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As the students moved through the hall they heard filch say. "Move it, anyone who's late gets to visit with headmistress umbridge."

Jason slunk to the shadows, umbridge was going insane with power. He had to do something.

When it was time for everyone to be in class filch gathered the stragglers (mostly first and second years) and walked them to Dumbledores office.

Jason stayed with them sticking to the shadows of course.

When they got to Dumbledores office he snuck in and saw that the once beautifully lit room was now dark and dank.

It had devices that looked like they belonged to the Spanish inquisitors.

"Now." Umbridge said. "You are all late. And no excuse will get you out of this punishment. Mr. filch."

Filch grabbed a horse whip. He went to whip one of the kids when Jason intercepted the whip and threw it away before lunging at umbridge.

He grabbed umbridge by the throat and began crushing it. "I'll kill you." Jason seethed. He crushed her throat till something hit the back of his head, causing him to lose consciousness.

When he woke up he was tied to a post with his hands behind his back.

"Public executions make the best examples." Umbridge said to filch before turning to the crowd. "This boy, has attempted to stop the progression of this school."

"Progression!" Jason yelled. "The Spanish Inquisition happened centuries ago, and as for the salam witch trials a few hundred years ago."

"You have to start somewhere." Umbridge said. "Do you have any last words?" She asked.

"Only that you will die someday. My only regret is that it won't be by my hand." Jason said. He was trying to get free, but the nots were just to tight, he couldn't get out, the ropes were digging into his flesh.

"If that is all." Umbridge said leveling her wand at him. "Incindio."

Flames shot from her wand and caught the wood on fire and began eating away at the fuel.

Jason was angry that he couldn't help himself, he was pissed that his friends had to watch him die, and he was disgusted that he lost to umbridge.

There was a sound like the crack of a whip and he heard Dobby say. "The ugly pink toad shall not hurt Jason Todd, the oppressor of oppressors. Dobby won't allow it."

Dobby jumped up to Jason and grabbed his shoulder before snapping and Jason was gone.

AN: so this may be part of my "the bat of gryffindor tower." Fic. It may not be let me know what you think.