"No" Aya groaned as she rested in her hospital bed.

"Oh please Aya! I really want you to watch it" Maya whined as she sat beside Aya on her hospital bed, Phoenix as he watched them felt bad for Aya who was stuck in bed having to listen to Maya plead with her to watch a cartoon show called the Steel Samurai.

"NO! Maya please I hate show and anything that existed before that! Please do not make me watch it, Phoenix can you do something?!" Aya almost cried out in frustration causing Maya to flash him a pouty look.

"L-like what Miss Aya?" Phoenix asked weakly as he released a shaky smile.

"Like give me a case file or something? I am so bored but I am not that bored to watch that show, you know I draw the line on that show Maya and we talked about this for months" Aya said in a controlled tone that had the younger girl whining.

"It's not fair, how can you not like it?" Maya cried feeling miserable but happy that Aya was now finally able to speak without feeling tired, it had been a real worrying week but according to Matthew Aya would be free to leave in another week as long as she completed her physio therapy much to Aya's chagrin.

"The shows involving cartoon samurais were a train wreck waiting to happen now this, I am not dying so don't even think about playing the show during my funeral" Aya added dryly before Maya stuck her tongue out playfully at Aya who rolled her eyes playfully.

"Maya…" Aya sighed before looking at Phoenix once more, a soft smile formed on her face as she stared at him.

"It's hard to believe that he's all grown up, we all came a long way… I still don't understand why Larry didn't tell Nick the truth about the money. Oh well…-" Aya blinked in alarm as she heard a faint voice alerting her that something was going on.

"Sorry?" Aya looked at Maya who groaned.

"I was saying that the company is really quiet, there are no cases at the moment" Maya groaned causing Aya to giggle with her eyes closed.

"How about peeking into my secret stash?" Aya asked with a sly smile that had Phoenix and Maya staring at her in alarm.

"WHAAAT?! Maya cried loudly as she almost hit Aya's arm on the bed. "Why didn't you tell us about that?! There could be hundreds of files there!" Maya cried as Aya chuckled softly at her sister like friend.

"It slipped my mind. So Nick, can I call you that?" Aya asked with a soft smile that left Phoenix pausing for a bit, strangely enough it left him feeling as if he saw that smile before.

"Uh… yeah. Of course you can-"

"NICK!" a loud male's voice alerted them that they were now being greeted by Larry who ran in the room. "Why didn't you tell me that Aya was hurt you jerk?" Larry yelled before greeting a very uncomfortable Aya who eyed him strangely.

"Larry…." Aya greeted politely before turning to look at Nick. "I have a set of keys in the office, Maya you have my spare to open the draw right?" Maya nodded eagerly.

"Just in case you lost or forgot your own key, I do" Maya flashed them a blue handled silver key that caught their attention.

"Good, use that and the code I left with the key. If the prosecution asks Hina sent you to collect her files. They'll be nice to let you in oh and give Lana my regards, she has been real nice to send me these flowers" Aya giggled as she showed them the blue roses that were resting on her bed side.

"They're so pretty, I still can't believe Lana went out of her way to do that for you" Maya said with a wide smile as she admired the bouquet.

"She has been really kind, even when I first entered the prosecution's office. It has not been easy working there, however it has been nice to have a friend who can have your back. In a way she reminds me of Mia who was friends with her during their classes" Aya explained as she watched the boys' reactions.

"So you are-?"

"A prosecuting defense attorney, isn't that awesome Nick? She fights to put bad guys in jail and defends those in need. She's been doing it for years" Maya gushed as Aya patted Maya's head playfully. Nick as he heard this blinked in surprise while Larry cried out in surprise.

"Alright calm down before you hurt yourself" Aya said playfully earning her a playful smile from Maya.

"Isn't it hard being both?" Nick asked as he remembered his studies and the bar exam being very hard leaving him almost wanting to give up. Aya shook her head with a smile.

"No, well I had two very good teachers. A Defense attorney and Prosecutor who were really talented before their passing, they pulled no punches and really know their stuff. My adopted brother however almost sabotaged me on the day of exams but thankfully a Prosecutor… I think is name is Faraday helped me take the tests. Thanks to him I passed with flying colours leaving them to rethink about how serious I am about being both. Besides it gives me access and more awareness on what is going on" Aya explained leaving Larry's mind almost blown while Nick nodded.

"I'm happy you did pass" Nick said before looking at Maya who had suddenly gave Aya a hug and rushed towards Nick.

"Let's get going. I want to see the case files" Maya cheered.

"Save some for me please! I don't want to be cooped up here for too long without anything to do!" Aya pleaded before frowning at Maya who giggled.

"No promises!" Maya joked causing Aya to almost cry out in shock.

"Take this guy with you, I don't want to be alone with him!" Aya pointed at Larry who almost screamed at the comment.

"What do you mean? I am a likeable guy" Larry said looking offended.

"Cindy Stone" Aya said blandly which caused Larry to deflate rapidly "I was there are the trial you know" she added before watching Maya and Nick take Larry out.

"Why is she so mean?" Larry muttered as Matthew approached the door with a clip file, his eyebrows went up in surprise.

"Now now Larry" Nick muttered softly, "she's just upset that she's in bed" Matthew hearing this almost chuckled catching Maya's attention, turning to look at him she saw him waving with a weak smile on his face.

"Wow, this is her office!" Nick asked looking surprised as he saw Aya's office in the prosecutor's building.

"Yup! She snuck me in a lot too, just look at the view!" Maya marveled as she saw the skyline that allowed them to see area below them.

"Must be nice" Nick smiled before his eyes went wide in surprise. This view was definitely breath taking. "It sure is something, but we should look at her case files" Nick said before opening one of the metal draws.

"Nick they're here!" Maya called out causing him to look at the mahogany desk, there stood a computer and some coloured trays. One yellow tray was labeled to be checked, another was orange which was labeled to be done and one which was blue was labeled will send to Defense Attorneys to complete.

"She really has the cases organized" Nick marveled as he took a look at the files.

"It's because some of the prosecutors and police respect her that they ask her to take a look, if the defendant is innocent it would go to the blue tray. Prosecutors would go to the orange and yellow is for her to assess and sort out. We should bring the files with us since it'll give her something to do" Maya commented now taking out a brown bag from one of the draws. Carefully remembering which went were she placed them in securely before locking the bag tightly.

"Let me, I'm sure it'll be heavy" Nick offered to Maya's relief.

"I don't know why she carries so many folders, they hurt just carrying them" Maya commented before spotting a few picture frames. Walking to the right of the desk she smiled as one of the images contained her, Aya and Mia smiling on a grassy hill. The image itself looked almost five years old leaving Maya feeling nostalgic, as she observed the photos Nick soon went to see the images.

"This was taken at the day of a festival sis, Aya and I were enjoying the festival so much we had to take a break" Maya explained with a sad smile "I never forgot how happy we were, it almost seems surreal that sis is now gone" Maya said softly before feeling Nick's hand on her shoulder.

"Mia would want you to be strong, Aya is still here for you don't forget that" Nick commented leaving Maya smiling sadly.

"Right" Maya soon turned to look at the image while Nick was resuming looking at them. An image however caught his eye and it was inside a half open draw. Curious he pulled the top draw open, his eyes went wide as a gasp left his throat catching Maya's attention.

"What's wrong Nick?" Maya asked as Nick was left speechless.

"This… this has to be fake, wh-why would she have a picture of this?" Nick was left baffled at the image which contained two laughing boys, one shy boy who was looking at a girl that smiling meekly at the image.

"What are you doing in here Mr. Wright?" Miles's voice caught their attention, without hesitation Nick slammed the draw shut and locked it before hiding the key discretely.

"Ah- Miss Hina asked us to deliver her files to her, she's not working today but she really needs us to bring them" Maya explained causing Miles to frown.

"And why would she ask you two?" Miles asked while looking at them suspiciously, Nick swallowed as his mind went to the image.

"Because she's our friend Mr. Edgeworth-"

"Hey! Oh- am I interrupting anything?" a scruffy male asked as he entered the room.

"Not really" Nick said as he took Maya's arm and was about to leave.

"Oh you know Prosecutor Hina?" Gumshoe asked with a grin before laughing, not seeing Miles almost glare at the detective for getting involved, of course they didn't.

"Yeah! Of course we do" Maya replied with a laugh shocking Miles "she's one of my friends, you see she asked me to come over to collect her case files that are either overdue or have just arrived. She's not feeling very well at the moment" Maya explained shocking all three males.

"Oh man, now I feel bad, is she okay?" Gumshoe asked as he scratched the back of his head.

"She's getting better, if you like I can give you her regards" Maya opted causing him to laugh happily.

"Of course I would be happy if you did. Great lady she is, oh and before I forget. She asks me to drop any new case files here. I have two she would be happy to take a look at" Gumshoe offered a happy looking Maya.

"She'll be very happy, knowing her she hates to sit still for one minute" Maya commented.

"You can say that again" Nick commented with a meek smile.

"You know her, she's always doing field work. Never staying at the office, well I have to go now that you're giving them to her. Take care everyone" Gumshoe saluted Miles who remained cross at how gullible Gumshoe was being.

"Bye" Maya and Nick replied before leaving the room.

"Sorry Mr. Edgeworth, I have to lock the door" Maya said showing the vexed Prosecutor the key that Hina would often have on her person.

"This isn't over" Miles said coldly before leaving the office in order to head into his office which was one door to Hina's right. The pair tensed up from how hard Miles slammed the door shut.

"Doesn't he know about Hina being-?"

"No, she keeps it a secret for some reason. Not that I blame her, I'm sure she has her reasons" Maya explained as they soon made it to the elevators.

Miles meanwhile waited for them to leave before texting Hina.

"How do you know Miss Fey and Mr. Wright" Miles texted before seeing a response.

"Stop being nosy, who I speak to is my business not yours" Aya sighed as she handed Matthew the phone so she could rest.

"Honestly… that guy" Aya muttered wearily.

"You should tell him the truth" Matthew said as he sat on the side of her bed.

"And risk the one who I am trying to put down to find out?" Aya asked looking at him with an offended expression "no, the less he knows. The less danger he'll be in. It won't be long before it all comes together" Aya said before smiling as her friends appeared in the door way.

"Mr. Edgeworth almost took the files away" Maya explained as she handed Aya the bag.

"Really?" Matthew muttered with a weak look.

"I am not sitting and waiting- Oh? This guy's guilty for sure and this one is innocent" Aya explained as she divided the files to both ends of the bed.

"You can tell who is guilty and who is innocent from just looking?" Nick asked looking at her in alarm.

"One of my traits, you can say like Maya's family being in touch with the spiritual work is a perk for my family as well. The guilty one has some facts that are too easy to pick up. Sit down I'll show you what I mean" Aya patted the chair so Nick could sit down and listen. Maya giggled as she sat on the other chair knowing that she would hear another tidbit on how to spot a bad person.

By the time it was time for them to leave the pair left her room around nine in order to go home.

"Interesting lesson but it's bed time for you" Matthew said earning him a groan.

"I don't want to sleep just yet" she groaned causing him to smile at her.

"Now" he said softly before taking the files and tucked her in bed.

"Fine… night" Aya said before giving him a pouty look, a soft smile formed on his face as he watched her fall asleep.

"Hah?!" Maya cried in shock while Nick stared at Aya in disbelief not knowing what to say after they spoke about Nick's defendant.

"You mean you'll come with us to the crime scene?" Maya asked eagerly.

"Yes, but Maya I am helping Nick solve a case and that means keeping a good behaviour"

"I'm not a child" Maya muttered.

"Technically you are but I'll let it slide if you behave okay?" Aya smiled as she saw Maya nod slowly.

"Then it's settled, let's catch the killer of Jack Hammer and get Mr. Powers the innocent verdict he deserves" Aya said as Nick was still left stunned by the fact Aya was going to be helping them. It seemed surreal and yet it left him happy, during the few months his mind still went to the image that was in Aya's draw. Questions upon questions still filled his mind and even when Aya looked at him with what he could assume was expectant eyes he still couldn't find it in himself to ask. Why though? Why couldn't he ask her about how she gained the photo?

"Don't worry Nick" Aya patted Nick's back lightly, a kind smile formed on her face "all will be revealed soon and when it does, it'll be for the better" Aya explained leaving him to wonder if she could read his mind.

"Miss Vasquez, if it was self defense then why did you mask the death? You wouldn't have been charged?" Aya asked looking at the woman in black with a melancholy look "no one would have blamed you, yes the blackmailing could have gotten out but at least you wouldn't be going to prison for covering up and pining the blame on someone else" Aya continued to ask the woman who's eyes closed, a sad smile formed on her face as she heard the questions.

"Someday… you'll understand" Dee Vasquez spoke softly before being taken away.

"But now you'll be left with what ifs! Regrets that even you wouldn't want to stomach" Aya called out as Nick held her arm.

"It's over, let her walk" Nick spoke causing Aya to look at him with sad eyes.

"It's not right, why did she have to feel as if that was the only option?" Aya asked before frowning at Miles who was staring at them with a passive expression. "There should have been another way" Aya muttered before sighing, soon her eyes caught Will Powers who was now being declared not guilty. Once the court was adjourned did the trio leave the courtroom.

"Um… Aya?" Phoenix spoke out catching Aya's attention.

"Nick?" Maya asked looking curious before Aya patted Maya's arm.

"It's alright, we'll catch up" Aya assured her friend before watching Maya leave them behind. "What's wrong Nick?" Aya asked before giving Miles a look as he walked past.

"You… you really don't like him do you?" Nick asked now noticing the look she gave Miles, blinking she turned to look at Nick.

"Oh… um… you see, it's complicated" Aya explained before exhaling "what did you really want to ask me? I have a feeling you've been on edge for a while now" Aya commented causing him to feel as if his stomach was a bundle of nerves.

"Did… this is going to sound weird, but have we met before?" Nick asked.

"There I said it…" Nick dreaded the answer as he saw her face go blank.

"Does it matter?" Aya asked with a soft smile shocking him.


"Whether we did or didn't" Aya fiddled with her long wooly white scarf that she always kept around her neck, even during the summer which confused Nick but didn't have it in him to ask. "it shouldn't matter, it wouldn't change a thing. Don't worry Nick, when it's time I'll tell you what you want to know but for now… I can't say anything" Aya explained as she observed the area for a brief moment before spotting the judge nodding at her, nodding back briefly she smiled at Nick.

"Just wait a little longer okay?" Aya spoke in an assuring tone that left him on edge.

"But for how long? Why do you even have an image of Miles, Larry, a girl and I in your office room?" Nick asked feeling upset as a black haired girl who was a few months older than them smiled in his mind. Aya smiled in a masked manner but hid her bitterness in order to stop herself from giving it away.

"I… that is for another time… wait until the end of December, I'm sure it'll all be out the open but do not assume the worst-"

"You… why are you hiding the image? Why not tell us?" Nick asked.

"Because if I do bad things will happen and what I have done will be a waste. Look what happened to Mia? She got too close and died, please excuse me I have to go hospital" Aya said sternly before turning to walk away.

"But you are not injured or sick" Nick said as he remembered Matthew was not working today.

"I'm visiting a friend" Aya said with a sad smile, "I have to check and see if he's okay. Excuse me" Aya walked out the room leaving Nick frustrated and upset. Why is that he was getting worked up? The girl he knew had been declared dead. Miles years ago stated it but the question that bugged Nick was how and why? What happened and why was there no trial about it? It made no sense for him.

"Ayami… why did you have to leave?" Nick muttered before leaving the courtroom.

Aya sighed as she entered the hospital and went to a room she knew too well, however to her shock the bed was empty. There was only dead flowers and the curtains were blowing softly thanks to the breeze.

"But… how?" Aya felt her stomach drop as she assumed what could have happened, rushing towards the door she spotted a nurse.

"Nurse! Nurse! There was a patient here who is suppose to be in a coma, do you know where he went?" Aya asked now feeling panic fill her body to the point she was almost shaking.

"I'm afraid I do not know" the nurse said looking worried about Aya's state of mind.

"What do you mean? He's been in that room for years" Aya cried as she released her hold on the nurse, placing a hand of her face guilt for not being their filled Aya. How could he have died? When did it happen?

"Well I-"

"If it isn't the young lass" said an amused gruff voice that alerted Aya, her eyes went wide as she slowly turned to look at the person who despite sounding slightly different almost sounded the same. Her heart leapt in her throat once she saw the state of her once collage/friend.

"D-Diego?! What happened to you?!" Aya cried in horror as she saw his hair and face.

"I would like to ask you the same question, what happened when I was away?" Diego asked now frowning at Aya who was becoming teary eyed.

"Mia… she was killed by Red White, I couldn't save her he hit me with door" Aya's voice broke as she started to cry, sighing Diego pulled her into a hug.

"It's alright, I'm here now… tell me everything" Diego said softly as he allowed her to cry.