Normally i don't do something like this, before any of my story's, or at all really.

However i thought it would hopefully, be for the best, if i do my best to explain a few things before hand.

Things like some of the lore/fantasy element of the story, and some character profile's.

-Lore/Fantasy Element-

Now just how the idea of Icarus's Tower was created, is very simple i had a dream, wake up and started writing it down, from what i could recall of the dream, thus creating this oddity before you now.

Icarus's Tower, the ancient gateway located in Scotland, in the very center of the forbidden forest, a round tower slightly similar in design to a Ottoman clock tower, only this tower is well out of the reach of father time's design.

There are no clocks in the design of this tower, only the stained glass windows in their place, ivy climbing up the full height of the tower, even hanging off of the wide flat platform of the tower top, the location of a rather odd gateway, a gateway that takes the form of a simple broken ivy covered stone archway

Noir, a being of shadows known as a Ekleipsis, Noir is thought to be male and is the last of his race, he protects Icarus's Tower from all, and he is the judge, whom decides the fate of those whom stand before the gateway, this act of Noir's includes, allowed entry though the gateway to Astral, or if someone forced though the gateway to Earth.

Earth, Harry's original world is going to be simply called Earth, and is a AU world, where the Potters live, harry has a older brother, who is two years older then him, a older brother whom may or may not be the bwl.

Astral, a world of wild forests, watchful mountains, white storm clouds, gray-blue normal clouds, the daytime sky is azura, the night sky is gray tinted black with azura-silver stars as well as two silver-white moons, sea's of crystal blue-green as clear as glass and filled with life, old style towns with people whom bare a even older history.

Astral is not simply just a home to three races, as well as many lower life forms on the food chain, they coexist mostly in peace after the last great war which ended with only three races instead of the original four, Astral has a will of her own as well as a brand of strange magic, she can be as warm as the sun or as ice cold as even the coolest red star.

Astral is a world born of the sweetest of dreams come true and the cruelest of nightmares made reality, and this is the place where eight year old Harry Potter ends up in chapter one.

The three Astral races are as follows.

Anthropos, the race of human's/muggle's.

Rheo, the race of magical's/wizards, named due to the magical energy always flowing though their beings, from the core of their souls.

Thirio, the race of beast's/spirit's, named due to the fact they each possess/born with soul's that give them two different forms, the first being a humanoid-animal form, and the last being a animal/spirit/beast form.

-Character Profile's-

Harry Potter, Sex-Male, Age-8, Race-Wizard, Dream-to be a mother?, Job-none,

Appearance-black hair, emerald eyes, lighnting bolt scar starting at right upper corner forehead, going though right eye ending at chin, wearing large ratty second hand clothes t-shirt full of holes, ripped up shorts, no shoes,

Bio- a young boy who has a rather strange dream, he disappears from the Dursleys after two years of neglect by their hands, the Potter's believing he would be alright living with Lily's sister, having sent young Harry to live with abusive Muggles in fear of him growing up to be the next dark lord, never knowing they lost their youngest son in doing so.

Noir Eridanus, Sex-Male, Age-Unknown, Race-Ekleipsis, Dream-Forgotten-Unknown, Job-Gateway Keeper,

Appearance-long black hair made of shadows, glowing emerald hawk eyes, black rings around eyes, snow white skin sharp black swirl markings under eyes, from knuckles to cheek, from feet to hips, wearing black dress pants, gray shirt, no shoes and a black hooded cloak.

Bio-The last of his kind in this plane of realitly, Noir no longer is able to recall his true dream, so he now protects the Gateway between Astral and Earth instead, Ches is the only being left who is old enough to recall his dream, but should anyone seek to enter though the gateway after failing his test, they well soon find that his mercy is as dark as his blood bleeds black.

Ches Cat, Sex-Female, Age-Unknown, Race-unknown, Dream-to live long enough to be able to write a record, of the death of Astral, or even Earth she truly could care less which world, so long as the Gateway keeper Noir still lives, Job-Former Record Keeper, Job-now ?/unknown.

Appearance-messy wild long smoke gray hair, with black-white-dark purple-toxic blue stripes, cat ears and long cat tail of the same coloring, fangs, claws, both her eyes are pupilless the right being fully black while the left is fully white, wearing no shoes, a flowing ankle length color changing skirt, sleeveless backless smoke gray shirt.

Bio-dont be foolish enough call Ches a Thirio, the woman may have a mouth full of razor sharp fangs that have tasted lives, a killer way with words, a mocking grin thats far too wide and the skill to do a hell of a lot more then simply turn into a cat.

Ches is far more dangerous then any other mad being, even more so when Noir is added into mix of things, believed to be cursed lovers mostly due to way they act around one another, this info has yet to be confirmed, take care should you try to find out the truth, least you end up like the others whom have tried.

River Eridanus/Craft, Sex-Female, Age-28, Race-Rheo, Dream-to be a good mother, Job-Record Keeper-Doctor.

Appearance-ankle length braided black hair, emerald left eye, lighnting bolt scar turned into a black magic rune, starting at right upper corner forehead, going though magic right red snake eye ending at chin, wearing faded blue jeans, long sleeve gray shirt, black steel-toe knee high boots, around her waist is a flowing white gypsy sash acting a skirt, with blessed silver coins and magic moonstone tear drops hanging from the edges.

Bio-the result of young Harry trying to reach his dream with the help of Law and Astral's magic at age 11, River is a powerful Rheo with blood as black as her father's own, as well as a damm good doctor in her own right, they know she was abused before leaving Earth behind, but her children have no idea that River was once Harry Potter, a little boy wanted nothing more then to be the mother to a large family, River has no plans to return to Earth not without her family.

Law Craft, Sex-Male, Age-28, Race-Thirio, Animal-Dire Wolf, Dream-to Father many children, Job-Bounty Hunter-Hitman.

Appearance-long knee length blue-black hair in a hightail, blue-black goatee with no mustache, gold wolf eyes, fangs, claws, blue-black wolf ears with blessed silver leaf earrings, long blue-black wolf tail, wearing black shirt, black dress pants, black combat boots and a ankle length black hooded trench coat which hides a few of his weapons.

Animal Form-Dire wolf the size of a Epicyon with blue-black fur.

Bio-the result of Harry's dream, Astral magic and Lawliet's own dream, Law is no longer the little girl who never wanted to be female, not long after leaving his birth pack at the age of four, Ches found Law in a cage waiting to ether die or be sold, after being trapped by Thirio traders, Ches freed Law and allowed the pup to travel along side her, with Harry joining the insane bag of mix nuts six years later.

Law after meeting someone who shared a simlar dream, Lawliet asked Harry to stay by her side soon after they both turned 11, Astral heard the dreams burning in their souls and decided to help out by switching Harry's and Lawliet's genders forever, thus becoming River and Law that night however it did come at a harsh cost though, a cost nether Law nor River intend to tell their children about.

After reaching his younger self's dream, Law parted ways with Ches and River in Dusk Town, leaving to become stronger training only in the most dangerous places that Astral has to offer, before meeting back up with River two years later, the pair traveled for half a year before settling down in Night Town.

Gale Wizard, Sex-Male, Age-13, Race-Rheo, Dream-to be a good husband to someone, Job-Doctor.

Appearance-slighly wild short white-gray hair with a chest length braid on his left side, left eye is emerald, right eye is gold, a white magic rune under right eye, wearing white dress pants, black boots, black long sleeve sweater, a dark purple hooded jacket, a few magic crystals hang from the chain around his neck, and the black earrings in his left ear are made from a magical metal, and acts as net to catch and then let Gale use raw magic

Bio- a young man who has just reached adulthood by law/old ways in Astral, Gale is oldest of Law and River's children, and as the only Rheo besides his mother in the family as well as being the oldest child, he had decided not long after Lavi was born with a weak heart, that he wanted to be a doctor, to heal his younger siblings and their parents, when they need to be healed.

Gale hopes to one day find someone to share a bond with, much like the one his parents have, although none of his siblings or even Gale himself, know their parents complate history apart from the base facts.

Such as their mother is Earth born but for the most part is Astral raised and their parents use to travel all over Astral with Ches before somthing happened that made the pair settle down in Night Town, with Ches settling down a few towns over in Dusk Town.

Hatsuharu, Sex-Male, Age-12, Race-Thirio, Animal-Bull, Dream-to protect his family, Job-Bounty Hunter.

Appearance-wild white hair with black roots, gray-brown eyes, white cow tail with black fur at the end, dangerous bull horns, wearing black-white camo pants, black combat boots, no shirt showing off his many scars on his chest and back, and a white-black camo hooded cloak.

Animal Form-a black and white spanish fighting bull, with deadly horns.

Bio-Almost always the one to start fights or jump head first into them, it was of no real sursprise that after a two year old Kisa was catnapped while in her tiger cub form by a insane circus ring leader.

Haru was the first out the door as well as second only to their father to finding Kisa, while Law was beating his cubs catnapper to death, Haru was breaking down the door to iron cage his little sister was crying inside.

Since that fateful day four years ago, Haru has calmed his hotheaded nature slightly, due his none stop training to not only became a bounty hunter, but to became someone who can keep his family safe, although due to his harsh training as well as his strong well to protect Haru now has a split personality called black Haru whom appears when white Haru gets pushed too far over the edge.

Lavi, Sex-Male, Age-11, Race-Thirio, Animal-rabbit, Dream-to live free, Job-Record keeper in training.

Appearance-longish wild red hair held in a black bandanna, emerald eyes, red black tipped rabbit ears, black tail, wearing a flowing red scarf, emerald shirt under a long closed black-white hooded jacket, black camo pants with the ends tucked into his black boots,

Animal Form-black tailed jackrabbit with red fur, black tipped ears, black tail.

Bio-due to his picure perfect memory like his mother's own and also due to being born with a weak heart, Lavi has long since understood the fact he wont live a very long life, even with Gale and their mothers help as doctors, Lavi knows that it is very unlikely that he well live long enough to see 25/30, so he decided to help out the current record keeper whom just so happens to be his own mother.

Viper, Sex-Female, Age-10, Race-Thirio, Animal-Winged Echis, Dream-to be a grave robber/tomb raider, Job-none.

Appearance-back length white hair braided snake scale style, red snake eyes, poisonous fangs, white feathered wings, white scales under eyes, as well as on bridge of nose, feet, knuckles, wearing white jeans, dark gray sleeveless sweater, no shoes, a white snake skin belt which is the resting place to a loaded hand gun, normal/poison bullets and a razor sharp hunting knife, ankle length white snake skin trench coat with hood.

Animal Form-winged saw scaled viper with fully white scales and white feathered wings, and for some strange reason the very deadly fangs of a basilisk.

Bio-The oldest girl out of the children with three older brothers Viper is very much a tomboy, and like her mother has a skill for being in the right place at the wrong time, so she figured that she might as well put said skill to good use robbing graves and single handedly raiding old tombs in both Earth and Astral, her endless love of money, gold, silver, jewels, etc helps with her future path, now all she has to do is figure out how rope Noir into working with her.

Kisa, Sex-Female, Age-6, Race-Thirio, Animal-Tiger, Dream-to travel/to keep moving without being caged, Job-none.

Appearance-shoulder length honey-pale orange hair, honey tiger eyes, fangs, claws black tipped/stripped pale orange tiger ears and long black stripped pale orange tiger tail, wearing no shoes, tan-light pink sun dress, and a white tiger strip hooded cloak

Animal Form-young tiger cub with black stripes and pale orange fur, honey eyes.

Bio-After the insane ring leader catnapped her four years ago, Kisa has had nightmares of being locked in a cage again, then last year after the family traveled to see Ches, a freind of the family who lives a few towns over, Kisa knows she wants to travel when she is old enough.

Icarus, Sex-Male, Age-4, Race-Thirio, Animal-Harris Hawk, Dream-to be the next Gateway keeper, Job-none.

Appearance-wild rich brown-rich copper red-white tipped hair, glowing gold hawk eyes, talons, feathered wings mainly rich brown, with rich copper red shoulders, white tips, wearing gray shorts, white-blue shirt, no shoes, silver armlets and anklets.

Animal Form-young Harris Hawk chick about the size of a adult owl, Icarus having just learned from Viper on how to fly, rich brown body, rich copper red-white tipped tail feathers and feathered wings mainly rich brown, with rich copper red shoulders, white tips.

Bio-the older twin brother of Anubis, Icarus wants to grow up to be the next Gateway keeper, planning to even go as far as to formal challenge Noir for his title and powers, knowing full well that if he loses the challenge then Noir has every right to do with Icarus's life as the older man see's fit too.

Anubis, Sex-Male, Age-4, Race-Thirio, Animal-Jackal, Dream-to be the best assassin in both Earth and Astral, Job-none.

Appearance-back length black hair in a lowtail, gold wolf eyes, fangs, claws, long black tail, his right ear is slightly bent, while his left ear is straight with a golden hoop earring, wearing gray shorts, black-red shirt, no shoes, golden armlets and anklets.

Animal Form-young Jackal pup about the size of a adult house cat, Anubis still learning to catch prey from his father, with pitch black fur, glowing gold eyes, his right ear is slightly bent, while his left is straight with a golden hoop earring.

Bio-the youngest child untill his mother gives birth in the winter, Anubis just like Icarus has a truly dangerous dream, a dream he well more then likely die before reaching fully, he may be young but he is far from being foolish and has a back up dream in place, just in case his current one goes to far south.

Salazar Slytherin, Sex-Male, Age-Unknown, Race-Rheo/Thirio, Animal-basilisk, Dream-refused to say, Job-Teacher.

Appearance-wild waist length silver-black hair, left silver snake eye with bangs covering right blind eye which is surrounded by heavy scaring, poisonous fangs, black-silver scales under eyes, as well as on bridge of nose, jawline/bone, feet, knuckles and wrists, black boots, black dress pants, emerald dress shirt, hooded black robs lined with emerald-silver snakes.

Animal Form-a black-silver scaled silver eyed adult basilisk, whom is able to change size at well along with full control over his killing gaze and poison output.

Bio-Just one hour after Salazar had been forced to leave his beloved Hogwarts driven away with harsh words, bleeding wounds and damming lie's spread by the three people he trusted the most, the half snake asked Noir to allow him to go home to Astral the gateway keeper tested the newly banished man's soul before allowing him to leave not only Earth behind, but also Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and the school the four of them had created together all of it behind, knowing it would be many years after their deaths when he might return to Earth again.

Ether way Salazar would never trust another Earth wizard or witch again, now he spends his time making sure young Rheo children do not kill each other or themselves with their magic while under the age of 13, while offering advise to those like River and gale whom have become adults, both of whom are his favorite students the best he has seen in many years, the half snake also helps young poisonous/deadly snake Thirio like Viper to learn control least they kill or harm without meaning to do so.

Disclaimer i do not own the following characters or any of the future characters not listed here nor do i own anything else from the books, games, movies, tv shows or anime that these characters come from, I Repeat I Own Nothing, All rights go to the original owner's.

Salazar Slytherin from Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter from Harry Potter series.

Hatsuharu Sohma from Fruits Basket.

Kisa Sohma from Fruits Basket.

Gale-Wizard from Harvest Moon Animal parade.

Lavi Bookman from D Gray Man.

Sorry this turned out to be a lot longer then i wanted it to be, more info shall be given thoughout the story.