This takes place after my Homecoming story. Hope you enjoy!

It felt as though he hadn't seen Jean in ages. He had been stuck on a case that felt like it kept taking them round and round. When they would get a new lead, it would turn out to be a dead end. For Jean's part, her council position had recently been very demanding of her time. Some nights she would already be asleep by the time he got home and at work before he awoke. He was not happy. He missed his wife.

Tonight, she wasn't home yet. Amy had made dinner. She and Peter had already turned in for the night. Lucien opted to wait up for his wife, sipping on a drink, sitting on the couch in front of the fire. By the time she came home, he had fallen asleep. She was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. When she came into the studio, she noticed Lucien was not in bed and there were the last remnants of a fire. That's when she saw him. He looked so peaceful there slumped over on the couch, still in his shirt and trousers, mouth slightly open, neck awkwardly bent. She hated to wake him but he would be more comfortable in bed. She crouched down next to him, gently stroking his head. She missed him. She could count on one hand the times they had a conversation over the last few weeks. They had both been so busy. Something had to change. She was not happy like this.

She smiled as he started to stir. "Lucien, come to bed."

He opened his eyes, seeing Jean, the corners of his lips rose. "Hi."

She kissed his lips, whispering, "Hi." She rubbed the line of his beard. "Come to bed." She reached for his hand, helping him up. They stood there for a moment in each other's embrace. "I've missed you."

He pulled back to put his hands on her cheeks, touching his forehead to hers. "I've missed you too." They kissed gently at first but the passion grew quickly. They helped each other out of their clothes, falling into bed in a tangle of limbs. Their lovemaking was rushed, partly because they were both so tired and partly because they both had missed each other so much. He lay with his head on her chest, hand on her hip. She had a hand on his arm and the other stroking his hair.

She spoke softly with her eyes closed. "We must find a solution, Lucien. I don't like missing you."

Rubbing her hip, it took him a moment before he responded. "I know. We'll figure something out."

He had an idea. The next day, he, with help from Amy, packed a picnic lunch and took it to Jean's office. She was in a meeting so he took the opportunity to set up the picnic on her floor. Everything was perfectly set. He took off his jacket and sat down on the blanket. He looked at his watch, she was due to be out of her meeting ten minutes ago. Time went by, he lay on his back, arms folded behind his head. He looked at his watch again, thirty more minutes. He sighed. He was proud of himself at first, now he just felt foolish. As he was debating when he should pack up and leave, she came through the door. She stopped half way through the doorway, looking right at him, a smile slowly appearing on her face as she took in the scene before her.

She closed the door behind her, walking over to him, eyes beaming. "Lucien? What is this?"

He held out his hand for her to join him on the blanket, grinning at her. "I just figured this would be a good way to ensure I get a chance to spend some time with my wife."

She sat next to him and laughed. "My husband is brilliant." She kissed him. "And romantic." She kissed him again. "And so incredibly sweet. Thank you, Lucien."

Barely able to contain his grin, he kissed her again. "My pleasure, love."

Lucien had come home late, everyone already long since gone to bed. Passing the kitchen, he noticed Jean had left his plate on the table. He was hungry but his aching body wanted sleep more. By the time he made it to the studio door, there was a loud crash at the front of the house. "Bloody hell." He jumped and headed toward the disturbance.

He rushed to see what the sound was, stopping when he saw a large rock on the floor of his surgery with a note attached to it. He crouched down, looking toward the now broken front window. He didn't want to touch the rock, wanting to preserve the evidence. He could read the note from there, Leave the council or else, final warning. His brows furrowed, mouth agape.

Jean appeared at the doorway. "Lucien, what in the world happened?"

He looked up at her. "It appears someone would like you to step down from the council." Her lack of surprise had him worried. "Jean? Why don't you look surprised?" He rose from his position on the floor and walked slowly toward her waiting for her reply.

She tried her best to downplay the situation. "It's nothing, Lucien. Just someone trying to make trouble because he doesn't like women in politics."

"Jean." He motioned toward the rock on the floor. "The note says final warning. That doesn't sound like nothing." She avoided his eyes so he reached for her chin, lightly pressing, bringing her eyes to meet his. "Please? Talk to me."

She sighed heavily. "I've received quite a few letters. Most of them are just saying how women have no business in politics. But, the others…" He waited, eyebrows lifted. She knew he was not going to be pleased. "The others are quite…threatening."

She waited for him to process. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to mask his anger for whoever this was that was coming after her. "Threatening. I don't suppose you have talked to Matthew about this?"

She shook her head. "I didn't give it any merit. We get angry letters all the time."

He put his hands on her shoulders. "Yes, but, Jean…these are threats." He saw the fear in her eyes and it gripped at his heart. He pulled her into a tight embrace. "It'll be alright. We'll find who this is." He was trying to console her, but more so trying to talk himself down from the rage that was brewing inside.

Someone was after his Jean. God help them if he finds them before the police do.