Deku Means I Can Do It!

Chapter 1

So, I'd been toying around this idea for a while since I first saw fanfictions where Deku had a Quirk from before he met All Might and got One For All. I debated what kind of Quirk I wanted to have him get if I made a fic, and upon seeing him first use his Smash in the entrance exam, I came up with the perfect solution. Izuku will have a passive quirk that not will not only be enhanced by One For All, but is the perfect lead in to the powerful Quirk.


As a side note, Bakugo will be a bit nicer to Deku, and as such he'll be OOC for this fic.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

As Izuku Midoriya, called Deku by his classmates (mainly Kacchan), was currently hurrying through the moonlit streets of the city he lived in, heading for a nearby beach that the public often used as an illegal dumping site for large trash items. As he ran, Izuku was in an excited mood, something that would seem out of place on a teen that was heading to a beach covered with trash, but there was a reason.

Earlier that day, Izuku had had a run in with his idol, the Hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might. In their initial meeting, Izuku had asked the Hero whether someone like him could ever become a great Hero. For you see, unlike the majority of the world's population and the entirety of those that choose the occupation of Hero, Izuku did not have an obvious and impressive Quirk to aid him in combatting evil. All Might had shot the boy down after circumstances forced him to reveal his biggest secret. All Might, the Symbol of Peace, had sustained a grievous injury that severely limited his capacity to be a hero, giving him a slightly jaded view on the profession and the opinion that the job was too dangerous for someone without a Quirk.

Izuku had been walking home, crushed, when he saw a villain that took the form of a mass of sludge attacking one of his friends. At first he was petrified with fear, but suddenly a flame sparked to life within him and Izuku found himself rushing past the Heroes that had arrived on the scene, moving on instinct to help his classmate. He had put up a valiant struggle, but it was ultimately futile, with the sludge villain preparing to finish the two of them off, when All Might stepped forward. Izuku's actions had motivated him to act, knowing that if he did not do so, he'd be going against everything he stood for, even if it meant he was risking his own health due to the injuries he had suffered those years ago.

Later, All Might met with Izuku again and told him how impressed he was with his actions and determination, and offered him the chance to be a hero, offering him the chance to inherit the power of the Quirk that made All Might the unstoppable powerhouse that everyone knew as the Symbol of Peace, the Quirk, One For All.

This leads us back to where we first began.

"Graaah!" grunted out Izuku as he tried and failed to drag an old refrigerator across the ground via a set of ropes, while All Might sat upon said appliance in his muscular hero form.

"Hey hey hey," said All Might, "this sure is a comfortable fridge to sit on."

"Why am I doing this anyway?" groaned Izuku as he flopped onto the ground, "I mean you weigh like 274kg not to mention what this thing weighs."

"Hahaha," laughed All Might, "actually I lost weight. I'm only weigh 255kg."

"Right," deadpanned Midoriya, getting another laugh from the Pro Hero.

"As for why you're doing all this," said All Might as he pulled out a smartphone and took a few snapshots of the young teen, "it's because you are an imperfect vessel for my Quirk."

"EHHHHH?" exclaimed Izuku in despair as he teared up. Was he going to be rejected after being thrown this lifeline?

"Heh," chuckled All Might, "but we're here to change all that. Tell me, Young Midoriya, what is a Hero?"

"A hero is a symbol of peace and justice that works to safeguard the welfare of the people!" exclaimed Izuku enthusiastically as he jumped up with a grin.

"Yes, a hero is all that," said All Might, "but Pros have seemed to taken an interest in more flashy actions these days. In the old days, hero work was just that: work. Community service and such. So, you're going to go back to those roots."

Hopping off the broken appliance, the hero placed a hand on the large metal device, and, with a quick display of strength, crushed it flat onto the sand.

"From now, and until the U.A. Entrance Exam, you will clear this area and restore the sight of the horizon to all visitors," declared All Might.

"All of this?" gasped Izuku as he realized just how much trash littered the shoreline.

All Might nodded, "U.A.'s course is by far the hardest Hero Course to get into. In the ten months leading up to the entrance exam, you will train body and soul until you become the ideal vessel to inherit One For All. Here."

Izuku's eyes widened as All Might pulled a stack of papers from…somewhere? Upon taking it, Izuku saw that it was a workout regimen including a diet plan.

"You'll be following this plan to build up your body while also working to clean this beach," said All Might, "Follow this in every aspect of your life."

"Right," said Izuku with a determined grin, "I can do it…no, I'll go beyond. Because for me to get strong, I'll have to work harder than anyone else!"

And so began Izuku's training to inherit the Quirk One For All. The teen followed the training plan to the letter, and then some. Knowing that he needed to push past his limits if he wanted to become the Hero he always wanted to be, and so he pushed himself even further.

Now, in another world, in another time, this increased regimen would cause Izuku to eventually collapse due to him overworking and overtaxing his system, but here Izuku was different. Unknown to everyone, Izuku did have a Quirk, one that was extremely passive and hard to spot. This time, Izuku's Quirk allowed his body to recover at a faster rate than one normally would, meaning that his muscles were able to mend and grow fast enough to keep up with the intense training he was putting his body through. Because of this, barely two months into his student's training, All Might arrived on the beach to a surprising sight.


"Impossible," breathed All Might as he watched Izuku let out a victory cry from atop a large pile of trash, "the entire beach?"

Indeed, not only did Izuku clean the specified area beach within three months, but he had been able to clear the rest of the shore as well.

"All Might," said Midoriya weakly, "I…did it…"

That was all he could get out before he lost consciousness and fell from the mound, prompting All Might to muscle up and speed to catch him.

'This boy,' mused All Might, 'he's special indeed. Not many could not only finish the training in this short a time, but the entire rest of the beach as well? …wait.

Looking closer and the sleeping teen, All Might saw that there was something different about him. His eyes widened when he saw that the teen's hair had gained a thick streak of white through it. It seemed that whatever strength he drew upon to finish, came at a cost. Still, the boy had what he had been looking for all this time, not only that, but he reminded him of himself from before taking up the name All Might, when he too was training to inherit One For All.

Yes, Izuku Midoriya was the one to carry on the legacy of One For All.


When Izuku awoke, he found himself lying in the familiar environment of his bedroom, the various All Might posters and memorabilia smiling down at him.

'Was it all a dream?' he thought as he climbed out of bed.

Yawning, Izuku walked downstairs, following the scent of cooking breakfast to the dining room, only to be jolted awake at what, or more precisely whom, was sitting at the table.

"Oh Izuku," said Inko, Izuku's mother, "this is Toshinori Yagi, a teacher at U.A. He brought you home last night after you passed out while studying. I offered our guest room for him to spend the night."

Izuku was speechless, for the man his mother had identified as Toshinori Yagi, was in fact the skinny true form of All Might. Glancing at his idol, he saw him shaking his head and giving him a look that said, "Say nothing. I'll explain later!"

"Right," said Izuku nervously, "he was helping me cram for the Entrance Exams. I guess I overdid it and knocked out."

Inko knew her son well enough to know he wasn't being totally honest with her, the white streak in his hair that had appeared overnight being a dead giveaway, but she also trusted his judgement and understood that if something was wrong, he would tell her, "Just be more careful in the future."

Izuku nodded as 'Toshinori' rose from his seat, "Thank your for breakfast Miss Midoriya. Young Midoriya, I will meet with you after breakfast at the same place as last time. We still have some review to do before the Entrance Exam."

"Be safe," said Inko as the man left and Izuku sat down to begin to eat.

'Izuku,' his mother sighed mentally, 'I hope you know what you're doing.'


"All Might!' exclaimed Izuku as he arrived on the beach where the symbol of peace was standing in his true form.

"SHHHHHH!" exclaimed All Might as he looked around to make sure nobody else heard.

"Sorry," said Izuku weakly.

Once they were certain they were alone, Izuku decided to ask a question that had bothered him since breakfast.

"Um, All Might," he said, "about this morning…"

"Right, sorry for barging in," he apologized, "but your mother insisted."

"It's not that," said Izuku, "I was just wondering…"

"The name I gave your mother?" he asked, getting a nod from the Hero Otaku, "yeah, that's the name I was born with, though these days most people just see me as All Might the Symbol of Peace."

"I see…" said Izuku, wondering if a life where everyone only sees you for your title was worth the fame.

"Anyways," said All Might, "I'm very impressed that you were able to finish cleaning the beach in such short time. Tell me though, did you stick to the training plan I laid out?"

"Well," said Izuku, "I did do a bit of extra training. I mean, to get to the level I want to be at one day, the level you're at, the level of a real hero, I need to work harder than anyone else."

'This kid,' mused Toshinori, impressed at the boy's forward thinking, but he shook his head. There was something he needed to address.

"Young Midoriya," he said seriously, "my training plan was meant to bring out the best results through strict adherence to it. Your extra training SHOULD have caused you to pass out randomly from overwork, however, you not only endured, but pushed past my expectations plus ultra."

"What does that mean?" asked Izuku, confused at whether he was being scolded or praised.

"Any normal person wouldn't have been able to finish in two months what you did here while still doing the extra workout you were putting yourself through, let alone one with no Quirk," said All Might, "but you pulled through. Young Midoriya, I believe you were wrong when you told me you had no Quirk. I believe you in fact do have a Quirk, a passive one that allowed your body to recover fast enough to benefit from the training you put yourself through, though you should still be careful of overdoing it if that white streak is anything to go by. Midoriya Izuku, you are more than ready to take in my Quirk."

Izuku practically glowed with happiness. Not only would he inherit the greatest Quirk of all, he just found out that he wasn't Quirkless after all.

The Pro Hero then plucked a strand of his blond hair from his head and handed it to Izuku, "Eat this."

"Excuse me?" exclaimed Izuku in surprise.

"To inherit One For All, you must be fed some of my DNA," said All Might, "I thought this would be easier than spit or blood."

Izuku swallowed nervously and forced himself to eat the strand of hair. Once the deed was done, he looked at himself, "I don't feel much different."

"Give it time to digest," said Toshinori with a chuckle, "come back this evening and your true training will begin."

"You mean…?" said Izuku hopefully.

"Yes," said All Might as he transformed to his muscle form, "for the next few months and until the day of the entrance exams, I will teach you as much as I can about how to use One For All. Midoriya Izuku, you will become a great hero. I promise you."


When Izuku got home, he hurried up to his room and pulled out an old notebook that had a picture of what he had envisioned his Hero Costume to look like. Smiling broadly at the thought that his dream was about to become a reality, Izuku grabbed a pencil.

'It just needs a few alterations…' thought the boy as he began to plan for his new future.

So yes, Izuku has a healing factor. Here's my thoughts. Healing factors take two forms, one being like what Wolverine and Deadpool have, which is more akin to high speed regeneration, allowing one to recreate cells that have been lost through dismemberment or injury, essentially regenerating themselves to heal from injuries.

The other one is like what happens when you're exposed to Sun Flames from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It allows your body to simply speed up the natural healing process. It's weaker than the former one, and cannot replace missing limbs or anything that cannot be naturally healed by the body's normal healing abilities, but it can allow for faster buildup of muscular structure by speeding up the natural process.

Deku won't be OP, as the limitation I'm putting on his natural Quirk will prevent him from spamming 100% One For All lest his own Quirk drains him dry trying to heal the damage, but he will be stronger than canon, as he now is getting taught more on how to use One For All.

Izuku's Quirk: Accelerated Healing

Type: Transformation (passive)

Abilities: Accelerates the body's natural healing process.

Limitations: draws on the body's natural energy in order to heal. If said energy is depleted, then it drains the life force, subtracting years from the person's life.