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-place Hogwarts -time Unknown-

-No ones pov-

Madam Bones, Mr and Mrs. Weasley are all able to instantly pick out the mourning parents from their rather large family, the mother holding two out of her three youngest children close while the oldest four children and the father are silently standing protectively behind them, watching mutely along with their three oldest family members along side the rest of Hogwarts and it's other guests as one of their youngest and one of their oldest members do something strange and unknown to the wizards.

Severus runs his blood across the feather rune under his eye and soon wind begins blowing wildly as a elegant long silver grave digger shovel with a flowing black silk ribbon tied to the hilt appears in his left hand, his black raven wings flare sending feathers flying wildly as he holds the greatest tool of a gravekeeper in front his stone still form chanting in a tongue only known to gravekeepers as glowing white runes appear on Severus, his weapon and the ground upon which the shovel is being held over.

Soon many designs of glowing runes are woven and the raven takes a step back allowing his young apprentice to do his part, watching with sharp eyes as Anubis slowly walks into the maze of runes until he reaches the core gently laying his younger siblings remains in the very center, as the jackal whispers a prayer for the dead "may you both find peace in the afterlife, never too wake from your final sleep" as the runes appear on his form as well before he leaves the rune cradle to watch his master finish one of special very rare duty's of a gravekeeper.

Law places a firm hand on his shaking mate's shoulder grounding both of them as they watch Severus do as they requested of him, the raven re-enters the rune cradle feathers turning blade like as they pierce into stone floor of the great hall dead center on only certain runes while he kneels down beside the twin's remains, his shovel hovering in the air a few inches above them while spinning like a fan blade, as he bows his head, eyes growing darker, his large wings moving forward to hide their remains from everyone but his and Astral's gaze's.

The runes glow brighter as he begins to speak in a silkily, very calming, leveled yet warm tone of voice "rest now Artemis Charon, Selene Charon rest and sleep protected in our embrace" Severus and the twin's remains vanish completely only leaving behind the feeling of darkness and it's welcoming warmth not even the runes are there anymore, the wizards who watched this rare event are shocked that someone they thought they knew was even able to sound so caring and had such a power.

But all River does is give her wolf a tearful smile which he returns as the wolf nuzzles her mournfully, after five or so minutes Severus returns alone with his weapon in his right hand, his still darkened gaze locked on both River and Law, as the raven walks towards them.

What Severus does next shocks the wizards even more then they already were before, as the gravekeeper silently starts kneeling down to one knee his head bowed, shovel placed in front of him his eyes closed, his right hand hanging by his side, his left hand over his heart, wings tucked closed his voice is still the same as before.

"On behalf of my graveyard as well as our great mother, I thank you both for allowing us to return those beloved little one's to our embrace" both River and Law bow their heads respectfully towards the gravekeeper still kneeling before them as they say warmly together "on behalf of our lost little one's, We thank you for their fitting names as well as their eternal sanctuary" both parties leave their bows at the same time.

Severus locking eyes with both parents before nodding silently, then petting Anubis on the head for a job well done today, before letting the knowledge greedy pup inspect his master's weapon to which the pup grins happily.

line break

Mr and Mrs. Weasley walk towards River and Law along with Madam Bones, but six out of their seven children block the wizards path Anubis still has his master weapon in hand now pointed at the three adults in front of them Haru's tone is cold "why should we trust you people?, to trust that you wont harm our parents any farther then that little bitch already has with her surprise attack?" Molly bristles at the insult to her daughter but she doesn't say anything about the bull's cursing.

However just cause the wizards don't say or do anything else but stare at the site of children protecting adults, doesn't mean said adults take the protection laying down, Severus and Noir grab their respective students harshly, as does Salazar who has Viper held close to his side as the younger snake try's to break his iron hold, Kisa is also trying to do just that with Ches with the Tiger failing as well, Gale has Levi held tightly by his long ears making the heart weak rabbit flinch.

Law just flat out knocks Haru onto his back by throwing his second oldest over his shoulder and holding the bull down with a single foot to the chest, once almost all her children are restrained by an adult, River mutters under her breath about troublesome brats before she says harshly, coldly and in such a tone of voice that her children know they've really fucked up this time.

"Are you truly so ungrateful for the lives you've been lucky enough to survive long enough to even live!, tell us, tell your father and i, tell him, tell me, tell us does your Uncle really need to fellow in your grandfather's foot steps by waiting for you all to grow to adulthood only to kill you, as you walk down a busy street, eat dinner, make love, sleep in your bed, does your beloved uncle really need to kill his loved one's because your all too stupid to let us fucking keep you safe, after all what use do you have for lives your simply throwing away?".

River didn't even make half way though her speech before she started to sobbing into her hands, Law has his hands held so tightly into fists that their bleeding as he grinds his fangs, then Gale asks something important something he hasn't asked since he was a child "what are those thorn markings you both bare" their parents and the other family adults flinch but duel eyes cross with gold eyes nether moving or saying anything.

River banishes Law's shirt revealing his markings her gaze is locked on the single remaining thorn of their oath mark her tone hoarse "ask your grandfather if you manage to some how met him one day" thinking that it is just the same answer that he and his younger siblings have always received, the doctor is about to walk out of Hogwarts with Levi unwillingly along for the ride, only for him to stop short of making it out of the great hall doors when his mother continues to speak.

"Because nether your father nor i shall be there to answer that question" at those 13 words Gale turns back damm near teleporting to his mother's side allowing Levi to leave his hold to crawl into their mother's lap, she simply runs her hand though his red hair mindful of his ears but her gaze never leaves that of her oldest son's own as she states calmly "in one years time on the date 4x-13xx-24680xxxxx, on the very day blessed by astral herself the anniversary of our oath fulfilled, your father and i well die at midnight".

Gale starts shaking slightly along with Haru and Levi as their four younger siblings begin crying-sobbing silently-mutely, the four oldest members of the family gain grim looks yet say nothing, however upon looking at both his parents white Haru turns into black Haru, enraged he shouts up to the man holding him down and the woman sitting across from them.

'How could you two possibly smile, this isn't some simple bullshit you can simply ignore and smile at to make it go away, stop smiling god dammit!" their smiles only widen as Law states in a warm loving calm tone "we shall die without a single regret, your still pups now but one day after you have pups of your own you'll understand, why just like the turn of the seasons that dreams too change from time to time every so often, why all dreams must come to an end and why every dreamer must one day never wake up at dawn" he allows Haru to stand up before drawing the bull into a tight hug.

line break

Yet Law's gaze is on the three wizards who have been silently listening to every word he and his pack has said, his tone is emotionless "so the parents of my youngest pups murderer and a female Bone's" they look shocked that the wolf even knows who they are Madam Bones is the one to speak first "did you know someone from my family?" the smirk that appears on his lips isn't kind in any sense of the word as Law states cheerfully.

"Know is a word used for someone you actively surround yourself with, however the word knew is far more fitting a word for this matter, after all i knew three Bone's" his smirk takes a rather evil turn before he continues speaking "the first Bones drowned in Rust Coves water's, the second Bones i turned inside out after he catnapped my cub Kisa, and the third Bones is the only one who didn't die by my hands Warden killed him after gaining the info he wanted" Madam Bones may look pale with horror but she is still a force not to dealt with carelessly or... so she thought.

Her voice is hard and harsh "for the murder of two man and the aided murder of a third, your going to..." she is cut off when law starts laughing like he had just heard the best joke of his life before he all but purrs darkly "so you would seek justice for a pedophile, a child-napper and a slave trader, this is why people like you aren't in my line's of work, now then enough foolish talk can we get on with the reason as to why you three are here today of all day's?".

Dumbledore decides to finally show up just in time to answer that question "i called them here to see about young Ms. Weasley future" River's eyes flash dangerously "that is where your all mistaken, after all what future are you speaking of when her fate has already been decided".

Mrs. Weasley steps forward intent on saving her only daughter "by whom? by you?" Salazar smirks "no not by us, but by Astral herself, this may be Earth but Astral law's still rule inside of Hogwarts, i am not a wizard so why would i follow your laws when i helped make this school?, Astral law has always stated that those who harm children are to be tortured before death but for those who kill children the punishment is far worse".

His cold silver eye locks onto the enraged witch mother in front of him "your daughter is going to die, make no delusions of that fact, she in a fit of jealous rage almost killed four of my family members, but worse yet still she only succeeded in killing two of our youngest members twin infant girls".

"Who didn't even get to take more then a single breath in this world, they didn't even get the chance to be given their first names by their parents, instead Severus a gravekeeper had to give those children their first and last names today before he buried them in his graveyard".

The raven stands beside the snake as the other continues speaking "names are the second most important thing for any Astral second only to the safety, the well being and the life of any child be they family or not, be they Astral or not".

"And those who harm or kill a child are in turn killed by the one who named that child or a stand in, in the event that the one who named them is dead, and as the gravekeeper who named them that means instead of their parents killing their murderer, Severus is going to be the one to kill your daughter who in the eyes of Astral herself isn't a child anymore due to being of age now at age 13".

The raven ignores the pleading woman who is in front of him begging for her daughters life but all he does is stare at her coldly before vanishing to complete his final duty in the naming ceremony for murdered children, although he does take Anubis along so his young student can watch a fully turned gravekeeper work, the same duty that Anubis shall have to carry out once he is turned and then given his own shovel after finishing his apprenticeship under Severus.

It seems like forever but in reality it only takes Severus one hour to return to the great hall, mostly clean minus some blood here and there, a blood covered shovel in his right hand and a grinning Anubis resting on his hip held in place by his left hand, the pup has something wrapped up bloody Hogwarts robs, the raven stands in front of the Weasley couple in a calm manner he places Anubis onto his feet, watching with fond eyes as the pup hands the bundle to Molly.

Shaky hands unwrap the bundle which soon hits the floor with a sickening sound when it is revealed to by the severed head of Ginny Weasley her face frozen in pure unadulterated fear, the head rolls until it hits the feet of Dumbledore who looks sick upon seeing the smile on Severus's lips as he purrs happily cleaning the blood away from his mouth.

After words he begins cleaning the blood off of his weapon "such a truly thoughtful apprentice i have, for Anubis to want to gave you something to bury, after all there isn't anything else left but that head over there, finally i have a child to teach the important things in a gravekeepers life too, so i can longer afford to pull any punches nor play with my food while working".

Turning shining dark eyes towards Law and River the raven purrs out thankfully "i thank you both for my first actual meal in many years" River being the doctor she is pissed, at the mention of the raven's less then healthy diet, she has now basically teleported to his side checking over him in a irritated manner "your telling me that you've been eating normal food since you got to Earth" a slow nod is her answer and she doesn't like that answer, grabbing a dagger and a nearby cup River throws out the nasty smelling juice inside the cup before walking right up to Salazar and staring at him.

Hissing in irritation at his hatchlings endless stare the snake takes the dagger from her hand and deeply cutting his palm filling the cup with his blood, River wordlessly heals his hand before forcing the cup into Severus's hands "drink willingly or i am going to force you to drink...".

She doesn't even have to finish speaking before the raven basically downs the blood eyes closed enjoying the rich taste, he would have liked to share with his child but... Severus decides against the idea when River looks ready to kill him if he doesn't finish his meal instead of sharing it.

Banishing the cup after he finishes only then does River speak again "why haven't you been eating proper meals for someone such as your kind" feeling more then slightly annoyed the raven sneers at the doctor revealing blood covered fangs "what did you believe that people here on Earth actively practice cannibalism, or dig up their dinner from graveyards or pick them up fresh off the side of the road or kill a passerby for dinner, like the gravekeepers and the cannibals do at home" he rolls his dark eyes scoffing at the looks of horror and sick disgust from the wizards.

Madam Bones is getting ready to speak, but Severus has his shovel pointed at her in a instant, his tone harsh hard and cold "your not locking me away for doing my job or for feeding upon the corpse of a child murderer, and with no one here for you to defend i would say that your job here is done, so why stick around this hell hole longer then needed" doing the smart thing Madam Bones leaves along with the mourning Weasley couple, before Severus decides to make them Anubis's first meal.

And once again Dumbledore is left raging at the fact almost all of his plans have started failing, ever since arrival of River and her so called family, some how they've even turned his own spy against him., what's to happen next Tom appearing out of thin air screaming in fear about flesh eating rabbits?.

line break

Gale doesn't pay any mind to his fellow play-mates as he walks into the area that holds the dragon he is facing, he ignores the roar of the wizards and their voices the only thing he pays any mind too is the very pissed off and destressed mother dragon in front of him, letting his natural magic flow gently around his being, Gale closes his eyes walking towards the clearly destressed female.

He may not speak snake but he can speak in any other tongue but snake this skill lucky for him also includes dragon, he lets out a long raspy yet somehow soft hiss "what is wrong, maybe i can be of service i am a doctor nor am i a wizard" the look in her scale guarded eyes makes him what to kill someone as she sobs out her response "my eggs, please not my eggs!, they'll die i need to get to my eggs!" she strains against the chain keeping her just a few inches away from her nest.

Calling forth his name sake he sends a gale of razor sharp wind towards her chains cutting though them like butter, he ignores the screams of fear from the wizards standing between the nest and the newly arrived dragon handlers who are drawing closer glowing duel eyes narrow in rage when the dragon mother's pain filled sob cuts though him "no noo nooo they died, my eggs are dead my little one's are gone!".

Upon hearing the raw emotion in her voice something in Gale just snaps, for the first time in his life since he take on his last name and town marking Gale changes again only this time it's a wild whirlwind of tail, wings, scales, horns, spikes, fangs, claws until there is a male Hungarian horntail with his hair and eye coloring instead of the normal colors.

His eyes lock with her golden ones and they know one another without words, things like their names, pasts, why how the other came to be here and how lonely they have both been, without even realizing it until it is far to late change anything Earth and Astral bless their loneliness with an oath bond and a new pair of souls to match the other's own along with new forms both human and dragon.

All those watching the mother dragon and the newly dragon Gale are even more shocked when a massive color changing crystal ball of light traps both of them inside it and their bodies start vanishing like smoke, staring at her brother Earth who returns Astral's gaze the pair of living world's work together weaving fate's threads changing matter and life themselves and binding two lonely souls to their news forms, they decide to use a pair of extinct dragon breeds for the dragon forms light fury and night fury respectively.

Gale takes shape first instinctively becoming a male light fury with the same coloring he had when he was a Hungarian horntail for all of five minutes, the former Hungarian horntail female becomes a female night fury with black scales and golden eyes, however both of their left tail fins are gray in color branded with their thirty thorn oath marks, Gale retains his original human with his dragons tail, while his new bonded partner gains a human form.

That of a 13 year old woman with long spiky black hair and golden eyes, she also retains her dragons tail, she is wearing sleeveless white shirt, a tan ankle length skirt, no shoes, smiling at one another at their work well done the world siblings disappear and only Gale wakes up shortly after words.

He says nothing instead he simply carry's his new bonded in a bridal style carry, using his new found tail to grab the fake golden egg from the cold dead nest on his way out of the fighting ring he still doesn't pay the wizards any mind, doesn't even stay long enough to see what score the wizards stupidly decide to give him for getting a meaningless false egg, it doesn't make up for the loss of yet more beloved young one's lives.

line break

Nova wakes up sobbing still raw with pain due to the loss of her little one's, and much like his father does Gale doesnt say anything he simply growls in what he hopes is a soothing manner fo his partnar, this is how his family finds them they carefully make slow movements towards them unsure of how they well react while their still in such a raw state.

His family seems to accept Nova into the family simple enough, it helps that what just happened to them isnt that odd of an event back home stranger things happen all the time, that it is pretty normal for something like this to happen when Astral gets bored or decides to listen to the hearts wishes of her children souls.

The gentle knowing smile that his mother gives them fills his soul with warmth "Vows? or Marriage?" looking into tear filled gold eyes, duel eyes turn serious as he recalls their shared pain, their shared dream "both" this response greatly surprises his family.

So he gives them the reasson for their oath bond "we are tired of sleeping partnars that never stay past the first night, we are so tired of walking alone" River nods seriously at the grave matter of their oath bond, knowing they did it due to the soul killing loneliness they have both been in for awhole now.

Grinning sharply at the their fellow half breed Salazar and Severus say as one "we bless both, after all you need a third party for the Vows and you need a priest from your hometown for the marriage" Gale and the rest of the family stare at the raven who's grin has turned into a evil smirk filled with fangs.

As Severus shows them not only his white town marking that lays beside the black cross a cross made of bones, the mark of Night town's head priest, his family pales at the fact they just found out about the fact he is man with far too many high standing very dangerous jobs.

Law looks tired "and i thought i had to many jobs, ...Midnight you are truly insane" the raven laughs at the wolf's words, and soon enough the family starts to get ready for two more life changing events.

line break

The Yule Ball is already in full swing by the time they arrive amd boy oh boy due they turn heads, because the formal clothes the wizards are use to seeing, and the formal clothes that the ever growing Astral family are wearing are two very different matters, formal clothes which are the night town version of formal clothes.

The children are wearing white silk sleeveless shirts, white silk pants-ankle length skirts, no shoes, braided leather neckless with a single silver bell held between two blessed gold coins, they the black painted numbers of their ages on their left shoulders and the first letter of their race on their right shoulders painted in white.

The adult males are wearing black slik pants, no shoes, feathers, scales, fangs, claws, bones, silver bells and blessed gold coins braided into the blood red silk sash around their waist's, thair have no shirts on baring their backs, chests, their night town markings as well as other markings freely.

Unlke the children the adult males do not bare their age on their shoulders instead painted in blood they have a M for Marriage, a V for Vows or a N for none to state which they are or if they are single, although they do have the first letter of their race on their right shoulders painted in blood.

The adult females are wearing ankle length black silk skirts, no shoes, feathers, scales, fangs, claws, bones, silver bells and blessed gold coins braided into their hair, they wear black silk ribbon chest bindings that only cover their breasts, freely baring their night town markings as well as other markings and their stomachs freely, the same type of ribbons are wrapped around their ankles and wrists before flowing long to touch the floor.

They bare the same paint as the adult males do, only the adult females have a thorn painted in blood on their stomachs, one thorn for every child that female has had be they living or not, or no thorns if the female hasnt had any children.

However Nova and Gale are wearing silver-gold versions of the adults formal clothes, Nova has six painted thorns for the six eggs she recently lost, she and Gale bare a F for ther race letter which is now a new race being Fury, while they dont have any painted letters for being bonded or single.

The whole family turns heads as they head towards the center of the great hall, having decided to do the wedding first before the Vows, Severus has Gale and Nova inter lock the fingers of their left hands while resting their foreheads againat the others, the raven holds the joined left hands in his hands power flowing though them simple enough.

"Do you Gale Wizard of your own free will, truly take Nova Fury to be your wife, do you promise to love, to protect, to live and to die for her, and in the view of Astral's eyes do you promise to brutally murder anyone who harms her using any means?" Gale doesn't look away from his bride "i do".

Moving on to Nova Severus states once again as his power flares stronger "Do you Nova Fury of your own free will, truly take Gale Wizard to be your husband, do you promise to love, to protect, to live and to die for him, and in the view of Astral's eyes do you promise to brutally murder anyone who harms him using any means?" Nova doesn't look away from her groom "i do".

A small flash of white light appears "then as the high priest of Night town i gave you both my blessing on your union, you may now dance with your bride" then Severus lets their joined hands go revealing the pair of silver dragon wedding bands on held on their left ring fingers.

Gale kiss's her forehead before he begins to lead Nova into a slow waltz whistling a tune sharply yet soothingly before he begins to sing that same tune.

I'll swim and sail on savage seas

With never a fear of drowning

And gladly ride the waves of life

If you would marry me

No scorching sun nor freezing cold

Will stop me, on my journey

If you will promise me your heart

Nova begins singing along side him in a soothing yet warm tone.

And love

And love me for eternity

My dearest one, my darling dear

Your mighty words astound me

But I've no need for mighty deeds

When I feel your arms around me.

He smirks spinning her around before slowing their dance again.

But I would bring you rings of gold

I'd even sing you poetry "oh, would you?"

And I would keep you from all harm

If you would stay beside me.

Using his magic Gale makes silver and gold swirl around them as they dance in the air.

I have no use for rings of gold

I care not for your poetry

I only want your hand to hold.

Nova sends her husband a loving smile as they twist and turn across the air.

I only want you near me.

He returns her smile and they lock eyes as they slowly begin to dance towards the floor again.

To love and kiss to sweetly hold

For the dancing and the dreaming

Through all life's sorrows

And delights

I'll keep your laugh inside me

I'll swim and sail a savage seas

With never a fear of drowning

I'd gladly ride the waves so white

And you will marry me...

They end both their song and the their dance by Gale dipping Nova before kissing his wife on the lips gently, their family give their happy cheerful hopeful responses as a result.

Salazar gives them his greatest wishs for their union before he takes over the blessings, the one's used for their Vows.

Handing Gale and Novas joined hands between his hands with his magic and stardust dancing across all four hands "Do you both vow upon your soul's, never to take another Lover".

Their eyes never stray "we do" and then he continues "Do you both vow upon your heart's, to love to keep safe any and all children you may have with one another".

The snakes hold on their hands tightens "we do" before saying seriously "Do you vow upon your bond, never to truly part from one another, to follow the other always even in death".

Salazar releases their hands as the pair transforms into their fury forms before flying up into the air in a almost mating dance of sorts "we do" they rest their foreheads against the others as they finish their Vows and return to the floor for the second time that day.

Landing in front of their blesser Salazar says warmly while letting his stardust magic weave a gray celtic knot band into the pairs left wrists "I give you both my blessing on your union and hope that you remain happy as one soul".

Salazar shakes Gales hand and places a fatherly kiss on Novas forehead, doing the same acions with Law and River before the snake leaves Hogwarts to visit his home in iceland and then two days later the one in greenland.

line break

Three weeks later Draco doesnt even flinch even Viper wraps around his neck in her snake form hissing destressed and flaring her wings running a hand though her scales he tone is calm "what's the matter Viper?" she rolls her eyes at the fact Draco cant speak snake before transforming back into her normal form.

Which results in the ten year sitting in his lap her hands on his shoulders and her nose pressed almost painfully into his neck, while he keeps running his hand across the scales on her back between her wings waiting for her repeat her words in a way he can understand.

"Levi is gone i cant find him anywhere, Gale needs to give him his monthly check up" looking a little more then alermed Draco stands up carring the little snake on his hip on his way out of the great hall Draco notices the stare that Law gives him silently telling the younger male that the two of them shall be having a talk later about his hatchling.

The two of them search the rest of the castle but they dont find the rabbit anywhere, Law gets involved at hearing this, so he transforms into his wolf form allowing his mate to ride on his back as they search for their lost bunny.

River use her magic to allow Law to walk on top of the lakes surface, the wolf stops walking near the center as he howls alerting his pack he has found Levi's location, Law growls letting River know he can smell three other scents below the water and that he can hear their heart beats but Levi and one other heart's are very weak, the very pissed off pair return to the others.

Dumbledore almost gets his face bashed in by Gale when the doctor storms into the staff meeting and grabs the old man by his way to long beard hissing out fire "where the fuck in twin moons is my patient!" trying to calm the cleary pissed off man holding his beard hostage "now now there is no need to be so angery, young Levi and the others are perfecrily safe, you just need to be patient and wait untill later today whsn the second task begins...!".

Pulling harder on the to long beard clearly Gale doesnt give a flying fuck what the old man has to say "you just fucked with the wrong doctors patient, Levi has a weak heart and if i dont check him over every month he isnt going to live long enough to reach adulthood, our old man said he could hear two weak heart beats under lakes water who else did you just fuck without their permission".

The laugh of his uncle Tom stops Gale from burning off the old man's beard, the doctor can feel the shade hiding in his shadow as his dark silkly vioce rings out "enough nephew, you best focus on saving our little bunny, leave the old fool to me, now go" litening to his uncle Gale leaves the staff meeting and Tom leaves his shadow instead hidding in shadow of the table.

The Hogwarts staff watch as their boss pales rapidly as a the same vioce from before turns ice cold "that is the third attack on what's mine professor and after these foolish games your going met me face to face" Tom stays just long enough to break the legs of the old mans chair thus sending him to the floor and he stays there frozen in shock due to hearing the shadow mans vioce outside of his nightmare, returning to River's shadow the shade purrs happily while he plans to act soon.

A rather cold eye'd Gale simply ignores sveryone as he walks on the lakes surface going towards the center as he waits for the signal to dive in, a few seconds laters finds the still enraged doctor transforming into his light fury form to better get to the lake bottom to reclaim his patient.

The dragon briefly notes that the blonde female seems to ill after entering the cold water and she is forced to return to the docks he can hear her sobs in what sounds like french "Gabrielle im sorry" he moves faster thinking that this Gabrielle is the other weak heart beat.

The fish people dont make any moves to stop the enraged dragon from taking the two sick children away from what would have been their graves, although they do notice that the dragon doesnt even spare the two witch's a single glance on his way back to the surface, the fish people are just happy to be rid of the clearly murderous sky swimmer, but they do hope it is that old wizard who pissed the dragon off so they no longer have to deal with his fishshit.

Fleur is shocked but very thankful when Gale flys out of the water with both his brother and her sister, landing in front of the french woman the dragon returns to his normal form gently laying both children down carefully, summoning hs medical bag grabbing his stethoscope he hears water in both their lungs, he says in sharp french "what are you two and does she have any allergic reactions you can recall".

Blinking a few times at the blunt questions Fleur still answers "we are part veela our grandmother is full blood veela, cold water is a weakness for us and Gabrielle is still only a young hatchling so..." she trails off looking worried, her eyes track Gale's skillful movements as his wind nature magic helps in healing both children at the same time but only untill he can work one on one with wach of them.

He places a slow healing spell over Levi before starting to work with Gabrielle, flames at his finger tips he slowly runs them across her lungs and heart in a pattern of six pulses, he almost grins when she coughs up water but he knows he isnt done yet so summoning his soul the doctor allows whisps of wind and fire to heal any lasting damage done by the wizards.

Placing a kiss on Gabrielle's forehead before moving on to heal his brother, Gale repeats the same treatments but he also does something else, Fleur stares at the weakly pulseing red crystal spider lily that is hovering above the little boy's chest, she see's a few black spots in the crystal and Gale catches her hand tightly in his own when she unknowingly reaches out to touch it.

"It would be best if you didnt carelessly touch my patients heart, you dont know how to use healing magic so it would be in your best interest to keep you hands to yourself" she flinches at being so careless and decides the doctors cold bedside manner is to be exspected when dealing with the safety of his wards.

Fleur watches in awe as the spots fade slightly but dont disappear all the way, the pulseing grows stronger and Gale returns Levi's heart to his chest before doing a once over on both children just to make sure he got everything.

Happy with his work he allows the french woman to take her sister to rest in a place without viewing eyes and the doctor does the same with his brother by taking him right to their waiting mother arms, who grins at him happily "good work" he says nothing simply leaning against his mothers back and going to sleep it has been a long day.

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Bristleing at the feeling of something, River cant help but feel that the something is going to mean the death of her oldest son, and she simply wont allow anymore of her children to die before she does.

After having a ten minute staring game with her shadow, River feels her brother leave her shadow and join Gale's shadow without the young man noticing and half a second later the third task begins with the players going into the maze that shall become a graveyard in no time.

If plans go as they should, but when River is around when have other peoples plans ever gone as they should for anyone other then herself?, no bets against her anymore for a very good reasson she have the devils luck.

The first thing Gale see's when he wakes up is the fact he is held against a grave stone in a misty graveyard face to ugly face with the dark lord himself "Harry Potter finally we meet again, but i am afraid that this time you well be the one who dies, tell me boy did those fools at Hogwarts teach you anything?".

Severus would have been proud to see Gale sneering in the same manner the raven does, only this time at the half dead looking wizard before him "Hey walking dead, hate to tell ya this but Harry Potter is already dead" Voldemort returns the sneer ten fold "then who in seven hell's are you boy?".

Soon enough it becomes a game of sharp words and who can out sneer the other "i am not a wizard nor am i Harry Potter, and do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" blinking... oh wait he cant blink, the dark lord starts to wonder if he should be worried about this brats mental health "...no i dont, i never knew her very well purr say ahe left me alone at a young age" the laugh of his uncle cuts off whatever Gale was going to say.

As the shade appears in front of his nephew in shadow form, simply freeing him with shadows "now now. Voldy leave young men with wife's to go home too, out of your games, nehpew has better things to do then play with your ugly scalely ass things like fuck his newly married wife untill nether of them can walk for a week, ya know the good things in life like giving my sister grandchildren soon" Tom banishes a madly blushing Gale back to the Noir's tower.

Glowing duel eyes lock ill red eyes as the shade reveals himself, "Voldy?, did you just fucking call me Voldy!, your nothing but a memory from my book!, how did you get out?" his eyes flash in anger "i shall never be a memeory, you should have known better then to create life Voldy, children tend to find their own parents if left alone on their own, your very much going for the word's shittest father award arent you daddy?" Voldy turns lime green at the thought of... whatever the Tom standing in front of him is... continueing to call him daddy.

Returning to his normal sickly pale color Voldy hiss's out $ Silence fool i have no children... at least one's that i didnt get to enjoy making! $ fake looking hurt Tom hiss's back childishly $ asshole guess i get to tell mom! $ it is somthing no man wants to hear from their child amd Voldy actually forgets that Tom isnt hia blood son as the dark lord hiss's out paniced $ no anyone but your mother!, no you fool! dont you know that there is no hell like a woman scorned! $ Voldy's death eaters are really confused as too what the fuck is currently happening.

But sadly for them the death eaters gain no answers to end their confusion, as Tom JR grins eviilly and thus they watch their lord walk right up to the young man they think is his son...? and start shaking his shoulders rapidly while speaking parselmouth $ silence!, shut up!, go mute!, but for the love of all that is holy did not tell your mother! only the death eaters notice Tom's evil smirk Voldy on the other hand see's a knid smile instead as Tom grabs onto the dark lords shoulder and forces the man to shadow travel with the shade.

Noir feels him arrive seconds before River does and both of them see Tom before their family or the wizards do, but only Ches and Noir are beside their son in half a second fretting over him like a new born fawn.

And this piss's the shade off in record time "god dammit stop fussing over me, he didnt touch me ...far long" if Ches looks horrorfied then Noir is beyond simply murderous at finding out Tom let someone who isnt family or his lover touch him.

Noir grabs Tom in a tight hug petting his hair letting his shadows overlap his son's own in a protective manner as the shade king glares death at Voldy who shifts from foot to foot like most men would if they were trying to be brutally killed by someone like Noir's eyes as the man hiss"s out frost.

"You little idiot!, do you want to be crippled? do you want me to kidnap you?, force you to eat your greens? and break your legs so badly that you cant leave for half a year?, it could be like a sleepover at your sister's place only better, a hell lot better pain wise then what your about to go though for letting Voldy over there touch you".

When Tom starts shaking slightly all Noir does is hold hs son tighter his tone is softer but still harsh "little shade, time to get in my shadow" shaking his head Tom refuses making his father growl dangerously, and when Tom's eyes roll into the back of his skull Noir just lets go and Tom falls right into Noir's shadow, Voldy seeing the man who he now thinks is his son bristles at seeing him disappear.

But not as much as Noir bristles at the fact that the dead man in front of him touched his little shade and touch if done wrong could force younger shade's to see the memories of their parent shadow, and very few of Noir's memeories are without great amounts of pain which Tom now has to go though by viewing his fathers view point of his own life events.

Noir doesnt bother hearing what Voldy has to say, the shadow out right be heads him using only his left hand, glaring down the dark lords remains Noir does somethibg not good, hell Salazar and Severus try to stop him, Ches silently sobs knowing her lover has chosen his fate once again.

"Noir don't!, if you do that then Astral well never let you leave your tower again!" the shadow ignores his brother's words, he draws his shadows close using them to destory Voldy's remains before gathering the book, the crown, the cup, the ring, the locket and the snake all of his remaining soul shards and he destory's the soul only leaving Tom's soul being the only thing remaining of the dark lord.

It happens almost instantly glowing chains spring out of Icarus's tower attacking Noir who doesnt bother fighting back, he only smiles brokenily however when the chains grab onto Icarus chaining his grandson only then does the shadow fight back, out right destorying the chains holding him before doing the same with his grandchild's, wiping the four year old's tears away gently.

"If you stay with me, your never going back to Astral again, think carefully about what you want, to stay with a monster like me or to go home" the boy cry's out when more chains appear to replace the destoryed one's they bind Noir tightly.

However the man doesnt seem to notice the snapping of his own bones or the fact his nose is bleeding he only notices the chain burns on Icarus, silently healing the burns Noir gives his most beloved grandchild a loving smile, while he forces Tom to leave his shadow and go rejoin River's shadow instead.

The scent of Ches's tears finally reach him and slowly painfully Noir looks at the breaking feline the one he still loves more then his love for life, he knows it is his fault again "i broke you again and i wont be able to make it up to you this time, and for that Cheshire i am truly so very sorry my beloved" he does something cruel something that shouldnt be possable for him to even do.

"I Noir Eridanus release Cheshire Cat from our Vows, on the grounds of my being a vow breaker" the result is instant the tribal heart marking on their left ring fingers vanish and their Vows bond shatters like glass.

The smile he gives is filled with hearbreak "no need for us both to die here, go home beloved" she doesnt want his gift she refuses it, holding his hand in her own Ches smiles "nope" that single word breaks him and Noir cry's in his lovers arms "i'm sorry" she laughs lightly "i know" he try'd so hard to give her a second out to his maddness but his lover refused to leave him for a second time.

Staring at their brothers the cursed lovers hope the two of them well grant their wish, Salazar rolls his eye and Severus smirks "fine we well help you fix what you just broke, honestly you two are going to be the death of us all one day" the two half breeds work as one to allow their idiot siblings a second Vows bond.

Chains begin to attack Ches after their new bond is in place and Icarus holds his grandparents hands as he grins at his parents and his twin "come visit soon time, cause i cant leave Earth" it is a sorrowful event filled with tears, hugs and curses.

And it ends with the family watching three of their beloved memebers be forced into the tower by their chains, River begins to lead her family towards the tower to finally go home only for Dumbledore to stand in her way "i am afraid i can not allow you to leqve" River watches shocked as Tom reappears in front of her looking rather tired but still strong $ go home little sister $ he uses his hand to block a spell fired by the old man and Tom watches with eyes that mirror Rivers own eyes as the shade twins part ways, the sister leading their family home while the brother makes a path for their way.

Dumbledore is shaking with pure rage at the fact every single one of his carefully layed out plans have been destoryed by a family of good for nothing freaks, he aims the killing curse at Tom who he blames for this whole mess just as much as he blames that bitch he calls a sister.

The curse hits Tom in the chest and instead of falling over dead the shade just starts laughing madly "your truly an idiot arent you professor?, you can not kill a shadow with light only a shadow can kill another shadow" the smile that the shade gives the old man isnt kind "although there isnt any thing that stops me from killing you, goodbye old man" Dumbledore looks down at his chest and his eyes widen in horror upon finding out he has no heart.

Hazy eyes search around and find his slowly beating heart in Tom's bloody hand as the shade walks away without sparing the old man a single glance, then to the even more open horror of the wizarding world he starts eating the leader of the lights heart like a apple

Upon entering the tower Tom lets his father have the rest of Dumbledores heart and the older shadow sends his family back though the gateway, at least he wont be alone in the tower now that Ches and Icarus are staying with him.

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Cold winds swirl softly around them, as they sit side by side on the edge of time tower in the shade ruins, their shoulders touching and their fingers inter locked, his wings wrapped around them both like blanket, their thoughts and warm wishes only on the beloved one's their leaving behind.

His hold on his beloved's hand tightens painfully yet she says nothing to the pain or the nearly broken bones in her hand, still held not tightly enough for ether of them.

Leaning closer before licking her cheek in a loving wolfish kiss, like Law did when they first layed eyes on the other all those years ago, back when they both were different back before their oath was fufilled.

River giggles happily leaning farther into her beloved wolf's side, and without any warning nor sign, the end for them begins as their feet start to disappear and as one they fall from the towers edge falling head first at a rapid speed, Law doesnt bother using his wings during this fall, there wouldnt be any good in such useless actions instead he pulls his wings back into his body.

While this is happening River for the first time in their lives forces Tom to leave her shadow, forcing the shade to watch from the shadow of the tower as his siblings ether fall to their death or their oath payment finally catches up with them, the question is which one shall win out in the end freedom? or fate?.

Tom chockes out a heartbreaking sob when their bodies disappear and not half a second later do their crystal ball remains shatter into thusands of shards upon hitting the bone covered ground, he doesnt bother with grinning nor smirking in a mocking way like his family knows he loves to do, this time the shade starts hitting the ground amd shatters the few bone laying on it as he curses amd sobs in pain amd he knows that he going to hate what they left him to do alone.

"You selfish asshole's River!, Law! you fuckers left me all the leg work! fuck you!" he doesnt mean it not truly at least he is just pissed off that he couldnt help thsm live longer by slowing their death date by even a few minutes.

And without another word Tom leaves the shadows and begins to pick up each and every little shattered pieces of Law and Rivers remains, it take him a whole month but he finally finds all the shards enough to make two souls worth ...he truly hopes so at least.

Tom leaves the odd looking remains with Severus and Anubis letting the gravekeeper and his child starts on the things they shall need for the funeral while Tom informs the rest of the family about the event.

He almost kills him Noir almost damm near kills his beloved son upon hearing the news that the other shade brings with him but somthing deep inside Noir stops him just short of murder telling him that it isnt Tom who is to blame, knowing he can never set foot in Astral again Noir allows Tom to leave with Ches and Icarus along with a bottle of Noirs pitch black blood.

Pouring Noir's blood onto the gravestone located in his graveyard near River and Law's former home now belonging to Gale, Severus ends the funeral with warm words and cold tears "may our great mother never allow you to leave her side and may you sleep without nightmares" the raven leaves first and one by one so do the rest of the family.

Only Astral herself staying longer then three days at her beloved oath pairs grave "River Eridanus, Law Craft you were truly my pair of little cunning fool's" a lone tear falls at her words as she too leaves.

Over the years those who enter the graveyard can hear a woman laugh mockingly and tbe howl of a wolf, but those who knew them can sometimes see the ghosts of Law and River around Night town pranking the living daylights out of the living this includes their great great grandchildren.

And the ghost pair can be seen visiting Final, Severus, Salazar, Gale and their remaining children along side a 27 year old ghost Levi from time to time.

Noir simply loves holding midnight tea party's with his ghostly child and her phantom wolf and their little mad rabbit.

And as for Astral herself? ...well the living world is still very amused by the fact that the oath pair managed to pull one final trick over on her by somehow turning themsel es into spirites that can ether harm or help the living and eat other spirites, all in all Astral thinks that River and Law shall be giving her endless amusement for some time to come.

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