Newt didn't expect Queenie and Jacob to pop up in his living room but after Leta's entrance last night, he shouldn't be surprised.

But everyone has to stop treating his house like a walk-in exhibit at the museum. Newt resolves to ask Theseus for help and hopes he doesn't lord it over him.

Leta is quick to raise her wand but Newt moves in front of her. He whispers "It's ok I met them in NY. They're friends."

Leta lowers her wand and crosses her arms. She locks eyes with Queenie whose smile starts to falter. Jacob runs forward and grabs Newt in a bear hug.

"Newt it's been too long buddy"

Newt frees himself and starts looking Jacob over. He even checks Jacob's pupils to see if they're dilated but they're normal.

"I'm glad to see you too but what are you doing here? I mean the venom should have erased your memories. You shouldn't know who I am or about magic."

"I don't know bud. It just started happening one day. By the way, thanks for the advance. I couldn't get the bakery open without you."

Newt's sheepish.

"No trouble at all."

Leta ponders what's going on. Queenie addresses her in a falsely sweet voice.

"Yes, he's a muggle. Do you have a problem with that miss...?

Leta moves closer and narrows her eyes. Queenie shudders at her thoughts and backs away.

"That's not very nice."

Leta has a fire in her eye.

"Then stay out of my head."

Newt moves towards them and Jacob looks around the room absentmindedly.

Queenie looks at Newt with a frown. "Really Newt? With her?". Newt blushes.

"Queenie please stop doing that and what are you two doing here? More importantly, why does he remember?"

Queenie pouts "I'm not complaining".

Jacob joins the conversation.

"Newt your thunderbird juice only works on bad memories. And I didn't have any. A few scary moments but it's been a good ride."

Queenie walks over and Jacob rests his head on her arm. "Besides how could she ever be a bad memory?"

Newt is bemused by the display but Leta scoffs "thunderbirds can't erase memories".

Jacob notices her for the first time and is confused. Leta doesn't respond while Newt chuckles.

"He meant the swooping evil venom I had Frank disperse all over the city."

Leta scrunches her face and Newt moves to her. Scrunching her face was Leta's tell, her way of saying she's confused.

"Frank is a Thunderbird that I was carrying to America. I wished you could have seen him. He was beautiful and very proud. You two would have hit it off quite well."

Leta flashes him a smile and Newt forgets they have company. She leans towards him and lowers her voice.

"Then we'll just have to find another one won't we?"

Newt is aware he's blushing but he can't turn it off. Jacob slaps Newt on the back.

"Newt you sly dog. You got your best gal here and you didn't even tell us."

Merlin's beard he's worse than Theseus. Jacob and Leta shake hands while Queenie moves over to them. Jacob's stomach growls.

"Lunchtime hun. Newt where's your kitchen?"

Before Newt can even point, Queenie sets off to the back of his flat, and waves her wand. Plates and spoons and mats fly around the kitchen and lands on the table. Queenie ties a bib around Jacob's neck and Leta covers her mouth to hide a snicker.

Jacob offers Newt the head of the table but Newt waves him away. While Queenie is cutting up Jacob's lunch Newt and Leta retreat to the kitchen cupboard. Newt puts on a kettle and Leta waves down a set of teacups.

The kettle boils while Newt moves next to her. They are inches apart and Newt addresses her collar.

"She means well you know. She just can't control it but she's harmless. Just give both of them a chance, you'll really like them. I promise."

Leta doesn't face him and makes a cup for Newt.

"Ok but don't expect me to start treating you like that. A little spoiling is fine but I'm not your house-elf."

"I'm glad because you'd be a terrible house-elf. I bet potions was the first time you ever peeled your own vegetables."

Newt puts two sugars in his cup and stirs it. He takes a sip and awaits her response. He missed their back and forth.

"Well, we all couldn't have the pleasure of growing up on a hippogriff farm.."

A smile forms on Leta's lips. She missed this too and a moment passes between them. They hear Queenie calling them in the distance.

"A meal is meant to be shared with everyone Newt. We didn't come all this way for you to sneak off into the kitchen."

Newt forms a response in his head but Leta beats him to it.

"He didn't sneak off Goldstein. We're just enjoying a cup of tea."

"Well bring it here and share it with us silly. Let's see what tea-time is all about."

Leta rolls her eyes and Newt finds a tea tray and starts stacking it.

"Your Yank friend is quite pushy."

Newt picks everything up and starts walking. Leta follows.

"Glad you noticed. You're not so different so please be patient with her."

Leta pinches his side and Newt fakes a stumble. Leta takes the tray from him and carries it to the table, one-handed with perfect poise.


Leta sets it down and hands Jacob a cup. Queenie takes it and places it on his left. Newt pulls out a chair for Leta and she sits with a teasing smirk. Newt eases into the chair next to her and looks at how the spread is set up.

"Queenie is Tina with you? I should talk to her about Jacob's memories returning. I'm glad it did but there could be others."

"She's in Paris right now. MACUSA sent her to look for Grindelwald."

Leta looks at Newt and he turns his head slightly. He rather Queenie and Jacob didn't learn about Leta's allegiances just yet (if ever).

"Ohh. Well, We have to let her know as soon as possible. We will need her help telling MACUSA about Jacob's memories."

Queenie looks sheepish. Jacob continues to eat.

"We don't need to tell her right away. It could wait till we are done sightseeing and Tina is hopefully in a better mood."

Newt looks at Leta before speaking.

"Tina doesn't know you two are here, does she?"

Queenie laughs quietly while Leta sneaks a glance at Jacob. He's oblivious to what's going on.

"With Tina, it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Will you help us Newt?"

Leta answers for him.

"I'm sure he would love too but Newt can't right now. We're going to be traveling later. We should continue packing but thanks for lunch."

Leta gets up to walk away but Newt grabs her hand. He loosens his grip but is still firm. They share a look before Leta returns to her chair. Begrudgingly Leta gives Queenie her full and undivided attention.

Newt gives her hand a squeeze under the table. Leta doesn't acknowledge it.

"Leta's right. I would love to help but I have other commitments. I'm gonna be unavailable for a while so maybe you could stay with someone else?"

Newt starts thinking about whether he should send an owl to Theseus or Dumbledore before

Queenie speaks.

"Dumbledore seems nicer."

Leta laughs.

"Don't let Newt's rose-colored glasses fool you. He's not as good as he seems."

Newt wrings his hands together and doesn't respond. Leta continues.

"Besides neither can help you if you keep doing what you're doing. Best you quit while you're ahead and go back to NY. You're not built for a life on the run."

"You'd know Miss Lestrange. I wonder what you've been running from all these years."

She and Leta glared daggers at each other and Newt gets deja vu of 5th-year charms. Leta had a rivalry with Mafalda Weasley that Newt found himself in the middle of. He'd hoped he'd have better luck diffusing this tension.

Hopefully with his eyebrows not blown off.

He turned to Jacob hoping for some assistance. What he got was a blank stare at the ceiling tiles. If this took place with the creatures downstairs this would make more sense but Jacob has been oddly quiet and disengaged since he started eating.

Newt pondered what's going on and makes a guess. He drew his wand absentmindedly and Leta and Queenie get up and drew there's in return.

Leta puts herself in front of Newt but he tries to inch away from her. Queenie puts herself in front of Jacob and her facade cracks, there is regret in her eyes.

"Newt I thought you'd be on my side. I thought we were friends."

"We are friends but Jacob is my friend too. He didn't deserve to be confounded."

"It's worse Newt. It's a love potion or even Imperious."

The accusation hangs in the air as Queenie scoffs through watery eyes.

"You've done much worse haven't you Lestrange. How could you hurt Newt like that?"

Leta is livid and Newt moves in front of her.

"Move. I'll filet her"

He moves closer and reaches for her hand.

"Let me handle this. No one gets hurt. My furniture is still intact."

Leta laughs quietly and Newt walks over to Jacob. Newt waves his wand to Jacob and it's a veil has been lifted over him.

"Newt?! Queenie?! This isn't my shop. No no no you said you wouldn't do it again."

Queenie breaks down and runs out the door.

"Wait where is this?"

Newt deadpans.


Jacob gets up and follows after Queenie.

"Just perfect. I always wanted to go here!."

Newt watches him leave while Leta walks towards him.

"Well, that was -"

"A fiasco"

"I was gonna say fun but fiasco fits better. So no more couples night?"

Newt doesn't answer. Leta waves her wand and the dishes start levitating. She moves everything to the sink like a conductor and her symphony.

Newt moves to the couch and sits down, slumping his shoulders. This is not how he saw today going.

Jacob comes back and shoves his face in one of the couch pillows. Newt hears every other word but doesn't know what to say. They sit in silence till Jacob speaks.

"Nice place bud. A bit plain tho."

Leta laughs as she sits in the arm-chair.

"Newt wouldn't have the patience to pick this out. This is probably his brother's handiwork."

Newt hides a smile.

"Father actually."

Jacob laughs quietly.

"I just made things worse Newt. What am I gonna do?"

Newt shrugs.

"Real insightful bud."

They laugh till Leta clears her throat.

" We shouldn't do anything. She's in the wrong and she has to make the first move. But I don't see her coming back to you anytime soon. "

"So what?! I just give up on us? Jeez, sister Newt must be the optimist in your relationship."

"Oh he is but she crossed a line that should never be crossed. Magic shouldn't be used like that and you shouldn't have given her another chance to do it again."

Leta appears nonchalant but Newt can tell she is faltering. Coercion through magic has always been a tough topic for Leta. She can joke about it but confronting it has never been easy.

Newt gets up, grabs his coat and tosses Leta and Jacob theirs.

"We won't know by sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves. We need to go find her. "

"Bud she could be all the way back to New York".

"You two didn't apparate all the way here, it's impossible. I had to take a ship to New York remember?"

Jacob nods and Newt lays a hand on his shoulder.

"Jacob you're new to magic and it looks amazing. You think it could solve every problem but it can't. We can't wave our wands and solve poverty, hunger, discrimination. Wizards getting involved in the war didn't keep the death toll down. Magic couldn't save my parents from separating and it won't save you and Queenie's relationship either."

Jacob and Leta are surprised by this. Newt has never been this verbose before.

"Where your parents like me and Queenie?"

"No, they're worse. Mother's an optimist and Father's a pessimist. I'm surprised they even fell for each other in the first place. But they eventually worked it out and tried again so there's hope for you two yet."

Leta couldn't resist smiling and slips her fingers between his. Newt grabs Jacob by the shoulder and we hear a POP! in the background.