Hey there!This story is set after the end of the it's gonna contain some is consist of self-contained chapters centered on the relationship between Kenzi and little D'.It will also reveal how Kenzi is coping with Tamsin's death.

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Kenzi was standing at the living room door staring at the adorable , blond girl who was drawing at the coffee was only seven months since Dangy's birth ,but the little Valkyrie looked like a 4-year-old grow up quickly, Kenzi mind traveled back to the time she had taken up Tamsin's upbringing...Tamsin...Her heart ached for the badass woman who had not given the oportunity to raise her own daughter.

''Kenz!'' Kenzi's thoughts were interrupted when she heard her foster daughter call her name.

''Hey, little you!'' she said as she approached kneel next to the girl and wrapped her arms around the little Valkyrie's tiny waist.

''Will you show me what you drawed?''she asked looking at the colored paper in front of her.

''Yeah.''Dagny replied loved painting and knew her foster mother was her number one fan.

''This pink girl is next to me is you, with your boots.''Kenzi chuckled as she saw the green figure with the black boots.''And here, in the sky is mommy and she watches us and takes care of you see the wings?They're big and grey as you said they were when she was alive.''The girl looked at the older woman waiting for her comments.

But Kenzi wasn't able to was touched and sad and grieving and she was trying hard to swallow a is , she wasn't much of a cryer but when it came to TamTam she just couldn't help worst past , she didn't even know how much she loved the Valkyrie until after her missed her terribly.

''Don't cry for Valkyries in our last life it's not called 's called rising''

She remembered some of Tamsin's last ,she was adressing Bo , Kenzi knew she wanted to say the same words to everyone.

''Hey,Kenz!''Dagny shook her gently.''Is something wrong?Is it my drawing?''the little one asked reluctantly.

Kenzi instictively shook her brought her hand to her face and wiped away a few tears.''No,little Val ,your drawing is mommy would be so much proud of you''

Dagny's face immediately lit idea that her mom would be proud of her was one of the best things may have never known her , since she died in childbirth, but she loved her ' she felt a profound connection with her.

Kenz smilled broadly as she watched the expression on her adoptive daughter's face change from concerned to gleeful.

''I am not sure I can stop crying for you I can promise you I'll do whatever I can to keep your daughter safe and happy.''

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