missing scenes to 2.03 red badge.

somehow i missed this episode when i was first watching the show? which is a travesty, but one i'm fixing effective now

Jane waits a full twenty-five minutes, by the count of his car dashboard clock, before he hits dial. It goes unanswered the first time, the second.

"May I come in?" he says the moment Lisbon picks up on the third try.

"I thought I told you to go away." Her voice is impressively even, considering, but that's Lisbon for you.

"I am gone. All the way across the street, even." Jane chances another look over at the window, but there's no sight of her. "So can I come back now?"

"…can I say no?"

"You already did," Jane points out, very reasonably. "Also, I'm pretty sure I know what happened."

He imagines that Lisbon is rolling her eyes, or at least strongly considering it. "…fine. But only if you get some takeout from that shop round the corner, I've been starving ever since you reminded me about skipping lunch."

"Sure thing, boss," Jane answers, and checks his wallet over the beat's pause that is definitely Lisbon rolling her eyes. "Don't have enough for ice cream, though, but I'm sure you have an emergency stash in the freezer?"

"It has to have been some kind of drug." Jane takes a moment to admire the symmetry of his scoop of ice cream before passing the tub back to Lisbon. "Like you said, I am the best. Now, I know that was mostly in jest, but it's also true – the only way for me to have failed in retrieving the memory is if it wasn't there to be found in the first place."

"Confident as ever, aren't you," Lisbon answers dryly. (Usually she goes slow with her sweet treats, rations things out half-unconsciously; today she digs in like a shovel.) "So you think someone drugged me? Not that I'm saying it's impossible, but who could've targeted me specifical–… oh, dammit. Carmen."

"Carmen," echoes Jane.

"Is that why he refused to sign off on me," she grumbles, before her gaze catches on him again. "Wait. I know that face. Why didn't you just tell me if you'd already figured this out?"

"Eh," Jane says noncommittally. She's getting agitated again, but there's none of that edge of desperation from earlier, so he figures it's all fine. "It's more convincing when you realise it yourself. Besides, there might've been someone else that I hadn't thought of. How was I to know?"

He says it lightly, though it's anything but – he should've noticed long ago, it's what he's for. This one's on him, no question, and the only reason Carmen isn't already begging to confess right now is because he's deferring to Lisbon on how she wants to handle it.

…well, mostly.

Possibly Lisbon catches wind of that thought crossing his mind, though that doesn't explain the distinct mutter of good mental health, my ass he catches before she speaks aloud again. "Like who?"

"New guy in the mailroom, maybe?" Jane hazards, smiling sunnily, and doesn't dodge when Lisbon smacks him on the shoulder.

He does collapse dramatically onto the couch, but he figures that it's called for, and anyway he hasn't gotten very far into how grievously Lisbon has wounded him when his handphone rings.

Cho's melodiously brisk tones come through when Jane fishes the phone out of his pocket and flips it open, still flopped down on the couch. Sitting up's overrated, anyway. "Jane. You know where Lisbon is?"

Jane raises his eyebrows at Lisbon and gets a decisive nod in return, even if she's biting her lip slightly as she does it. "She's right here, actually – hang on a sec, I'll put you on speaker – "

Lisbon rolls her eyes when he tosses her the phone, but catches it with a sure hand and jabs at the speaker button anyway. "Cho. What's up?"

He lets the conversation wash over him; the devil is in the details, yes, but Jane isn't, not this once. He trusts the team – their team – with many things, up to and including Teresa Lisbon's wellbeing.

He's brought out of his thoughts by Lisbon prodding him with the hand that isn't holding the handphone out between them. "Jane has a plan. Don't you, Jane?"

"Well, I'd thought of it more as our plan, actually," Jane remarks idly, but moves on before either of them can comment on it. "Anyway. You and Rigsby swing by to pick Lisbon up, I want you to arrive… hm, fifteen minutes after I do? Give me enough time to run things by Grace, let her get Carmen into position."

"You got all that?" Lisbon checks, and ends the call when Cho confirms it.

Jane basks in the ensuing silence, punctuated only by the sound of Lisbon methodically scraping the bottom of the tub.

"Now what?"

He cracks an eye open to look at her. "Dunno. You need a dry run?"

"You want me to rehearse?" comes the retort, with just the right amount of incredulity. "Please. You throw temper tantrums all the time, it can't be that difficult."

"I resemble that comment," Jane murmurs in response, eyes drifting closed again.

Lisbon snorts. It's a familiar and welcome sound.

Afterwards, Jane only waits long enough to be certain that Minelli's going to send Carmen over before he heads right out of CBI and back to Lisbon's place.

Cho had already sworn up and down to the team that he'd contact them if anything went south – Rigsby and Van Pelt first, then Jane, because armed backup was probably what they'd need in that case. That was before Jane had made him promise, in private, to contact him first if it looked like Lisbon wasn't going to be able to handle it.

He'd expected Cho to question that, ask if he really thought Lisbon couldn't handle this, but instead Cho had just looked carefully at him before nodding.

Still, he can't rid himself of the last shreds of niggling worry until he's parked the team's van further down the street (they couldn't risk Carmen spotting his car near here) and knocked on the door, to be greeted by the sight of Lisbon in a too-short dress.

She steps aside, waving him in. "How did I do?"

Jane looks around, takes in the disarray, the spread of pills and alcohol on the table. "Quite the Oscar-worthy performance, I'd say. Ever consider a change in career, Lisbon?"

"Shut up. How'd it go with Minelli?"

"As expected." He nudges the table a bit further out of alignment, then steps back to consider the effect. "He remembered about your off-duty weapon, by the way."

"Of course he would. And now we just wait, I guess."

Jane hums in agreement. "Shouldn't be long now. Want me to go swap with Cho now?"

No reply comes, and when he glances over she's regarding him with genuine puzzlement. "What for?"

"I'd have figured that you'd want someone else around instead of me, in case Carmen tries anything." Jane shrugs. "I mean, he has killed at least one man. That we know of."

"Don't be ridiculous, I'll have the Glock in my hand the entire time. He won't even get a chance." Lisbon crosses her arms, huffs. "Look, if this is about the – the whole bit where I said that I don't want you inside my head, I didn't really mean that."

Jane gives her a look.

"Okay, fine, I did. But only a little. And I think we can agree it's a bit late for that, anyway."

"Probably." Jane gestures at iPod in her hand. "So, Spice Girls?"

"One of these days you're going to tell me just how you knew about that," Lisbon mutters darkly – but she still hands him one of the earplugs dangling around her neck, so that's fine.

They're fine.