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Far away, in the skies above Hyrule, there was a castle nestled in the clouds. A dark palace where the abominations of the Gods dwelt in sinister, watchful contemplation. Deep in the bowels of the castle keep, in a secluded chamber, there paced a pale wisp of a man in flowing robes. He wasn't terribly tall and his hair was as milk white as his sun deprived skin. And yet, despite the appearance of an old tired man, his face was rather youthful. At first glance, one could never tell that the young man was a master mage. The room was dark and foreboding. There were only two sources of illumination in the room. There was a candle on the man's intricately carved desk. It had been burning for a long time. What used to be a tall wax tower had been reduced to a melted stump. Yet the nervous man had not thought to put the candle out. Clearly something was occupying his mind.

The other source of incandescence aside from the candle is a brazier of hot coals heating a cauldron. The nervous magician finally fed up with walking his fears around his room made his way to his desk chair. Along the way he tramples a few old books and crumpled papers that had spilled onto the floor from the pile of books that blanket his desk. He slumps roughly onto his chair, brought his hands to his temples and tried to rub his stress away. He let out a deep, troubled sigh. "What am I missing?" He turned his head toward his desk and stared at the mass of pulped wood and leather. "How can I be so close, yet so far."

He slouched back and stared into the dark. In a vain effort to stimulate his mind, he ran his fingers through his chalk white locks and tried to sort out a complex equation in his head. His pensive reverie was interrupted by an impatient voice coming from a clearly impatient man. "Have you finished the spell yet, Vaati?" The pale mage turned his attention to a tall intimidating figure that filled his door frame. He stood up immediately and bowed to the man. "Not yet your majesty." He quivered. "Still working out the kinks…".

Vaati looked up toward the dark king. He was tall and wide. A looming tower of muscle and magic stood before the diminutive sorcerer. The king walked over to Vaati. The faint luster of the candle seemed to grow stronger in his presence as it danced over his broad features. He had burning red hair that seemed to flare up from the curls on his head to the beard on his chin in the coruscating flame. His gaze was as sharp as a razor's edge. His arms could crush a man wearing full plate armor and he commanded a presence that made proud men into children. Vaati stared into the angry glare of a man who seemed more like a demon than any man. "I have given you several months to complete this spell." He growled. Then he raised his voice into a rumbling shout. "There is no excuse as to why it is not done!"

"What do you want me to do? Vaati objected. Trying to control his frustrations so that he didn't anger the giant king. He hated boot licking. Especially to someone as pompous and dramatic as the man before him. What kept him from disobedience was the fact that The King's power was reputed throughout the land of Hyrule. He was not someone to refuse. Or worse…, insult.

He composed himself and put on his best humility. Well...most convincing humility. "My lord, reworking ancient spells takes precious time. Especially this one in particular."

The King looked down at Vaati. "What do you have so far?" He said flatly. Vaati went over to his desk and took a blank sheet of paper. He leafed through a few books and papers jotting down numbers to create a series of equations. He then took another sheet of paper. Using said equations, he created an almost perfect magic theorem that was missing a crucial value he could not solve for. When he had finished writing the page long spell he handed both the theorem and the reference page over to The King. The King then asked for a pencil.

As He began to write over Vaati's work, the magician stared at Him shocked and indignant. "Do you know what you're doing?" Vaati said, folding his arms. He could not hold back his frustrations any longer. "If I'm having difficulty with fixing the warp spell then what makes you think you can just scribble out the solution?" Is what Vaati wanted to say. The king cut him off with a swift motion to flash his solution in front of Vaati's face. "Test this." The King commanded succinctly.

Vaati stared at the solution with disbelief. He took the page from The King. "You want me to test whatever you wrote down on this paper?" He reaffirmed the command. The king nodded in affirmation. "You want me to test a random spell modification that you just jotted down. A modification that took me months to contemplate unsuccessfully. The same modification that you just handed to me?" The King nodded again. Vaati hated that look on His face. Smug, arrogant, the idea that he was wholly superior; Vaati himself often bore a similar expression to the people who dared to oppose him. He hated being on the receiving end. He hated being shown up even more. He bit his lip to try to contain his next outburst and took a look at the page. So far everything seemed to check out. He was impressed by the solution The King had come up with. He hated being impressed by something he failed to figure out. However, with a sigh, he relented. "All right, this way."

The tiny mage and the tall King made their way to a courtyard. It was small and empty, save for the pile of debris that littered the place. Vaati then held the spell paper out and began to recite the incantation. The clouds above roiled as the spell began to charge the air with raw magical energy. The wind began to bluster and whirl around Vaati. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, and then the world went quiet.

After adjusting her eyes to the light, a young woman looked out on the morning-lit terminal of the airport. Her disheveled appearance gave the impression that she rushed out the door. She had messy charcoal hair that hung just above her shoulders in a bob cut and her clothes were wrinkled. She picked up her luggage and shoes from the airport security and took a look at her boarding pass.



Flight: DL1080

Date: 7Sep

Class: W

Operated by: Delta Airlines Inc.

Origin: Baltimore

Destination: Paris

Departure gate: D10

Departs: 10:30 am

Seat: 17C

Zone: Sky

Mariah felt her pocket vibrate and instinctively reached into her pocket. She pulled a slim tablet and looked at the shiny surface of a cellular device. She had received a message from someone named Annie. "Hey! I'm at Starbucks. Meet me there after you get through security." Mariah typed her response. "Will do! I just got through security so I'll see you soon." She gathered up her luggage and backpack, and made her way to her departure gate.

The airport was like a living, breathing entity all on its own. As though they were blood in arteries, some people were trudging along to their destination. Others sped to wherever they needed to go, and a few drops wandered into shops and restaurants. White blood cells rode on golf carts throughout the building's veins. A lone janitor mopped the marble floor, taking care to ensure no one slipped on it or otherwise destroyed his hard labor. The terminal's eyes were gigantic, widening to be as wide as the walls and as tall as the ceiling just to get a good look at the dayspring sky. Despite the high volume of human occupants, the crowd was very organized thanks to all the directories posted around the area. Only one or two people seemed lost. The concourse kept itself impeccably clean and slick. It made up for its lack of color by adorning itself with advertisements, modern art and a scattering of plants.

After a while of searching, Mariah came across a Starbucks located outside her designated gate. Amidst the crowd was a strawberry blonde with her hair tied back into a bun. She kept her hair in place with ornamental pins and wore a black blazer over a white button-down shirt with a colorful scarf, along with jeans and black boots. A Gucci tote bag hung behind her on the chair she sat on. She had one leg crossed over the other and sipped a cup of coffee in one hand. In her other hand she pored over her phone. She didn't notice the world around her.

"Annie!" Mariah shouted, waving her free hand excitedly. She didn't notice the first time. Mariah cupped her hand and yelled louder. "Antoinette!"

Antoinette turned her head up to see her best friend trying to get her attention. She leapt up from her chair as Mariah came toward her to embrace her into a hug. "Hey! How've ya been? How was the ride up here?" She cheerfully inquired to Mariah.

"I'm okay. I'm pretty damn tired though." Mariah answered sluggishly. "I did my last minute cleaning and packing last night. I tried not to pack too many clothes so I could get some new ones locally. My parents kept trying to urge me to pack more and we kept arguing on what I should bring. I kept saying that I didn't wanna look like just another tourist. They kept saying it's all about how the outfit is put together." Mariah leaned back in her chair and gave a sigh of relief. "I'm so excited and nervous for school!"

"Dude, so am I! I kept telling my parents that I'd be ok." Annie cried. "I even promised that I would call whenever possible. They even made me agree to send photos just in case!" Annie laughed. There was a buzzing alert coming from her purse. After fishing her phone out from the bag, she checked the notification and looked up to Mariah. "We have about an hour left." Annie put her phone away. "In the meantime, why don't you tell me about how freaked out your parents got about our little trip?"

"Where to start?" Mariah joked. "Well this morning I did most of my packing last minute and my room was kind of a mess. It looked more like a tornado had gotten in to wreak havoc. You should have seen it Annie. The drawers were pulled out, the clothes were piled up in multiple places, and pens, pencils and draft papers were sprawled everywhere. I brought some of them with me." Mariah said, gesturing to a backpack she brought. Annie interjected. "You and your engineering papers." Mariah shrugged off her biting comment and continued. "Anyway, mom asked me multiple times if I was sure we would be ok multiple times. I think she was hoping we would change our minds about this."

Annie looked at her with a mock expression and inquired, "Are you sure you will be ok?" Mariah stuck her tongue out in response.

"Just because I'm a little nervous doesn't mean I'm not ready or excited for this trip. Especially since we arrive a week before school starts. We can explore the city. We also have your aunt and uncle looking out for us." Annie nodded in agreement. "She only calmed down when I promised to call regularly and send pictures."

"Thought sounds about right." Annie joked. "Plus, we speak the language and we have each other. No matter what, I've got your back." Mariah smiled at her friend. She appreciated Annie's statement and was glad for her presence. Mariah never admitted as much to her parents, but she was more than nervous about the trip then she let on. If not for Annie, she might have never decided to go abroad.

The two girls chatted away about the things they would do in Paris. The Champs-Elysees, the Latin Quarter, some of the shops and lesser known places they could learn about from Annie's relatives. Eventually the clock drew closer to departure. As they made their way to the terminal Annie tapped Mariah's arm. "Everything ok? You look nervous."

"Kind of." Mariah responded. "I guess I'm just nervous since I've never been outside of the country. I just can't shake the feeling that something will go wrong." Annie wrapped her arm across Mariah's shoulders and ensured things would be ok. They both boarded the plane and found their seats and began to wait for takeoff. Eventually the plane began to move and after making its way to the runway. Then the craft began to pick up speed and both girls began to feel the force of the plane pulling them deeper into their seats. The plane climbed to one thousand feet into the air. They passed the time by reading books. The plane climbed to four thousand feet. Then they decided to solve some pages in a puzzle book. Eight thousand feet. Eventually they decided to play chess together as the plane reached nine thousand feet. At ten thousand the intercom system began to ring.

"This is your captain, we are now at ten thousand feet. You are free to use your electronic devices in airplane mode. Beverages and snacks will be serv-" Before he could finish the plane began to shake. "We are experiencing some rough turbulence. Please remain calm and in your seats-" The plane began to violently thrash as the air began to crack. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning. A storm had suddenly formed around the plane. That couldn't be right. The skies were clear and the trip was supposed to be smooth. "Please make sure your seatbelts ar... fast …" One final flash of lightning seemed to strike the plane as the captain's voice began to fade away. Everything had gone white. Everyone was consumed by bright void and everything, even the world before seemed to be a distant dream.

Suddenly, the bright light began to fade. Sound and substance began to return to the world. First came the whistle of the wind through the trees. The leaves began to scratch the air as they shook against each other. The ground beneath their feet began to crunch and crinkle with every step from their boots. Finally, shadow returned to the world outlining the figures of Vaati and The King, the rubble in the courtyard, and the world at large. The two were silent longer than the world was as they comprehended what had transpired.

"What just happened?" The King asked after collecting his thoughts.

Vaati shrugged and tried to hide his own smug attitude. "I don't know." He was more than a little happy that the King's solution had failed. "Whatever it was, it wasn't the intended result." Vaati began to stride back to the castle. "Back to the drawing board."

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