The air was thick with tension, especially when Jorgen was glaring hardcore at the injured Amie. Luigi refused to leave her side, even for a brief moment. He was scared of what Jorgen might do to her. Nacey was kind enough to give Luigi a break once in a while. Luigi agreed, knowing that the island heroine would not hurt his boss. Luigi was currently getting some water, seeing that Timmy was there. Timmy was looking out of the window of the waiting area, looking at Luigi's reflection behind him. Surprised to his former teammate, Luigi took a step back.

"Timmy? What are you doing here?" Luigi asked.

Timmy turned to Luigi and quietly answered, "I... honestly don't know." He lowered his eyes as he softly added, "I kept calling her 'Sis'. And I felt like you were a brother to me..."

Luigi placed his water down on the table near Timmy, taking a chair next to him. His eyes didn't land on Timmy but there was a small sad smile on his face.

He replied, "There has been so many missions that brought us together like a family. But there was this one that will always stand out to me..."


It was a dark and stormy night. The rain was coming down in buckets. The clouds were black and the wind was pretty strong. A young girl ran through the rain, into a tavern. She was drenched, panting up a storm. She looked up, seeing that a few people took notice to her. She primarily ignored them, walking over to the bar. Her quiet demur caught the eye of a guy at the end of the bar. He walked over to her, smirking. She looked him over. He was a bit taller than her, with messy blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a green rain jacket, a white ripped shirt that showed off his muscles, tight blue jeans, and black sneakers. She had short blonde hair, brown eyes, wearing a red tight dress that hugged her curves beautifully and red high heel shoes.

"Don't believe I've seen you around before." He commented to the girl. She merely stiffened a laugh. "What's so funny?" He asked, intrigued.

"You. You think you are all that." She answered.

"Why wouldn't I? After all, I am the well known hoodlum Phil." He gloated to her.

She raised an eyebrow and admitted, "Never heard of you."

Phil was a bit hurt by this as he hissed, "How could you not have heard of me?! I'm the one that has the crew running in fear!" She laughed, fully in his face this time. He got upset and asked, "You don't believe me?!"

"Not a word." She admitted.

"I'll show you!" He hissed. With that, he walked over to where he was sitting, grabbing a bag. He brought out a yellow shard. He walked back over to the girl as he showed it to her. He told her, "This is it. The Vernta Melia. This is the very shard that once paralyzed one of their operatives."

"What does it do?" She questioned, looking at the shard in awe.

He explained, "That's simple! It disables the lower half of the body with a magic stronger than what that little boy had in that book." He paused for a moment, "Now that I think of it, who would put a little kid of harms way? Who is this great leader anyways?!" Just then, all of the sudden, he felt the girl tapping his shoulder. He looked at her, expecting another question. Instead, she decked him hard in the face, sending him flying. He landed on a table, flat on his back, and groaned in pain. "Ow! What was that for?!" He demanded to her. That's when he paled and saw that the girl turned from having blonde hair to brown. Her eyes changed too, from brown to green. "Who the heck do you think you are?!" He asked, sitting up.

"How do you paralyze my little brother! You are going to pay for that!" She hissed.

"Your little brother?!" He repeated, a bit confused.

"That kid you paralyzed was one of my agents and my little brother! You are going to pay for that!" She clarified.

He paled for a moment when he realized what she had said. "Wait... then that means... your..."

He couldn't finish his sentence as some purple magic lifted him up into the air. He was thrown into a cage and the Vernta Melia was in a separate container. The girl was visually upset but she didn't do anything more but call it in.

"Amie calling in to Luigi. We got him. Over." She told him.

After a bit, Luigi had arrived and took Phil into custody. The two of them took the Vernta Melia, bringing it to the bed bound Timmy Turner. Timmy looked at the two of them, with a small smile on his face.

"I knew you would get him, sis." He told her.

"That was no trouble, bro. Believe me." She stated.


Timmy looked at Luigi, as if he was in a bit of shock. Luigi was now looking at Timmy, seeing the recognition in his eyes.

"Oh Grambi... what have I done?!" Timmy breathed, getting hysterical.

"What have we done..." Luigi responded.

Timmy looked completely confused, "You weren't the one that couldn't remember Amie... I feel so terrible right now..."

Luigi held Timmy close and reminded, "Now, now... I'm not exactly a saint either." Timmy still had a confused look in his eyes. Luigi sighed as he started to explain, "Well, it all started with this book you probably don't remember..."


It was a sunny day in Flipside. Although the Void hung in the air, looming closer to the inhabitants, they had to get through the day somehow. A young girl walked through the town, trying to stay unnoticed. She walked back Merlon's house, gaining the wizard's attention when his crystal ball glowed brightly.

"Oh my goodness!" He commented, mostly to himself.

As the girl kept trudging forward, she felt a sudden chill in the air. She went to the elevator and pressed a button. The elevator didn't respond, nor did it move. The girl, who was Amie trying to get in touch with Luigi for the past two weeks but no answer, raised an eyebrow.

"That's odd." She whispered.

She was about to turn around and ask Merlon another way down when she heard a voice.

"Well, look at who is here finally." A male voice stated.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" She demanded.

It took a moment, only a moment, but Amie could have sworn her heartbeat could be heard by everyone. She turned to her left, looking up slightly. There, to her surprise, was a man. He was about the same height as Luigi. He looked completely different, though. He had on a black ninja outfit on with yellow buttons on it, he had an orange belt, a green scarf, a black mask around his eyes - making them an undeniable silver color, and a black cap on top of his messy brown hair. The black cap was strangely like Luigi's except the L was the other way. Amie couldn't believe her eyes.

He told her, "It's just me, one of Count Bleck's best minions." He posed for a moment, showing off his green electricity. Amie knew in an instant who he was. But she decided to play along. He added, "The Green Thunder and your demise, leader-of-the-crew. Mr. L!"

Merlon was watching from afar but was surprised. How did he know who she was? And how did he know she was here?

Amie stated, "I am not scared of the likes of you, Mr. L."

Mr. L wagged a finger and replied, "Of course you are. Your heart is different that sir-jumps-a-lot. Your heart beats differently. You have been in many missions, seeing the worst, haven't you?"

"What's your point?" She asked him.

He answered, "I knew of you and your cause at one point in time, didn't I? Yet I cannot remember any of it." He took a fighting pose and stated, "So tell me what I need to know, leader-of-the-crew."

Amie took a fighting pose too as she replied, "I refuse to tell you anything, Mr. L."

"Then you die here, to my hand!" Mr. L promised, as he lunged for her.


Luigi stopped telling the story for a moment, obviously shaken all of the sudden. Timmy, who was still listening, looked up at him confused.

"Luigi? What's wrong?" Timmy questioned.

Luigi was hyperventilating, as the memories were starting to flood back to him.

"How could I...?" Luigi breathed.

Once he uttered those words, Timmy made the connection. He nearly turned white as a ghost. Luigi was Mr. L? But how was that even...? Luigi got up and away from Timmy before he could ask him a question. Trixie saw this, approaching Timmy in a confused manner.

"Timmy? What's wrong with Luigi?" She asked him, a bit worried.

Timmy looked up at her, with a scared look in his eyes. Memories were flooding back to him, most of them good and most of them bad. But he did remember that day... That day that Mr. L almost won.

"Luigi..." He breathed.


Back in Amie's room, she was sitting up and speaking to Nacey. Luigi came up to the room, holding his stomach. Seeing this, Amie almost bolted up from the bed too soon.

"Luigi?!" She asked.

"Oh my!" Nacey breathed, getting to Luigi's side.

"Amie... the task... is almost complete..." Luigi reported.

Amie's face softened as she knew what was speaking of. The tears in Luigi's eyes made her heart tear in two. 'I know you didn't mean it...' She thought. That day was a hard one for everyone.


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