Deku Means I Can Do It!

Chapter 3

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As Izuku stood before the entrance to UA once again, smiling despite the butterflies in his stomach, he thought back to the previous night and the message he had gotten from All Might about his score. Originally, he had been rather despondent and depressed, considering that he had received a rather low score and had certainly not made the list of those who had passed. When he received a letter from UA, he practically felt his dreams shattering, but when he opened the message and activated the recording…


"I AM HERE AS A PROJECTION!" declared the muscular form of the Symbol of Peace as the message device from UA began its holo-playback.

"All Might!" exclaimed Izuku in surprise.

"Ha ha ha," laughed All Might boisterously, "Young Midoriya, I have much to speak with you about, but first I'd like to offer my regards to your performance in the Entrance Exam. You showed excellent skill and strength of character, though I must admit that 12 points is hardly enough to warrant a passing grade."

Izuku had felt his spirit shatter even further if that were possible, practically forcing himself to not break down and run out of the room as so to hear his idol out out of respect for him. He had had his heart set on UA and living up to the reputation and legacy of One For All and those that had wielded its power before him, but now, it seemed that all that was for naught.

"Ha ha ha," laughed All Might again, "indeed, that amount of points would not be enough to warrant a passing grade…that is, if that was all we were judging you on."

This had made Izuku look up in surprise. Was there still hope? Was there a hidden part of the test he had not heard about? Was the score he had obtained on the Written Exam going to be enough to allow him to pass? Could he still be a hero?

"Yes," said All Might, "as this is a school looking to raise the next generation of heroes, it would not be fitting if we only focused on villains defeated. No, a hero is a protector of the weak as well as a defeater of evil, therefore, I shall now reveal the second scoring method of the Entrance Exam: Hero Points."

The recording of All Might shrank to accommodate another video, this one of Midoriya leaping at the Zero-Pointer and destroying it to protect that girl that had gotten stuck under the rubble, sacrificing his chance to gather more points as a result.

"Izuku Midoriya," said All Might, "for your courage and bravery toward others in this exam, the judges have deemed to give unto you, 58 Hero Points. And with a score of 76, I can happily say that you are now a student of UA's Hero Course. Congratulations Young Midoriya and welcome, to your hero academia."

xXflashback endXx

Smiling at the memory, Izuku pushed open the doors and made his way through the halls of the school. Looking down at the papers that had been included in his acceptance message, he saw that he had been assigned to Class 1A, so he scanned the numbers on the doors until he came across a rather large door that had the characters emblazoned on it. Taking a deep breath, Izuku pushed open the door to the classroom, eager to see what kinds of students would be his classmates.

"Kindly take your feet off of that desk at once! It is disrespectful of those who have come before us and the craft put into building it."

"Quit flapping your lips you extra character."

Chuckling as a sweatdrop formed due to him recognizing the voices, Izuku stepped into the classroom to see Bakugo sitting back with his feet on his desk, while the bespectacled teen that had berated Izuku in the Entrance Exam scolded him. As the verdette walked into the room, his explosive childhood friend noticed his presence and raised an arm in greeting.

"Deku," he smirked, "glad to see you managed to scrape by."

"Of course," said Izuku with a smile, "didn't want to drag you down, Kacchan."

"Greetings," said the other teen as he turned his attention, "I am Iida Tenya from Somei Private Academy."

"Um, hi," said Izuku awkwardly, a bit surprised at the teen's polite greeting, "my name is Midoriya Izuku."

"Midoriya-san, I would like to offer my apologies for my actions before the Entrance Exam," said Iida, "I believed you were not taking the test seriously, whilst you were instead the one who figured out the true test within the Exam."

"Right," chuckled Izuku sheepishly.

"If you're all just here to socialize, then you should leave right now," said a tired voice from the doorway. When the students turned to see who it was, they saw a haggard man lying wrapped up in a sleeping bag in a way that made him resemble a bagworm, "this is the Hero Course."

The man unzipped the bag and climbed to his feet, revealing that he was wearing a black outfit with a scarf-like object wrapped around his neck, "It took you lot eight seconds to calm down," he drawled, "in the real world, time wasted can be the difference between life or death. If you want to survive as heroes, then you'd best remember that. That being said, I'm your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, pleased to meet you."

The students muttered awkward greetings, wondering what kind of Pro-Hero this man had been with his gaunt and tired appearance. Izuku in particular was wracking his brain, trying to remember a Hero that resembled Aizawa.

"Now, said Aizawa, "everybody change into your Gym Clothes and head out to the grounds. It's time for your first lesson here at UA."

Confused, but not wanting to anger their new teacher, the students of 1A grabbed their issued Gym Uniforms and headed down to the locker rooms to get changed. Once they had done this, the students assembled on the sports field where their teacher was waiting while placing eyedrops into his eyes.

"So what are we going to be doing?" asked Tsuyu Asui, a girl that had a Quirk that gave her froggy attributes.

"Here at UA you will be taught to use your Quirks to better help the world so you can become Pro-Heroes. Unfortunately, primary education is quite lacking in teaching children to utilize their Quirks, mostly focusing on the core essentials, with some guidance counseling here and there, so therefore, we'll be starting off your time here with a Quirk Evaluation Test."

Aizawa picked up a softball and faced the class, "softball throwing, long jumps, 50-meter dash, side to side jumping, these are all things you did in school as a part of Physical Education classes, and I'm sure your teachers restricted the usage of your Quirks during these activities. That's about to change."

Aizawa called Bakugo over to stand in a chalked circle on the dirt and tossed the ball to him, "Katsuki Bakugo, how far could you throw in middle school?"

"77 meters," said the explosive teen, getting a nod from Aizawa.

"Good. Now try with your Quirk," said the teacher tiredly, "do whatever you need, just don't leave the circle. Give it all you've got."

Katsuki nodded and tossed the ball up and down a few times before rearing back with a savage smile on his face, "DIE!" he yelled as he hurled the ball forward, releasing an explosion from his hand to propel it forward even more.

The other students stared at him with sweatdrops at his choice in battle-cry, while Izuku simply chuckled, 'Same old Kacchan.'

The handheld device in Aizawa's hand recorded the throw at 705.2 meters and he showed it to the rest of the students, "It is important to know your limits," he said, "that is the first step needed to push past and find out just what kinds of Heroes you'll be."

"This is awesome," cheered one student, "we can use our Quirks for this! The hero course is great!"

"Awesome?" muttered Aizawa as he fixed the class with a piercing glare, "the Hero Course is not fun and games. The next three years will be preparing you to become heroes in the real world, and if you want to last that long, you'll need to be serious. With that said, the student with the lowest score overall, will be expelled. Now line up and begin."

Hesitantly, the students began to take their turns at the exercises. For the ball throwing, the round-faced girl, whose name was Uraraka Ochaco, dominated by using her Quirk, Zero-Gravity, to score a whopping infinity as a score. While her performance was hard to beat, Izuku was far from the bottom of the ladder when his turn came.

"Right," muttered the teen, "just have to remember control."

Rearing his arm back, Izuku channeled One For All into the muscles in it before hurling the ball forward with a loud shout of, "SMASH!" sending the ball hurtling through the air thanks to the power his inherited Quirk added to his throw as his natural Quirk eased the strain on the muscle fibers.

Aizawa raised an eyebrow as he looked at the impressive score of 725.8 meters on his mobile device. He had seen the reports of the Entrance Exam and read the notation All Might had made in the boy's file about his dual Quirks. Seeing as he had pulled off an impressive score both times without incapacitating himself or overtaxing either Quirk, Aizawa decided that perhaps Toshinori hadn't picked a bad successor after all.

After the rest of the students took their turns, next came the long jumps. While he didn't come first this time either, Izuku finished in a good middle ground due to him using One For All to enhance his leg muscles for the jump.

"Ok," said Izuku as he crouched down and focused, channeling One For All into his leg muscles, causing them to bulk up, "SMASH!"

With that yell, Izuku used his enhanced muscles to take a mighty leap forward that shot him forward a good distance from the scoring machine. He stumbled a bit on the landing due to his strained muscles, but already felt them healing, though he did notice he was feeling more tired than usual.

For the next exercise, the side to side jumps, Izuku actually finished last due to his Quirks not proving to be much help here, though a short student named Mineta Minoru that had a Quirk that gave him removable purple balls on his head, used the nature of said Quirk to easily win. Izuku did come out on top of the grip strength test, literally crushing the device used to measure it when his turn came. The rest of the activities proceeded like this, with Midoriya earning enough points for a middle ground ranking. Once the tests were over, Aizawa showed them the final scores, revealing that it was Mineta that scored the lowest.

"Minoru," said Aizawa curtly, "wait for me in my office. I will see about your transfer to the General Curriculum should you wish to remain at UA."

The disheartened boy headed back inside, much to the surprise of one of the students, a tall and developed girl named Momo Yaoyorozu, who had gotten into the class via a recommendation from a Pro.

"You mean this was a serious test?" she said in surprise as she brought a hand to her mouth, "I had assumed that this was a calculated risk to push us to our limits?"

Aizawa regarded her flatly as he spoke in his tired voice, "This is UA. We're preparing you for the real world, where not being strong enough can lead to your death, or the death of the innocents that you try to protect. If I simply coddled you with a ruse like that, then you would grow accustomed to such graces and, when it comes time for you to make names for yourself, you'll have become subconsciously conditioned to not take things as seriously as you should. It's time to shape up or leave, you're in the Hero Course now, and it only gets harder."