"Trick-or-treat!" Hoagie smiled as he held out the large bucket of candy (the good Halloween candy, too) for the piece of pizza, the dinosaur, and the very disheveled Captain America. After grabbing what they wanted (and as many pieces they wanted) they mumbled their thank-you's and ran to the next house.

"We should've dressed up," Hoagie said, looking beside him, to the girl sitting in the blue camping chair. She raised her eyebrows,

"Boy, we are wearing three layers of clothes and covered in blankets. Nobody would even be able to see them,"

"It still wouldn't kill us to be festive," Hoagie shrugged, huffing into his hands and obnoxiously rubbing them together. A smile crossed his face as he slyly looked back towards Abby.


"The 'Cold Couple',"

"Every couple handin' out candy is cold," She said as she reached over into the bucket and pulled out a fun-sized Kit Kat.

"Okay, how about 'Boyfriend that wants to have fun and eat Halloween candy while passing it out at trick-or-treat in the freezing cold and the girlfriend who yells at him for it and then does it herself two minutes later'?"

"I'm gonna knock you upside the head,"

"Doesn't change the fact that it's true," He shrugged, reaching back into the bucket to grab a pack of M&M's. Looking back towards Abby, he was sent into hysterics when he saw the goofy smile on her face.

It was cold. And rainy. And windy. And they were both definitely going to wake up sick the next morning from the sitting outside. Not too bad for the first trick-or-treat at their new house.

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