he wouldn't have to all the time, and because trying to teach Luffy was a lost cause. They even knew where their first destination was going to be, a certain island in North Blue where no one lived for fear of the native first, they needed to put as much distance between themselves and what was formally the Goa Kingdom as a deep breath to steady his nerves, Ace turned to the pipe next to him with a grin on his face at the thought of finally starting their adventure."Alright Sabo! Full speed ahead!"Hearing his brother's words, Sabo let his own grin appear and grabbed one pipe in each hand."Right!"Up on deck Luffy was grinning while keeping one hand on his hat, practically shaking with excitement."LET'S GO!"And with that, steam started shooting out of the pipes and was propelling the ship forward and away from their home.

All together, the three brothers shouted.


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"They had nothing to do with what had happened five years ago, and most considered the fire to be a tragedy like they did."

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"14 minutes, 37.5 seconds. That's a time to beat."

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The boys in this fic have all been deeply affected by their experience of the Grey Terminal fire. They all possess a darker outlook on the world, they all have very limited patience and a zero-bullshit policy when it comes to bullies, Morganeers, and especially Nobles. All three of the brothers suffer nightmares, PTSD, and mild to severe forms of psychosis because of the trauma they experienced in their early childhood. They all display signs of impaired empathy and extreme violence. (Though these facts won't be too apparent until later on)

Being together and supporting each other the ASL brothers are slightly better mentally than they would be otherwise. They can all help to pull each other back from the brink and keep each other from doing things they regret. Additionally, when interacting with each other, the brothers are more likely to act in their more carefree and simplistic personas as a means of coping and helping each other forget.

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