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Now I don't want to go into too much detail, for it would ruin the surprises ahead, but let's say that Pit and Dark Pit's situation is different from what it is in the game. You'll see what I mean during your reading!

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Kid Icarus: Heirs of the Light


"Been an eternity since I've last been here," was all he could find to say at the sight of the glorious palace of Skyworld.

"Yeah, more like, a week…" Viridi said, grunting, and the dark angel rolled eyes. What did he expect from her? No more, no less; she was always like that. "Anyways, Pittoo, you'll tell me when you're ready to come back. We have lots of things to do, so don't wait around!" Dark Pit shook his head at that, exasperated. His hands on his hips, he watched the palace from afar before his eyes darted towards a bench he knew so well. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of it, and went to sit on it, folding his arms and losing his ruby eyes in the sky.

It was a warm, sunny day, with not a single cloud out in sight. Birds flew over the Heavens up to a pond in the center of the garden. Such spectacle shouldn't have felt special in any sort of way to him; after all, he'd been working for Viridi for around two months, he was accustomed to the sight of nature. However, witnessing the birds' easy flight in front of such a glorious, magnificent palace, and such a landscape in general felt special in itself. The light flutter of the birds' wings, the soft breeze that pushed through their feathers… Quite a supernatural view, if he dared say so. Being the skeptic that he'd always been, he would never admit to enjoying such a day around Palutena's castle. First off, he'd been dragged here by none other than the most annoying twin someone could ask Zeus for, and second of all, he did not have a habit of showing any appreciation towards anything as a general rule; he knew it could easily be perceived as a weakness, or well, a way to make fun of him anyways.

Dark Pit looked out in awe to that castle, still sitting on that bench that he had rested his hands on. He loved being in Skyworld, the atmosphere was so relaxing, even though it was under the attendance of Palutena. They didn't like each other at all, their recent friendship had already been compromised. Dark Pit frowned at the thought, when a bird made its way towards his bench and landed next to his hand. "Well, hello there," he greeted the animal, a smile across the lips. "You saw how lonely I was, hm? Don't you worry. I'm used to it."

The bird twitted and its dark eyes fell on Dark Pit. It was bright and colorful, with light blue feathers mixed with red and violet ones. Its beak was of a light yellow that reminded the dark angel of a literal sunray. His eyes widened as he looked at it bouncing over to get closer to his hand, and hesitated to move at all. He didn't wish to scare it off. Staring at the bird, his thoughts wandered off and he remembered the good times that he had spent in Skyworld, sitting on this very same bench. He could feel blue, wide eyes looking at him while he sat down, reading a story aloud since the idiot couldn't read on his own. He could almost perceive the slight brush of his twin's fingers against his own, and his face flushed at the thought. He quickly recoiled his hand, startling the bird which flew off in fear.

Dark Pit rolled eyes, thus hiding his disappointment, and decided that he had wasted enough time, standing up. He turned towards Palutena's palace, wind caressing his face and pushing his raven bangs off of his face. He still couldn't find the courage to take a step forward. He felt somewhat uninvited, perhaps that was because of the Centurions' looks on his person. They did not really approve his arrival, they hadn't ever; they always claimed that the darker version of Pit was a threat to the Light they represented. Dark Pit rolled his eyes again and shook his head, pissed off by the thought. Why do I care anyway? he thought to himself, clicking his tongue and lowering his eyes to the shiny, rocky pavement on the ground beneath his feet. There's only one person's judgment that should affect me in any sort of way: Pit's… For… whatever reason it may.

Thus reassuring himself, Dark Pit took a few steps towards the palace. Much to his surprise, the entrance's doors flew open as one tiny flightless white angel ran out, rushing towards him. Two solutions occurred to Dark Pit as he watched in fear his twin about to take him in his arms: fleeing or well… fleeing. There did not seem to be much of a choice there, after consideration… Though he was sick of running away from Pit—and also from himself. So, instead of turning back and flying off to Viridi's Sanctum, the dark angel braced himself for impact. Pit's body crashed into his', but he was fortunate enough not to fall back and ridicule himself in front of an entire crowd of Centurions. Dark Pit stood his ground and pushed the other off of him with all the might that he'd have accumulated during his numerous battles over the last months. It had the effect he'd wanted it to have: Pit pouted and stepped back, rubbing the back of his head and blushing a little. As Palutena would have said, 'He embarrasses easily', so Dark Pit really did not look for any other meaning in that flash of red on his twin's cheeks—although he thought he… wanted there to be something else. Maybe. Nah…

Pit looked up after a moment of silence and decided to open that mouth of his': "H-Have your flight been… good?" he tried to ask, as though nothing had happened, though he was still uncertain. He glanced off, expecting a harsh comeback, even if the simplicity of his question was almost laughable.

Fortunately for him, Dark Pit only nodded and went back to staring at the white-winged angel he had in front of him. He'll never cease to be a child in nature, he thought as a little smirk appeared on his lips. That was not something he was begging for to change. In fact, he'd grown to miss this attitude, this clueless character, this easy-going twin that he was separated from for a little over a week. Why do I feel the need to emphasize on the fact that it was only a week? he wondered. To be true, it felt more like centuries. The two angels, although they despised each other at first glance, had grown quite fond of each other over time. They were still rivals—in many ways—but at the same time, they were buddies. Friends. Brothers, if he dared say, although the thought of it ached his heart. Despite their arguments and Dark Pit's utterly detached attitude, they knew they could count on each other, that they had each other's back no matter what they needed or when. Even in the middle of the night, if Pit needed him, he'd rush out to be there.

Pit eyed at Dark Pit, wondering why he had been so silent, and slightly hesitated before innocently grabbing him by the arm and pulling him inside the palace. Dark Pit recoiled when the other touched him, however when the light angel wrapped his fingers around his wrist, he didn't draw back again. If he was quite honest with himself, he didn't loathe Pit's touch at all. Plus, he was sort of curious as to why the angel of light had hurried him to come. Despite having asked several times, Dark Pit still had no clue what Pit wanted to show him, but it seemed important enough for him to inform Viridi herself—even though everyone knew that they despised each other very dearly—No they don't, they really don't. He had begged her to ask Dark Pit to come right away, and so he did, even though he had several other things to attend to. Dark Pit blushed slightly and looked off so that Pit didn't see his flushed face; anything could wait if Pit asked him to be there.

They both entered the palace and, to Dark Pit's surprise, Palutena was nowhere in sight. Her throne was empty, and there was no sign of the Goddess of Light in the corridors that they walked through in order to reach Pit's room. Strange, though he'd not worry, since he clearly didn't want anything to do with her anyways. The less he saw her, the best he felt. Pit opened the door to his room, which he somehow always kept closed, and went to sit on his bed. Dark Pit frowned and decided that he'd stay away for the time being, standing next to the door and resting his back against the closest wall. There was a glisten of worry in his twin's sapphire eyes, which he particularly hated, but he kept it for himself, trying to control his heartbeats. He had been waiting to be in Pit's room again. They used to spend time there as well, talking about anything and everything whenever Pit had a day off his usual duties.

Dark Pit couldn't hold back a smile at the memories coming back to his mind. They both had shared so much… Sometimes, he wondered why he kept lying to himself. Steering him away from his thoughts, Pit gulped and expressed the reason behind his request for Dark Pit to come: "Sorry I got you to hurry over here, I know you probably have thousands of things to do! It just couldn't wait any longer!"

"Alright, then tell me? Or may that be too much to ask? I think we've wasted enough of each other's time," Dark Pit growled before rolling his eyes, trying his hardest to seem annoyed. Why did he keep his nonchalant attitude when he was speaking with Pit? Everyone knew for sure that it was fake. However, the light angel still seemed to be oblivious to what was happening. Although… was it really that surprising? No. No, it wasn't.

Pit nodded at that, then leaned towards his bedside table and rummaged through one of its drawers. He took out what looked like a necklace and let it rest in his palm, much to Dark Pit's confusion. The necklace had a heart-shaped jewel hanging on it, and the chain itself seemed weak and rusted. Where'd he get that? First, what was that he was talking about? A stupid piece of jewelry? That was what he made a fuss over, forcing Dark Pit to hurry to Skyworld? Or was this just a joke? Since when did his—Pit even understand humor? Dark Pit looked just as perplexed and upset on the outside as he was within. What in the Under—"I found that in a city of the Overworld," Pit started to explain, his eyes completely mesmerized by the necklace he was handing to his darker twin, holding it by its chain. The pink stone dangled from left to right, like a pendulum. Dark Pit furrowed his brows, about to literally explode in anger, but Pit did not give him the time to complain—the Gods knew it'd take him forever to stop if he had the bad luck to get started… "I felt somewhat drawn to it, isn't that weird?"

"Pit, you're worse than a woman: all that shines catches your eye," Dark Pit replied, smirking, then he crossed his arms against his chest. He could not help but feel a little proud when he saw Pit's eyes shifting to the ground, ashamed. His heart stung because of it, but the dark angel only gritted his teeth and fluttered his wings in frustration. In order to focus on something else than the growing pain in his chest, he continued: "That barely surprises me. But anyhow, tell me what you find so strange about this thing."

"Here, I'll show you, that's even better."

"Good idea, you've always sucked with words, Pit-stain."

"Hey! That's not a very nice thing to say!" The light angel squinted his blue eyes, a little hurt by the harsh words of his twin, but stood up and gave his necklace to Dark Pit. He set it right in the center of his hand, careful with the chain since he'd have hated for it to break. As soon as it touched the warm, light skin of the dark angel, the jewel started shining as bright as the sun. Dark Pit jumped and nearly dropped it, taken aback, however his red eyes focused on it and he frowned. How it was possible was the biggest question that haunted both of the boys' minds at the moment. What it was made of was also a mystery, however Dark Pit admitted that he was more interested in knowing there were any side effects to its glow. If he concentrated on the shining stone and looked at Pit right away, would he suddenly fall in love with the poor idiot? Or, would he loathe him? Would there be any change at all? Well, if you 'fell in love', no, there wouldn't be—Shut up, heart. Shut up, he reprimanded himself, shutting his eyes. No, he wasn't in love, no, he wasn't.

In order to test his theory—and also evade the question of his feelings for Pit, as he often did, Dark Pit opened his hand and looked right into the stone. It did not seem to glow any less from that action, so it was good to know that he was not absorbing anything from it—at least, light-wise. Now did he feel different? No, he didn't think so. He felt just like his usual self, maybe a little more confused and angry than usual but aside from that… He knew why those feelings lingered, it had nothing to do with the jewel. It had to do with Pit wasting his precious time. Though he wanted to have some fun, since he basically came over to Skyworld for no reason: he was going to play around with Pit a little. Just for the sake of making fun of him—That's what you tell yourself. Dark Pit blinked and slowly raised his head, glancing at Pit. He let out a loud, maybe overdone gasp, and his face flushed when he plunged into the light angel's blue, wonderful wide eyes. That, he didn't need to fake: he had always loved those eyes… "Oh Pit~!" he cried out, in a rather theatrical way.

Pit frowned, wondering what was happening to him, and cocked his head to one side. "Pittoo, what's happening?"

"Did you do something to your hair?" Dark Pit played along, laughing internally but keeping a shocked, enamored face on the outside. This was just too hilarious, he couldn't stop now. He'd go to the very bottom of it, to test Pit's limits. "You look so attractive~!"

The angel of light blushed and brought his hands to his chest, as though protecting himself, then he dived right in Dark Pit's gleaming ruby eyes. He slightly parted his lips, not knowing what to say, and eventually he grabbed the necklace out of Dark Pit's hands and spun around, folding his arms. All of a sudden, he looked a lot angrier, as though he was hurt by the dark angel's little game. He pouted and eyed at the necklace, his back to Dark Pit. "That's not funny, you heartless prick!"

Dark Pit snickered and looked off to the side, feeling his own heart beating faster than it should've. He cursed under his breath, victim of his own game, and put his hands on his hips. "'You heartless prick!'" he mocked Pit, before laughing. "What did you expect, stupid? It's just a glowing stone, how'd it make me fall in love with you?"

"I just, I don't know, okay? Since it's magical, I thought that perhaps, it could've unexpected effects…"

The dark angel raised an eyebrow. "Well, I thought the same, but there's nothing. I'm out of here."

Pit looked at him with big,desperate eyes, then Dark Pit's eyes landed on the necklace that the light angel was holding in his right hand. He noticed that the light had changed: it had turned to a light tint of blue instead of deep purple. What could this mean? Maybe there was something more to it then. Perhaps it really held some kind of magic… Before he had time to give it a thought, Pit went back to his bed and put the enchanted thing back in his drawer. He was still pissed off, by the look on his face, and Dark Pit cursed himself for that. Without a glance for his twin, Pit groaned and shook his head. After a minute, he realized that Dark Pit was still in the room and decided to tell him about how he discovered the peculiarity of his necklace—if that even interested him. "The stone did that after a while. At first, it was just like any other jewel, but then it started shining, mainly when I was… thinking about you."

"Uhm, right, I have questions?"

"Later, Pittoo, let me explain first. So after it shone the first time, I figured I should test it with you directly… Now it seems it won't stop shining at all," Pit said, seeing the slight glow that came from the closed drawer where he had just put away the necklace. Nonetheless, it was pretty strange that it didn't start lighting up before being put into Dark Pit's hand, even though Pit had been holding it in his own palm… Did it need something to trigger it? Could it be that it had some sort of a… switch?

Seeing that Pit had been silent for a good minute, Dark Pit sniffed and looked at him with a sharp glow in his red eyes. Question time. "How long have you been keeping this thing?" Dark Pit asked Pit.

"Well, it's been about two weeks," Pit started explaining, and his twin knew that he would keep going without him having to do much effort. Pit loved to talk. Much to his dark counterpart's disappointment, it still took him around a minute to get his words straight and open his mouth again. "I was on a mission with Lady Palutena, and then I fell down—Power of Flight issues… I was lucky that Magnus found me. He brought me into the town, since I had… lost my laurel crown, and… I found this in a street, like it's been put there just for me to see! Everyone walking next to it didn't seem to see it… So I decided to take it, that I'd gift it to Lady Palutena once I was back to Skyworld, but… then, it started shining."

"I assume you were thinking about me, somehow."

"Y-Yeah, was wondering how you've been putting up with all the changes," Pit answered, rubbing the back of his head again in embarrassment—which led Dark Pit to think there was more to it than the light angel dared admit. "I mean, since you've been on a new mission with Viridi and all... Kind of big changes, so I wanted to know."


"W-What? You don't be-lieve me?"

"No, indeed, I don't," Dark Pit replied, then he narrowed his eyes at the other. He knew there was something Pit didn't tell him, his blue eyes never lied to him. Although he wasn't in the mood to demand explanations, so instead he waved his hand and sighed. "I'll let it slide this time. So, this thing glows when you think of me, and I seem to trigger it for some unexplained reason. Why not submit it to Palutena? Maybe she could understand where it comes from, and we'd be set to take action."

Pit glanced at him and seemed to feel even more embarrassed; maybe because he didn't think of that, silly as he was. The light angel opened the drawer once more, took out the necklace and brought it closer to his chest. It started shining even more, of that light blue shimmer that Dark Pit admitted to find appealing. After he raised an eyebrow, wondering about what Pit was actually waiting for, the light angel looked up at him with surprisingly tearful eyes. "B-But if… I-If I bring this t-to Lady Palutena, you…"

"I will go back to work, yes," Dark Pit completed his sentence, his eyes as unexpressive as he could manage them to look. It hit him hard to see those heavy tears in the corner of his twin's eyes, but never would he admit it. His heart started pounding again, but Dark Pit only growled and clenched his fists. It was really annoying… He pushed himself off of the wall he was leaning against and grabbed his weapon—namely, his Silver Bow—before heading right out. He had wasted enough time in Pit's company, and wanted to forget that he had seen his face. It was too painful to be away from him when he could picture those deep, blue eyes looking right into his rubies. Dark Pit furrowed his brows, his heart severely aching when he turned his back to Pit, but he couldn't take a step out of that room, for whatever reason. He wished to stay by Pit's side… Fuck me, and those stupid feelings.

"P-Pittoo!" Pit called him out, and the dark angel stood next to the door, without turning around for that matter. Pit bit his lower lip and wanted to stand up and hug him tight, tell him that he would miss him, tell him to be careful and to keep taking care of himself no matter what—everyone was aware of Dark Pit's low interest in himself—but he couldn't find the strength to spit out one single word. He cared so much for his darker twin that… even words seemed futile. After a moment, and right before Dark Pit started walking away, Pit collected himself and managed to say: "Please, Pittoo, make sure you're okay."

"Why'd you care?" Dark Pit snapped at him, still turning his back to the light angel, then he shook his head to stop the flow of his thoughts. Pit was starting to get on his nerves, always showing affection towards him… He didn't want any of it, because it made him long for more—for words that the light angel would never direct to him. It was no secret that Palutena had way greater chances of getting to hear them, those three words that would shift Dark Pit's entire world. He snarled at the thought and teared up, quite fortunate that Pit couldn't see his face. "Now don't hold me back any longer with your sentimental bullshit. I've got work to do, can't keep the Goddess waiting."

"Right, you… should go…" Pit sighed in defeat, tears at the back of his blue eyes. He could hear the pain in Dark Pit's trembling voice but didn't mention it, for it would only anger the dark angel even more.

Tensed, Dark Pit did not look back and rushed towards the opposite end of Palutena's palace. There, he found the entrance and was just about to walk out when the Goddess of Light showed up, for the first time of the day if the look on the Centurions' faces was enough to draw a conclusion. They knelt down in front of her flamboyance while Dark Pit held the door handle, ready to walk out as if he had never been there. The last thing he wanted was to talk with Palutena; their last conversation was not exactly a nice and gentle talk between a Goddess and an angel—far from that, to be true. He shuddered as he remembered her words as if they echoed in his ears. "You are nothing but a shadow, Pittoo: you are not meant to be alive. Why would I want to keep you near Pit? When you finally disappear, he will be heartbroken and I do not want to deal with that."

To be fair, he had been that close to punching her after she had said that; she didn't have the right to take Pit away from him. He was his', and would always be, no matter what she thought about it. Dark Pit felt a hand on his shoulder and quickly recoiled, slapping it off of him. His sudden move nearly sent him rolling down the few steps in front of the palace, but he tried not to mind the danger he put himself into. Instead, he focused his eyes made out of pure rubies on Palutena, who addressed him a smile full of regret and sorrow. Maybe she only realized the weight of her cruel words. Whatever she felt, he could not care less; her behavior stayed imprinted in his mind and was not going to be erased that easily. The only way they could somewhat get along—or at least agree on—would be if she completely stopped talking to him and meddling with his personal affairs. His relationship with Pit was their problem only: she had no right to interfere, whatever reason she may find.

"Dark Pit," Palutena started, then she bit her lower lip and briefly looked off. Giving apologies seemed to her like the best thing to do, however… she did not like to feel like she did something wrong. Gods hardly admit their wrong doings; that was as true for Zeus as it was for a younger Goddess like herself. Her ego was too big, her lust for perfection even stronger. Nevertheless, she owed the dark angel that much: she had been unfair with him, beyond what any words could express. If she did not want their relationship—already complicated at the start—to worsen, she had to act and accept the fact that she… was wrong to say that.

Moreover, Palutena knew how important, how fundamental he was to Pit's wellbeing—and they could agree easily that it was what mattered the most in the whole Universe in their eyes. Dark Pit probably only cared for obvious reasons: if something happened to her little champion, it happened to him as well. Well, to a lesser degree, but still, it would shake his entire being. Palutena would not… think that there was something else, she did not truly think that Dark Pit was capable of feeling emotionally attached—whether it be friendship or love for that matter—to someone, even as sweet as Pit. He was a lone wolf, he always said so himself. In his personality, he would never show any kind of interest towards anything or anyone. It would really surprise the Goddess if he was capable of loving someone, considering that she doubted he even loved himself to begin with.

"I hate it, I hate it. When you speak my name, talk," Dark Pit sighed, teeth gritted and arms folded. He stood in front of her, being more than patient even though he wanted to get away from her as soon as possible, while Palutena remained silent and stared into whatever void she was seeing. "I'd rather not stick around with you, if you catch my drift."

"I know we didn't have a great start but I was hoping to improve our relationship somehow," Palutena said, expressing her guilt. She gulped down the taste of regret that had lingered in her mouth ever since she had pronounced those insulting words towards Dark Pit. "If only you could give me a chance, I'd make sure to make it up to you. I want to see what Pit sees in you."

"And what do you think he sees in me?" Dark Pit retorted, smirking.

Palutena sighed, not really sure herself, but decided to take the easy route: "He likes you, there has to be a reason for it. I don't think he's imagining things."

Dark Pit scoffed and turned away. That was too much this time. He had wasted way too much time in the Goddess of Light's company and was heading out of there. Palutena didn't try to hold him back, she couldn't, because she knew she had been the one to ruin it all in the first place. Maybe she was too blind to understand what Pit saw in the dark angel, but she was looking to change it for the better, to open her eyes to what Dark Pit truly seemed to be on the inside, in his dark heart. Behind the mask of arrogance that he wore out in public, behind the mean words, the snaps, the anger issues, the disrespect for others… Was there a hidden face of pain, guilt, loneliness? Was he… protecting himself with fake self-confidence? That was highly possible, however she did not plan on getting him a few personality tests at the moment. Instead, she only wished to calm the heat down between them. For Pit's sake, if not for her own. "So if… If you'll forgive me for the words I said—"

"Fuck that. Did you see Pit's new toy?" Dark Pit interrupted her, because he didn't want to hear any of it. His heart, pounding in his chest, could not bear a single more syllable out of her mouth that he loathed so much, of her voice that made him tensed at the very sound of it. He clenched his fists and turned away from Palutena, eyes shut. He tried to contain the abundance of hatred he felt pumping in his veins. "I think you'd be interested in it. When I think about it, that'd be a fucking cute gift for his beloved Goddess of Light."

"It's not what you think! Pit and I—"

"Enough, I don't want to hear anything you have to say. Now go have your little happy ending with Pit, he's waiting for the love of his life in his bedroom! Meanwhile, Dark Pit, the clone, the shadow, shall go."

Palutena couldn't help but pick up a tint of jealousy in his voice, in his back suddenly stretched, dark teal wings, in his hardened expression and frowned eyebrows. But she kept it for herself. Dark Pit shot her a death glare before running up to the garden and asking for Viridi to bring him back to her Sanctum. In a flash, he was already out of sight, only a small glowing purple dot in the skies. Palutena felt annoyed, but at the same time curious: what had he been talking about? The toy? What toy? Pit had never mentioned anything of the sort… What kind of toy was it, even?

As she started walking towards her captain's room, she thought about Pit's latest change in behavior. He'd been… absent-minded, to say the least. It wasn't like him to take everything so seriously. She could hardly pull a joke out of him when he'd always been so eager with his dumb play on words. He was… always sitting back, looking around and running from his room to the hot springs, pretending he really could use some privacy. She never thought of following him, but maybe next time she should; maybe she'd be less clueless as of what was happening in her captain's little mind. At first, she had suspected that it had something to do with Dark Pit, but perhaps she had been mislead in her judgment. Whatever it was, she was impatient to learn about it.

Palutena approached the room and knocked on the door. Quickly enough, Pit came to open it and widened his eyes when he saw his Goddess right there, standing before him. She'd never visit him in his room directly; more often than not, she'd just talk to him through telepathy and ask him to meet her in the main hall. The fact that she'd walk up to his room was… extraordinary, to say the very least! Not that she wasn't welcome, of course she was! Pit opened the door as widely as it could be opened and moved out of Palutena's way, bowing in front of her to express his deep respect towards her. "Lady Palutena!" he greeted her, smiling as always, but this time seemed… fake. Or maybe not fake, but… strangely uncalled for.

"Hello, my cute little Pit." Pit's cheeks flushed at the adjectives she had used, but the Goddess only laughed. Then, Palutena walked into the room and smiled at the fresh air that came from the open windows. For once, he had listened to her advice and made his room tidier. It was finally possible to walk without tripping on weapons or other crafts that he had found interest in—namely trying to replicate his favorite weapons with paper to see if they could work to play around with Dark Pit.

The Goddess of Light noticed a light blue glow coming from under the covers of Pit's bed, and as soon as she wanted to reach for it, he jumped in front of her and gently moved her arm. "H-How about we go for a walk? Around the… gardens? No—the hot springs! Don't feel up to it?"

"What are you hiding, Pit?" Palutena inquired, a bit more impatient sounding than she had intended to be.

Pit's wings lowered and he tried not to show his concern, but he had never been a good liar—not even a decent one, to be fair. His blue eyes were so expressive that, even if he tried to smile, she could still be able to read his embarrassment in them. Pit was to her like an open book; she had known him for so long, after she had adopted him following Medusa's first attack on Skyworld and its population, how could he think that he'd be able to trick her? She was the mother he had never had, and mothers had a certain instinct that told them when something was wrong. That was precisely what led Palutena to think there was something… unholy under Pit's blankets. Pit fidgeted with his hands. "N-Nothing! I'm just really eager for a good soak…"

"Come on, Pit, don't be like this. Show me what it is."

"Please, Lady Palutena, can we talk about this another day? I'm still not sure what it is…"

"Maybe if you show me, I can tell you, Pit," Palutena suggested.

The Goddess knew that she had convinced him when she noticed the light glisten in her captain's sapphire eyes. Yet, Pit hesitated but, after a brief moment of silence, his wings fluttered up and he jumped on his feet to reach for the strange necklace that he had hidden under his blankets when he had heard her knock. It was nothing more than a beautiful, heart-shaped stone that glowed in blue… Why was he so scared of showing it to his precious Goddess? Palutena did not see why he felt so cautious about the subject. She took the necklace in her hands and, as soon as it touched her skin, it stopped glowing completely. It remained there, an empty pink shell. Palutena frowned and looked at it closely, under the careful eyes of her captain Pit. It sure reminded her of something, but she couldn't put her finger on it… Finally, it clicked. "Well, isn't that surprising!" she exclaimed, amazed by the discovery. She knew exactly where it came from, and was delighted that it reacted to Pit's contact!

Impatient to have an answer to his lingering question, Pit bounced on his feet and looked at her with big, joyful wide eyes. "What is it? What is it, what is it, what is it?!" he asked repeatedly, clasping his hands together.

Palutena gave it back to him. "That's a gift from Aphrodite!"

Pit blinked. "The Goddess of Love? Why would she give me a necklace?"

The Goddess of Light, excited by what the gift meant, embraced her little champion, chuckling. "Aw, I'm so glad that it shines in your hands! That means that you have… weird feels for someone. Now don't you, Pit?"

"N-No, what are you talking about?!" he answered, his face flushed at the thought, though he raised his hands in the air to prove his innocence. Why would he have 'weird feels' towards anyone? If he felt something for someone, it was probably towards Palutena herself! She was such a loving person, he'd never met someone as open and sweet as she was! Pit looked at the necklace and grabbed it again, but this time it didn't light up to his touch, which he felt glad about. Maybe all that was just a bad joke from Hades! Whatever it was, he knew he didn't feel 'weird feels' for anybody in particular but Palutena.

The Goddess looked at him with a wide grin. "It should light up on the two sides. Did you try it… with Pittoo?"

Pit blushed and the jewel started glowing again at the simple thought of his twin. Although that was enough to answer the Goddess of Light's question, she still wanted him to tell her what happened. Pit hid his flushed face in his hands, thus bringing the stone closer to his face. "Well, yeah… It shone in purple. That's kind of weird, isn't it Lady Palutena? I don't feel any sort of feels for Pittoo! He's always mean with me!"

"Sure he is~!"

"Lady Palutena, s-stop!"

Palutena nodded but her growing smile didn't fade for that matter. She should've known that something was up with these two, they always spent so much time together. She'd often see them clinging onto each other while Dark Pit read a story to Pit. However, she didn't know how she felt about it; she still didn't like the idea of the dark angel being closer to Pit… He had been a threat in the past, what if an evil force got their hands on him? Palutena knew he wouldn't be able to resist the urge to assist the darkness… It was engraved in his soul; he was meant to be affiliated with the Underworld. Even though Viridi had promised to keep him at her Sanctum in order to avoid it by all means, the two Goddesses still feared the darker twin's rebellion. It would break Pit's heart if he turned their back to them and helped wreck the human world. Palutena sighed at the thought: she had dreaded that moment for months. She couldn't resolve to let the two be together, it would be way too dangerous for her angel. She couldn't risk losing him.

Pit gave a strange, confused look to the necklace that rested in his palms, and looked up at Palutena's broken, sad expression. Now, the light was out. No more shimmer, no more nothing, the stone looked similar to any other. Pit furrowed his brows and stared back into it: it was similar to glass, when he thought about it. Maybe it wasn't a natural stone? Well, it couldn't be either way, since stones didn't glow… It seemed like that one didn't either, in its natural state. It only did when he thought of Dark P—There it shone again.

The light angel shook his head, puzzled, and turned his surprised eyes to Palutena. "Why not invite him over another day, Lady Palutena? To find out what this truly means, because I'm a bit… confused right now."

"You're always confused anyways, Pit."


"Don't sulk, Pit. How about that walk to the hot springs? It could help you see clearer if you put your eyes under the warm, delicious hot spring water, maybe?"

Pit's wings fluttered up. "Would that really work, Lady Palutena?!" he asked in sudden joy, his face bearing a beautiful smile.

The Goddess of Light chuckled. "No, it wouldn't, I'm joking around with you. Let's go now."

To be continued…

Updated: 02/11/2019