Kuoh, Japan, Playground, Sunday, 10:48.

Gnarl had a look of annoyment on his face as he surveyed the situation. There were multiple children running around on the playground, but one of them was giving off a peculiar wavelength of evil energy. If only he could concentrate, then the task would fall to the minions but of course birds were chirping and combining that with the laughter of children made it very difficult for the old minion to stay focused on finding out which child was emitting evil energy. It was 09:42 when Gnarl first began to observe them and now it was almost lunchtime. He was about to give up when his eyes fixated themselves on an ordinary-looking boy with brown hair who looked like he was eight years old.

'That's the one. He's who we are looking for.' Gnarl thought to himself as he felt evil energy emanate from him before saying, "Giblet, go and greet that brown-haired boy. Don't smash his head in with that club of yours, we need him alive."

"Okayy!" Giblet said as he ran off to greet the boy.

The boy, who was messing around on a jungle gym, was surprised to see a brown-ish creature wearing a vest and shorts approach him while carrying a small wooden club and say, "Hello. My name Giblet. Who are you?"

"Hello there, Giblet. I am Issei Hyoudou." the boy replied.

"Ah, that was interesting. I wondered how Giblet would grab your attention, little one. Now then, please follow Giblet." Gnarl telepathically spoke to Issei.

"Huh. I guess I should follow." Issei said as he followed Giblet to a gray-skinned being wearing a mystical-looking robe.

Gnarl eyed Issei and then spoke, "Hello there, Issei Hyoudou. No need for you to introduce yourself to me; I learned your name from listening in on your short conversation with Giblet. As for me, I am known as Gnarl. Explanations will be due once we return to the Netherworld."

"Hello, Gnarl. You say that as if I will be going with you. Also, I do need to eat." Issei replied.

"That's because you will be staying with us starting from tomorrow night onwards. As you are young, I will allow you to spend another day amongst the people here before beginning your stay in the Netherworld. By the way, how old are you?"


"Eight to nine years of time with us will mold you into something that this world is in dire need for: an Overlord! Make sure that you say farewell before coming with us because I'm sure that people will not look up to you should you leave for an extended period of time before returning. Allow me to handle your withdrawal from elementary school."

-The next day, 16:15-

Issei now waited by the playground after school. He had said goodbye to his parents and friends while Gnarl handled the elementary school withdrawal forms. It was difficult parting with Irina since she mentioned that she was moving for England, but it had been a necessary step since he didn't want her to hate him. Soon enough, the aged being approached him and asked, "I trust that you have said your farewells, Issei?"

"I have. It was kinda difficult since a childhood friend is also leaving this town. She's heading to a place called England, however." Issei replied.

"Excellent, young Issei. Now then, we must be off." Gnarl said before using magic to teleport himself and Issei away.

Netherworld, Minion Burrows.

Giblet was waiting near the Brown barracks when a magic circle bearing the Minion symbol appeared in front of him before Gnarl and Issei emerged from it. The aged minion then said, "This place is the Minion Burrows, young Issei. Normally we would be in the Netherworld Tower, but the Netherghuls decided that the tower must be torn down out of respect for the Fourth Overlord and all declined the chance to become Overlords themselves. One of the Netherghuls, a former Dark Elf known as Cryos, had explosives planted and then detonated to send the tower plunging into a lava lake located directly underneath it. At least, that's what would have happened if the Netherworld's magic had not interfered and slowed the tower's descent before forming an island of basaltic rock to catch the tower. Right now, that island is in the middle of the lava lake and the Netherworld Tower is in the process of being dismantled there. Hakon, another of the Netherghuls and a former Dwarven mercenary, is personally overseeing the dismantling."

"Will Issei be new Master?" Giblet asked.

"Not so fast, Giblet! The boy needs a proper Evil upbringing first. I won't be your only tutor either, young Issei... one of my old drinking buddies, Lord Sitri, has two daughters and one of them is around your age. More will be explained once we go to the Underworld and pay Lord Sitri a visit. I believe that it would be best if you were to stay with them as after that mess with the Golden, I entrusted them with caring for the Green Minions. The Reds were taken by the Phenex Clan by force instead of going to the Gremory Clan as originally intended. I have no idea where the Blues went off to, but I suspect that they're hiding in a water-heavy area in the Underworld."

A figure dressed in a mixture of blue and white clothes wielding a spear of ice walked by and asked, "Say Gnarl, don't the other Netherghuls and I get a chance to teach this little boy?"

"Um, who are you?" Issei asked the figure.

"That was Cryos, young Issei. You'll be studying Ice magic under him while Inferna, another Netherghul, will be teaching you about Fire magic and Hakon will oversee your physical training. Now then, we must visit Lord Sitri.' Gnarl replied. Once again, he used magic to teleport but this time Cryos joined in with the old minion and Issei.

-Underworld, Sitri Mansion-

Lord Sitri and his wife Lady Sitri were waiting at the entrance to their mansion when they saw two magic circles appear in front of them, one bearing the Minion symbol that Lord Sitri recognized while the other bore a fireball symbol. Emerging from the magic circle bearing the Minion symbol were Cryos, Gnarl, and Issei while a female figure clad in metal armor emerged from the other magic circle.

"Well, isn't this a surprise Cryos? I didn't think that we would see each other again so soon." the female figure spoke to Cryos.

"You're one to talk, Inferna. As it stands, we'll both be teaching young Issei our primary magics." Cryos replied in a professional tone.

"Quiet, both of you!" Gnarl snapped before saying, "I apologize for the delay, Lord Sitri. I found the new Overlord candidate yesterday, but due to his young age I felt it necessary to give him one day to say his farewells before coming with us. His name is Issei Hyoudou while these two figures are Cryos and Inferna, two of the three Netherghuls who will be teaching him alongside your family and myself. The other one will eventually be here."

"I understand, Gnarl. I am Lord Sitri and here is my lovely wife." Lord Sitri.

"Welcome to the Sitri Mansion, Cryos, Inferna, and Issei. Allow me to show you to your rooms." Lady Sitri said before opening the door and leading everyone into the mansion.

The scene then remained on a wall inside the mansion as Gnarl narrated, "Thus while Evil was nurtured in the Underworld, the world at large began to be encroached upon by remnants of the Shining Justice. They came to be known as Heroes United and started out as a small Polish community before expanding into Russia and other areas of Europe. Heroes United were mortal enemies with all dark beings like the Devils, such that when they eventually merged with the Hero Faction they knew it was only a temporary affair. But now it's your time, Master. It's time to crash the party, time to crush Heroes United, time to bring back the black and let loose the minions of war, because Evil always finds a way."