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Takamagahara Gardens

It has been a month for Ichigo and Orihime to get used to the new place they are living in, though conflict is sure to arise soon. Their arrival had been a beacon for most of the supernatural in the world. For now, they studied the other factions, how they work, what are their current status, and whatnot.

Ichigo has been in Jinzen a few hours now; he is trying to meld the surrounding energies as the concentrations of Reiryoku were far greater than of Soul Society. Orihime was conversing with Amaterasu in her palace, clearly asking about her powers.

In their study, only one being qualified as pure evil, the Greek God of the Dead Hades may be evil but not purely evil; he is somewhat likely to be a necessary evil.

Angra Mainyu, All the World's Evils, what could the Persian God of Evil want from them?

It was said that the birth of the god was caused by the desire of the believers of the pantheon to become free from evil, so they decided to lump all the evil deeds of man into one being, which is a kid. Fate came to bite them in the ass when the evil was so great that anything that it touches becomes corrupted and altered, making men go mad and commit unspeakable horrors.

Ichigo steeled himself further, if a god of that caliber wants something from them, he must not hold back as he doesn't know his enemy much. Though maybe the god really wanted was the malevolence of his Hollow, which is a bad sign. He knows he could go berserk when his loved ones are threatened, probably Angra Mainyu is studying him, finding out what makes him tick.

"King, I suggest you do not cloud your head with that god. Instead, focus in how to beat the shit outta him instead!" Shiro laughed with glee, since Ichigo was in Jinzen he was sparring with him inside his inner world.

"Though that was a crude way of saying it, but I think Shiro is right. Thinking too much of something is bad for yourself and for us, remember 'Abandon your Fear'." Juha watched the two of them as they sparred, Ichigo kept those words in mind. He cleared out everything and focused on the spar.

"That's more like it King! Unleash the beast!" Shiro unleashed a Getsuga, Ichigo countered it with his own, it when on and on until Orihime called for him.

"Well the Queen calls for his Majesty." Shiro did a mock bow as Ichigo irritably sighed and conjured a rock on top of the pale spirit's head.

"Hey what gives?!" Shiro was about to counter with his own rock until Juha shut him up with an arrow on the crotch

"D-damn you old man!" Shiro just slumped in a heap, groaning in pain.

"Finally some peace and quiet." Juha conjured a table, a chair and a cup of tea; he could only hope that Ichigo's resolve would never waver.

Ichigo opened his eyes as he cut himself off from his inner world. He could see Orihime running towards him along with Lady Amaterasu.

He gave a bow to the goddess while he hugged Orihime, said girl accepted it wholeheartedly.

"My Lady, is something the matter?" After a short time, Ichigo needed to learn some manner when they are about to set off as foreign representatives for the Shinto.

"Why not ask dear Orihime, my dear son?" The goddess' smile was really radiant, even for a goddess of the sun. Orihime fidgeted when his gaze landed on hers, Ichigo's eyebrows were raised.

"W-well, um, Amaterasu-sama was going to name me her official heir." Orihime was really embarrassed about it, well, it's not every day that a deity names you his/her heir of the domain they are ruling.

Ichigo fidgeted, 'Well, that was unexpected.'

He was about to say something when he was cut off by the goddess.

"I have decided on it since her aura is very similar to mine, the Throne of the Sun resonates with her deeply in her soul. My son, I have already lived a few millennia, I would like the new generation to usher on. It won't be long now, I can feel it, a threat that looms in the depths of Yomi, to the ends of the earth. I know you both are tired from the conflict, but this can no longer be ignored. I ask this not only as the one of the rulers of the Shinto, but also the mother of all Japan." Deep in her voice is melancholy, an acceptance of one's fate.

Ichigo was saddened by this, no matter what, conflict seems to follow him and those around him, but perhaps this is the final time where he will draw his blade and bow and show all those who threaten the ones he call family.

He did not say anything but as response to Amaterasu's plea he willed his power. There, he could be seen glowing with eyes filled with determination.

Amaterasu smiled at that, she could finally make her troubles go away, even for a brief moment. For now, she will focus on the task at hand, expelling the foul god Angra Mainyu from her homeland and setting a future for the two and her people.

She could already see in her mind Ichigo walking head on, with other beings beside him. He will be the one to unify all the factions, not just by mind, but also by heart and spirit.

Great Temple, Kyoto

As the two of them descended to the Earth, they contemplated about their future.

Orihime willed herself to accept the responsibility; she cannot let the goddess down.

As for Ichigo, before he could think of something, a yellow blur tackled him out of nowhere.

"Ichi-nii, you're back!" A little blond girl in a miko dress nuzzled her face across his chest. Ichigo snapped out of his stupor and softened his gaze; he just rubbed the girl's head as the said girl leaned to his touch.

This was Kunou, daughter of Yasaka. In the short span of time, she took a liking to the two, making them her surrogate brother and sister. It took a while for Ichigo to get used to her calling her 'Ichi-nii' since he is still haunted by the deaths of his sisters, and Orihime just comforted him during those hard times.

"Ah, you're here early, I thought Amaterasu-sama would keep you in their longer." Yasaka entered the area where they had just teleported; she was clearly looking for her daughter.

"No worries, Amaterasu-sama just told us some things, namely preparation for the whole Shinto to make a name for itself in the supernatural world. Ever since that god infiltrated the palace, everyone is getting anxious on what's going to be our next move." Ichigo walked closer to Yasaka, Kunou just hopped along as Orihime smiled at the sight. Before that, Yasaka ushered her daughter to her and whispered something to Kunou, the little Kyuubi then rushed to Orihime as the two left them for them to speak alone.

"She clearly is your daughter; I wonder if that's how you grew up when you were young." Ichigo wistfully smiled, Yasaka just blushed at that.

'Ichigo-san, stop saying things like that.' She thought of Ichigo as a dense flirt too, not minding the effect of his words to the people he is speaking to.

Yasaka composed herself, "I take it that Amaterasu-sama entrusted a great responsibility to you two? She rarely speaks casually and almost all she says are not just for laughs."

Ichigo nodded, "Yep, though the greater responsibility falls to Hime rather than me. Amaterasu-sama named her heir to her Throne."

Yasaka's eyes were wide with that news, "That quick? No Youkai or Champion of the Shinto ever had such a privilege; if the Elders would here this they would have a fit. A mortal girl, no less, beat them to a position that they have been working hard for several hundreds of years." They walked outside and through a pathway.

After some time they have reached a shrine, in there was three statues. One was clearly Amaterasu, the other two were male.

As Ichigo observed, the one on the left side of Amaterasu has clouds and waves patterned into his armor, streaks of lightning could be also seen in arms and legs.

'Susanoo, the god of the storms and seas.' Ichigo thought, the statue depicted him to be man in his thirties, holding the famed sword, one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan, the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi or Ame-no-Murakumo, the one that slayed the Yamata-no-Orochi.

The one of the right of Amaterasu was a man that seemed to be in his mid-twenties, a crescent moon could be seen etched on the forehead of the statue, this one was obvious, he was Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon.

Ichigo also observed a magatama, no. It was the Magatama. It is placed to the chest of the statue. The Yasakani-no-Magatama, a jewel that symbolizes benevolence, usually regular magatama beads are used by Shinto Priests, but the Yasakani-no-Magatama holds a power that cannot be equaled by others, unknown to anyone but the god of the moon himself.

Ichigo felt himself connect to the statue as if it was alive, maybe due to his Zanpakuto's name being Slaying Moon.

His gaze fell upon the statue of Amaterasu; the image of it was the same as the goddess they have spoken too. Here, Amaterasu holds a mirror, though Ichigo already got the idea that the Trinity holds all the three Imperial Regalia. The Yata-no-Kagami, the mirror of Empress Jito, was said to have the power to reflect even Amaterasu's black flames. Ichigo have never once seen it when they went into the Heavenly Plains, surely it was stored in a pocket dimension of Amaterasu or her palace.

"Even after all this time, these statues are still standing. I think our leaders put some of their power to maintain them for a very long time." Yasaka joked, though she cannot be far off. Judging from the appearance, they look like they have been built a few years ago though Yasaka already implied that these statues held for a long time.

"I wonder what would become of the Shinto when they name their heirs, Amaterasu-sama already named Orihime-san. No doubt Tsukuyomi-sama will choose you Ichigo-san to be his heir when you two meet and get to know each other better." Yasaka looked at him fondly. Ichigo already contemplated about this, though things are moving too fast.

He just shook his head, "Maybe, but now is not the time for that is it? There are many other things we need to do before they pass on their legacy."

For now, he needed to be vigilant and be prepared. A battle against an incarnation of evil draws near, and a threat that looms mankind is patiently watching.

Kuoh Academy

At the same time, one Rias Gremory is seen scolding her new and only pawn Issei Hyoudou. The reason being he is getting too close to a nun named Asia Argento, which the two quickly became friends. A while ago, they were conversing at the park, Asia revealing her past which make Issei sympathize with her. He promised that he will make her happy yet they got disturbed when Issei's ex, Amano Yuuma or Raynare, interrupted them and made Asia surrender herself.

"Why Buchou, why can't I save her?! She's just an innocent girl dragged into this mess!" The browned haired boy called out, surely there must be a way right?

"I'm telling you, Issei! Your action may risk reigniting the War of the Three Factions. It is best that you forget about her!" Rias was adamant about her decision, she cannot risk her only chance of escape from the dreaded marriage contract.

"But-" He was cut off when Akeno Himejima, the vice president of the ORC, whispered something to Rias

"Listen, me and Akeno have some important business to take care off in the Underworld, I will be back later." They prepped a magic circle and it starts glowing.

Issei's hopes were about to die out when Rias said something, "The church is an enemy territory, Issei. As I told you before, the Evil Piece system is based to the game of chess, think about it." And they were gone leaving the new Devil to contemplate on what she had said.

"You know, Ise-kun, Buchou is just worried, after all you are her only Pawn." Yuuto Kiba, the prince of Kuoh and Knight of Rias, placed a hand over the shoulder of Issei.

"If you will, what Rias said is that you can promote on enemy territory, giving you powers of a Knight, Rook, Bishop, or Queen."

Issei's eyes bulged at that, 'So that was what Buchou has been talking about!'

With eyes burning with determination, he clenched his fists and proceeded to make his way out.

"You're going to save her, aren't you?" Toujou Koneko, the Rook of Rias, said in an emotionless tone.

"Are you going to stop me?" Koneko's eyes widened at that, she thought Issei was just a pervert, but now she has clearly have a new opinion on the brunette.

"Well, don't be like that Ise-kun, we're going to help you." Kiba summoned a sword, while Koneko pumped her fists together.

"Heh, yeah let's!" The three rushed outside and proceeded to the church.

Underworld, Gremory Estate, same time

Rias and Akeno were greeted by the presence of two Satans, namely Serafall Leviathan and Sirzechs Lucifer, and Grayfia Lucifuge.

"Ah onii-sama, why the sudden call? Greetings to you Serafall-sama." She bowed, Akeno did the same.

Normally Serafall would pout at that tone of respect but her face was unreadable.

Rias and Akeno gulped at the sudden rise in tension.

Sirzechs sighed, "This is an urgent matter, Rias. Do not think of this as a joke."

Rias nodded, 'What could be the news that Serafall-sama was needed to be here?'

"You felt that surge of power a month ago, correct?" Serafall spoke in a serious tone, this really meant business.

The redhead and her Queen nodded, who didn't after all. That power shook the very world and all of the supernatural beings are on guard since a new player just entered the board. A power like that, she shuddered at the thought.

"When we look upon the source, it was located in Kyoto, the very center of the Shinto and the Youkai." It didn't take a genius to know what that implied, and since their relations with the Shinto are nearing to an unfavorable one for the Devils, they're going to be fucked up big time if they proceeded at the wrong foot.

"At best, we decided to strengthen our relations with them by having a talk. We already sent them a message, but the location of it is still being discussed." Serafall walked to a nearby window, gazing at the distance. Sirzechs added some info, "Your part in this Rias, is to go to Kyoto along with your Peerage, we also told Sona's Peerage too. Your Peerages' job is to gather information with the guise of learning to establish good relations with them. However, you should be careful and act natural."

"That's not all, I'll be accompanying you and Sona in the duration of your stay in Kyoto. By approaching them first, we say to them we come in peace. Sirzechs' first idea where the talk should be is here in the Underworld and through our action first we can prepare for their arrival, if they should accept." Politics is a very dangerous game; it was a gamble on reputation, power, and influence.

The two bowed, and before they could leave, Sirzechs told something, "Rias, if we establish this alliance, there is good chance that your marriage with Riser will be voided. The elders discussed whoever that person in Kyoto was, that person already has an influence even without their appearance. The elder plan was to find out who this person is and if possible be offered a marriage proposal."

Rias angrily retorted, "My marriage with Riser may be possibly voided but you're just going to give my hand to another unknown, how far are you going to mess with my life?!"

Sirzechs said in a brotherly tone, "Because Rias, what I felt from that person was a strong conviction, an oath to protect."

Rias was confused by remembered the feeling that washed over her a month ago, her brother's words were true, this one was a protector, a guardian, a warrior, one who fights for the sake of family and friends.

She just sighed, "If that is your decision, then fine. But before you could do that, I would like to know who this person is, I'll take this opportunity. Though there is a chance that this person is female."

"Yes, though most female warriors do not exude such presence. Most female warriors only exude their pride as a warrior and proving themselves to be equal with men. This one exudes a presence that can crash the balance of the world like a tide in a storm."

They just shared a smile, Akeno and Serafall watched the two while they also converse.

"You know, family is really an important thing, Akeno-chan," The girl flinched, "I know of your past, and I'm saying this because me and Sona have a very rocky relationship too. Think about the possibilities on why he didn't come that day." She left while giving a piece of paper, Akeno opened it and her eyes widened with shock, tears starts flowing from them.

"This couldn't be, or is it?" She doesn't know what to say, after all this time, she saw the truth of what happened that day.

After a while, the two girls left as Sirzechs bid them good luck.

'Khaos Brigade isn't something you are ready yet, Rias. I'll let Serafall handle the other two Factions. For now, do your best in saving that nun.'

Grayfia was idle the whole conversation, she was called by Sirzechs and they teleported to the Lucifer Palace.

'I only hope we didn't make a grave mistake.'

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