It's just a typical thing with everyone. You watch your movies and live your lives as if somehow it couldn't happen to you. You know who you are. Well, what secrets do you hold? Scared? Scared that someone might start looking? Scared that they might start prying into your soft interior and show the world something you'd rather keep hidden?

Well, what's your favorite scary movie? What is it? Oh, but the mystery is so invigorating so…stimulating. A phone call; now that's a simple little thing but why should you be scared? It's just a phone.

Do I sound like someone who would be a problem in your life? Oh seriously no way, that's what your thinking. But we aren't talking about fantasy or fiction, no we're talking about reality. And don't hang up the phone because you can't. Mysteries, I love 'em because they drive my existence and of course yours to. Tell me, if I were there right now would you be scared?

You see it on the news, you read about it in the paper, you hear other people talking about it. Death. You hear a lot of people talk about that. What's the crazy part? Oh, its only that the tragedy, horror, and pain, of one generation is just a gag or joke to the next one. It all starts with one thing and it can start again. So many ways to die but the people who really wanna feel it…they use a knife of course or something that really hurts.

Sound silly? It ain't. What if I came to your house? Nasty thought ain't it, but I'm not at your house. Of course its just a prank call. Everybody gets them or at least spam calls. But what is a horror movie? Well, something that brings terror to the viewer but there's a problem…they don't do what their supposed to. Only because… Your. Not. In. It.

Yeah. So what if what was playing behind that screen actually became a part of flesh, blood, bone, and reality eh? Now that would evoke true fear wouldn't it? Of course it would; because this isn't a comedy, it's a horror film, a really terrible, scary movie. And you'd better start running.

You're not scared are you?

I am watching you right now. Because I am everyone and that means I am everywhere.

So…wanna play game?