Finally put the character list together after piecing it all from Wattpad. But these are going to be the announced characters in this story. The first actual chapter will be worked on after this is posted today. Happy New Year everyone!

Turner Home

Tammy Turner: Timmy and Trixie's oldest twin daughter. She is 12 years old. At the age of 9, her and her younger brother, Tommy, had received Cosmo and Wanda to share after a year of torture from the VickyBot. She has long black hair with blue eyes behind purple framed glasses. She has a purple headband in her hair, wearing a lavender short sleeved blouse, a black mini skirt, and short black boots. She is very bright and is a bit outspoken. She might pick on Tommy a lot but she does care deeply for her brother. She mostly keeps Wanda on her.

Tommy Turner: Timmy and Trixie's younger twin son. He is 12 years old At the age of 9, he and his older sister, Tammy, had received Cosmo and Wanda after to share after a year of torture from the VickyBot. He has short messy chestnut hair, blue eyes, bucked teeth, and a round nose. He wears a pinky beanie on top of his head, wearing a light pink short sleeved shirt, blue torn jeans, and white sneakers. He is very much like his father, very stubborn and has a C average in school. Tommy is the one that finds the magical music box in the beginning of the story. He mostly keeps Cosmo on him.

Timmy Turner: A call center representative. He is 46 years old. When he and Chloe were 16 years old, Jorgen had taken Cosmo and Wanda away from them. They hadn't broken any rules but the fairy council had ruled that they were too dangerous. Jorgen erased both their memories of everything. Nowadays, Timmy is feeling like he is missing something in his life. Though he doesn't know what. He has short messy brown hair, blue eyes, bucked teeth, wearing a white long sleeved dress shirt, a pink tie, blue jeans, and brown sneakers.

Trixie Tang/Turner: A nurse at a nursing home. She is 46 years old. When she first started her family, she was a bit worried about going back to school. She needed to go back to get her nursing degree. Timmy has always been there for her, through thick and thin. However, like her husband, she has been feeling that something is missing. She has shoulder length black hair, blue eyes with reading glasses, wearing a purple long sleeved turtleneck, white caprice, and white sneakers.

Cosmo: He is a fairy godparent. When he and Wanda were taken from Timmy and Chloe, they had retreated to the outer banks of Fairy World. They had taken in Sparky and Poof's (now) girlfriend, Rose. Cosmo is still not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar but he loves Tammy and Tommy a lot. His hair was completely gray and is messy, his face is really wrinkly, tired green eyes, green glasses, wearing a dark green long sleeved hoodie, black jeans, his brown loafers, a rusty broken crown, wings really broken, and his wand looking more of a gray color.

Wanda: She is a fairy godparent. When she and Cosmo were taken from Timmy and Chloe, they had returned back home to Fairy World. While she is still a nag at times, she cares about Tommy and Tammy. Her hair is starting to have gray streaks in it, she has wrinkles on her face, tired pink eyes, wearing a pink long sleeved blouse, black jeans, black sneakers, copper earrings, a rusty crown, wings are starting to break, and her wand looking more of a gray color.

Johnson Home

Harmony Johnson: A.J. and Alicia's daughter. She is 12 years old. At the age of 9, she also had been tormented by the VickyBot. Unlike the Turner twins, she is not signaled out as much. She is a genius, often outsmarting everyone. She is incredibly shy about showing off, unlike her father. She gets Rose as her fairy godparent. She constantly gets hotheaded in situations beyond her control. Tammy is her best friend. She has long curly brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a dark red blouse, a blue skirt, and white shoes.

A.J. Johnson: An university professor. He is 46 years old. When he and Alicia had settled down, he had promised himself that he wouldn't move around much for Alicia's sake. So he applied for the job at the local university. Like the other adults, he has been feeling like something is missing in his life. He always looks out for Timmy, as much as he can. He is still bald, blue eyes, has a small black goatee, wearing a blue undershirt, a white sweatervest, brown khakis, and brown sneakers.

Alicia Gray/Johnson: A high school teacher. She is 46 years old. When she applied for the job for the school system, A.J. was the biggest support that she ever had. They had faced a lot of hurdles for her mostly because of Crocker's constant objections. He constantly objected, saying that Alicia had fairy godparents but none believed him. She has short brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a long sleeved red blouse, a gray skirt, and white dress shoes.

Rose: A fairy godparent. When she was assigned to Harmony, she was quite nervous. It was an interesting start but she managed to get Harmony to believe her. The two of them are inseparable. She is currently dating Poof. Her hair is a beautiful curly red color, rose eyes, rose crystal earrings, wearing a rose short sleeved blouse with a white collar, blue jeans, white sneakers, a golden shiny crown, silver wings, and a gold wand.

McBadbat Home

Todd McBadbat: Chester and Tootie's son. He is 12 years old. At the age of 9, he also had started to get baby sat by the VickyBot. Unlike the others, since Todd is Vicky's nephew, he gets most of the torture. That's why he gets Poof as his fairy godparent. He is very kind to those around him, often getting himself into trouble. He has a small crush on Harmony. He has short black messy hair, green eyes, wearing a black patched up jacket, green sweatpants, and black sneakers.

Chester McBadbat: A recycling plant owner. He is 46 years old. When he first started to date Tootie, he had promised to take Tootie away from Vicky. Vicky had still blamed Tootie for Winston's death, years ago. He had promised Tootie that Vicky would never harm their son, completely unaware of the torture that Todd gets. He, like AJ, still looks out for Timmy. He has short blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a short sleeved green button up shirt, black torn jeans, and black sneakers.

Tootie Delisle/McBadbat: The co-owner to Chester's plant. She is 46 years old. When she and Chester were starting to settle down, they both came up with the idea to open up their very own recycling plant. They would use the garbage, recycle it, and then use it for power for Dimmsdale or neighboring towns. She has long black hair pulled back into a braided ponytail, blue eyes, wearing a short sleeved blue dress that went down to her knees, white stockings, and black high heel shoes.

Poof: A fairy godparent and Cosmo and Wanda's son. Before Jorgen erased Timmy's memories of his fairy family, the council approved of Poof to be a real fairy, instead of being a wish that Timmy had made. When he was assigned to Todd, he was excited to be semi-close to his former godbrother. Poof had hair fully grown out, completely purple. He has two bangs that are completely straight and the middle bang curls down, purple eyes, wearing a dark purple dress jacket, a light purple undershirt, his Dad's black tie, dark purple dress pants, dark purple dress shoes, Timmy's old pink hat as his crown, silvery wings, and his Mom's old wand.

Buxaplenty Home

Roderick Buxaplenty: Remy and Chloe's son. He is 12 years old. When he was 9 years old, his parents had become insanely busy with their bed and breakfast business. Becoming miserable, he got Juandissimo as his fairy godparent. He is very sweet, always looking out for his cousins, the Turner twins. He had messy dirty blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a blue blazer, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.

Remy Buxaplenty: An owner of a bed and breakfast business. He is 46 years old. After turning down his parents "best wishes" for him, Remy had gone into his own business, making a good bit of money. While it does take him away from home a lot, he loves his wife and son very much. He has short blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a regal blue suit with a white undershirt and a black tie. He also wears black dress shoes.

Chloe Turner/Buxaplenty: A painter for a home owned company. She is 46 years old. After being adopted by the Turner's, Chloe's life turned around mostly for the better. She met Remy at the age of 15. She and Remy didn't hit it off at first until Remy showed her how much he liked her. She works full time, always trying her hardest for her husband and son. She has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a yellow short sleeved blouse, blue caprice with red trim at the bottom, and white sneakers.

Juandissimo: A fairy god parent. After being taken away from Remy the final time, he swore off being a fairy god parent until Marion had to trick him to go back to work. He still thinks of himself as very sexy but has let himself go over the years. His long black hair is now gray, his eyes are a tired purple color, a bit heavy, wearing a white short sleeved shirt, black sweats, black sneakers, a rusted crown on his head, wings that are starting to break, and a rusted down wand.

Neutron Home

Amelia Neutron: Jimmy and Cindy's oldest daughter. She is 13 years old. When Amelia was young, she was a protege genius. With her Dad's IQ, she went on to win nationals and then got her first degree in science. She would be getting her Master's but her Mom insisted on her making friends. She has a few in Retroville, like Sheen and Libby's son (Lenny). She recently met Tommy and his sister, getting a small crush on Roderick. She has long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, blue eyes, wearing a blue short sleeved shirt, dark blue caprice, and white sneakers.

Frederick Neutron: Jimmy and Cindy's younger son. He is 12 years old. When he was young, Jimmy had a small impression that he would be just as smart as Amelia. Turns out that Frederick inherited his Mom's intelligence. While he isn't super smart, he can still hold his own at a science fair. He prefers to stay out of the lime light, not liking public attention too much. He has a small crush on Tammy. He has short messy blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a white lab coat, a yellow undershirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Jimmy Neutron: An university professor. He is 47 years old. After he and Cindy got married, he never expected to have his own children. While he does have a bit of stress onto the kids to be a lot like him, he eventually realizes the truth. He still has his fudge like hair, blue eyes, wearing a blue short sleeved shirt, red jeans, and black sneakers.

Cindy Vortex/Neutron: A reporter for the Retroville News. She is 47 years old. After realizing how much of a stress factor Jimmy had become, she took him aside and lectured him gently. She would do anything for her husband and her kids. She has blonde hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, green eyes, wearing a dark dark three piece suit and black dress shoes.

Pines Home

Celesta Pines: Dipper and Pacifica's daughter. She 12 years old. When she born, she had inherited her Grunkle Ford's six fingers. It is something that is very shy about, having been teased about them. (And unknown to her, Preston has volunteered occasionally for him to pay for the surgery to remove her extra finger.) Currently, her parents have moved down to Dimmsdale from Gravity Falls after her mother's business struck a partnership with Remy's business. She has a crush on Tommy (and vice versa). She has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, wearing white gloves to hide her six fingers, a dark red jacket with a red undershirt, her great grunkle's pocket watch on a golden chain around her neck, dark blue jeans, and brown long boots.

Dipper Pines: A paranormal investigator. He is 46 years old. After Dipper and Mabel had returned to Gravity Falls after that fateful summer, he dreamed often of returning back to Gravity Falls. Their parents were made aware by Mabel's constant letters of Weirdmaggedon, so convincing them of going back was nearly impossible. When they finally were able to, it had been three years after Weirdmaggedon. He started to date Pacifica when they were both 16. He has short scraggy brown hair with a goatee, blue eyes, wearing a red long sleeved flannel shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

Pacifica Northwest/Pines: A bed and breakfast owner. She is 46 years old. When Dipper and Mabel were finally able to return, she knew that she had a problem. Her crush on Dipper was obvious, except to Dipper. When they finally started to date, Preston often protested that Pacifica should do 'as a Northwest' should and dump Dipper. He was, at the time, trying to set up Pacifica with Remy. When that didn't work, Preston focused his sight on 'perfecting' Celesta. That's one of the reasons Pacifica was eager to leave Gravity Falls. She has medium length blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a teal short sleeved dress with a white jacket and dress shoes.

Fairy World

Marion Von Strangle: The fairy commander after Jorgen left. While he gets rather annoying and egocentric, he cares deeply for all of the fairies. While he doesn't usually work well with others, (Nina especially), he is a better commander than Jorgen ever was. He gives everyone a fair chance to explain themselves. He has a sky blue Mohawk in his dark blue hair, several body piercings, blue eyes, wearing a black loose fitting short sleeved shirt with a silver skull design on it, black pants, black tall boots, a silver crown, a new jetpack for wings, and a medium sized wand.

Jorgen Von Strangle: The former fairy commander. When he erased the memories of Timmy Turner and Chloe Carmichael, Jorgen left Fairy World on a long quest to find himself. He was warned by Nacey not to erase their memories but still proceeded with the Fairy Council's request. Unable to face Nacey or anyone else again, he left Fairy World. He hadn't been seen since. His hair had changed from snow white to gray, he still works out, he has tired blue eyes, wearing a black tight short sleeved shirt with a blue wand on it, torn black jeans, brown tall boots, a copper crown, a rusted jetpack for wings, and his rather large wand.

Nina Cortex: The precising magical being and Nacey's daughter. After her mother had disappeared, the Fairy Council called Nina in to replace her Mom. Her first few months on the job were rather difficult. Her Mom left big shoes to fill and not everyone was thrilled to have her taking her mother's place. Eventually, Nina made the job her own, getting back the bionic hands her Uncle Neo gave her years prior. Her brown hair is now shoulder length, she has brown eyes, pale yellow skin, bionic metal hands, wearing a purple long sleeved blouse with a lace trim, black beaded jeans, and black sneakers.

Nacey Cortex: The former precising magical being and Neo's older sister. After Jorgen had erased Timmy and Chloe's memories of the fairies (and her telling him not to do so), she left shortly after he did. She was furious with Jorgen for not listening to her, not to mention she felt very betrayed. She hasn't been seen since. Some say her magic still protects Timmy, since he has gotten out of bad scrapes without a scratch. Her skin was a pale yellow, her hair was starting to gray so she had several streaks of gray hair in her brown hair, she had wrinkles on her face, tired brown eyes, wearing a teal short sleeved blouse, white caprice, and white sneakers.

Turbo Thunder: A protector of Fairy World. After Jorgen and Nacey both left, the Fairy Council knew that they were going to need someone to fill in Timmy's shoes. Since Turbo had been the Chosen One before, they had decided to choose him to protect the fairies. While he doesn't like the idea of being the 'fall guy', he knows that he has to protect the fairies. He had married somewhere down the line, since he now wears a wedding ring.

Adam/Cupid: While he is the god of love, Cupid had retired from his post long ago after settling down with his wife, Iris Studwell. Their two children, Love and Lilac, have taken over their posts as both god of love and the doctor of Fairy World. His pink hair now has gray streaks in it but other than that, he has not changed all that much.

Iris: The former doctor of Fairy World. After her brother, Dr. Rip Studwell, had left the practice she took over until she delivered their children. After that, she went back to work part time. She showed Lilac how to run the practice while Love took over Cupid's job. She has gray curly hair, purple eyes, wearing a dark purple sparkly shirt, white skirt, white dress shoes, a rusted down wand, a copper crown, and broken wings.

Background/extra characters that we will introduce later on include: Cassie, Sparky, Lionel, Roger, Darkness, Eliminators, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Foop, Anti-Rose, Anti-Sparky, Emily Brown, the Kids Network Studios crew, Bill Cipher, and Preston Northwest. I might add more or we might not use all of these characters, we shall see!