Hyoudou Residence, Early Morning, Tuesday.

Issei took about two minutes to process this information, and upon reaching a decision got to a sitting position before saying, "I will pass along your message Raynare, but I don't think that I'll be able to do so today." He then stood up and almost immediately fell down after taking one step forward.

Raynare sighed as she helped Issei get back into bed before replying, "It looks like you'll be staying in bed for a couple of days. I'll bring breakfast up, but please try to focus on eating Issei. By the way, I'm not comfortable with using honorifics so just call me Raynare."

"I understand, Raynare."

Raynare smirked as she went down to the Hyoudou residence's kitchen and donned an apron before beginning to cook some bacon and eggs, thinking that Issei would enjoy it. Once she was done cooking, she took a plate that had two sunny-side up eggs and two slices of bacon on it up to Issei's room and set it down on his lap.

"Itadakimasu." he said before beginning to eat his breakfast. Once he was done eating, he returned to plate and silverware to Raynare before saying, " You're a wonderful cook, Raynare."

"Thank you." Raynare replied as a light blush formed on her face.

"I'm kinda surprised that you decided to make part of a Full English Breakfast. I may not look like it, but cooking is one of my hobbies. When I return to school, I'm definitely paying more attention in Home Economics class."

"I have been to England a couple of times in the past, so I remember when that was a new concept. Fallen Angels live much longer lives than humans, so it's relatively normal to have memories from two to three centuries ago except for Fallen Angels who were born within the last 100 years. I've also been to Mainland Europe and the US, and after being there the rigid gender roles of Japanese society definitely makes me feel like I don't really belong here. I need to get going, so have a good rest Issei."

"Take care, Raynare."

With that, Raynare went down to the kitchen and washed the plate and silverware that Issei had used before leaving the Hyoudou Residence. She then went to the abandoned church and ventured into the mess hall, where Dohnaseek was waiting.

"Took you long enough, Raynare. I assume that everything is taken care of?" the fedora-wearing traitor spoke.

"Yes. Has Azazel found out anything about what we're planning?" Raynare replied in a neutral tone.

"No, but he's getting awfully close to connecting the dots. Freed is also behind schedule, so it's going to take over a couple of days to get Asia here. Long story short, be careful."

"I understand."

Raynare left the church afterward and went to the front door of an ordinary house in town before knocking on the door. A man with black hair with golden bangs opened the door and said, "Hello there, Raynare. Come on in."

She went inside and the man closed the door after she entered. Raynare then said, "I have a report to make, Azazel. Want to hear it in the Isolation Room since it's soundproof?"

"That's a good idea. I have the feeling that Dohnaseek will try to listen in on us if the report is given anywhere in this place but there." Azazel replied before walking with Raynare into a room of the house that had no windows and the only door was made of solid steel. "We're now inside the Isolation Room."

"Alright then, yesterday Dohnaseek got a Sacred Gear reaction from a member of Kuoh Academy's Perverted Trio, specifically from Issei Hyoudou. Dohnaseek wanted him dead since he could potentially throw a wrench into the traitor's plan to steal a Sacred Gear from the exiled Holy-Maiden. Something that Dohnaseek doesn't know though is that after killing Issei, I took his body to his family's home and reincarnated him using four of my Fel Badges. I told him about what I had done to him and explained why I did so and so far, he understand what's going on." Raynare stated.

"So the Fel Badges finally reincarnated someone... I was worried that we would have to tinker with them again after they couldn't reincarnate a construction worker and then a policeman if they had failed a third time. Both were murdered by Dohnaseek for unknown reasons and the Fel Badges failed to reincarnate either of them." Azazel replied.

"I suspect that the Fel Badges have a bug in them, but I'll need two more situations where I have to use them before I can confirm that something's odd about them. For all we know, they might be extremely selective about who they reincarnate."

"Yeah, that's true. What are we going to do with Dohnaseek anyway? You mentioned that he's a traitor, but aside from the plan to steal Twilight Healing from Asia Argento, he hasn't overtly done anything."

"It happened almost immediately after we arrived in Kuoh: after settling down in the abandoned church, Dohnaseek betrayed us and brainwashed both Kalawarner and Mittelt. He tried to do the same with me and decided to go for blackmail after he discovered that I was immune. His threat was that if I didn't go along with his plan, he would rape and kill the other members including myself."

Azazel felt a headache incoming and asked, "That son of a bitch is working with one of the six, isn't he?"

"I believe so, but we can safely rule out both Rias and Sona since they're too busy doing contracts and going after Stray Devils in town. Likewise, Seekvaira Agares and Sairaorg Bael haven't been seen outside of the Underworld in the past five years so we can safely count them out too."

"Damn it, it's either Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas or Diodora Astaroth who is pulling Dohnaseek's strings. You've been to the Underworld on a couple of occasions Raynare, so what do you know about either of them?"

"I'm afraid that there's not much I know about them. I've only interacted with either of them once, but I've seen Zephyrdor more often. He's a complete delinquent and has a problem with authority, given how many times he ran away from home or argued with his parents. At the same time, he's also very prideful and arrogant so he never goes to the human world. Zephyrdor once even said that humans are nothing but wastes of life even if they have Sacred Gears, so..."

"It boiled down to Diodora Astaroth. From what I've heard about him via the rumour mill, he's a Holy-Maiden hunter."

"I've heard that term every now and then, but never really understood its meaning." Raynare stated as she began thinking 'Asia was able to heal a Devil with her Sacred Gear. That must mean... no, that possibility is the realm of fantasy!' before shaking that thought out of her head and asked, "Do you know what this 'Holy-Maiden hunter' term is?"

"Yes, and it's not a good term. It refers to Devils who go out of their way to target Holy-Maidens and/or nuns from the Church. Most of these hunters simply kill the Holy-Maidens and/or nuns, but according to the rumour mill Diodora engineers circumstances that lead to them getting kicked out, he then feigns sympathy, and then breaks their spirit before forcing them into servitude in his peerage." Azazel answered.

Raynare's eyes narrowed in anger at this information and stated, "He will suffer, but right now is not that time. And with that, I have given you my report."

"Excellent, Raynare. By the way, since Rias and Sona are the joint rulers have you planned on talking to either of them?"

"Issei will be the one to tell them about possible negotiations since he goes to Kuoh Academy. He's recovering a bit faster thanks to the Fel Badges, but he won't be moving out of bed until Thursday at the earliest. I wonder how he'll fare with the Yamato Nadeshiko of the school since the Western Beauty appreciates Issei's honesty about his perversions..."

Hyoudou Residence, Early Morning, Thursday.

Issei woke up and then trudged down to the kitchen to find his mother already making breakfast. "Morning, Kaa-san." He said on reflex once he entered.

"Good morning. I see that you're no longer bedridden, Issei." she replied as he took his seat and tucked in.

"First thing after classes today, I'm picking up catch-up work which means I don't have time to do certain things that are best kept in private."

"To be honest, I was very surprised yesterday to see a girl with black hair and violet eyes standing guard outside your bedroom door. She introduced herself as Raynare and said that you wouldn't be leaving for a couple of days. I wonder what happened that made her do that."

"I'm sorry, but that isn't my place to say. Raynare will tell you later, when it's convenient for her."

"Quite understandable, even if it means I don't get to know for the time being."

Issei ate breakfast in silence along with his mother and while cleaning up he asked, "I never noticed until now that Otou-san didn't ask about Raynare. Is he working overtime or something?"

"Yes. Apparently he left on a business trip to Osaka on Monday." Issei's mother said after letting out a sigh.

Soon, all of the dishes were cleaned up and Issei had prepared for school. "I'll be heading for school now." Issei said as he approached the front door.

"Be safe, Issei." his mother replied.

-After Classes-

Issei sighed as he picked up his catch-up work. He was then approached by Yuuto Kiba and he said, "Rias Gremory wants to speak with you. Come with me." Sighing, Issei complied and found himself heading to the old school building and once they were inside the blond male walked up to a door before knocking on it and speaking, "It's Kiba, I just brought Issei with me."

"Come in." a voice replied from the other side. Kiba opened the door and Issei cautiously followed him in. He saw a girl with red talking with two people who had black hair, one of whom he recognized as Akeno Himejima while the other was a member of the Student Council judging by the red armband she wore on her upper left arm. In the corner of his vision, Issei saw a girl with white hair eating snacks.

Kiba cleared his throat to get Issei's attention and then said, "Welcome to the Occult Research Club. As you undoubtedly know, I am Kiba Yuuto."

Akeno stopped talking with Rias and stated with a forced smile, "I'm Akeno Himejima. It's nice to meet you, Fallen."

"Akeno, you still haven't gotten over the past yet?" Rias said automatically before noticing Issei and continued, "I apologize for the behaviour of my Vice-President Akeno. I am Rias Gremory, President of the Occult Research Club. The young girl with white hair is Toujou Koneko."

The other black-haired girl finally noticed Issei and spoke, "I'm Sona Sitri, President of the Student Council. You likely already heard of me as Sona Shitori, but that's the alias I go by. You're probably wondering why Kiba brought you here, but that's because we have some questions for you."

Issei replied, "Fair enough. I was planning on talking to you people anyway. The Fallen Angel who killed and reincarnated me asked me to pass along a message."

Kiba then stated, "State your message, after that the questions will begin."

Issei then cleared his throat before speaking, "The Fallen Angel known as Raynare wishes to parley with you tomorrow at fifteen forty-five hours at the fountain in Kuoh Town. I send Issei Hyoudou to deliver this message and expect that he will be treated fairly. I had killed and reincarnated him as another Fallen Angel because a traitor saw him as a threat and wanted him removed before he could disrupt his plans. More details will be given then."

Koneko stopped eating her snacks and sat there slack-jawed. Akeno, Kiba, and Rias were also speechless while Sona remained calm and said, "Alright then, the questions will now start. Why does Raynare wish to speak with us?"

"As I said, more details will be given at the meeting tomorrow. However, I suspect that it has something to do about a former nun who is supposed to arrive in a couple of days. If you want to know, her name is Asia Argento."

Kiba then said, "On Monday you were talking about your horoscope when Raynare's lightspear interrupted you when it pierced your heart and you fell over dead a few moments later. What was it?"

"My sign is Aries. According to the horoscope, anyone who has Aries as their zodiac sign would experience bad luck this week. Might explain why I was almost run over by a drunk driver on Sunday, I got killed then revived on Monday, then Tuesday there was a gas leak in my neighborhood and yesterday one of my neighbors died from wounds that were likely caused by a large animal."

Rias then spoke up, "Even though many of the students hold spiteful feelings for you, your luck so far has been terrible this week just from hearing what you experienced. Very well, the Occult Research Club will be present at the meeting. Will you be there as well?"

"As a matter of fact, yes."

Raynare's Cell

Captain - Raynare

Private - Issei (four badges)