While it was kind of obvious, it still caught me off guard when I realized that the pay for a War Preparation Leader would be just a little bit higher than what I got as a Substitute Shinigami. Well, more accurately, it caught me off guard when I discovered how much. My first paycheck as a Substitute wasn't burned in a fire like most teenagers would be prone to doing, but I'll admit I probably spent a bit more than I should have on spoiling my sisters.

When I opened my first paycheck this morning, at the table while sipping some coffee, my family was treated to the sight of me freezing in place as I registered exactly how many zeroes there were. Out of curiosity, Dad leaned over to glimpse at the check, before turning to me. With a shaky, hopeful voice, he asked a single question:

"Tell me that, in the time I've been gone, they changed to giving you the pay for the entire year in one go?" To the man's pale horror, Unohana innocently shook her head the negative. After pulling myself from my stupor, I went to my bank and cashed the check before any number of catastrophes could happen that would render the piece of paper invalid. The clerk had given me a look of unprecedented suspicion when they realized I was still in high school, but the check ran true. I signed up for a credit card then and there, with the highest limit they would allow me, and the clerk didn't even attempt to dissuade me.

So, with a brand new card in my pocket that felt heavier than my own house, I began sauntering my way towards the warehouse district for the Vizard. Just as I left the building, I felt a familiar weight manifest atop my shoulders.

'Hey Shiro.' I greeted mentally.

"Hey King." He responded aloud as I subtly crossed my arms to hold his ankles in place. "So we're rolling in it now, huh?" Came the question as he sniffed at food vendors we passed by.

'I mean, we shouldn't take that as incentive to buy whatever we want. That would be irresponsible and childish.'

"But we're turnin' this first paycheck inta charcoal."

'Damn fucking straight.'

"I have the perfect idea."

'Hit me with it.'

"So, we're 'boutta go see the Vizard, yeah?" He began to gesture with his hands in his excitement at whatever horrible plan he had concocted, and I couldn't help but share in the feeling.


"And we're tryna convince 'em that they can talk it out wit' their hollows if they tried ta listen, yeah?"


"So, obviously, the best way ta do that is ta show off that I'm cool enough to talk it out, yeah?"


"So, I was thinkin:" Rather than saying it out loud, he grabbed the sides of my head and gently turned it so it would appear as though my gaze had naturally drifted. As soon as my eyes locked onto what he wanted me to see, my grin matched his.

'Oh fuck yeah.'

The creak of the warehouse door opening echoed throughout the building. Sunlight filled the doorway, casting the person standing in the doorway in shadow and leaving their form mostly indiscernible. Shinji, standing high above on the level closest to the ceiling, to maximize the dramatic introduction of course, smiled wide and (hopefully) ominously. All the other Vizard took up similarly dramatic positions throughout the facility, though he inwardly hoped that Ichigo would never wonder how he managed to get some of them to agree to that. Rose, Love, Mashiro, and Lisa were on board as soon as he suggested it, and Hachi was blissfully just happy to go with whatever the majority went for, but Kensei and Hiyori were quite the fight. Either way, though, the stage was set. The lightning was damn near perfect, the positions were cool, and all that was left was the epic one-liner. It seemed the stars aligned for him today, because he figured out what that would be as soon as he caught a whiff of the Berryhead's reiatsu.

"Came just in the nick of time." He grinned, his lips curling into something devilish. "Practically feels like your hollow's sitting on your shoulders."

"'S cuz I am." The set up was shattered, and every Vizard in the building froze. "Yo, King, these fries taste so good!"

"Let me try?" Their eyes adjusted to the sunlight, and the group watched as the orange haired teen opened his mouth and let the inverted doppelganger atop his shoulders hand feed him some French fries. "You're right," the boy announced while still chewing, "these are good."

The group of Shinigami that had fought with their hollows over dominion of their very souls might as well have bluescreened. The single most insane thing the Vizards had ever experienced walked forward, holding up the giant bag they just noticed was in his left hand.

"Hope you're hungry, we got some for everybody."

"Don't worry, Hachi, we made sure to get you a salad! With extra croutons, just how you like it!" The hollow smiled. "We also managed to remember all the details of that fabulous fucking mess Rose orders, so you can't bitch at us!" Ichigo nodded along as he lifted the cup held in his right hand and sipped through the straw.

"Holy shit, Shiro, this chocolate milkshake is amazing!" The honey-eyed living nightmare to the Vizard unhesitantly raised his hand with a joyous look on his face. The thing sitting on his shoulders that wasn't supposed to be fucking docile happily latched onto the straw himself and had a taste.

"Fucking hell, King, why don't we go to McGroban's more if they got shit like this?!"

"We didn't have the time or money before, now we got both." Ichigo then appeared contemplative. "If we have it every day though, then we'll get used to the flavor."

"How about once a month? Make it real special!" The hell spawn that didn't have yellow eyes nodded in approval.

"Perfect idea."

"Hold the fuck up, what the fuck is fucking happening?!" Hiyori was the first to recover, and for once, practically quoted what was on everyone's mind. "Is that your fucking hollow?! Are you fucking letting him sit on your fucking shoulders?! Are you letting him hand fucking feed you?! Did you fucking let him try your fucking drink?! Did you say you knew Hachi gets a fucking salad with extra fucking croutons?! You know that fucking catastrophe Rose fucking orders?!" The fanged girl had the clear intention to continue word-vomiting now that her faculties had begun to start working once more, but she was interrupted. By the two walking impossibilities breaking down laughing. The one not sitting on the other's shoulders managed to control his collapse and keep the items in his hands from getting damaged. The one that had been gorging upon French fries tumbled off the other's shoulders and rolled onto his back, uncaring of the container slipping from his grasp as he clutched his stomach.

Kensei slowly began stepping forward, face a whirlwind of passing emotions as his palm rested upon the grip of Tachikaze with his fingers erratically twitching, indecisive over whether he wanted to draw the weapon or not. His other hand, shuddering just as aggressively, came up to point in the duo's direction. His eyes shifted through several different narrowed states, his jaw was repeatedly tested and moving, and his head tilted this way and that an uncountable number of times. Several half-noises came from his mouth as the man clearly tried to figure out what possible reaction he even should be having.

"…You-" The silver haired man appeared to temporarily settle on accusatory realization. "You didn't actually state you had problems with your hollow."

"No," the orange-haired affront to the Vizard's entire worldview agreed, "no, I did not." Shinji immediately replayed the events of Wednesday night in his mind. Twice. Thrice. Four times.

"…We kept talking like you got taken over by your hollow, and you just didn't bother to correct us. We kept offering answers and you basically just said 'yeah, sure'." The blonde breathed.

"But…you fully hollowfied." Love reasoned slowly. "Hole all the way through, mask was complete, all that jazz." By this point in time, both copies of the hellspawn had shifted to sitting cross-legged on the floor next to each other.

"I'm gonna need you all to think back on Wednesday night and really focus on what it looked like when I left my hollow form." The group did as asked, intently going over their memories to be certain of the details. It was Hachi whose eyes widened in realization first.

"It didn't break off you, it dissipated. It was akin to when we release our masks or a Shinigami reseals their sword." The duplicates nodded in time with each other, which unnerved the entire watching group. Worrisomely, this brought a mischievous grin to both of the boys' faces.

"It was as controlled ta let it go as it was ta put it on." The negative mirror announced, before looking down curiously at the bag sitting before his counterpart. "Are ya'll gonna have summothat? Cuz if not, I'll have it." Mashiro's head tilted in suspicion.

"…Did you get me a Happy Meal?" To most everyone's shock, the white-skinned being's eyes lit up in joy.

"Yeah!" He cheered while digging into the bag before holding up two red boxes. "We got one for me too!" The lime-haired woman displayed no hesitation in also becoming ecstatic and bouncing over to where the twin impossibilities sat. The Vizards stared in helpless disbelief as the colorful girl and colorless boy opened their boxes together. That disbelief grew as both were of the same mind to collect the toys found within their boxes first and compare them.

"Hey, King! I think this is Kamen Rider!"

"Wait, seriously? Let me see." The honey-eyed man wasted no time in leaning over to rest an elbow atop his counterpart's shoulder, in mild awe as he looked upon the plastic figurine clasped between pale hands. "That looks different than I remember. Is the show still going?"

"Yeah!" Mashiro appeared as though she had found her newest best friends. "I've been watching it since the first season aired! I haven't missed a single episode! I've gotten Urahara-chan to get me a copy of every season, too! We can watch it together, if you want!"

"Oh, hell yeah. Mind if I bring some friends of mine over so we all can watch it together?" Nevermind, Mashiro now realized she had stumbled upon her soulmates.

"Absolutely! I've always wanted to have a watch party for Kamen Rider, but none of the other Vizard will join me!"

"Mashiro." The flesh-toned man looked her in the eyes very seriously. "If I asked, I could get like half the Seireitei to join us." It was at this comment, with the energetic girl's eyes brightening until they could light up the entire warehouse, which settled the scene before them into the minds of the other Vizard.

"…Mashiro is eating McGroban's with a teenager that mastered his hollow better than we have and the hollow that he mastered." Shinji had to hear the words aloud.

"…Yeah." Kensei dazedly confirmed.

"…We are about to eat McGroban's with a teenager that mastered his hollow better than we have and the hollow that he mastered." The ex-captain of the fifth delved.

"…Yeah." Lisa breathed. They all stood for a moment before beginning to walk over to the trio.

"You made sure the condiments on my burger don't overlap, yes?" Rose glared down his nose.

"And that the lettuce was cut into notes and placed like sheet music, ya psychotic shithead!" The hollow immediately called out.

"They do know what that mess you call an order is." Lisa was amazed.

"It's the opposite of a mess, it's a work of art!" The wavy blonde defended.

"It's a burger." Kensei immediately argued, taking the one part of the day that remained normal and latching onto it.

"And thus it cannot be called beautiful?"

"It's from McGroban's," Hiyori pitched in, "not some high-class restaurant!"

"It doesn't have to be expensive to have class."

"I have, myself, watched the life leave a cashier's eyes as they took the order of a girl who wanted a sandwich comprised of fish, raw onions, pickle spears, and red bean paste." Love explained. "If you want to say that place has class at that, you best be ready for me to smack you."

"Class is not something innate to you, it is worked upon!" Rose did falter at his friend's words, but it did not take long for him to catch himself. "A peasant could become a king if he were to be diligent enough in learning the role."

"I'm pretty sure that the employee I comforted when I found them crying in the bathroom would agree that McGroban's has no desire to have class." Shinji drawled as he took a glance at the items Ichigo passed to him. "Love, here's your Quarter Pounder and nuggets."

"Sweet. Did you get me a drink?"

"Yeah, your Diet Pepsi is right…here." The honey eyed teen held out the cup to the man with the afro.


"Well, of course the establishment retains no class when their reputation is as it is." Rose agreed. "However! If the company were to decide to fix their reputation-Your Chicken Tenders, Lisa- then I have full confidence they could re-establish themselves as an exquisite quick stop for good food and good atmosphere."

"Ah, Kurosaki-san, it appears you ordered too much extra croutons for my salad." Hachi politely mentioned.

"Oh, no, that extra bag is for my little sister Yuzu. She loves to snack on them."

"I see. What a caring older brother." The large man smiled.

"That's true, yeah." Hiyori rolled her eyes. "But have ya even bothered to take a proper look at them? They make so much money they would wipe their asses with it, and there hasn't been a single attempt made to change their image to something nicer. It's not even a question that they could afford to do that, hell, it'd barely be a drop in the bucket to 'em. But the thing is, they make money out the ass with a shit reputation, so the only incentive to get a good reputation would just be it's nice to have. Why put in effort you don't have to?"

"Would having a good reputation not improve their numbers? If all they desire is to maximize their profits, then there is no reason not to fix their reputation. If people have greater incentive to go to their restaurants, they only have more people buying their products, no?"

"You make perfect sense." Ichigo began, pausing only to hum appreciatively at the taste of the double cheeseburger in his hand. "Counterpoint: Central 46 keeps bitching and moaning about how they have to continuously increase the policing of the Rukongai, but they make no effort to enhance the quality of life in the Rukongai, the lack of which is why souls keep breaking the laws. If they gave a damn about the people they're supposed to be servicing, they could easily properly solve all the problems, but all they want is to have the Rukongai shut up so they can enjoy their ten million yen wine without being interrupted. Same situation." All the Vizard save for Mashiro, who was playing action figures with the orange-head's hollow, turned to stare at the colorful teen.

"How do you know so much about Central 46?" Love questioned.

"We had ta deal wit' 'em a lot before we time traveled back here." The hollow explained, using his free hand to dip a nugget into a random sauce container and giving it a try. The creature made a nasty noise as his face scrunched up, before he dipped the last of the nugget into a different container. He appeared to enjoy the flavor of that one. While the group stared even more incredulously, Kensei glanced down at the half-eaten Double Quarter Pounder in his hands before drifting back up to Ichigo.

"…Did you spike our food?"

"Nah. Bullshit kinda just spawns in my general vicinity." The honey-eyed boy hummed. "I've learned to just accept it and move on at this point."

"What kinda bullshit we talking about?" Shinji couldn't help but ask.

"Making friends with an arrancar child that can transform into one of the strongest arrancar alive."

"Becoming drinking buddies with members of the Zero Squad."

"Learning I'm a perfect hybrid of all the races."

"Tankin' a missile to the face in Shikai."

"The entire event of 'Assault on Camp Omelet'."

"Usin' a paralyzed Kenpachi as a weapon when we got disarmed."

"Killing the resurrected King of the Quincies after he absorbed the powers of the Soul King."

"Findin' out we're strong enough ta use people as projectiles."

"That's really fun to do."

"So much." The hollow smiled wistfully. "And, with the right people, real effective in combat."

"…I see your point." The blonde ex-captain sipped at his drink to alleviate some of his shock. The man sighed in appreciation at the taste before leaning back on one of his hands and refocusing on the apparent time-traveler. "So, if you and your hollow are apparently on great terms, why agree to meet up with us? You don't look like you need help." The scarred boy turned a little crestfallen, clearly having been enjoying the atmosphere before the conversation turned serious.

"There's a war coming." He wasted no effort in playing it up, the words simply falling from his mouth. "We need everyone we can get and we need everyone we get to be at the top of their game." The hollowfied Shinigami all exchanged a heavy look with each other.

"…Aizen finally show his hand?" Lisa questioned. To their collective shock, Ichigo carelessly waved his hand.

"He's already dead. First thing I did when I came back was cut him in half myself." Most of the exiled appeared to relax a little, save for their pseudo-leader.

"You sure you actually did him in?" His eyes narrowed in concern and suspicion.

"I managed to avoid falling under Kyoka Suigetsu's influence. Never seen his Shikai." The hybrid confirmed. "When he and I fought, he was always more focused on the Hogyoku." It was only at that which got the backwards man to lower his guard.

"That's good. But if he's dead and gone, who's the one we're going up against?"

"The Quincy. The Vandenreich. Been hiding in the shadows of the Soul Society for the past thousand years. Once their King is up and ready to go after his super-coma or whatever he's in, they come in swinging for the fences."

"And if you felt the need to time travel, I figure they did a damn good job of it." Kensei's voice was subdued, quiet. Ichigo nodded just as silently.

"It was a seven-year-long bloodbath. Only reason I was able to come back at all was because Kisuke was the only other one to survive." Lisa, Love, and Shinji physically winced at the mental image. Hiyori and Hachi turned down cast. Rose and Kensei froze entirely, while Mashiro quieted before growing more intent with playing with the hollow. "I've already talked with Yama and the rest of the captains. Your ban is lifted, you can all do whatever you want with that. I know we've got two open captain slots. I have plans to deal with Central 46 once I'm not preoccupied with the Quincy War. I know neither the Gotei nor I have the same relationship with you guys as last time, so if you decide you don't want to jump into a war, I won't take any issue with it."

"…What happens if we're not interested?" Hiyori was the one to voice the question.

"I came here today because I enjoyed having you all as friends last time, and because I want to help you all out with your hollows. Any of you deciding you don't want to fight doesn't change that." The air warmed a little at the man's comment.

"What do you mean 'help out with our hollows'?" Hachi tilted his head.

"I know a trick that both makes it easier to manage your hollows and makes you all more powerful. Even if you don't care about the power, I know you all want to not have to constantly keep an eye on your hollows." The group shared a look with each other before easily turning to the orange-haired man.

"Well? We're listening." Love spoke for them all. Ichigo smiled as he pulled another sandwich from the bag. He didn't even glance at it as he opened the wrapper and took a bite.

"So, not to dwell on bad memories, but when Aizen used his Hogyoku on you guys, what he did was transform you, right?" Most of the Vizard easily nodded in agreement at his words, with only slight hesitance from Hiyori. "Which then means he didn't add anything to you guys, just fuck with what was already there?" Once more, the group nodded. "Therefore, your hollows are just mutated parts of your own souls. Not some foreign entity, not something that shouldn't be there, not something you should beat down and subjugate."

"They certainly don't share that opinion." Rose muttered. In response, their apparent mentor did naught but raise an eyebrow.

"Well, you all certainly know what it's like when a part of you is twisted, tortured, and forcefully mutated into something it's not supposed to be. Imagine being that part. I know you're all well aware of how hard it is to think clearly when you're in constant agony and feeling like you're not in your own skin anymore."

"…If I had my entire being rearranged into a hollow by someone using a rusty blade with no idea what they were doing," Kensei's eyes were narrowed, "I'd probably end up attacking everything in sight."

"So you're saying our hollows were originally part of our souls. What are we supposed to do with that?" Lisa questioned.

"Well, if we wanna be technical about it, your hollows are portions of your soul that split off and turned into something else, with abilities innate to it that you can use. By that description, your hollows sound an awful lot like zanpakuto, don't they?" At this, the group returned to staring open-mouthed at the orange-haired hybrid.

"Are…are you suggesting we communicate with and become partners with our hollows?" Rose was flabbergasted.

"Is it even possible to do so?" Hachi wondered. Ichigo shrugged before pointing over his shoulder.

"You tell me." The hollowfied Shinigami turned to where he pointed, finding the man's own hollow taking turns with Mashiro throwing French fries into the others' mouth. "Has Shiro seemed like someone you can talk to?" The protector then leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Or do I need to bring in any of my arrancar friends to provide further evidence?"

"Your point is made." Shinji waved. Trepidation and hope danced within his eyes. "…This seems like something that'll take a lot of work, though."

"Never said it would be easy to do, just worthwhile." Ichigo smirked.

"You seem happy." Yoruichi purred after I entered my room. She was lounging on my bed, her feet in the air and the remote to my TV in her hands. Unohana was seated at my desk, working on paperwork. There had been an influx of injuries from the Kusaka Event, as it had been named.

"I woke up rich, Shiro and I agreed to start a tradition of eating McGroban's every month, helped out the Vizard, and got penciled in for watching Kamen Rider with Mashiro. I'm the happiest I've been for a while." Unohana smiled pleasantly at my tone, while Yoruichi tilted her head in interest.

"What's Kamen Rider?"

"I had been curious about that as well. You mentioned it was the purpose behind the behavior of Ossan."

"It's a show I used to watch as a kid before my Mom died. Until I got over her death, I couldn't get myself to watch it. I haven't since gotten a good opportunity to pick it back up, but thankfully Mashiro is an avid fan." I explained. "When I go over to watch it with her, I was thinking of bringing some of my friends along."

"Who did you have in mind?" My nurse was curious.

"Yoruichi, Orihime, and Chad, definitely. Probably gonna drag Uryu along. Not you though, I figure you'd get irritated at it because it's all flash and no efficiency." The raven-haired woman hummed in agreement. "Was also thinking of Rukia, Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Kenpachi and Yachiru. Once the Vizard are more comfortable with the idea, I was also gonna invite some of the arrancar, like Nel and Grimmjow." I climbed onto the bed, rolling over Yoruichi until I laid on my back next to her, glancing up at the TV. An anime was on, the scene was on some kids in what looked like superhero outfits being trained by some man that looked like he both wanted and needed to sleep for eternity.

"Pretty colorful combination of people, you sure they'll all be interested?" The mocha skinned goddess rested an elbow on my chest before resting her head on that arm's hand.

"Uryu will bitch and moan about how dumb the characters will act, but I can assure you that nothing will be able to get him to stop watching. I figure Rukia and Renji will be the ones to get fully into it, while Kenpachi and Grimmjow will be just as invested, but commenting the whole time. Ikkaku and Yachiru will definitely learn how to do the dances and poses, and Yumichika will be all over the aesthetics of the various characters. He's gonna have a fit over the looks of most of the monsters. Nel will likewise be fully invested, but she'll probably be wondering a lot why they chose to fight each other instead of talking it out and reaching compromises."

"You remember what I told you about people finding it creepy how well you know them?" The Goddess of Flash smirked. A smirk of my own came onto my face and I playfully smacked her ass.

"If you remember what I told you, I'm sure they won't mind." Her eyes narrowed playfully.

"Careful there, Berry-kun. Things like that can make a girl eager~." I rolled my head to look her straight in the eye as I squeezed the cheek in my hand before raising it. I took immense joy in the way her eyes slowly began to widen as they stared into mine.

"Maybe that's what I'm going for." Was my response, punctuated by my hand coming down to smack her rear a second time. At the edge of my vision, I caught Unohana still as the past few seconds repeated and registered in her mind. It was immensely satisfying listening to the silence as the two processed my words and actions, a clear contradiction to previous occasions. The pen in the First Kenpachi's hand was more thrown from her grip rather than dropped as she swiveled around to look at me. Her eyes were wide in excited shock.

"You cast a soundproofing kido." At the sapphire-eyed woman's words, the ex-captain's head snapped to the door, excitement as well bleeding into her form.

"You locked the door." Her smirk slipped into a full, anticipatory smile. I returned the looks in full. The mocha skinned goddess easily pulled herself atop me, her hips straddling mine and her hands on either side of my head. Her eyes practically glowed as she directed a salacious leer down at me. "Our Berry Boy's finally come out to play~."

"And I plan to go the whole nine yards." My hands rested on her thighs, massaging the warm muscle. Her eyes only seemed to grow brighter before her head snapped down and her lips connected to mine. Neither of us wasted time weaving our tongues together, a moan of happiness escaping her describing this as something that she had been waiting a while for. Grateful for the softness of the bed, I slipped my hands down and pulled her knees, her hips falling down to sit upon mine. Once that was nice and settled, I slid my hands along and groped her ass at my leisure. With her hands no longer necessary for support, she moved them to feel my chest, pressing into my muscle and taking pleasure in my body. She particularly seemed to enjoy the feel of my core tensing as I sat up, her legs curling around my waist. With a little bit of awkwardness that was easily ignored due to the make-out session not pausing, I adjusted my legs until I could lower Yoruichi onto the bed. There was a soft whine when I pulled away, that grew a little louder when I released her ass from by explorative grip.

"Last time, you were first." Catching on to my words, both of us turned to Unohana, who was finishing removing her obi. "It would be unfair if we didn't alternate." The ex-captain went to unwrap herself from my waist, only to be stopped by my hips dipping down and pressing into her core. "No, I want you right there for now." I announced as I grabbed Unohana's braid and pulled her in, her own saucy grin curling into existence at the action. Her lips crashed into mine, and her arms wove around my neck. My right hand let go of her hair to slip past, dipping under her shihakusho. She moaned deliciously at my action, and I pulled my hand down, my palm sliding down her front. My wrist was enveloped by the valley of her breasts and came out the bottom, my hand gliding down her stomach until my fingers dipped under the resistance that marked the sash holding her hakama. I then moved my hand around, pulling her top aside as my palm came upon her ass, not as heavenly as Yoruichi's but still glorious. Her left tit revealed itself thanks to my actions, but I left it be for now as my hand continued to journey across the expanse of her rear. I found the dip easily enough, and pulled away from the kiss once I did. She didn't have the time to wonder before my hand curled and my middle and ring fingers pushed into her wetness. A pleased sigh escaped her lips, and I straightened my arm to further loosen her top from her hakama. The woman's hands came down to the other side of Yoruichi to catch her as she leaned forward. Her back arched, pushing her core into my hand and rocking my fingers deeper inside of her. To my great satisfaction, Yoruichi finished the job of pulling Unohana's shikahusho up, leaving it to hang off her. I pumped my fingers into her as I reached with my left hand to the back of her collar, the captain of the 4th catching on quickly and pulling her arms back so her top slid off her body easily. In much the same fashion, stealth captain reached up and undid the knot to the medic's sash, the garment falling as soon as it was fully unraveled. With Unohana having been without her socks and sandals already, it left her as she would remain until the morning.

"Yoruichi. Pants." She understood the command quickly, her fingers deftly pulling my belt open, then out, before working on the button and zipper to my jeans. With me on my knees, she couldn't really relieve me of the piece of clothing, but she had more than enough freedom to pull my pants and underwear down enough to release my cock. I caught the excitement in the chocolate skinned woman's eyes as our position allowed my length to sit atop her core, presenting a fine display of how deep I would be able to go. Unohana looked down to drink in the sight just as well, her left hand coming up to grasp my shaft and rub along the length. My hand pulled away from my nurse's lower lips, the woman in question pouting at the action, before I reached around, grabbed her hips, and moved her atop Yoruichi. "Strip her." I throatily demanded as my hands came down to the crotch of the Shunko-user's pants, fisted, and pulled. The fabric offered no resistance, and the princess shared the sentiment, it being easily seen how much she had been anticipating this event. Above her soaking pussy, the usually teasing woman was enjoying the attention being given to her by the original captain. Her orange jacket had already been flung against the closet door, and her black shirt was being ripped apart in the same manner as her pants. The zipper to her white undershirt was thankfully easily seen and pulled, else I was certain it would have been removed just as ravenously. I grinned eagerly and threw my shirt off to the floor.

With all three of us were fully prepared for what was to come, and with no other instructions, Unohana took matters into her own hands. She leaned down, sensually pressing her body against Yoruichi's as they locked lips. With their breasts pressed so firmly against each other, the two began rocking their bodies, rubbing the other with their skin and hands roaming hotly. I took this moment to enhance the experience, grasping my cock at its base and rubbing the tip along the outer edges of their soaked cores to wet it. Yoruichi groped a hand down until it reached my dick, curling around and pumping the end, spreading hers and Unohana's juices around until her palm was slick with all three of our fluids. Certain we were more than prepared for the main event, I aimed my cock upwards, resting against the eager lips of the First Kenpachi. The ex-captain ended their kiss and wrapped her dry hand around the woman's throat.

"I've heard from a little someone you like stuff like this." The violet haired woman breathed, her voice dripping with sex. Her lithe fingers tightened around the other's throat, and the sapphire-eyed woman moaned encouragingly. It was then that I gripped tightly onto Unohana's hips and thrust, hilting my full length in a single stroke. Had I not placed the soundproofing kido the captain had noticed, I was certain the whole block would have heard the moan that erupted from the throat of the raven haired woman. It was simultaneously relieved, ecstatic, and oh so absolutely filthy. Well aware of her preferences on the matter, I didn't wait until she grew accustomed to my size, pulling back and snapping forth as ruthlessly as I had pounded into her throat what felt like so long ago. Obviously seeing opportunity where it laid, the battle-loving captain palmed the mocha skinned goddess's breasts and groped almost deliriously. Though, that could have been explained by the sheer force with which I was fucking her, the wet claps of our hips connecting filling the room and her more than fit body shaking with each thrust. One of my hands left their position holding her waist in place and cracked down onto Unohana's ass, leaving a mark that would surely turn to bruise. She moaned hungrily, a wordless demand for more, which I happily obliged.

"Undo her braid." Each word was accompanied by a thrust, my pace powerful, quick, and rhythmic. With some difficulty due to her target continuously moving, Yoruichi did as asked, my eyes catching the moment her hair slackened. The hand that I used to spank the ancient captain pulled her hair back and collected it in a firm grip, before I pulled back in time with a particularly heavy thrust. The captain of the fourth's back curled back almost dangerously, the ex-captain of the second almost losing her hold on the sapphire-eyed woman's throat. I felt her vaginal walls throb and constrict around my shaft, which only heightened my desire as I let go with my other hand to squeeze one of Unohana's bouncing breasts. "Play with her clit." I continued my orders as I pulled the woman in and wrapped my arm around her throat, disrupting Yoruichi's grip. My nurse practically collapsed in my hold as I held her tight to my chest and rutted into her like a vicious animal. Her hands came up to my arm, doing her best to tighten my grip. I felt the whispering touches of the chocolate skinned woman's hand rubbing aggressively at the nub atop Unohana's pussy, and relished in the feeling of the walls around my cock constricting once more as the First Kenpachi came around me again. At this second instance, her right arm came up to grab my hair as she gasped and moaned, her hips shaking independent of my thrusting. I stopped for a moment, fully inside of my lover of course, to watch her reaction. Even Yoruichi wordlessly paused in her near-abuse to the captain's clit. Thanks in no small part to me previous experience with her, I gently loosened my hold of the pale skinned woman and lowered her body, her hips still twitching, down onto the bed.

"She always gets a little extra excited when it's been a while." I explained to the golden eyed princess, whose eyes drifted from our partner's panting form to my cock, glistening and wet with Unohana's multiple orgasms. I leaned over the goddess and rested my left hand to the right of her head as her arms wrapped loosely around my neck and her legs, my waist. There was extra intent placed in making sure I locked eyes with her as my tip prodded her sopping entrance. "Thankfully, I noticed you're in your gigai."

"Which means?" Her breath was hot in every possible way, her eyes gleaming with so many wonderful things as she rolled her hips to rub my tip against her wanting core.

"There's no concern with me cumming inside you." An extra light manifested in her eyes right before I slid inside, taking care to not simply fuck her hole like I did with my nurse. A purr escaped her, deep and seeming to emanate straight from her chest as her walls welcomed every inch that I sheathed within her. My right hand found its way to her ass, rubbing and grabbing at it at my leisure. We both moaned when I bottomed out, my hips connecting to hers and feeling her wetness transfer to my own skin. She curled her arms, drawing me down until my head was next to hers with her mouth breathing into my ear.

"Fuck me." She panted after a few seconds, a plead I was all too happy to fulfill. The sounds of hips connecting once more filled the room, and despite not being as ferocious as with Unohana, I felt mildly concerned that the sound would overwhelm the kido barrier I had put up. I adjusted my left hand to cradle the back of her head as I pounded into her and pressed her body against mine. The full process of her moans beginning in the center of her chest, rising up her throat, and escaping her mouth directly into my ear was felt. Her tits bounced against me and the meat of her thighs rippling with my thrusts pushed me closer to orgasm, enhanced by the awareness that I could fill the woman with me as I desired. The primal part of me, both biological and hollow, craved the sensation of emptying a load into a womb, and I made no attempt to fight against it, already feeling Yoruichi cumming around me in her own over-eagerness. My left hand brushed her hair lovingly, and my right gently rubbed along her thigh and hip. Just like every other time I had done that, the mocha skinned living work of art sighed in such a gorgeous way that it brought my own orgasm that much closer.

Right before I erupted inside of her, I lifted my head to press my lips to Yoruichi, my violet haired lover happily returning. As soon as I began throbbing inside of her, she turned that much more emphatic, her legs tightening around me as much as they could and holding me as close as she could, not that I took any issue with it. I pulled back from the kiss and from inside of her, a soft disappointed mewl leaving her before laid down between her and Unohana. Grateful that my bed had gotten messed up by our actions, I took hold of the blanket and threw it over us, finding I could not care at all about the sweat that adorned our bodies. My nurse had regained her senses enough to snuggle into my side, and I happily curled an arm around her, something I replicated with the golden eyed ex-captain when she took up my left side. I couldn't help the light chuckle that rumbled from my chest.

"That was well worth the wait, don't you think?" Was my rhetorical question. Yoruichi snorted.

"How about you wait when we're not over-excited and ask us again?"

"Like you're not satisfied." I laughed. She playfully smacked my chest.

"When I know none of us are the 'one and done' types, there's a difference between satisfied and content." My hand came up to lazily stroke the stealth leader's hair.

"Then I guess I'll just make up for lost time some other night."

"You better." She snarked before closing her eyes and shifting a little for more comfort.

"…Ichigo." Unohana spoke up, her tone thoughtful and curious.


"For all your friends, family, practically anyone you don't dislike, you refer to them by their given names. Most especially, Yoruichi." The werecat in question opened her left eye, seemingly curious as to the point the medic was making. I already knew, and was simply waiting for her to finish speaking. "You have only ever referred to me as 'Yachiru' during one of our spars, and never as 'Retsu'. Why?" I gently stroked her back as a smile came to my face.

"'Yachiru' is the First Kenpachi, original Captain of the 11th Division, hungry for a battle worthy of her power and skill and possessing a ruthlessness in combat no one can match. 'Retsu' is the gentle Captain of Squad 4, firm in how she deals with patients and otherwise polite on all accounts. I love both equally, and so I call you 'Unohana' because that is the one name shared between them." Both Unohana and Yoruichi lifted their heads to stare at me with wide eyes.

"Holy shit, I wish you could say some soulmate shit like that to me." The werecat breathed. For once, the ancient captain appeared fully speechless, in complete awe at my words. Seemingly incapable of finding something to say, the raven haired woman chose to instead curl into my side and hug me tighter than before. Seeing that conversation was truly done and everything left to say has been said, Yoruichi did the same. In light of that, I laid my head down, closed my eyes, and gracefully accepted the call of sleep.

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