"Ok so let me get this straight-" Percy started, but was interrupted by a series of groans from the group.

"Percy this is the 10th time chiron's had to explain this! Are you that thick, kelpy!?" Thalia insulted him,obviously feed up with percy's intense stupidity. The group was an interesting one. It was comprised of the seven, the heroes who defeated Gaea and saved olympus, as well as Thalia Grace, the immortal huntress, and Nico Di Angelo, King of ghosts.

Chiron chuckled. Percy couldn't tell if it was at him, Thalia, or if it was his way of hiding his anger.

"Ahem, as I was saying before getting rudely interrupted" he shot a glare a Thalia while talking. "You want us to go to europe and protect some magical kid at a school for magic, because he's the chosen one? And you know this because the magical principle of this school sent you an owl?"

"In short, yes" Chiron replied.

"Do you understand now, seaweed brain?" Annabeth asked. Annabeth and Percy had been dating for quite some time now, and percy still lost his breath every time he saw the daughter of Athena. He gave a slow nod, still contemplating on chiron's words.

"I'm not convinced he does." Leo said, while not looking up, as he was tinkering with metal trinkets in his hand. Leo had on his usual attire: Jeans, sneakers, and an orange t-shirt with the words "camp half-blood" written on it. But today, Leo decided to do something only he would think of. He embroidered the words "Team Leo" And "Super Sized Mcshizzle" in random places on the shirt. Percy thought it was rather odd, but he was sure Leo loved it.

"Of course he doesn't, but what can we do? It's not like we can shove information into his empty skull." Jason exclaimed. Everyone but percy laughed at that, even Chiron. Piper snuggled up next to Jason. Thalia faked a barf. Hazel looked anxious for Chiron to continue while Frank looked at her with love.

"So, Dumbledore has kindly set up a safe house for you to wait until you must enter the will be greeted by some of wizards once you get there. Now, the boy you are looking to protect goes by the name of Harry Potter. He has lightning shaped scar on his head. Now go pack. You must leave as soon as possible, as there is no time to waste."

"But sir, Who are we protecting him from?" Piper asked.

"Your job is to protect him from a dark wizard by the name of Tom Riddle. Or as he is more commonly known as, Lord Voldemort. Demigods are far stronger than wizards by a supreme amount so stopping him should not be too challenging, even for one of you. But I fear that there is- forget my rambling. Please hurry. Pack and return to me, once you are finished."


Percy went back to Poseidon cabin. It was lonely and empty. He missed his brother, Tyson, the cyclops. When he opened the cabin door, he found a brown trunk placed on his bed. Percy learned not to question things like this anymore, and proceeded to place his clothing inside. He didn't pack much. Just a few jeans, t-shirts, joggers, and jackets. And maybe 1 or two books. Yes. As crazy as it seems, Percy Jackson does indeed know how to read. It took him about 10 minutes to pack and return to Chiron. When he got there, Everyone else was already waiting.

"What took you so long fashionista? Had to choose which pair of sneakers to bring?" Leo said to him. After the war, Percy became obsessed with shoe's. He and his mother were no longer poor and he found his hobby. Collecting sneakers. Zeus supplied the heroes with an endless amount of drachmas as well as mortal money, so Percy,using that rational mind of his, decided that he wanted shoes. When the others noticed, he defended it by saying that if he was ever undercover, looking like a normal teenager would be key. Of course they saw through this quickly, but they let him have his way.

"No. I was deciding how many Leo's to stuff inside. I decided on one but he seems to have escaped" Percy replied, letting his voice carry on. Leo understood the message: "Don't piss me off or i'll clobber you into my suitcase". He instantly backed down.

"No need for violence Jackson" Jason spoke up, a huge amount of playfulness in his voice. "Leo's a whittle pacifist, right Valdez?"

"Whittle? Pacifist? I'll shove my fist up your-"

"Ahem" Chiron finally spoke. "While I do enjoy the banter, I'm afraid it will have to wait. We have to get you to Europe quickly."

"But how are we to get there? And Where is the safe house at?" Nico asked. "Taking a plane would take too long for 6 ADHD demigods and not safe for the remaining 3 that can't go by air without getting smited. Not to mention that i can't shadow travel without a destination and i'll be useless afterwards."

Chiron smilled. "You will be using a portkey."

"A what?" we all said collectively.

"One of their forms of transportation."

There was of small moment of silence. Then we all gave out sounds of recognition. I threw in some "Ohh's" and a couple "Yeah Yeah that thing". Leo threw in a few

" Yeah Yeah like i knew what what it was but like the way that my brain is set up is like i didn't but i did." After about 10 seconds of that, Chiron And Nico sighed in disappointment.


Now, Percy knew these wizards were bound to have some weird hocus pocus type stuff, but Chiron pulled out an old, weathered boot, he lost it. 'Like why man. JuSt wHy?!' Percy wasn't the only one confuzzled by the boot. Leo narrowed his eyes at it in confusion.

"Listen. Now I Know what you're thinking. And I don't want to hear it." Chiron said, Looking at Frank who was about to open his mouth to say something, but stopped. "Just the bloody boot, man"

They did what chiron asked and all grabbed hold of it. Percy instantly regretted the choice. There was a pull behind his naval. He felt like he was being compressed into a ball and was being bounced viciously on a court made of stygian iron. When the pain finally subsided, Percy realized that he lying on the ground in a house with everyone else.

Piper groaned. "Where are we? This house is completely normal."

"That's a change" Hazel scoffed.

"A good one I assume?" said a voice from on the sofa. Percy whipped around uber fast, pulling out riptide and ripped off the cap, pointing it at the source of the voice. And he wasn't the only one to do so, Leo erupted into flames, Thalia drew aegis, Annabeth and Piper drew their daggers, Frank turned into a stallion for whatever reason, Hazel drew up gems, Nico turned his ring into the stygian iron blade, and jason drew ivlivs. The culprit was a rather plump, middle aged man with grey hair and a grey suit and a matching grey fedora.

"I knew you guys would be fast but goodness!" said the man, shocked by the demigod's reaction.

"Name, titles, and why the hell you're in our house." Nico said, blade pointed at the mans throat. "Now would be great". Shadows swirled around him, all itching to get at him.

The man gulped. "My name is Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, and i am here to greet you as i was instructed to by, i presume your mentor, Chiron" He said in one fast sentence, but we all understood.

"Where are we?" Frank questioned. He was back into his human form.

"You are at number 9 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, In the country of surrey, England." He said in a second nervously fast sentence.

"Time and date." Annabeth said. "And please do slow down this time"

"I-its July 31st, 6:00pm, 1994. please don't hurt me!" Fudge said.

"D-did you say 1994!?" Percy sputtered.

"Yes" fudge replied normally this time, as Nico had removed the point of his blade from his throat.

Everyone panicked internally and externally right then and there. Annabeth and Nico went crazy, searching around the house for any trace of the present, or in their case, the future. Percy and Leo had a panic attack and fell down to the ground, shivering. Everyone ran to their sides. Leo just sat there, breathing hard. Percy had it way worse. He was balling his eyes out. It was agonizing to watch.

"Mom...Paul...Rachel….Estelle." He murmured to himself. "Dear gods Estelle!" His crying became worse and unbearable to listen to. Annabeth returned with Nico, and as soon as she saw percy and leo, She ran to their side.

"Percy! It's ok. It's gonna be ok." She said, comforting him. Her voice calmed him down a lot. His breath steadied. Fudge finally stepped forward. He was uneasy and didn't say much about the panic attack.

"Perseus". The man said. The demigods and Percy looked up. "Please allow me to help. Perseus, look into my eyes." The demigod did what he asked and instantly his life flashed before his eyes. But he quickly realized that a huge chunk of it was missing. Only the good parts flashed. His underwater kiss with annabeth, meeting his dad, laughing with the other demigods, everything that happened in his life that he enjoyed. He quickly broke out of his panicked state, and when he did, Leo did also. He looked around at the others. And smiled.

Instantly Annabeth jumped up and hugged Cornelius, tears in her eyes.

"Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't what I would've-" She croaked, on the verge of crying. Fudge was shocked at first. But then he smiled. "Always"

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