AN: here is an excerpt from after hogwarts, if I choose to do so.

It had been seven long miserable years since the battle of hogwarts.

Parvati had been hospitalized during year seven because he hadn't been there to protect her. It kept him up at night. If it wasn't for the fact that he only needed an hours sleep to function he would have died six years ago.

Jason was walking to the hospital when Ron came running up to him.

"Jason... the... hospital." Ron said out of breath. "It's... under... attack."

"What!?" Jason asked.

"Yeah." Ron said. "A... man... is hold... holding the... patients and visitors... hostage."

Jason was already reaching for his utility belt and grabbed his wand. He held his wand up, and said. "Ascendio."

Jason was launched up into the sky. He landed on a rooftop and pointed his wand outward and said. "Accio red hood helmet and jacket."

He's vaulted over to another roof and threw his robes off to reveal his red hood shirt, pants, and boots.

He jumped over another rooftop, landed, rolled to his feet, and began running again before he shot his hand up and grabbed his helmet and put it on.

He grabbed some cable and threw it at a spire on a building close to the hospital.

He reached up and grabbed his jacket and put it on, then he reached into his jacket pockets and pulled out his gloves and put them on, before jumping onto the rooftop of the hospital.

He ran to a skylight and jumped onto it and shattered the glass before rolling to his feet.

He looked around and saw a guy pointing his wand at him.

Jason said. "You dare hold a hospital hostage?"

"Don't come any closer!" The guy yelled, before grabbing a girl by her braid, making her scream. "I'll kill her I swear I will."

"But then you won't have your human shield." Jason said before he apparated right behind the guy and put him in a chokehold.

"Did you really forgot about aparation didn't you." Jason said.

The guy gulped and said. "Yeah."

"Let the girl go!" Jason snarled

The let go of the girls braid and she ran towards he family.

"Now." Jason said. "What to do with you? I know." And he threw the guy up in the air, grabbed him by the shoulders and, threw him down on the floor as hard as he could. Then he picked the guy up and threw him into the air again before kicking him into a wall.

The guy was down, but Jason was still mad, he still had a lot of anger to work out, he basically needed a punching bag.

He picked the guy up and went to punch him again when he heard. "Jason!"

He dropped the guy and looked over. He saw Parvati. She was holding onto the wall for support, but she was awake.

Jason dropped the guy and ran over to Parvati. He picked her up and held her tight.

"Jason." Parvati said weakly. "Can you take me back to bed? I sort of used all my strength to stop you."

Jason picked her up and carried her to her bed and laid her down before tucking her in and sitting down by her bed.

The guy came into the room and pointed his wand at them, Jason three a throwing knife at the guy and the guy said. "Arvada kadavra."

Jason jumped in the way of the spell and took the hit for Parvati, who watched from her bedside entertained.

The guy said. "Why are you smiling? He barely even nicked me and I hit him with the killing curse."

"You poor unfortunate soul." Parvati said smug but tired. "His suit is made of a basilisks skin. If you don't know, basilisks hide is magic proof, which is why it's so rare, it's unaffected by magic. As for the throwing knife he got you with, it's made of basilisk bone. It's a poison throwing knife. It only needs to break the skin to be affected. In fact you should be dead in three... two... one."

The guy dropped dead and Jason got up off the ground.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Jason asked.

"Not since seventh year at school." Parvati said.

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