The Original Tribrid

Chapter 15- House of the Rising Son

It had been 1 week since Naruto learned that Hayley was pregnant with his child and put Elijah to sleep and given him to Marcel as a peace offering. During that time, he took advantage of being alone with the mother of his child to get to know her as well as get closer to her. It was due to getting to know her and wanting to keep her and the baby safe that he had her stay in the plantation house, while he handled any business in the Quarter, since it wasn't safe for werewolves in the French Quarter. Which meant that while he was out dealing with any Marcel or witch related business, she was stuck in the house alone waiting for him to come home.

Speaking of Hayley, aside from the threat of death from witches, her time with Naruto had been good. He was kind to her, reminding her of their time in Mystic Falls. Since she was stuck in the house, the only things she could do was read, watch tv, mess around on the internet, or talk and spend time with Naruto when he was around. She was never one for reading, given that ever since she had been kicked out by her abusive adoptive parents, she had been moving from place to place. But since there was nothing to do, she had started to pick up the habit.

"Ah, little wolf, you're still awake. I was hoping you would be." Naruto said happily as he entered the house and leaned against the doorway of the living room to see her reading her book on the couch.

"I was waiting for you…Okay, not true. I was about to go to sleep but you're back early. Everything ok Marcel wise?" She asked, wondering if him being early was his choice or Marcel's.

"Everything is fine. There's only so much of him parading around my families mansion and pretending that it's his that I can take for one day." He said, sitting next to her on the couch as she turned to face him as she tilted her head.

"Are you going to take it back?" she asked.

"Can't say for sure. Right now, I am only observing what all Marcel has done with the place since I've been gone. Going over the history of Supernatural New Orleans in the last century. For the moment, I'm content to let him rule, because the situation isn't untenable yet, and does not require my direct intervention." Naruto said.

"You did say you were going to help the witches." Hayley mentioned.

"Only because your life and our child's life was in danger. There's a lot you still don't know about these witches. They think they can manipulate and lie to me. They have no idea who they are messing with." Naruto said before he remembered. "Speaking of which, I'll be right back." He vamp sped up to his office and sped back a second later, only a cup with some kind of blue glowing liquid in it.

"You remember last night when you let me look through your memories of when they held you captive?" Naruto asked and she nodded. "Well, I managed to study the incantation Sophie Deveraux used to link her life to yours. And I have a way to fix it. First, I'm going to drain the link away." Hayley nodded, the part of him being a Siphoner not surprising her, as he already told her about it, which he told her when he was working on a way to get rid of the link. Hayley closed her eyes as Naruto held his hands on either side of her head, his hands glowing and soon enough the link to Sophie was drained away. It was a one way link anyway, as Sophie would not suffer if Hayley was injured in any way, so Sophie would not know if the link was suddenly removed.

"Now the link is gone. But simply removing it is not enough." Naruto snapped his fingers as a circle of salt and candles appeared in the middle of the living room. "I'll need you to lie down in the middle of the circle so I can apply the enchantment."

"What is it that you're doing?" Hayley asked as she stepped into the middle of the circle and laid on her back slowly.

"We need to make sure you can't have a link like that re-applied. That, and I want to make sure you're protected from harmful magic and potions." Naruto said as he clapped his hands together and began chanting, "Dion cha boireannach, tionac a on uileadh olc. Dion cha boireannach, tionac a on uileadh olc. Dion cha boireannach, tionac a on uileadh olc. Dion cha boireannach, tionac a on uileadh olc. Dion cha boireannach, tionac a on uileadh olc." As Naruto finished chanting, Hayley felt a feeling of warmth, comfort, and protection wash over her. She had started to trust him over the week they had been here, and she was happy to be free of these witches. Hayley felt like a massive weight on her shoulders was lifted in that moment.

"So, now we can leave New Orleans." Hayley said as Naruto helped her up, as it wasn't safe for her to stay. They may have undone the link, but who's to say that the witches won't find out and try some other way to hurt her.

"Well, not yet. There's still some pieces I'm missing, like what it is the witches are after. I need to know more before I decide to leave New Orleans to Marcel, or if I should reestablish House Mikaelson as the leader of the community." Naruto said. Honestly though, he would have to get directly involved soon, what with Davina Claire and this whole Harvest Ritual, which he learned from drinking Jane Anne Deveraux's blood when covering for her.

"Speaking of Mikaelsons, have you talked to Elijah since we moved in here?" She asked, wondering why Elijah had been absent in the last week.

"Last I spoke with him, he agreed to run an undercover mission for me infiltrating Marcel's camp." He said, figuring he should be honest with her. Naruto checked his phone to see the time. "Well I can see you're tired and want to sleep. I'll see in the morning." Naruto said affectionately as he got and went into his office.

10 minutes later

"Elijah, Naruto. We're here like you wanted so get out here now!" Said an angry Rebekah with Aurora as she entered the house, not noticing Hayley on the stairs.

"Who are you or should I assume you're Rebekah Mikaelson?" Hayley asked, knowing that Naruto had a sister, who was also one of his wives. She had already met Aurora back in Mystic Falls.

"Oh, you must be the maid. Our bags are in the car, get them for us, will you? And I am." Rebekah said, assuming that she was nothing more than the help of the house.

"Hello…I'm not the maid." She said, offering a polite smile as she walked down the few stairs between them as she closed in the distance. She also put down the iron poker, not that it would have done any good.

"Rebekah, she's the werewolf girl our husband knocked up." Aurora said, being blunt for Rebekah, and regarding Hayley with a scathing look.

"That's one way of putting it." Hayley said. The whole situation felt awkward as Hayley was the knocked-up mistress and now she was dealing with her lovers' wives.

"Hmm, I was expecting to see some kind of supernatural miracle baby bump, but I guess you're not showing yet." Rebekah said, looking at her stomach looking for signs of her pregnancy but seeing nothing still.

Naruto's Office

Naruto was focused on the information he obtained from Jane Anne, looking over a timeline. He had several points figured out. He knew when the Harvest Ritual occurred, and how much time they had left before the Cataclysm began, which is the name for what happens when a group of Ancestral Witches don't finish the Harvest Ritual. Pompeii was the perfect example of the fate that would befall New Orlean's if they didn't finish.

He was also going over what he knew about the witches. Agnes was militant, being one of the main people who pushed to used the Slaughter Method of the Harvest Ritual, which was the outdated and inferior method to the one that he developed and presented to the NOLA witches centuries ago when they first arrived and would need to be dealt with. Once she was dead, there would be no one among the witches who could fulfill the role of Elder and that would mean he would have to finish the ritual himself.

"Looks like I have some more people to kill." Naruto muttered, disliking the fact that he would have to kill that poor girl, Davina Claire. He had no real choice. He had seen the effects of trying to switch methods halfway through the ritual. He couldn't do that, especially not to the city that had always been one of his favorites.

It was then that he heard his wives' voices inside the house, and he got up to exit his office

Outside his office

"Rebekah, Aurora, I knew it. I assume the six dead vampires at the bar outside the city were your doing." He stated as he walked out of his office.

"They were very rude trying to victimize a couple of poor, innocent girls just trying to find their way to the quarter." Rebekah said, giving her husband what she thought was a convincingly innocent look.

"I doubt that's what happened." Hayley mentioned off to the side. The idea that a couple of Originals could be victimized by a bunch of baby vamps was laughable.

Aurora turned to regard Hayley with a cold look. "Nobody asked for any lip from you, wolf girl." Aurora said with a snarl, which surprised Rebekah, not expecting such callousness from her sister wife.

Hayley certainly didn't like remark from Aurora as she glared at her. "Is there a problem here?" Hayley demanded.

"Yes, there is, mongrel." Aurora growled as she bared her fangs and showed her true face. "My problem is you, being pregnant with my husbands child!" Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation even more than he already had been.

"Hey! I didn't ask for your husband to go and knock me up, bitch!" Hayley growled as her werewolf eyes manifested. Hayley had been playing nice because it would make her time here easier if the other wives could at least tolerate her, but she wasn't going to take these insults and snippy comments lying down.

"No, you just hog all his attention on the day he was supposed to be spending with me!" Aurora retorted back, her delicate hands curling into fists that could wring the life from just about anyone. It seemed Aurora was still mad about that. Though he was surprised. He had thought he had sufficiently made up with Aurora over the whole incident. "And don't act like you didn't enjoy it. You spent 5 hours in bed with him. You were practically begging for it as the night dragged on."

Hayley growled at that. Not that she could refute Aurora's words. Hayley remembered very clearly that night she spent with Naruto and how well he fucked her, with her wanting more and more as the night went. That didn't mean she wanted the special time she had with Naruto used against her by Aurora. Her hand was clenched into fist and Aurora's temper was getting out of check as she snarled at Hayley.

All of a sudden, the temperature seemed to drop by 50 degrees in the room, to the point where chills started to run up the spines of the 3 woman. They all turned to the source, Aurora and Hayley's rage temporarily forgotten, to see Naruto with his Hybrid face showing, shadows seemingly covering his body, making him appear as some evil creature born out of a pit of darkness.

"Cease this ridiculous argument. RIGHT. NOW." Naruto stated harshly, his own annoyance and anger giving off the intended effect. Power and authority radiated through the house, a shiver traveling down the spines of all three women, as they stared into his now red eyes. He was clearly very annoyed with the snark and callousness displayed by his wives towards his lover, and knew he needed to put a stop to this right now before it got out of hand.

"Rebekah, Aurora, I want to speak with you two privately in my office. THIS. INSTANT." Naruto ordered, not letting up on the pressure. It was a rare thing to see him that angry and annoyed with Aurora and Rebekah. For Hayley, this was the first time that she was truly seeing him as the Original Hybrid, the monster every supernatural being was supposed to respect and fear above all others.

"Hayley, get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning." Naruto said as he placed a hand on her shoulder, letting up on the intensity once Rebekah dragged Aurora to his office, and knocking Hayley out of her trance.

"S-Sure," Hayley said with a bit of a stutter, having been reminded just now that despite the softer side he had been showing, he was still the most dangerous and powerful being on the planet.

Naruto's office

Naruto reentered his office, closing the door behind him and placed a silencing rune on the door, so Hayley's Werewolf hearing wouldn't pick up what was being said. He didn't need her waking up in case he got into an argument with his wives. Once he was done with the rune, he turned around, seeing Rebekah lounging in a chair and Aurora leaning on his desk, her arms crossed and her face even crosser.

"I did not care for that outburst of yours earlier, Aurora." Naruto said as he walked forward. "I may understand the reason for your anger, but that little display earlier was unacceptable. I was under the impression we had made up over this."

"I was under impression that I would never have to see her again. That it was a one-time encounter and she would be gone. I don't want her here." Aurora said almost petulantly.

"You are the one who suggested and even gave permission for this little harem thing. You DO NOT get to backtrack a thousand years later when you finally meet one that you don't like. That's quite hypocritical of you, my dear wife." Naruto pointed out.

"Why is she pregnant? You've known this was possible since before we took the elixir's, so how did it happen?" Rebekah asked, out of a curious desire. Naruto had known it was possible now that he was a hybrid, he had mentioned as much to them when Katherine was presented with the elixir, so why did it happen?

"I got caught up in the heat of the moment and forgot to apply my enchantment." Naruto admitted, partially ashamed at forgetting and also thinking he could get away with having raw sex like he used to before his wolf side was unlocked again, causing Rebekah to laugh and Aurora to scowl.

"That's hilarious! You're a thousand years old and you basically forgot to wear a condom, like some horny teenager!" Rebekah laughed.

"You might find it funny, Rebekah, but I do not!" Aurora shouted, silencing Rebekah. "Why are you allowing her to live with you when she is little more than a one-night stand!?"

"Because I am a man that takes responsibility for the choices he makes." Naruto said calmly. "I will not abandon the woman carrying what will be my first-born child. That said, my affection for her is not enough to protect her life if she suddenly tries to abort the child. I will punish ANYONE who would dare to commit such an act against me."

"Anybody?" Aurora asked him, her voice trembling with emotion "Even me, my sweet love?"

"You know I would never wish to hurt you, Aurora. But I would make sure that if you did commit the atrocity of murdering my unborn child, that you would be taught a lesson you would NEVER forget." Naruto intoned. He obviously didn't want to say these things to Aurora. She was his beloved wife, but she needed to understand that even she was not above punishment if she DARED to inflict that kind of injury on him.

The room was silent for several moments while Aurora looked at him. "I think I'm going to sleep alone tonight." Aurora announced and barged out of the room, tears starting to pool in her eyes.

Naruto sighed as he knew she was too upset right now to reason with now as he sat at his desk ran a hand through his hair.

"She'll come around. She just needs time." Rebekah said as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I know that. I'm not surprised that she's angry at me, I'm just disappointed. I thought she understood how important this was for me." Naruto said.

"It's important to all of us." Rebekah reminded him, "She's upset because it's somebody she doesn't know nor has she learned how to like yet."

"I'm fairly certain she would still be upset if it was you, or Katerina, or even Bonnie that got pregnant first." Naruto said.

"She would be, but she'd be less upset and swallow any irritation she did have for our sakes. She's been your wife the longest. She's been first in everything with you. I think she views it as her right as your first wife to have your very first natural child. And now she can never have that." Rebekah explained.

"I noticed you're not nearly as upset about it as I would have thought. You seem more amused than anything." Naruto pointed out.

"I'm not as attached to this as she is. Obviously, I care about it, but it isn't as big of a deal that I don't get to be first. So long as I get my turn to have a child with the man I love, I don't care how long it takes." Rebekah admitted.

Naruto held out his arm to her after contemplating for several moments. Rebekah looked at him for an explanation. "There is much I have to explain, and this way will be much faster." Naruto said.

Rebekah bites down on her husband's arm, drinking his blood. Naruto's eyes turned black and Rebekah's turned black a moment later, as Naruto shared what he has learned so far. Seeing peoples entire lives and every thought that ever passed through their minds was a unique ability only he had, but he had learned how to share the information he learns with other vampires by sharing his blood freely.

"You can't be serious." Rebekah exasperated as she finished drinking her husbands blood and seeing the memories of Jane-Anne that he had seen.

"I am, sadly," Naruto said.

"What were these witches thinking? You made a better method so they wouldn't have to kill those poor kids and they go and do that anyway." She mentioned.

"I know, I dislike what I'm going to have to do because of this, but it needs to be done. You've seen what happens when one doesn't finish the ritual." Naruto said with a dark tone.

"I know." Rebekah said, remembering when he had shown her memories of the Pompeii erupting and killing everyone, which he learned by visiting the shattered ancestral plane centered there during the Renaissance.

"And these witches, they don't realize what we are to their community?" She questioned.

"No, I don't even believe they realize how deeply connected we are to their ancestors. I believe that they haven't been communicating with them in the last generation or 2, or something is preventing them from communicating with their descendants. That will require it's own investigation." Naruto explained.

"So, for now, we act like we are a house divided." Rebekah stated, as that had been one of several methods he had been planning on employing.

"Only too late will they realize that we are the only way they are going to survive long enough to see Christmas." Naruto said as he laid out a plan for the witches.

The next morning

Aurora was sitting by herself in her expensive robes, having some tea. Rebekah walked behind her towards the door.

"Where are you off to, Rebekah?" Aurora wondered.

"The Quarter. I have some business I need to attend to. I'll be back later." Rebekah waved back and exited the door.

Naruto walked down the stairs and Aurora looked the basically anywhere but where Naruto currently was.

"I know you're still mad at me, but perhaps instead of sulking here in the house, you might take your mind off of it and go visit Marcel." Naruto said as she turned to him.

"Marcel is here? He's alive!?" Aurora asked in shock as this was news to her. "Why didn't you tell me last night!?"

"I didn't get around to it, what with you being upset with me and not giving me a chance to tell you." Naruto said before she raced up to her room to change her clothes, eager to see her adoptive son. Naruto smiled and walked out the door to go deal with his business for the day.

The French Quarter at Rousseau's

Sophie was scrubbing a table inside the restaurant when the door shut suddenly and she heard the whoosh of a vampire running unseen. She walked cautiously, listening for further sounds. "Hello? Seriously, Marcel? Trying to scare me? I had nothing to do with the attack on your guys last night!" Sophie yelled.

Some hanging pots started moving behind Sophie, as though a wind has passed through them, and she turned around. She walked toward them slowly, then grabbed a knife, which she lifted in time for Rebekah to appear and grab her raised, knife-wielding arm.

"Sophie Deveraux. My brother, Elijah, told me about you. Know who I am?", Rebekah asked.

"Yeah, I know." Sophie stated.

"Then you know we need to talk." Rebekah said.

The Cemetery

A few minutes later

Rebekah and Sophie talked while walking among the burial vaults of the cemetery.

"So, if I had to guess, knowing Naruto's history, Elijah likely has a dagger in his chest. It's a magical object, you're a witch. Do a locator spell, locate the dagger, locate Elijah for me." Rebekah demanded, lying to the girl as she clearly didn't know enough about the Originals to know the relationship between her and Naruto and that she would almost never go against a decision he had made.

"I can't use magic. It's punishable by death – Marcel's rules." Sophie stated.

"Marcel? What do you think I'm going to do to you if you don't give me what I want?" Rebekah said, playing up her annoyance.

"Not much. I've been linked, so anything you do to me, you do to Hayley." Sophie said, completely assured of how safe she was.

"Who?" Rebekah asked. Sophie gave her a look that said 'Seriously?'. "Oh, right the mumzy. Well, luckily for you, both of my brothers care about her, otherwise I'd break your neck right here. How did Marcel get so bloody powerful, anyway? He wasn't like this when we left a century ago."

"Marcel has a way to tell whenever there's magic done in the Quarter and know exactly who is practicing it. The 'how' isn't relevant." Sophie stated.

"I'll tell you what's not bloody relevant – a coven of witches who can't do magic. Here's an idea: move away." Rebekah said, though she knew because of the ancestral link, it was a difficult call to make.

"We practice ancestral magic. This cemetery is filled with the remains of our witch ancestors. It offers us great power, but the downside is that we have to remain in New Orleans. If we run, we're leaving our legacy behind – our home, our family." Sophie said.

"Well, family's overrated. Look at me. I'm back in a city that's given me nothing but heartache, looking for a brother who's hell-bent on protecting a baby I don't care about." Rebekah said sitting down.

"I find that hard to believe. You're here, aren't you?" Sophie said, calling her out on her shit, completely unaware Rebekah was lying to her.

"I'm here for Elijah. The instant I find him, I'm gone. He was the one who idiotically believed this baby would help Naruto. And now he's missing, probably at the hands of Naruto himself. And you were foolish enough to believe that Elijah could convince Naruto to go against Marcel, when everyone knows that they have history." Rebekah said.

"Naruto sired Marcel. I'm aware." Sophie said.

"You don't understand. Marcel is not just some guy that Naruto turned into a vampire. Marcel is Naruto's adopted son." Rebekah said.



There was a funeral procession, all dressed in black, following behind a horse-drawn carriage.

"I was there the day that they met. We were burying Emil, the governor's only son... or so we thought. Turns out the governor had another son, from a mother that he owned." Rebekah narrated.

There was a man on horseback whipping a young black boy, who screamed in pain with each lash.

Naruto and Aurora stepped out of the procession to turn and look at the boy. The boy, having fallen to his knees in pain, grabbed an apple off the ground, turning and throwing it the man with the whip, a fierce look of hatred in his eyes. Infuriated, the man that had been whipping him winded up for another lashing, but Naruto grabbed a stone from the ground and hurled it with vampire strength at the man, piercing his skull and he fell off the horse, dead. Rebekah and Elijah watch as Naruto and Aurora approached the boy.

"What is your name, child?" Naruto said.

"Don't got one. Mama wouldn't name me till I turned ten, 'case the fever took me... then it took her." The boy said as he crouched.

Naruto crouches down before the boy, getting on his level. "You're a survivor, and survivors need names. How about Marcellus?", Naruto offered.

"Marcellus?", Marcel asked.

"It comes from Mars, the god of war, and it means 'little warrior'." Aurora said. Naruto stood and both ancient vampires held out a hand to the boy, who hesitated, but then smiled, grasping both of their hands and rose to his feet. Elijah and Rebekah had watched this entire exchange.


"Naruto saw a bit of himself in the boy. He remembered how our father used to beat him as a child. He, too, was the bastard child of a man who saw him as nothing but a beast. And that is why your plan will fail. All you've done is bring back together a father and son. Without Elijah between them, who knows what they might do." Rebekah said as she walked off, while Sophie pondered on what Rebekah had said.


Hayley decided that she had enough with the morning sickness after she had failed to keep down her breakfast for the 3rd morning in a row, so she grabbed her laptop to look up if there was any local witch shops in the Quarter, which she knew there would be since it was New Orleans. She didn't want to trouble Naruto with this, given her being here had already caused a major argument with his wives and she didn't feel like making things worse. Plus, she believed that because she was a werewolf and this was definitely not a regular pregnancy, she needed to go to a witch for some help. Just as she was getting closer to the shop she had looked up online, she saw the owner was beginning to lock it up for the day.

"Hey, hey!... Please, this will only take a moment." Hayley said, begging her since she knew that she couldn't go another morning or night where she had spent hours in the bathroom being sick.

"I just closed up, sorry." the owner Katie said after locking the shop door, as she tried to work out what was so familiar looking about the young female in front of her.

"I just need some kind of herb." She said, hoping that it wasn't a lot to ask for, although she had no idea which herb she needed or how many she would need to help her.

"What for?" She said since it was clear that she didn't know which herb she needed.

"Morning sickness, I'm pregnant and I can't exactly go to a pharmacy because... It's not a normal pregnancy", Hayley said trying to think of a way of explaining how different her pregnancy really was, without actually saying it.

"You're supernatural right? I'm guessing a werewolf... Give me a minute." Katie said opening the shop again as she entered the shop to retrieve the herb that she had in mind.

"Here. I cut this with jimson weed, all you need is a few drops in some hot tea and that should do it." she said, handing her two different stopper bottles as Hayley took out money from her bag.

"Thank you so much. Here, for your trouble." Hayley said, handing her some money to pay for the herbs.

"It's on the house. It's a ugly town for werewolves, this was make it all better. I promise." Katie said, concerning Hayley a little as Katie tried to put too much emphasis on the word 'better'.

Later that night at a bar in the Quarter

Marcel walked into a bar, his eyes searching the place until he spotted Naruto sitting at a table.

"I know that face, you got woman trouble." Naruto joked.

"You're a dick, you know that? Why didn't you tell me that mom was back in town?" Marcel demanded.

"Well, I didn't want to spoil the surprise. It's a special reunion, a mother reuniting with her son, adopted or otherwise, especially when she believed him to be dead for a century." Naruto said, amused at how Marcel squirmed a little at the mention of that little fact. "I better not come back home to find out that you've upset her, Marcel."

"Is there anything else that I need to know?" Marcel asked.

"Only that she's in a bit of a mood right now because we are in the middle of an argument." Naruto said.

"So maybe that it was her who killed my guys?" Marcel accused.

"Assuming that she was responsible, what exactly is it that you think you can do to her or would do to her? She helped raise you as much as I did." Naruto said and Marcel was silent at that.

Marcel's phone rang and he answers it. Naruto ease-dropped on the call, listening in with his vampire hearing.

"Yeah?" Marcel answered.

"Just got a tip – someone saw a pregnant werewolf in Bienville Park." Said the guy on the other end of the phone, who sounded like Thierry.

"Get a couple night-walkers to run it down. Bring me back its head." Marcel says as he hung up. Unseen by him, Naruto clenched his fist under the table. He now realized that Hayley had gone into the Quarter, away from the safety of the plantation. He was not happy. He was furious, in fact, though he hid it well.

"Well, I guess that solves the mystery of the murdered riffraff. I'd say that put's your mother in the clear." Naruto stated.

"About that. I don't have time for the usual drama that comes with this family. You're my guest – so can you please keep mom from acting out?" Marcel asked as he walked away.

"I can do a lot of things, son, but one thing I can't do is control your mother when she's upset." Naruto yelled back. He slipped out the back as well, rushing to find Hayley, texting Rebekah on the way.

With Hayley

After Hayley got the herbs, she decided to buy some tea so that she could take her herbal mixture to make her morning sickness easier to handle. However, after putting the herbs into the hot tea, Hayley sat on the bench as she watched the city around her go by. Just as she was about to take a sip, she felt her instincts screaming, begging her not to drink the concoction. She didn't have long to ponder this, as a vampire appeared next to her followed by two others behind her.

"Dumb move coming into the Quarter. You're coming with me, wolf!" He said forcefully as Hayley stood up as she began to prepare herself to fight before her thoughts shifted to the baby in her.

"You know, I am sick and tired of being told what to do by fucking vampires." Hayley said throwing her tea in his face, making it sizzle and burn, steam literally coming off his face. All too quickly does Hayley realize she almost drank Vervain. Sniffing the air, she finally noticed the scent of wolfsbane mixed in with it, which burned her nose.

To add even more confusion to the mix, a giant white wolf with red eyes, one easily as large as her, appeared out of nowhere and pounced on one of the vampires behind her before biting his head off before ripping into the other one and tearing his guts and heart out.

As the one that Hayley threw the tea at recovered, someone flashed behind him and broke his neck. It was then that Hayley was able to see who it was.

"Now, that's no way to treat a pregnant lady. I do hate bad manners." Rebekah said, noting the presence of the great white-furred Direwolf, vampire blood and guts staining it's mouth and claws, taking a sniff at the bottle and wrenching it's canine face in disgust.

Rebekah turned to Hayley and asked, "You alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I just want to check something. It smelled like Wolfsbane and Vervain." Hayley said to her after checking the contents in the cup and bottle to find out Katie had given her Wolfsbane and Vervain to kill her baby with. She hadn't smelled either for some reason. Her pregnancy must be affecting her sense of smell.

The massive wolf looked at Rebekah pointedly and Rebekah acknowledged him, knowing who the werewolf was. "I'll get her to safety." She said, and that seemed to satisfy the wolf, who turned around and sped off before Hayley could call out to it and thank the wolf.

"Come on, let's get you home...Hayley." Rebekah said, knowing that they couldn't stay here with Marcel's vampires on the look-out for a werewolf girl.


When they eventually arrived at the plantation, Naruto was piling wood together so that he could use it to burn the dead vampire bodies. Hayley stood out on the grass as she watched them deal with the fallout of what happened to her as she tried not to think about how she could have lost the baby and been murdered. Aurora was standing on the porch, off to the side, watching silently, knowing her husband was furious beyond words. She had been disappointed, spending time with Marcel today. He seemed almost desperate to be away from her and wanted nothing to do with her, which, given she was his adopted mother, really set her off. This left her largely in a sour mood, worse than she was when she went to bed last night.

"This is why I told you never to leave this house, werewolves are banned in the Quarter. Any that show their faces are marked for death." Naruto said with a slightly raised voice at Hayley as he tossed the bodies onto the pyre.

"The thing is I don't enjoy being locked up like a caged animal all day long!", Hayley said slightly angered by the fact he was ordering her around again. She did know deep down that he meant well and was trying to protect her and the baby, but god damn if it didn't grate her nerves, having him order her around. Although that could be just the pregnancy heightening her emotions.

"Damn it. I had a plan to keep you safe and your little nighttime stroll nearly ruined it!" Naruto said and then turned to Rebekah, who tried to help him with dealing with the bodies and she had picked up the one that was still alive and was about to toss him on the fire. "Leave him! I need that one alive!"

"Hey, don't snap at her! If it wasn't for her and that white werewolf, then this could have gone sideways!" Hayley shouted at him, now mad at him for rounding on Rebekah after she protected her. Aurora perked up at the mention of the white werewolf and looked at Naruto curiously.

"The lot of you are leaving a trail of bodies right to these porch steps. Right to you and the baby." He said as he pointed at Hayley.

"If you hadn't overheard Marcel being tipped off about a werewolf lead, then everyone would be screwed and don't give me that crap about having a plan. You've had a whole week to execute a plan and no one's seen you do a damn thing!" Rebekah said.

"I have done more than you could imagine." Naruto declared, Aurora eyeing the argument with more interest.

"Do I honestly need to spell it out for you? I knew Marcel was never going to trust us. The boy spent 100 years letting us think he was dead, faking his death at Mikael's hand so he could steal everything we built here and play at being the King of New Orleans. And to make it even more insulting, he has had his vampires constantly ingesting Vervain, right in front of my face. So, with Marcel being down six vampires due to your little murder spree, my lovely wives, I put a spy of my own in his ranks, by compelling him before he had ever even tasted Vervain, as it won't undo a compulsion that's already taken hold." He said, remembering how the teen that passed Marcel's little recruitment test earlier today and explaining how compulsion worked a little for Hayley's benefit.

"And you compelled the blonde girl at the bar to get closer to Marcel for information too." Aurora said, piecing together what her husband had done.

"It's not like the girl needed much encouragement. All I did was give a her a little nudge to accept Marcel's offer. And now, I have to go drain this fool of Vervain, then compel him make him my spy and to believe his mates found God and moved to Alaska, so he can explain to Marcel why he just lost three more vampires." Naruto said knowing that Marcel wouldn't be happy about losing so many of his crew in the last two days due to his family.

"So, you're gonna use and compel people into spying on him. Great, I'm going to bed now." Hayley said, dripping of sarcasm as she refused to hide her hatred for vampires compelling people as they headed inside the house as she went towards the stairs.

"You're not going anywhere yet. I have a question that needs answered. Hayley, what the fuck were you doing in the bloody French Quarter in the first place?" He demanded as he sped in front of her and blocked her path, still mad over her leaving the house without telling him.

"Leave her be, Naruto. She needs rest." Rebekah said knowing that Hayley had a long day between the trials of pregnancy, the surprise Wolfsbane and Vervain being slipped into what she thought was medicine for her morning sickness, the attack on her and now this.

"You realize that I can smell Wolfsbane and Vervain on you. I could smell them on you the moment Rebekah brought you to the property line." Naruto said in snarl, his teeth grinding together, stepping closer to her as she suddenly felt scared of him. She realized what conclusion he would have come to from this knowledge. Aurora eyed walked inside, her interest was peaked yet again when she heard that, her mind jumping to conclusions as well about why Hayley smelled like Vervain and Wolfsbane.

"It's not what you think. I've been having bad morning sickness the last couple days and wanted a something to help with it but the witch gave me that instead." Hayley said placing a protective hand over her stomach.

Naruto bore an angry look on his face, clenching his fists hard. His lie detection had not sounded any alarms and he could easily hear her heart beat from this distance, so he knew she was telling the truth. He grit his teeth in anger as he bared his fangs. His hybrid features on full display and he let out a mass amount of killing intent, unable to contain his absolute rage any longer. 'They fucking tried to murder my child!' He thought angrily to himself.

'Wh-What is this!?' Hayley wondered in fright, falling to her knee's unable to breath. Paralyzed by what she realized was fear. She dared to looked into Naruto's rage-filled eyes. She regretted it instantly as she saw herself die several times over. Even though his killing intent was not directed at her, the sheer quality of it, plus his sheer proximity to her, made it feel like he was.

"Naruto, calm yourself! None of this is good for her or the baby." Rebekah said as she grabbed his hand.

"My love," Aurora said as she walked to him and took his hand in hers, causing him to look at her, "I care nothing the werewolf girl, but Rebekah is right. Reign yourself in before you hurt her, or your child." Aurora's soothing words had the effect she wanted as Naruto breathed deeply and let off his killing intent.

Hayley gasped for air as she could finally breathe again.

"I'm sorry, Hayley." Naruto apologized, ashamed of himself for losing his temper and letting his killing intent out with her so close to him.

"I gave Elijah to Marcel." Naruto said, sitting down by the steps of the stairs as both of his wives sat next to him while Hayley leaned against the wall as she recovered from being exposed to his killing intent.

"What? Why would you do that?" Rebekah asked.

"Marcel was nervous. It's bad enough I've returned to town but Elijah as well? His crew was getting antsy. I didn't want them snooping around here and he wanted Elijah gone, so I gave him a temporary peace offering." Naruto said like it was nothing more than business.

"You bartered our brother?" Rebekah said.

"Elijah agreed to run the mission for me to infiltrate Marcel's camp after I asked for his help. Right now, the one thing I care about is that my child is born." Naruto said pointing to Hayley's stomach.

"Everything I do here is a means of making sure that gets to live. If you don't like it, there's the door." He said detached and unemotional as he headed into his office away from them.


A few minutes later, Rebekah decided to check on Hayley to make sure she was okay since she knew she had had a stressful day. Aurora had gone off to bed, still sleeping in a separate room from Naruto. She walked outside to see Hayley sitting on the porch.

"Hey, I want to check on you. You okay?" Rebekah asked, sitting next to the werewolf as Hayley.

"Yeah I'm ok, I mean it's not every day a witch tries to poison you to get to your unborn baby." Hayley said while Rebekah watched her. "Thank you by the way for looking out for me back there."

"Well, us girls have to look out for each other." Rebekah said.

"Can I ask you something? What is it with Aurora? I thought she hated me but she just defended me back there." Hayley asked.

"Aurora doesn't hate you…much. She hates more the fact that you have something that she sees as her right. She is Naruto's first wife and has always been first in everything, up to this point. Now that you're pregnant, she can't have that." Rebekah said.

"You're saying that like you can get pregnant. I understand Naruto knocking me up, but…" Hayley paused, wondering why that would bother the ancient vampire so much.

"We recently found out why vampires can't get pregnant and took an elixir to remove it so we can finally have children with our husband. Aurora was especially looking forward to it, since when she married Naruto a thousand years ago, they both understood that they couldn't have kids and now she can. They adopted children before…but its not the same as raising a child of your own flesh and blood." Rebekah pointed out. Hayley didn't say anymore, having been given some things to think about.

"I'll let you get some sleep." Rebekah said noticing that she had been ready for bed since she needed more sleep lately and was more tired due to the pregnancy.

Hayley back to her room to take a long hot shower as she tried to process everything that had happened in the last 24 hours before getting changed into her pajamas and getting into bed where she fell asleep almost immediately. Early the next morning Naruto wandered into her room while she slept. He walked over to where her bag from the day before lay as he took out the bottles that Katie had given her as he took the lid of one and smells the Wolfsbane and Vervain inside of it, causing him to growl.

"I didn't know that she had given me that. I wasn't trying to abort the baby." Hayley said from where she lay as Naruto tried to hide his surprise that she was awake but silently laying there.

"You're up early." he stated as she sat up in bed careful as to not upset her stomach as she began to sweep her hair out of her face.

"For hours now, like I said I've been having bad morning sickness, not to mention this place is like a freaking swamp sauna." Hayley said knowing she was going to feel the lack of sleep later in the day.

"What stopped you from taking it once you knew what it was?", Naruto said, looking her directly in the eye as she climbed out bed and walked over to him.

"Maybe it's because my biological parents gave me up as a baby or maybe because my adopted parents abused me and kicked me out, but when I was in danger... When it was danger, I realized that I couldn't let anyone hurt it." Hayley said, placing a hand in her stomach where her baby was.

"I'm beginning to see we're a lot alike, you and I...we're both outcasts, unwanted and abused by those we believed were our parents, who have learned to fight when back into a corner." He said placing a piece of fallen hair behind her ear.

"Well, we're certainly backed into a corner now right?" She said looking up at him.

"Indeed we are. And now we hunt our prey, my little wolf," He said, knowing that he would protect her and not just because of the baby.

"This whole thing with Marcel, the deal you made with the witches to take him down. You once loved each other like family, what happened?" She asked.

"We thought he died when Mikael came to the city looking for us. We each mourned him in our way." Naruto said.

"And when you got back, you saw that not only was he alive but was running the town that used to be yours and stolen everything that you had built." Hayley said sensing where he was going with this little speech, knowing it must have stung a little that the son he raised would steal from him.

"Now he's living in my home, he's sleeping our beds. You know, that 'M' he stamps everywhere isn't for Marcel, it's for Mikaelson." He said. "The boy thought he could steal from me, and he must be shown the error of his ways."

"And knowing you, you will but I want to make something very clear." She said turning serious

"What's that?" He asked.

"I'm not some baby incubator. This baby is ours, meaning it'll be raised by both of us so, no coffin for me." Hayley said knowing that she wouldn't let her baby be raised the way she was.

"I never planned to put you in a coffin. I wouldn't have it any other way. A child needs both their mother and father." Naruto said realizing that he couldn't think of raising the child without her and doing it all on his own.

1 hour later

Rebekah met Naruto outside as she walked up to the plantation after visiting Marcel last night and said, "You were right. The girl, Cami – she's the key. Marcel likes her, and because of that I got to see where they were keeping Davina."

"Well, don't stand on ceremony. Where is she?" Naruto demanded, and here, Rebekah scrunched her eyebrows as she struggled to remember and kept drawing a blank.

"That clever bitch. I don't know." Rebekah said after stopping to think only to come up with nothing said.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked, knowing Rebekah usually had very good memory.

"She wiped my memory of the location." Rebekah angrily stated.

"Hmm, that is a problem. Her power with the other 3 Harvest girls is that strong already, eh?" Naruto thought as he stroked his chin.

"And our brother is now in the hands of someone very dangerous who may not be able to control her power. I am finding Elijah – whatever it takes. Are you going to help me?" Rebekah asked.

"Whatever it takes." Naruto stated.

Chapter End