Now, despite what it may seem, I did not mean to scare the Dursley's half to death. Don't get me wrong, it was hilarious watching Uncle Vernon try to fend off from "killing Dudley", but that doesn't mean I caused. I knew I would be done for the moment I returned to Privet Drive.

Moving away from that dark topic that would probably end up with me starving, I was ecstatic! Going to my very first professional Quidditch match was going to be up there on the "Best Moments of My Life" list, right next to the time I got to beat Draco Malfoy in a duel. Or atleast, I thought it would go there. Due to some uh- "Unforeseen events" I must inform you that it did not make the list. But alas, I needed to get to the Express. Hogwarts was the only place I felt at home, and a home was everything I needed right now.

The process of how I arrived at platform 9 ¾ is an interesting one, which may or may not involve a flying, talking tractor that I named "Mator Senior", but that's a tale that would require several hours of explanation, so let's just chalk it up to the author getting lazy.

I was about to ram myself into the barrier, accompanied by the Weasleys and Hermione, when i heard the all too familiar CRACK of apparition. Finding the source was all too easy. Just in front of us stood about 15 people. 6 of those 15 were obviously wizards, as you could tell by their robes. I recognized one of them as Cornelius Fudge, the current minister of Magic. The other 9 were dressed as muggles and I had not an inkling of idea of who they were.

¨Ah Harry, just the man I was looking for!¨ Fudge said to me.

¨He's hardly a man. Insolent child, he is.¨ scoffed a man with greasy black hair.

¨Hello to you as well, Professor Snape¨ I replied to him through gritted teeth. Why does this man hate me? What have I ever done to him?! And I´m the insolent child? One of the 9 that arrived with the adult wizard spoke up.

¨So this is Harry Potter?¨ He asked a wizard who I somehow failed to notice.

¨Indeed he is.¨ the wizard replied. My eyes widened at the sight of him.

¨Sirius!¨ I shouted, running towards my godfather. He had taken care of me until I had to be sent to the dursleys and I hadn't seen him since. ¨It's been so long Harry!¨ he replied to me.

¨Ahem!" Snape interrupted. Luckily that brought me back to my previous question.

¨Fudge, who are they? Muggles?¨ I asked him in.

¨These are the new exchange students for Hogwarts!" he replied enthusiastically, but right after he said that, a look of despair crawled over his face. He turned around slowly and looked at the exchange students. Their eyes were suddenly widening. The dressed in punk clothes was the first to fall. Her downfall caused the rest to go out too. They all died from laughter right then and there.


After about a good 12 minutes of that deafening fit of laughs, and another 10 minutes of convincing the exchange students to go through the barrier, we finally boarded the Express. Ron, Hermione, and I entered into our usual compartment.

"What do you make of the new students?" Hermione asked me.

"They seem nice, from what I see."

"Aw I'm touched!" replied a voice that didn't belong to any of the three of this. I looked up at the entrance of the compartment, and there stood a tall, muscular boy. I recognized him as of the new students.

"Oh- I-uh" I stammered. The boy just smiled at my attempt to form a coherent sentence.

"I don't think we've properly introduced ourselves yet. The name's Percy Jackson." He said.

"Harry Potter." I said, extending my hand. Percy shook it firmly. "And that's Hermione and Ron."

"Nice to meet you Percy" said Hermione. Percy cocked his head slightly to the right and looked Hermione in her eyes, analyzing her. Hermione blushed profusely. It was clear Percy had no romantic intent behind it but it would seem that Hermione either didn't notice it or chose to ignore it.

"Fudge told about you. Top of your grade? Congrats on that!" Percy finally said. Hermione looked as if she was about to faint.

"T-thank you Percy!" Hermione said in rush as she put her head into her hands. Percy smirked. I assume he found out what was happening with Hermione. But then again, I knew nothing about the young casanova.

"No problem. I know someone like you. You'd too get along great." and there's my answer. Percy looked down the hall. "Andddddd there she is now!"

A beautiful blonde haired girl walked down the corridor. I recognized her as the one student who didn't laugh at the name of our school.

"Percy, Jason needs you back in the compartment. Something about making a special move or something." The blonde girl said, only just realizing that we were in the compartment. She cocked her head to left. Ron instantly fell in love. The blood rushed to his checks. He looked down. Even though Percy hadn't realized what was happening with Hermione, this blonde headed girl sure did. She narrowed her eyes at Ron, not out of anger. But more out of trying to understand. She then glanced down at the ground and back up, looking at Percy. The silence was fucking awkward.

That was, until Draco Malfoy walked down the corridor,with Pansy Parkinson by his side. I never thought I'd be happy to see his smug face.

"Who the hell are you?" Draco asked Percy. Percy spinned on his heel to face Draco and extended his arm.

"Percy Jackson. I'm new which is why you haven't seen me before." he explained. "And you are?"

"Draco Malfoy. Year four. Pleasure to meet you." Draco shook Percy's hand. Pansy stared at Percy with...was that…nope, keeping that to myself.

"Well I'd better be heading back to my compartment." Percy started. As he and the blonde haired girl (who I presume was his girlfriend) headed back to their cubby, they were met halfway by the other American students. Instantly, all the passengers, whipped their heads back to look at them and started staring. If there was one thing they could all agree on was that the exchange students were beautiful. Percy looked uncomfortable as the eye's fell on him. I heard him murmur the word Annabeth, while looking at Ron's crush. Putting two and two together, I figured that that was her name. The 9 of them went back to the compartment in a hurry. I smirked as watched their backs. This year was going to be interesting. That's one thing I know for sure.

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