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Disclaimer: this chapter has a few darker scenes in it, a character openly admits to torturing another character for months, then burns this character alive. This is the more graphic of some ideas. This is just an idea that kept pestering me till I got it written down and it's an idea that I could use but may not use in my fic. 'The bat of gryffindor tower.'

Black smoky streaks shot across the sky, however they weren't black smoky streaks, they were death eaters. Death eaters were magical pure blood supremacists who thought everyone else was lower than the dirt they stood on. Like most pure blood supremacist's they hated those who were not pure blood or not magical. Today they were going Muggle baiting. Muggle baiting is where the death eaters go and terrorize muggles. Today was there unlucky day though.

The death eaters landed and drew their wands they began throwing muggles up in the air and dropping them before catching them an inch from the floor. Or they would put them in the air and spin them till they lost the contents of their lunch. Their mistake though was attempting to muggle bait one of the most dangerous muggle lovers in London that day.

"Why won't you float up you stupid muggle!" A death Eater named crookshire growled.

The muggle lover was wearing a charcoal grey shirt with a little bit of red in the center, black pants with far to many pockets, a grey, white, and red jacket test was zipped uo three quarters of The way, and had a black motorcycle helmet under his arm. He looked familiar but crookshire didn't know why.

The guy put his helmet on and pressed a button on the side. The helmet went from black to red and he unzipped the motorcycle jacket to reveal a red bat symbol on his chest.

"Because I'm your worst nightmare." The man said with a slightly metallic voice.

"Who are you?" Crookshire asked, then he saw the man reach behind his back and pull out two blades. "No! You can't be him!" Crookshire yelled. "You're a myth, you can't be real!"

The man in the red hood walked over to crookshire who dropped the muggles he was holding in the air. After he made sure everyone was okay the man in the red hood continued after crookshire

"No. Stay away from me!" Crookshire shouted. "Please. No. Leave me alone!"

Crookshire ran to an alley where he was having difficulty remembering how to get into the magical part of town, you had to tap a series of bricks, but what were they? He couldn't think, then he heard breathing. He turned around and saw the man in the red hood. "Please don't kill me." He begged pathetically.

"You mean show you the mercy that you refused to show the muggles?" The man in the red hood asked sharply.

"Yes." Crookshire begged.

"I need to make an example of how hazardous it is attacking the muggles under my protection." The man in the red hood said. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a thin bone throwing knife.

"What is that?" Crookshire asked.

"Your death." The man in the red hood said before throwing it.

The last thing that crookshire saw, was the throwing knife spilt into two blades before they sliced through his eyes and hit the back of his skull.

The man in the red hood took out his knife and gutted crookshire before writing on the entrance to diagon alley.

This is your first and last warning.

Leave muggles and muggle born

Witches and wizards alone.

Don't test me.

Then the man in the red hood walked away unfazed by what he had just done.

The next morning.

Harry Potter had just opened the daily prophet where he noticed the headline.

Red hood strikes again. Another death eater found murdered.

The article said.

A man bearing the dark mark was found dead near diagon alley this morning with ominous writing in blood over his body. The death was so graphic that we are unable to describe it. But the note said "this is your first and last warning. Leave muggles and muggle born witches and wizards alone. Don't test me."

The article went on for a bit.

"Oh Jason." Harry said grimly. "Are you really going to take the fight to Voldemort and his minions by yourself?"

At a death eater camp.

A family was being forced into the camp when the father slipped in the mud.

"Dad!" His ten year old son said.

"Keep moving!" One of the guards said before saying. "Crucio!"

The father began writhing on the ground.

Jason saw this and went to work. He jumped from the tree he was sitting in and caught the branch in the next tree, he moved from tree to tree till he was in the tree over the camp. He jumped inside the fence and snuck through the shadows until he was inside the barracks.

The death eaters in the barracks were complaining about the conditions so Jason found the power box and cut the power.

"Hey what happened to the lights?" A death eater said.

"I happened." Jason said through the modulator in his helmet. He pulled out both of the guns that he had on his utility belt and pulled the trigger.

When he was finished he turned on the light on his helmet and looked around, it had been a massacre, no one survived, he took a few Timed explosives from his belt and threw them into the barracks. He had ten minutes.

He moved from building to building killing death eaters, and freeing the prisoners.

He got to the last building and kicked the door open. It was the showers and there were death eaters showering.

"Hello ladies and gents." He said. "Today we have a special. I free all of your prisoners and kill all of you. But first..."

Jason used the shadows to stun all of the death eaters before dropping timed explosives in the showers with them.

"...There that's better isn't it? Now you all get to feel the helplessness as you wait to die." Jason finished.

Jason walked the prisoners out of the camp and said. "Boom."

The camp exploded.

The next day.

Lucius walked to the opening of the camp and saw the carnage. He couldn't stand the stench of death, he held his nose and looked around.

He was just about to leave when he saw a piece of parchment on a tree. He picked it up and written in what appeared to be blood it said.

Voldemort I'm coming for you.

This is your first and last warning.

Lucius apparated to the riddle house.

"My lord." Lucius said handing the parchment to Voldemort.

"CRUCIO!" Voldemort yelled pointing his wand at Lucius after reading the parcent. "Crucio! Crucio! Crucio!"

After leaving Lucius lying on the ground, Voldemort got up and went to his room where he brooded for an hour, anyone he met on his way was hit with the cruciatis curse, and anyone that bothered him in his room was killed.

After his cool down period he came to the dining room and called all of his death eaters to him.

After everyone was gathered he began. "Ladies, gentlemen, children. I will say this only once. I WANT THE RED HOOD DEAD! I don't care how you kill him. I want him dead. If you bring him to me so that I can thoroughly torture and kill him, then you won't die a horrible death. Am I understood?

The death eaters nodded vigorously.

"Good. Now get out." Voldemort said.

When no one moved he yelled. "GET OUT!"

Everyone left as quickly as they could.

The three broomsticks.

Jason was at the corner table when another person sat down. Jason pulled out one of his basilisk blade and pointed it at the individual. "What happened at the end of our first year?

"You put me in a sleeper hold till I fell unconscious and made me more comfortable while you went to get the sorcerers stone."

"You pass." Jason said as he gave the knife to the individual.

"What did you do to Malfoy after he used a leg lock jinx on me?"

"Which time?"

"There was only one time that Malfoy used the leg lock jinx on me."

"I punched him in the face, kicked him in the kidney, picked him up, threw him in the air, and punched him into the ground, all while telling him to stop being a bigot in a painfully long way."

The individual gave the knife back to Jason. "It's good to see you Jason."

"It's good to see you too Neville. How's school?"

"Better than last year. Harry has taken up the D.A. since you left."

"It's good to know that it's still ongoing."

"I feel like this is just the calm before the storm though."

"Yeah. It is."

"Did you read the daily prophet?"

"You know what I think of reporters."

"Yeah. And no one knows it better than Rita skeeter."

"May she burn forever in a fire of her own making."

"Cheers." Neville said as they clinked butterbeer bottles.

"The prophet is saying they that are rounding up Muggles related to muggle borns and muggle borns. They are being held in the ministry."

"The prophet is lying. They are putting them in death Eater camps."

"That's terrible."

"Yeah. I just broke a bunch out and brought them to Aberforth. He's going to help them get to the United States until this blows over."

"That's good. At least someone is doing something."

"Someone's been asking about Hermione."

Jason spit out butterbeer and said. "Is she okay?"

"She's fine for now. But we still don't know what to do if someone comes to take her and the other muggle born students away."

"I'll take care of it. In the meantime you keep doing whatever it is that you're doing to help. What part of the semester are you in?"

"It's near the end of the year."

"I'll be back later."

"Good luck."

"I don't need it. The ministry will though, do you wish them luck."

"The ministry can shove it."

Jason couldn't help but smile. With that he apparated to the ministry of Magic's closest entrance. Jason threw an explosive at the wall and walked in. "Honey. I'm home!"

The ministry witches and wizards looked at him. "It's the red hood!" Someone screamed.

The witches and wizards drew their wands and began casting spells at him. Jason paid no attention and walked through the fire.

"It's like the spells don't even phase him." Someone said.

"Oh really." Jason said. "You think? Now. I'm here for one reason and one reason only. Tell me, why did you think it was a good idea to go after muggles and muggle born witches and wizards when I told you specifically not to?"

"Pure bloods are the rightful rulers of this world!" A wizard shouted.

"Wrong answer." Jason said, and he threw a throwing knife that hit the wizard in the eye.

"HEALER!" A witch shouted.

"Don't bother! He was dead as soon at the knife hit him."

"You monster!" The witch shouted.

"Oh, so you put muggles and muggle born witches and wizards into death eater camps and I'M the monster?"

"What do you mean?" A wizard shouted. "They are brought here and relocated to places designed for them."

Jason hit a button on his helmet and the image of the death eater camps was displayed on a wall.

Some of the witches and wizards let out gasps of horror as they saw wizards forcing muggles and muggle born witches and wizards into a camp.

"How does me trying to stop this, make me the monster!?" Jason asked before stopping the memory.

"How do we know the you didn't fake that to get sympathy?" A witch asked.

"Shut up Bellatrix." Jason said before saying. "Revelio."

Bellatrix Lestrange stood in the middle of the room.

"How did you know it was me?"

"I spent months torturing you for the murder of Sirius black, I'll admit it, so I should know a thing or two about you."

"Did you miss our time together?"

"No. I should have killed you when I thought I'd put you in a vegetative state. But no, instead I dropped you off at saint Mungo's."

"You were so nice."

"I should have dropped you off at Azkaban."

"Bite your tongue."

"Incendio!" Jason yelled.

Bellatrix burst into flames and screams of agony as she burned.

Jason walked over to her and ripped some hairs from her head.

"What is going on here?" An older man demanded. "Who are..." as soon as he saw the red hood he froze. "What are you doing here?"

"You will release all muggle born witches and wizards into my custody."

"And if I refuse?"

"I will take them by force. And if you think that your aurors stand a chance think again."

The man looked around and saw his aurors standing there white as a ghost. "Who- Who are you?"

"I'm your worst nightmare."

"You're a snake?"

"No. It's figurative."

"You're a clown?"

"No. Like I said, it's figurative."

"You're a snake clown?"

Jason punched the guy in the face knocking him unconscious. "I said. It was figurative." Then he said. "Make sure that your coworkers are who they say they are." And apparated.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry.

Jason was watching Parvati sleep. He missed her so much. He hated umbridge for expelling him. He would have gone back to school in a heartbeat after Dumbledore invited him back, but someone had to stop Voldemort.

Parvati stirred and her blanket fell from the couch to the floor. He picked it up and went to put it back on her when he felt a wand to his throat. He looked up and Parvati dropped her wand and jumped into his arms. "I missed you so much." She sobbed into his neck.

"I missed you too. But I brought you something." Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, got down on one knee and said. "Parvati Patil. Will you make an honest wizard out of me and marry me after seventh year?"

Parvati was so shocked that she didn't speak for an entire minute.

"Did I break you?"


"I broke you? I'm sorry! I didn't mean to."

"No. Yes. I will marry you."

Jason put the ring on her finger and they hugged.

"I still have work to do."

"Then go. Just don't get yourself killed before we get married."

"You wouldn't let me here the end of it."

Jason went to the roof, it was good a place as any to get a running start, but he heard. "YOU KILLED HIM!" He looked down and saw Harry chasing after snape before snape sent Harry flying backwards into his back. Jason jumped and landed before breaking into a run for Harry and snape.

"Todd. Glad you could make it back to school." Snape sneered.

"Well I thought I had the flu and it took me a while to get over it. Now I realize that your face makes me sick to my stomach."

Snape looked appalled. "Still as arrogant as ever I see."

"Still a pompous prat as always."

"He killed Dumbledore!" Harry shouted.

Jason threw a basilisk throwing knife after he processed what Harry had said that, snape apparated before apparating back after the throwing knife missed him.

Snape pulled at his temple and a silvery wisp came along with his fingers. He put it in a vial and ran towards hogsmead.

Jason caught the vial and put it in his utility belt.

An explosion interrupted the silence and a giant green skull with a snake coming out of its mouth appeared in the sky.

"Moldy wart's back." Jason said. "I only had two more horcruxes left to destroy."

The next day.

They entombed Dumbledore the next day and Harry looked worse than he had ever looked.

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry Jason?" Harry asked.

"Dumbledore came to see me at the end of fifth year and gave me an ultimatum. I could come back to school or I could hunt down moldy warts, his death eaters, and his horcruxes. He would give me credit for my work."

The group was silent for a bit.

"I have two more horcruxes to destroy."

"What are they?"

"Moldy warts snake and Harry."

"You're not going to kill Harry." Ron said defensively.

"He can't." Harry said. "It has to be Voldemort who kills me."

"Why?" Hermione demanded.

"Because of the prophecy."

"Jason breaks magic! He can do something!" Ginny cried.

"It has to be Voldemort."

"I can't watch you die!" Ginny yelled before her legs gave out and she fell to the ground. "I can't watch you die."

Jason clenched his fists in rage. Voldemort was going to pay. "Then here's what we are going to do. We will fight Voldemort in four fronts. One will be the order of the Phoenix, two: the D.A., three: Harry, Ron, and Hermione will act as decoy for moldy warts, and four will be me freeing the muggles and muggle born witches and wizards in the death Eater camps. I will bring them here and get them to America. Moldy warts can't handle all four of those."

"We will be 17 next year." Hermione said. "Do you really expect a bunch of 17 year olds to stop an nearly immortal madman?"

"We can do it. Not without loss at some point. But you can't gain freedom without losing something. Look at our entire time at hogwarts. In year one. we stopped a mountain troll, and moldy warts. Year two. we survived Lockhart and killed moldy warts, and his pet snake. Year three. we saved Sirius, Lupin, And buckbeak all while surrounded by dementors. Year four. we survived Barty Crouch jr. and moldy warts, again. Year five. we survived umbridge. And this year. we survived this year."

The group stayed silent for a very long time after that, wondering what their final year would bring them.

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