Summary: She is Danny's childhood best friend and Grace's godmother. When her unexpected arrival in Hawaii finds her tangled up in their latest case, the team will stop at nothing to keep her safe, but will the secrets that she is hiding get in the way?

Featuring: The Five-O crew, Grace Williams, a few OCs, and others.

Notes: So I am newly hooked on this show and couldn't resist writing about it.

"And I am telling you that your statement is so beyond the realm of inaccurate reasoning. Chicago Deep Dish is not pizza. But hell, what do I expect from a schmuck who puts pineapple on pizza?"

Steve just looked at the shorter man in amusement. "What does that even mean? Alright, fine, let's just agree to disagree."

Before Danny could respond to his partner, Chin got their attention over the comms in their ears directing them toward movement on the boat they were watching. An older man walked down the ramp and onto the pier with what appeared to be luggage. He stopped setting it in place and then turned around where he was met by a dark haired woman. She gave him a hug and a kiss to the cheek. It was unclear what was being said between the two, but the woman appeared grateful. She grabbed her luggage moving out of the way. Her hand pushed her sunglasses on top of her head and the blond detective felt his breath get taken away.

"Jersey?" Danny looked on in shock and confusion.

The leader of Five-O looked from her to Danny. "You know her? Chin, keep watching. Danny and I are following a lead."

"She's not a lead! She's... She's Gracie's godmother."

Steve sighed as they watched her movements. "By your reaction, I'm guessing you didn't know she was going to be visiting Hawaii."

"She hates flying. It terrifies her. So Grace mostly talks to her through Skype and FaceTime. Last call was about a week ago. She made no indication that she would be travelling to Hawaii." Danny shrugged his shoulders while they followed her.

He nodded walking along the pier with the Jersey native. "Fear of flying would explain arriving here by boat. But of all the ones, it's the one that might be smuggling? Danno, we have to at least talk to her."

"I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it. Just follow my lead, alright? We can bring her in without anyone realizing we're Five-O."

"Jersey? Is that really you?" Danny held his arms open looking at her while Steve leaned against the silver Camaro.

A gasp fell from her lips and she squealed softly as she ran into his arms hugging him tightly. "Danno! Oh my god! I've missed you so much. How'd you know I was here?"

"I've missed you too. Uh, actually I didn't. We're working a case." He chuckled softly closing his eyes to savor the moment.

Steve cleared his throat after a few moments getting their attention. "Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. I'm his boss and work partner."

The brunette smiled letting go of Danny to pull the other man into a hug. "You must be Uncle Steve then. Gracie has told me a lot about you."

He returned the hug with a chuckle and looked over at his friend. "Uh yeah, that would be me, ma'am."

"Alright, that's enough. Come on now." Danny pulled the two of them apart.

She rolled her eyes playfully at him and then jumped slightly. "Oh! Where are my manners? Sorry. I'm Chelsea Walker. It's nice to finally meet you, Steve."

"Do you have a ride, Jers?"

Chelsea shook her head sheepishly. "Um, not exactly. I was going to call a cab."

"Don't bother. My car's right here. Get in." He gestured to the silver Camaro and grabbed her luggage placing it in the trunk.

She couldn't help smirking as she got into the backseat and realized he wasn't driving. "Danno, you're not driving your own car?"

"Jersey, don't you start."

Steve started the car as he laughed with Chelsea simultaneously.

The brunette took in her surroundings as Kono took a hold of her luggage. She still wasn't sure why they had brought her to where Danny worked, but it certainly was an impressive office. The sight of the taller woman unzipping her luggage made her eyebrows raise.

Chelsea walked toward her in an attempt to see what she was doing. "Uh, why is she going through my luggage?"

"That's Officer Kono Kalakaua. She works with us." Danny explained holding the shorter brunette back leading her to a chair to sit on.

She nodded relaxing a bit as she recognized the first name. "You must be Auntie Kono. The one teaching Gracie how to surf. I'm Chelsea, her godmother."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Hawaii." Kono smiled at her.

The commander sighed rubbing at the back of his neck. "We just have a couple of questions for you about your trip. Specifically the boat you traveled on. It pertains to our current case. Officer Kalakaua searching your luggage is strictly procedure."

"No wait, actually, let me ask the first question. What are you doing here? You didn't even tell me that you were going to be here." He pointed out looking at her.

She sighed tucking her dark hair back behind her ears. "I just wanted to surprise you and Grace. To answer your next question, that's why I didn't tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise."

Steve held his hands up attempting to ease the tension in the room. "Alright, how about we back things up a bit? How did you get on that boat?"

Chelsea glanced over at Kono who was sifting through her luggage. "I wanted the fastest trip here. I helped the Captain out of a bind so he owed me a favor. Got me on the boat for cheap. We sailed from San Diego to here."

"What bind?" Danny raised his eyebrows still unsure if he fully believed her reasoning for being in Hawaii.

She shot him a look and shrugged her shoulders. "I took a bullet that was meant for his daughter and granddaughter. Custody dispute gone bad. Oh don't give me that look, Danny. I'm okay."

"All clear, boss! Just your basic toiletries and clothes. I like her taste though. Really nice lingerie." Kono held up the lace for a second smirking slightly at Danny's reaction.

Steve nodded at her watching as she zipped the luggage back up. "Did you see anything suspicious on the boat?"

The brunette shook her head blushing slightly. "No. There were a few men on board that kind of gave me the creeps, but they didn't bother with me. The Captain is a kind old man. He charges a fair price for travel. He doesn't discriminate."

"No, no, wait, rewind that back a bit. You took a bullet and didn't tell me? Jersey, what the hell?" Danny yelled throwing his hands in the air.

Chelsea frowned at him. "I didn't want to upset Grace. I knew you would have hopped on the first flight back to Jersey."

"You're damn right I would have."

Steve cleared his throat giving his partner a look before turning his attention back to the woman. "Do you think you could identify these men that gave you the creeps if we showed you photographs?"

She looked at Steve and nodded her head slowly. "Yeah, I think so."

He smiled gently at her. "Alright, why don't you go get settled? Kono here can drive you over to where you're staying. When we get the photographs in, we'll bring you back in to take a look."


"I got it. Don't worry, Brah." Kono helped her with her luggage.

Chelsea smiled softly at him and walked toward the elevators with the female officer.

The ride to the hotel she was staying at was pretty uneventful. The two women made small talk and the Jersey native shared humorous stories from her past with Danny. Before they knew it, they were at the hotel. Chelsea checked in and they took the elevator up to her room. She unlocked the door and Kono went in first to clear the room. Once it was cleared, the brunette followed her inside shutting the door.

"So you and Danny Williams huh?"

A laugh fell from her lips at that and she shook her head. "Oh no. There is no Danny and I. It's not like that. We're best friends. Our families lived next door to each other when we were growing up. Dad was a cop and Mr. Williams was a firefighter. Our families were close. Are close."

"Alright, alright. So you took a bullet? Does that mean you're a cop too? Or did you just randomly throw yourself in front of a bullet?" Kono inquired curiously.

She bit her lip at the thought. "Not a cop. No. I'm a Paramedic. They were my neighbors. Two apartments down the hall. The baby was crying so I invited them in to get them away from the stressful situation while the cops talked to the father. Dude pulled out a gun. I saw it, yelled gun, and covered the mother who was covering the infant. I didn't even think twice."

"Wow. You're really brave, you know that? And probably lucky to be alive. I should get back to the office, but I'd love to hear more about you and Danny some time." She smiled patting the other woman's knee.

They exchanged numbers and then Kono left. Sighing, the dark haired woman decided to take a shower letting the hot water ease away the tension from her body. The door to her hotel room opened though she didn't hear it over the sound of the water running in the shower. Once she was done, she dried off and slipped into one of the fluffy white robes that the hotel provided tying it closed. A gasp fell from her lips when she opened the bathroom door only to see someone standing there. The man grabbed her and she screamed fighting him off. Diving, she grabbed her phone off the bed. He picked her up trying to get the phone from her grasp. Punching him in the face, it staggered him allowing her the time to run back into the bathroom and slam the door shut locking it. She lifted her phone and without hesitation, she called Danny.

"She's my childhood best friend. She's Gracie's godmother. That's all. I don't know why I'm explaining this to you." He threw his hands up in the air again and walked out of Steve's office.

Steve looked on amused at how defensive his friend had gotten. "And yet you've never mentioned her."

"I don't mention a lot of things, Steven. Hold on, I have to answer this." The word Jersey lit up his phone display along with a picture of her. "Hey Jersey. Miss me already?"

The brunette was breathing heavily staring straight at the door. "Danny, I don't have a lot of time. Creepy boat guy is in my room."

"Whoa, slow down, I'm on my way. Where are you?" The panic was evident in his eyes as he put the phone on speaker.

A loud thump could be heard and she jumped. "Locked in the bathroom."

"Okay, hold tight. We'll be right there."

Her scream was all that could be heard as the door was kicked in.


Steve grabbed him as the team headed out. "Danny, breathe. It's going to be alright. We'll get to her."

By the time the team reached her floor, they found the same thing hotel security found. The door to her room was open and there were signs of a struggle. Her bathroom door was kicked in though there seemed to be no sign of her cell phone anywhere.

Steve walked back into the hall and looked around. "Chin, see if you can track her cell. Hopefully it'll tell us where he took her."

Chin pressed a few keyboard keys on the laptop near him and smiled. "Way ahead of you. It looks like it's still on her. According to this, they're moving up the stairs."

"Let us know if it changes." Danny took off toward the stairwell with Steve following him.

The brunette continued struggling against her captor which slowed his ascent up the stairs. Slamming the door open, he stepped out on the roof and threw her onto the floor. It dazed her leaving the woman still for a second. He walked further out onto the roof grabbing her. Chelsea was shoved against the edge of the roof and felt her legs go weak when she realized just how high up they were at that exact moment.

Chin watched the location change. "They're on the roof."

Steve followed Danny toward the roof. "We're just about there."

"Five-O! Step away from the woman and you might not get shot in the head."

The man smirked shoving her toward Danny before he took off running. Steve ran after him while Danny caught her in his arms. Her body trembled as she clung to him. He sighed in relief pressing a kiss to her head.

"Shh, it's alright. Danno's got you."

She buried her face in his shoulder crying a bit as her body continued to shake. "Danny..."

The taller of the two men returned dragging her captor behind them. "She alright?"

"She's shaken up, but I think she'll be okay. Him?" He glanced over at the unconscious man.

Steve glanced down at the man and shrugged. "He'll live."

Chelsea lifted her head for a moment looking over at him. "T..Thank you, Steve."