Donna was visiting Simon and Nora for dinner. Bram was there too, "That was really good chicken legs, Mrs. Spier" Donna complimented.

"Thank you, Donna" Mrs. Spier smiled.

"It was so nice of you and Bram to join us for dinner," Simon said to her, "Why didn't you want to join your parents for dinner?"

Donna remembered that Rocket and Animal were training lothal cats how to do Earth pet tricks, that's when they ate up all the food in the fridge and Animal joined in on the action. She couldn't risk telling Simon and Nora about the lothal cat training, so she said, "Cousin Rocket decided to learn dog tricks to some stray cats."

"Donna" Coach Spier said, "No one can train stray cats. They might have diseases."

"Our dog, "Albertalli" won the blue ribbon in the Rosewood Dog show and he didn't have diseases," Nora replied.

Just then, Albertalli jumped onto Simon and grabbed a chicken bone, "Easy, boy" shouted Simon as Albertalli came down.

Bram took Simon's hand and said, "And it was a good way to spend time with my Jacques"

"Merci, Blue" Simon replied as they kissed.

Coach Spier walked off to see what they got in the mail. One of them was a letter with a hibiscus sticker on it, "It's a letter from Cousin Olly" shouted Coach Spier.

"Our Bronx medical man?" Simon asked

"Why didn't you say so, Dad," Nora said, "I'll get my brownies."

"She didn't put horseradish in it?" Donna asked in caution.

"Nope," Simon replied, "I told her not to cook Shaggy-style this time."

"That's a relief" Donna smiled, "And you have a cousin in The Bronx?"

"Yeah" Nora explained, "He just moved there from Los Angeles. He's got a job at a local hospital, his previous neighbor was a doctor."

After Donna got out the brownies with peanut butter and orange sprinkles on them, Simon started reading the letter.

Dear Simon and Nora,

Things in The Bronx are going great. I've just started majoring in medicine.

I am hoping to find the cure to find the cure SCID

That's what my old neighbor, "Maddy" had

It all started 1 year ago in Los Angeles-

Note: Both Olly and Simon were both played by Nick Robinson and Albartelli is named after the Love, Simon Author Becky Albertalli.