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Summary: The War was over, yet all he felt was emptiness inside. He was one of the few survivors of the Blood War. As a last ditch effort to save his sanity, Kisuke created a device for Ichigo in order for him to start anew. Yet Fate is not always so kind.

"Shiro/Hollow Zangetsu"

"Juha/Quincy Zangetsu"

Soul King Palace

It was finally over, thanks to Aizen and Uryuu, Yhwach has finally been stopped from becoming a God. Yet all things have a price to pay, Aizen was needed to replace the Soul King in order for the three worlds not destroying themselves. Meanwhile, the remaining Quincy under Uryuu's leadership surrendered, and started to assist the few Shinigami that survived.

Ichigo's eyes were very dull; he felt nothing after he had killed his mother's killer. Yhwach took everything from him, first his sisters, his friends in Karakura, his idiot of a father, and many more. Orihime survived as she was the only anchor for Ichigo to keep moving forward.

"King, you really need to get your shit together! It's about to storm inside here!" Shiro, or True Zangetsu, screamed inside his inner world. True to the spirit's words, it looks like there is a typhoon brewing inside.

"Excusing Shiro's crude language, I agree with him. You should go see that Orihime girl and that shopkeeper." Juha, the Quincy Part of Ichigo's powers, replied. Even after the death of the Quincy King, Juha was a separate entity from the Almighty himself. True, Yhwach is THE Quincy whose desire is to vanquish Death itself, while Juha's desire was to keep Ichigo from harm.

Ichigo stood unmoving, staring at the same spot where Yhwach faded. Though inside his mind he agrees with his two partners, he thought about if it was worth it, all the sacrifices in order to stop this nightmare.

"Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime Inoue, the very girl that stood beside Ichigo through thick and thin in the war, called out to him. Her worry for her crush only deepens further as she sees Ichigo looking like a lifeless statue.

Ichigo turned to look at his anchor, seemingly looking at her filled his eyes with life. The same goes for his inner world, where the clouds parted and the sun peeking though them.

Shiro and Juha did not say anything, giving all the time their wielder to recover from the war through Orihime. As Shiro would like to call her "Queen," Juha agreed to the Hollow, for Orihime will be the only source of joy that Ichigo needs.

After a while, Ichigo moved towards her. Orihime perked up at that, thinking Ichigo was wounded and needed her to heal him. True enough, Ichigo needs healing, not physically but mentally.

Orihime ran towards him as Ichigo still is walking twards her. Before she could speak, Ichigo hugged her out of the blue. With a blush, Orihime return it but before that she heard him crying and felt his tears drop on her back.

Words were not needed as Orihime comforts Ichigo. After all he went through, who would not be so fragile.

Urahara arrived watching the scene. Typically, he would tease the boy, but not after this. Now he got a job to do, for Isshin, for Ichigo's sisters, and his friends.

"Kurosaki-san, Inoue-san, may you please come with me?"

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