The Celestian Alliance were at Playville Amusement Park, the Rainbow Monkey Friendship Spectacular was going on. They were going to have it at the Rainbow Monkey Happy Sugar Land, but a fire broke out in the It's Okay to Be Scared house. Lucky for them, the current CEO of the company grew up in Pennsylvania and thought she could have it there. "It was very cool for Abby, Nora, and Red to have their 3 girl gig at Playville," Samantha said.

"Though Red doesn't like rainbow monkeys due to her tomboyish nature, she would love to help out her bandmates," Sydney replied.

Donna got out her Out of This World Rainbow Monkey, "I've kept this with me ever since I was a little kid," she said to her friends, "To remind me that I'm from out of this world."

"You had to bring Luis with you?" Payton asked.

"He brought his Love and Kisses Rainbow Monkey Romeo while I have my Pretty Princess Rainbow Monkey Juliet" Emma answered.

"Even boys love rainbow monkeys" Bailey smiled.

Helen and Emily looked at the other girls in excitement, "Girly girls" Helen said,

"You said it." Emily replied, "So where are Michael, Wade, and the other boys."'

"Their eating at Pizza Planet" Helen answered, "They figure since we have our "Girly" times, they can have a little fun there. Plus they're showing the "Blackbird: Singing Dead Night, "Director's Cut" edition there.

"Then I told Preston," Payton giggled with the girly girls, "You better not lay hands on my Marilyn Monroe Rainbow Monkey, it's a collector's edition"

As they were continued laughed, Donna saw a familiar face. She had Woody, Buzz and a stuffed pony in her arms. She walked up to the girl, "Bonnie?" Donna asked.

Bonnie looked and saw our hero, "It's me, "Donna" she said.

"Donna Solo" Bonnie recalled, "I remember you, your CLST's tagalong kid."

"THat's me" Donna replied, "I'm 16 now and you're never too old for rainbow monkeys."

Bonnie giggled, then showed her new pony, "That's a Pony Puff Princess" Donna recalled, "Those were a hit toy in the late 90s. Sadly, they discontinued at the beginning of 2009, because no one was buying their products."

"Yeah" Bonnie sadly replied, "Luckily, Mommy found Serenadine on eBay last week and I'm showing her the wonders of the world of Pony Puff."

"Bonnie" shouted Mrs. Anderson, "The Rainbow Monkey edition of Romeo and Juliet is about to start."

She sees Donna and said, "Hello Donalie, it's good to see you again."

"Yeah well" Donna replied, "I'm choreographing for a local band, "Emoji"

"I've seen their Playville performance on Viewtube last Spring." Mrs. Anderson replied, "Not bad."

Everyone else decided to go to the Romeo and Juliet Play.

While they were sitting down, Woody and Buzz snuck out to see the wonders of the park. However, Serenadine wandered off, not knowing she's really a toy.

Note: Forky from the original Toy Story 4 will be replaced by Serenadine."