Prompt- Not the only one (during-war story)

"Radar, I promise we didn't take it! Are you sure you've looked everywhere?" BJ asked, starting to get flustered.

"Everywhere! I asked the Colonel, Major Houlihan, I checked under my bunk, under the desk, he's gone!" Radar glanced back and forth between Hawkeye and BJ, "Really you guys, if this is supposed to be some kind of a joke, it's not funny!"

BJ held up his hands, "Honest to God, Radar, we didn't take your bear!"

Radar sighed and sat down on Hawkeye's cot with a defeated slump. "Okay, I believe you, but I don't get it, I've looked everywhere. I mean, you guys don't understand, that bear is the only reminder I have of home... I know I'm not a kid anymore... but I just gotta find him!"

BJ watched as Hawkeye seated himself next to the distraught Corporal.

"I understand."

Radar looked up at Hawkeye, "You do?"

He gave him a quiet nod before reaching over to his footlocker and opening it up. Radar watched as Hawkeye rummaged though his belongings, starting to wonder if they did, in fact steal his bear and decided to hide it there.

But instead, Radar saw him pull out an old, worn owl.

"My mother made it for me a couple years before she died. As a kid I'd throw a fit whenever I lost it," Hawkeye said, running his hands over the stiches and seams of an old memory. "It's the only thing I have here to remind me of her, but it's just been sitting at the bottom of my foot locker since I got here."

Hawkeye smiled and handed the plush owl over to Radar. "You can hold onto it for the night. Now how about you go and get some sleep and stop worrying about your bear, I'll help you look for it in the morning."

Radar squeezed the owl against his chest and smiled back.

"Thank you, sir."

*Authors Note*

Thanks to those of you who have submitted prompts and/or comments so far, I really appreciate it and would love any more that you guys think up! Plenty more stories to come!