Happy Two Thousand Nineteen Harry

"Why can't I stay up dad?" Harry half whined. "Because my boy your too young to stay up that late plus you'd fall asleep long before the ball dropped" Captain Mitchell said as he looked down at Harry. "No I wouldn't!" Harry said in a definite manner. "Sorry Harry but I said no and that's final" Captain Mitchell told his youngest son. Frustrated Harry left in a huff and nearly collided with his older sister who was coming in the door. Seeing her younger brother in a foul mood had Dana perplexed because she knew Harry to be a happy go lucky kind of kid.

Raising an eyebrow at her father Dana pointed to the door and asked what was that all about? Laughing a little at his daughter's expense Captain Mitchell explained to his daughter about the conversation he and Harry just had. Meanwhile with Harry who was in his room trying to prove himself to his father; that he could stay up till midnight and ring in the new year two thousand nineteen. As Harry was thinking of ways to stay awake a sudden knock on his door made him jump. "Go away dad!" Harry shouted at the unopened door; "guess again little brother" the voice said from the other side of the door. Dana poked her head inside and saw Harry laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Sitting on the edge of Harry's bed Dana starts off by saying "Dad told me what he and you were talking about." Before Dana could say anything else Harry shot up and looked at his older sister and said "Well do you think I could stay up until twelve o'clock tonight." Getting up Dana looked at Harry and said "I don't know about that." Watching Harry frown once again "although…" Dana started to say "You can help me set the Aqua Base up for a new years party tonight what do say?" A big smile came across Harry's face as he wholeheartedly agreed; because Harry hoped that by doing this it would get him closer to midnight and then he could watch the ball drop. Harry then raced out of the room with Dana telling her younger to slow down.

A few hours later after setting a few things up. Dana told Harry to get some drinks from the fridge and put them in the ice bucket. As Harry went to the fridge he got said drinks but in his haste to get them out. Harry accidentally knocked one of the soda's on to the floor and it exploded spraying the sticky soda all over the place. A majority of said soda covered Harry from head to toe. Dana then appeared in the galley and wondered what the hold up was and discovered Harry's sticky situation. Dana knew it wasn't Harry's fault but she couldn't help but sigh; she then told Harry to go and take a quick shower and then change and then hurry back.

Harry nodded his head and ran to the showers it wasn't long before only four hours remained. Every now and again Harry would occasionally yawn but he would never admit defeat at least not yet. Still trying to prove everyone wrong Harry then decided to amuse himself within his room. Harry wrote letters to all his friends telling them about his christmas and also wondering about their christmas wondering if they did anything fun. After taking care of Hedwig and her needs Harry looked at the time and saw that there was only two hours left till midnight.

Yawning once again Harry wondered what else he could do so he leaned on his bed; and began to think of some other ideas to stay away. As twelve o'clock hit and everyone in the Aqua Base wished each other a happy new year and for good things to come. Dana looked around and saw no sign of Harry wondering where her younger brother might. It didn't take long for Dana to find Harry however fast asleep on his bed; not wanting to wake him up Dana tucked Harry into bed clothes and all. Before leaving Dana whispered into Harry's ear Happy Two Thousand Nineteen little brother. Happy new year and hopefully it's a good one to us all.